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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Adam watches two of them laughing, he watches Jaime laughing, he smiles.

”So, you want to tell me what that was all about, in there? What is the bad blood between you and that Jimmy guy… and whoof!! The Mayor’s son? Explains the big a-s mansion you got there and the limo. So what’s your deal, what is this President of Heritage group you do not want to be a part off and—”
Jaime stops laughing, he frowns ”Another silent rule, do not ask questions you have no right to ask, and my family, the Mayor, the heritage group, Jimmy… me? is off topics for you Alexandra, it was a good laugh, the scene was… well funny. But you do not want to cross Jimmy any further and you will not aggravate him. Is that clear?”
”I do not do well with rules, I think you already see that and besides I didn’t aggravate him, didn’t you see the way he spoke to me, calling me a scalawag, a pimp a s--t… your handler!!” she points at him

”You are a s--t Alexandra, a Call Girl is just a classy way to put it” Jaime tells her ”In a way, he isn’t entirely wrong.” He says
”A s--t you didn’t mind picking up and stuffing into this stupid dress and taking to a state dinner with your Mayor and your Jimmy and told everyone she is his handler”
”A s--t who is going to be paid for her services and that also means that I can decide to take you wherever I want, stuff you into whatever dress I like, call or refer to you as I like, speak to you how I want if I so please, and I can refer to you as I dim fit, all you just need to do is be quiet and don’t cause me further troubles”

”You are an a-----e Jaime Lockswire!!” she spat
”Thank you.. a tleast I am better than you, your a-s hole might need to be called another name since you have so many things going in there”
She gasps..

”First off you are as disgusting as Jimmy in there. I do not put or allow anyone stick it in there” she fumes
”A s--t has no choice” he says
Adam, sensing a fight pulls away
”Oh this one has!!”
”At least we agree on something… s--t. We are back to what Jimmy said”
Alexandra drags herself from out the car and pushes him backwards, stepping out ”I deserve respect!!!” she jabs his chest ”I deserve respect as every lady also does!! Regardless of what I do, regardless of who I am, I deserve respect!!!” she jabs him again.
He moves her finger away from his chest ”You only get respect when you learn to watch your mouth and listen to my rules” he nudges her back poking her chest between her b----t with his finger, she gasps jabbing him harder.
”They are stupid rules”
”They are not” He jabs her back
”You are stupid” she digs her finger into his chest with a swift jab again, he hits her hands away.
”And you have a dirty mouth” he holds onto her finger to stop her jabs.
”At least this mouth is more decent than your rotten attitude. I probably see why Jimmy hates you” she spat to his face
He grimances stepping closer to her ”You know nothing Alexandra!” he hisses
”Oh I do not care to know. Since we agree I am a s--t, let me do my services in peace, don’t drag me to some stupid a-s dinner to get insulted by people named Jimmy and others named Jaime fxxking lockswire!!” she jabs him again when he lets go off her finger ”I will not be disrespected. You know nothing too… I may be a s--t or a Call Girl, at least I do not go around disrespecting people. I earn a living doing what I do and I do it well, and if you are so disgusted about the s--t-ing, you wouldn’t be paying for my services or that of Bekky’s so show some respect Jaime Lockswire”

”Or else what?” he steps closer to her, his anger showing in his eyes.
”Or else-” Alexandra is angry as well
”Jaime ?” Christine climbs down the stairs and walks to them.. ”Jaime?”
Jaime peels his eyes away from Alexandra, he turns to find Christine standing there..”Get into the car Alexandra” he says over his shoulders
”I will not be ordered about Jaime Lockswire”
He turns to her, without warning he pulls her back into the car by grabbing her waist and pushing her in with swift strength. He shuts the door, he stares at Adam who enters into the car and then locks it.
He turns to find Christine staring at him ”Why did you bring her here, what is your plan Jaime? To upset your father?”
”That has nothing to do with this, she is my plus one, my handler… she is a necessary evil”
”For who, your father?”
”Who then?”
”Can’t I just have a lady and come to a state dinner without all this? She is my handler”
”Are you into drugs?”
He chuckles ”It doesn’t always need to be about drugs. Look Christine, you know me, you have known me for a long time… I have always been a bad boy, the party guy, the guy who goes to the extreme and I always like my plans coordinated and my state of affairs precise…this- what he is asking from me is just disrupting all of that. And I don’t like that”
”Asking you to be the President of the Heritage Group is disrupting your plans? You do know that there is something wrong with you right? Everyone is fighting for that post, and here you are having an open nomination to it and you back down”

”You will do a good job being there, Jimmy too, everyone else”
”Aha, Jimmy, this is all it is about isn’t it? You guys need to work your stuffs out, this has gone on for two long, far too long… just look at what happened in there”

”I didn’t say it was Jimmy.. I just said I don’t want it, that’s too much responsibility on my plate. ”

”And your father thinks you can handle it”
”My father thought wrong”
Christine’s eyes darts to the car ”And she, how is she a part of all this?”
”She is my handler, told you”
”You do know that she just stepped on Jimmy’s toes right? She means more trouble for you? You need to get her off your turf, and maybe you should take this..” she trails off
Jaime rubs his temple, he sighs ”Jimmy needs to understand that we don’t want the same thing and he’s just backing up the wrong tree… I want out… I want peace and I want to do what the hell I want. I do not want this! I want to do the hell I want ”
”With her?”
”With whomever Christine”

She steps closer to him, touching his face ”I have been away too long, look how damaged you are Jaime” she stares into his eyes ”Maybe I can help you”
”You can’t Christine ”
”I am sorry I left…”
”Why are you apologizing?”

”Because if I were around, I wouldn’t’ have let Jimmy get to you, not like this, I wouldn’t have allowed you turn into this guy who… cares for nothing, not anymore… this guy who would have a handler, whatever that means, this guy who keeps running away from responsibilities, this guy who rather shuns this kind of affairs, walk out on meetings, with different girls by his side and all that, why this façade Jaime?”’
”Who have you been talking to?”
”Oh, the walls have ears. I hear what you have been up and about, and honesty, I came back… because I want to help you.”

”You didn’t come back for me”
”Actually I did come back for you. Look, I know you were surprised to hear me being listed as a nominee but… my family is part of the board and have been for years, so I am liable to be one and-”

”Of course I wasn’t, equal opportunity- you should be happy, besides your speech was excellent”

”Yours would have been top notch if you had spoken ”

He shakes his head, she continues
”You know, with us together, we would be a formidable force, Jimmy would have no choice other than to back down”
”What does that mean?”
”It means that…” she steps closer ”Let me be the woman you have always wanted me to be with you, and let me help you through this challenges you have… and just maybe you would rethink your position of pulling out. Imagine, you being the President oF Heritage group? And me by your side? We would do great things together and what next from there, the Mayor would step down eventually and who is the likely nominee? You! See where I am going with this?” she touches his face.

He stares into her eyes, no one gets it, no one actually gets it that he wants none of that. ”You all want the same thing; money, wealth, luxury and fame and the prestige that goes with it. I just want to have peace of mind. I do not want to and I refuse to be lured into it even by you Christine, you should know me by now, my no is my no and I wouldn’t change my routine to fit into the lifestyle of a president and if I go in with the way I am… I will be an embarrassment to the Mayor, and everyone else. Why don’t you all see that?”

”You are doing it on purpose” she states
”Is that what you were told?”

”That’s what I know”
He shakes his head ”This is me… this has always been me”

”Well, if that is the case, let me make you better then” she leans in closer ”You know, for what is worth, I do miss you Jaime, a lot. We were good together ” she puts her hand around his neck ”No! We were amazing together ”’
He doesn’t push her away ”Until you left…” He pauses, finishing ”With my friend!!”
”I am sorry”

”That’s years ago, water under the bridge, past, forgotten. Now we are good friends”
”But I want that back, what we had”
”I don’t think we can have that back, besides, we were much younger then, stupid”
”Exactly, I acted stupidly, and see how it turned out. He cheated on me with his second aunt”
”I know right”

”But I am better, back… ready… to start afresh with you”

”You see, that is what I don’t want”
She sighs ”If you give me a chance, maybe I can persuade you” she rubs herself to him
He takes her hand and unwraps it from his neck ”Really nice seeing you again Christine, but, that ship sailed a long time ago”
”So, you rejecting me, for her?” she points to the car
”No, for me” he leans in and kisses her cheeks ”Welcome home Christine, goodnight”
”So I take it you aren’t coming to the Glass house with everyone?”

”I don’t need anymore drama… kiss her goodnight for me”
”You know you could do it yourself?”
He smiles without saying nothing, he knocks on the window, the car unlocks, he enters..
”Drive Adam”
Alexandra says without looking at him ”Done with your girlfriend? Looks like she was ready to take you all in then and there, maybe you should just pay her for her services instead, she looks like one who would bend to your stupid egocentric rules”

Jaime turns to her ”I swear to God Alexandra, if you don’t shut up… I will make you”
”I dare you!!!” She says to him, her eyes grows dim with anger, a match for his.


Christine leans in to kiss Gemmylyn’s cheeks , who pats her cheeks ”Sorry you had to witness that, guess that is a welcome package for you” Gemmylyn says to Christine who seats down beside her.

”It’s fine, used to that banter for years, just surprised it’s worse.”
”Yes, sadly so. How is he?” Gemmylyn asks Chirstine.
”That kiss was from him anyways” Christine smiles at her, Gemmylyn returns the smile .
She says to her ”He still sends you to me when he is upset and doesn’t want to come close to his father”
”Force of habit, never dies out. Typical Jaime. How is the Mayor anyways, with all this?”
”How else, hurt. It tells on him to always have to deal with this, going on ten years… he wants what’s best for him”
”But Jaime, doesn’t want it,typical”
Gemmylyn nods ”No, stubborn,and I think it’s because of Jimmy”
”You think Jimmy is threatening him?”
”Jimmy has always been Jimmy, and Jaime, will always be Jaime. Two stubborn men, two proud men… two men who would do what they think is right. What do you want the Mayor to do?”
”Force it on Jaime that’s what!!”‘
”Because you think he deserves it or because you just want him to lead so you can take a place where you think it fits?” Gemmylyn looks into her eyes ”Why did you come back Christine?”
Christine stares at her, she smiles ”I guess a mother’s instinct is strong. I came back for him, but he doesn’t want me… who is that girl anyways with him?”

”I see. I guess what you know about her is what I and everyone knows too… He said his handler”
”And as there been other handlers like her?”
”There was one Bekky he came with last month, been around him for a bit, but… today he is with someone else, who knows about tomorrow”
”So you think, he really has changed into this… man, who has no priority in life other than women, parties, the extreme bad things?”
Gemmylyn sighs ”He is my son Christine, but I do not understand why he is doing it, I wish he would talk to us instead of pulling further away and this thing with Jimmy is all shades of wrong. The Mayor says he isn’t trying to force him but he sees a potential in him and he says the projects and ideas he has. Jaime has, he has seen it and he would do great in Heritage, a good leader but… Jaime doesn’t want it and I don’t blame him. I know what he goes through… he wants out, but that is not enough reason for him to shut everyone out and don’t take up opportunities when given”

Christine holds her hands ”Don’t worry Gem, I’ll bring him back to you, and the Mayor and he would be the President, trust me and jimmy can take several back seats”’
”Jimmy…” Gemmylyn shakes her head ”he always wasn’t like this”
”Jimmy choose his part, so it’s his fault the Mayor doesn’t give him his time anymore”
”But still, he also deserves a chance ”
”Not here to talk about Jimmy, I am here to get my man back, and maybe, stand with him side by side when he gets that post,who knows what comes from there” Christine smiles.
”Welcome back Christine ” Gemmylyn says standing as the security comes for her to escort her out to meet the Mayor so they go to the Glass house.

”Nice seeing you again Gem” they hug, the Mayor’s wife leaves.
Christine watches her, the she turns walking away to her car.
She really did come to get her man back, and let him be the next President of the Heritage Group. Being the wife of the President of a multi-billion oil and gas company was everything, it would be an achievement, and if he becomes Mayor… that would be more than a little something.
She smiles.
It would be all checks to her bucket lists.
But who the hell was that girl?.


”Drive Adam” was the only thing he said after she dared him.

Oh, she would be sorry, she would be.
Alexandra whose eyes are dimmed with anger stares away ”I thought so”
If all the women he is always with kiss his toes just because, she wouldn’t be one of them. No way. She is getting paid for a service it didn’t mean she had to take nonsense because he was waving a few bills.
”D--k”!! She mutters
The car is silent all through the ride back to his mansion, he alights and disappears into the building.
Adam is staring at her ”Ma’am!!”
”Great!!!” angrily she leaves the car and enters into the mansion, following the part she and Adam had followed, touching the wall to reveal a door which she pushed to lead her into the parlor.

A few minutes later she is standing in the middle of the room, she finds him without his tie, his sleeves rolled up, before she could understand what he intends to do, with quick strides he gets to her, startling her as he lifts her off her feet, walking to the bed he holds her tight as he places her on his thighs as he seats down hard on the bed.
”What in- the hell- Let me- let me go Jaime Lockswire I swear I –what are you doing? What- let- damnit Jaime” she struggles
He had her facing down on his legs, one hand holding both hands tight, his elbow pinning her down as he opens his palm after he rips the dress away from her exposed butt, with palms open wide, he brings it down hard to her bare bottom.
He spanks her as she cries out in pain..
”Are you going to be respectful?”
”Never, let me go” she struggles angrily. But it is no use.
Whamp!!! Whamp!!!
His palm flat on her but painfully… again, again and again.

Eventually she stops struggling and cursing..
He stops.. breathing hard.
”That would teach you!” he says angrily.
But she is quiet. Suddenly her shoulders begin to rise and drop, her body begins to quake.
Jaime’s breathe catches in his lungs.
She was crying.

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