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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 8
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”Come here Alexandra” He said.
The room is dark save for the light coming through from the toilet, whose door is shut halfway.

”Come here Alexandra Bekington” he repeats
Alexandra is standing by the wall, a towel covering her body. She had just showered, leaving the bathroom only to find her room dark, and he seated on her bed. She refused to leave the wall, her eyes pooling on their own accord, knowing what is to come. She was twelve at the time, it has been two years since he started raping her.

”Alexandra, you know daddy doesn’t like it when you don’t obey him.Come sweety, come to me my princess.” he beckons to her silently.

She is shaking her head, gluing her back to the wall.

”No daddy, I don’t want to. I don’t want to it hurts. It hurts so bad” a tear slips from her eyes. When she blinks, others follow.

”No baby, it doesn’t. You just think it does. Okay, I will show you how it won’t hurt okay. Come, baby, Daddy wants you” his eyes sparkles. She had always wondered why his eyes did that.

Years later, she had come to realize that all men had sparkling eyes when they were in desirous need. When their hormones were raging hot when their members were hard as rock, when they are nearing your core… and more so… while they are inside of you.

Years later, she still hated the look in their eyes, so she closes hers when they are on top and inside her, shut her ears to their m0ans and groans, pretend to love and enjoy the intimacy a man and a woman shares, but within, she wished they would stop, the way she wished her father would stop, but he never did, they never did. Because night after night… a man with a different face, a few bills on the bed.. and when they leave, she would cry within thinking of how they used her for a night or more, but because as a Call Girl, you had to survive on the streets, even if it meant grabbing the sheets one day too many.

Years later, she still hated her foster father for turning her into this, damaging her… taking her down a road she hated, a road she eventually had to embrace. A road, a girl like her had no choice other than walk on, survive… become.
Years later, all men… still carried her father’s face, wanted all he wanted but then, she had no choice. She was young, she was too young to overpower him, to stop him, to fight him. And no one believed her, no one would dare believe a man like her father, a man who doted on his foster daughter would dare defile a child since she turned ten. And defile her he did for five years until she ran away.

Years later, an adult and a girl paid for her body. She hated it, she hated all of it. But she had to survive, so she mastered it, and lived from it.

A stripper and a Call Girl was never a life she envisioned of having.

But life fxxks you up in the arse so hard you spill involuntary mishaps on a daily.

That was the life she had, a damaged girl. So what was there to preserve, what was there to hold back.

In the end, as she grew up, she had a choice… and for a while, she ran with it.

”I will work so hard and be better, never again” she had told herself.

She didn’t go back to her old school when she ran away because she knew he would come and find her. She had gone, reaching the outskirts of the town and alighted, having no money to pay the fare, a lady.. approaches her and asked her where she was going to.

”Anywhere, anywhere away from pain” she had told her, her eyes were red, swollen from tears.

”What kind of pain?” she had asked her, Alexandra, fifteen then, looks into the lady’s eyes before she eventually breaks.

Bursting out in tears she tells her, the woman gathers her to herself and takes her home. She lived alone, she was a nun. She had stayed with her for a few months until the Nun’s brother returned home.

And then one day, while the good Nun was away on church duties, he had come, touching her from behind. Startled, she turns to find him staring at her, and then his eyes had that same light she used to see in her father’s. Her heart catches in her chest and then she looks down immediately to see his rising bulge from his shorts.

That’s when she knew that all men were the same… especially the way their eyes grew dim yet sparkles, their breathing comes in heavy feats, their body slightly warm.. and the lower part of them pumped.. like something that had life, a mind of its own. It indeed was alive. Just like her father’s when he was in heat, in need of a woman to sink into.

“I want you” he had said pulling her to him.
“No.. please” she begs moving further away from him.

“I want you Alexa” he calls her as he buries his head in her hair, pulling her closer and tighter to him.

“Stop it. Stop it please” she cried. But it was no use.

He rapes her, twice before his sister returns.
Alexa didn’t stay there anymore, she didn’t need to. When the Nun came back and was told by Alexa what her brother did in her tears. She was thrown out.

The Nun called her the devil’s daughter who had come to s£duce her brother, a priest’s boy, who would never look at a girl lustfully.

”The devil’s child!!! Begone, take your things and leave. I took pity on you, I helped you when you had nowhere to go but you turn and s£duce my brother, the devil child you are, be gone!!!”
Alexandra had left, with just what she had on, boarded another bus heading out of town. Slept on the streets for a few days until she walked into a bar.

”I can work” she had told the man who turns to see her.

The man stares at her ”What can you do? We have no opening”

”I can clean and help in the kitchen, please” she pleads.

“We have no opening. Go away”
“I don’t have anywhere else to go. Please ..l et me work for food and shelter. Please, I beg you” she had gone on her knees.
He calls out to a lady who comes to him ”My wife…” he tells Alexandra, then to his wife ”You need an extra hand in the kitchen? you could use her. ” His thick wife whose weight could dent the ground itself looks her over ”I don’t have much to pay, would you take 500?”

”I would take anything!!” Alexandra had said happily.

She had thought that maybe, she could work a little to fend for herself, then.. just maybe go back to school, that just maybe, her father and the Nun’s brother were just the only men who were faulted and bad and wanted to inflict pain.
But she was wrong, because like flies, they would flock to a place where they see a pile of s--t.
And these men, they did come, frequenting the bar, and it started with slaps to her butt, pinching her delicates and grabbing her b-----s or forcefully putting their hands under her skirt.

Whenever she complained, the man who hired her went out to challenge them, telling them they should be ashamed of themselves.

But it didn’t stop them, the more they did that the more she complained and the more he harassed them. But not for long, until they stopped coming to the bar and thus sales dropped.

”She is bad luck that one” his wife tells him to her hearing. Alexander was wiping the tables clean, she pauses to listen.

”She is just a child, I wouldn’t want anyone to touch my child like that” he told her
”She is bad luck, business is dropping, no one comes.. its just a harmless touch, not like they would do what she doesn’t already know they would do, what’s the harm there?”‘

”Deborah, I forbid you to think towards a child like that” he said angrily leaving, Alexandra had turned to the wife who throws her a dirty look.
A month later, he was out of town. The men had come again, this time grabbing her and forcefully putting her on their lap.

”Let me go!!” she cried. It was late. it was just her and Deborah who was closing up the kitchen.
”Let’s make you a happy girl tonight yeah?” One of them said.

”Let me go!!”

”No baby!!” another tries to kiss her, she slaps his face away, he grabs her hand holding it tight. Alexandre cries out.

”Let her go!!”

They turn to see Deborah with a bat in her hand.
”Or else what?” Another asks her.

”Or else I would smash this to your balls that’s what, whose first?” she threatens looking at the four men, two of which held Alexandra. Alexandra sighs in relief.

She would be fine. She would be okay now. Deborah wouldn’t let them touch her.

”No need for that though, we just like the pretty one and if you would offer her to us for a good price, I am sure it would make both of us happy”
Deborah looks at him, then at Alexander. “What do you mean? ”

“I mean, we give you what you ask for just to get busy with this pretty thing here. You can also offer us a room for more too. Watcha say fat lady, deal or deal?”

Now, Alexandre is shaking her head.. tears filling her eyes.
“How much?”
“Name your price”
Her eyes darts to Alexandra again ” All four of you..just her? Want to kill her?”

“Nope, we would be gentle, promise. name your price ”

The bat she had held pointing towards them suddenly drops facing the ground.. “5,000, each ”
“Another 5 for the room”
‘Double deal”
“I accept cash only ”
“We gat you, mama!!” One of them says laughing as he brings out his wallet, counting bills and handing it to her.

“Please.. I beg you please .” She looks to Deborah as she cried, struggling with the men who lift her on their shoulders while Deborah counts her money with smiles.

“Room lady?”
“First door, on your left. That’s the changing room. There is a table there. .sure that can work” she doesn’t look at them as they each disappear into the room with the crying and struggling Alexandra.

As they undressed her and themselves, she knew there was no point in fighting them off. So she la!d on the table as they kept her, and resigned herself to her fate.

After that night. it was then she realized that..No matter where she goes, how she runs away from it…

This pain.

These men…

They always find her.

They always get something from her… her virtue, her essence, leaving shreds of pain like glasses for her to step on.

And the only way to suppress the pain was to embrace it.

It was that night, that she knew there was no going back. If this was what they wanted? Her body.. she would give to them. She wouldn’t fight it.

It made them happy even if it made her sad and cringe.

It made them pay..a lot just to have it.
And maybe, within this fxxked up life.She might survive it long enough.. to be free.
But that was just a dream. Once you get in, you can never get out, not from this life anyways.
So, day after day, till Deborah’s husband came back, she offered Alexandra to men. Soon, when they come, she didn’t have to wait for her Deborah anymore. Alexa had begun to intimate the move..
Over time, Deborah angered that they didn’t need her permission anymore, kicks her out. Since the men didn’t come to her anymore for Alexandra, that meant no money for her.
Alexandra gets to keep all.of it. After all, it was her body. Her pain. Why must she suffer through it and have another benefit, she might as well get paid for it.
After she left there, she leaves town, walking into “The Escapades ” night club.
That was when she decided to embrace the fxxked up life officially she already began leaving since she was ten.

And that was where she made her name as the top strip dancer and one of their most professional Call Girls.

She developed a stiff skin, she became a master of pretending even when all she wanted to do was scream and scream and kick them away from her body.

She learned to adapt and she lived.
But yet, but yet..

There are times when everything reminds her of her father, and sometimes when it does happen, it causes a crack in her stuff skin and raised up walls..
Like now…

“Come to me Alexander, I won’t ask you again” His voice came to her again, years ago.
“No daddy”
Angrily now he gets up from the bed, pulls her away from the wall as she screams out, he drags her to the bed and flings her over his legs
“Daddy hates naughty Alexandra. Daddy hates stubborn Alexandra and daddy would show Alexandar what she gets when she is being bad.”
“Daddy no please please ” she begs, struggles but she was no match for him.
He flings the towel away, holding her still face-down on his legs as he brings his palm flat down heavily on her button.
“Bad Alexandra”
Whamp! !

“Stubborn Alexa”
Whamp Whamp!!
“Daddy!!!” She screams, twisting and turning to stop him, but her hands can’t wade his off or protect her bottom from the pain..
Whamp!! Whamp! ! Whamp!!
It goes on and on until she has no more tears, until she becomes numb.. she cries silently.
He stops, “will you be a good girl?”
She nods her head. She could feel him harden again.
“Good, now, go on your knees and give daddy’s little boy a kiss, wide open kiss…”
When she hesitated he had pulled her down, forced her head there and almost choked her with it..

Satisfied, he lifts her and put her on the bed as he began to sing..

Naked now before her he sings to her as he climbs her..telling her to pretend as if she is asleep, the way he likes to.
“Oh my sweet Alexandra” he sings to her…


Like now…. Jaime pulling her down and spanking her hard…

The pain..the anguish. comes back..
She cries silently, her shoulders heaving up and down.

‘Alexander? ” he calls her name again.

He frowns..

He wanted to punish her for being annoyingly stubborn back at the event and for her sharp mouth and for daring him.
He never would think that he would make her cry.
A grown woman, cry like a baby?
What the hell!.

“Alexandra? ” he touches her. She rolls off his legs and curls herself in the corner.
Dammit. He didn’t mean to, he was just angry. Now how would he handle a grown a-s woman crying?

Crap! !

He always hated to see girls cry. It made him uncomfortable.. it made him feel like a monster of some sort especially if he is the cause.

Dammit. !!

What would he do?

“I am sorry Alexandra. I was just upset and I shouldn’t have..hit you. I never have hit a lady before but you are so. ..argh!!”
Wrong. Not helping.

She was still crying.

He gets up and goes to her. “I am sorry.. I promise I won’t ever do that again. Really..please stop crying…I can’t stand to see a woman cryl…I just can’t. ”
Alexandra says nothing. .

He gets up and then walks away dailing. “Adam..quick question. . If you make a lady cry what can you do to pacify her?”
Adam laughs “That’s on your Boss!” The line dies.

Dammit . He should fire that Adam. Sadly… he can’t. Because people like Adam were loyal AF.
He turns back to her, at a loss of what to do “okay, would you spank me back, would that be okay. Would you stop crying ?”

She says nothing, but she turns to him.

“Dammit Alexandra tell me what to do so you can stop making me feel like a s--t! !”

She wipes her eyes staring at him. She gave him that look that said he should. He read it. He understood it.

“Fine. I am sorry but you pushed me”

She sniffs, another tear drops.

“What do you want so you can stop crying. ”
She wipes her eyes again. .

“You can ask anything, I would do it just so this can stop ”
”Anything?” She asks again, her eyes sparkling.
“I want a massage, my feet hurts” she says
“You said anything ”
“Fine, then can you leave the floor and come here. I can’t do that from there. ”
Alexandra gets to the bed and seats down. She removes the shoes and then waits, as soon as he seats down she flings her legs on his… flexing her toes.
“Massage” she points.
He eyes her feet “You got athletic feet?”
“Massage!!!” She sneers with her red eyes and stained cheeks with tears, she wipes her nose again.
Sighing he begins to massage.
“Oh that feels good. Oh yes..there…argh! !!”
As he massages her leg, he is wondering.
Did she just play him, was she pretending, did she just manipulate him with tears?
“And I want a bowl of ice-cream and an ice pack for my butt, and maybe pizza for dinner since I didn’t get to eat. No..a big size fat a-s chicken..yes!!!”

He stares at her and pauses…” really?”
“Yes really. Make the call .”
He sighs picking his phone and makes an order.
“Continue continue, ” she tells him pointing to her feet as soon as he is done. ”Feet!!Chop chop!!” she claps her hands.
He frowns dropping the phone and getting back to it.


An hour later she has a king size pizza, a plate of chicken, ice cream and she sat on a cold ice pack…

He eyes her as she begins to eat.
“I didn’t tell you to stop massaging my feet it hurts… oh it hurts. Yummm” she bits off a thigh of chicken.
“No wonder your a-s is fat” he tells her.
“I like it” she eats more chicken. ”You want some?” She takes the thigh to his face, he hits it away..
”Whatever!!” she takes it back to her mouth and eats out a chunk of it.
He flings her legs away from his and gets up..” that’s it my hands hurt”
Alexandra stares at him in shock…
Now she burst out crying, making faces.
Jaime reaches for her, takes a thigh of chicken from her plate and the stuffs it into her open mouth.
She chokes spitting it out..coughing as she wipes her mouth. He smiles.
“You are not nice Jaime Lockswire” she points the thigh if chicken she is holding to him.
“No. I am not.. not to you anyways. Now if you are done here…” He wipes his hands with a handkerchief. ..” there is the bathroom. I need you fresh and clean for later ”
“For what later ?”
“To begin your services Alexandra” he says turning and leaving her staring after him.
She stares down, a silent tear dropping.
And as always.. when it gets to this… she always as to put her pretend game face on.
After all, she learned from the best;
Her father.


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