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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 6
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”Put your hands down Alexandra” Jaime says to her as he stares down at her, everyone else is doing so too.

”Er…nope. First off, I need to ask my question”
”Alexandra!” he says through his teeth.

Alexandra ignores him and then stands up, Jaime reaches for her hand to pull her down but she swings her hand away from his, she clears her throat and then smiles to the everyone seated, aside the Mayor, the Chairman and Jaime who still stood staring at her.

”Alexandra!” he calls her name through clenched teeth, low enough that only she could hear.

She ignores him again.

”So, Hi, good evening ladies and gentlemen,you all look amazing by the way and I must say this…” she waves her hand ”Is just breathtaking” She says with a smile ”So here is my question, don’t mind the irrelevance but I am a curious cat so please indulge me.You are the Mayor, yes?’

The Mayor frowns, the Chairman stutters puzzled ”Y-es- Yes he is and –”

”Good, I knew that, I just wanted to make sure. So your name is Jacob Wellington Snr” She points to him ”I know that because I see you a lot on Tv, good work by the way Mayor, wow!! To think I would be in the same room with you is… well crazy huh?” She laughs, she was the only one who did, realizing her joke was lost on everyone else, she then points to the woman seated beautifully beside him ”And you are Gemmlyn,well- Mrs Gemmlyn Wellington I assume?”

The lady beside him smiles, nodding.

”Okay now, how is it that he called you father and his name is Jaime Lockswire?” she points to Jaime and then back at the Mayor, he furrows his brow at her.

”Alexandra” Jaime grabs her hands, she pulls it away again.

”Hey, don’t Alexandra me. I am coming to you, I just need some clarity” she pulls away from him and then leaves her seat.

Oh, did he think he can just swing her along to some dinner party with tush people, and then open his mouth to tell everyone she is his handler, what does ”Handler” mean anyway?
Whoa!! Like drugs? Like she is his handler for drugs?

She looks back at him.

He sure looks like someone who takes drugs anyways, it would explain his
‘Annoying, Peculiar nature’
Ha!! His handler her natural smooth a-s.
Well, she was just curious and she just needed to understand what the hell she was doing here.

”Well, how come he is called Jaime Lockswire and not Jaime Wellington, I mean children should bear the names of their fathers, yes or yes?”
The Mayor raises an eyebrow.

”Because he is-” Jimmy began, Alexandra noticed he seemed happy to share, she blinks when the Mayor cuts him off angrily.

”Be quiet!!” The Mayor says, he looks at Alexandra and then at Jaime.

”You say she is your handler? In what sense? And besides, this is not you Jaime. Did anyone tell you to pull out from this, is that why you are doing this… son?”

Jaime sighs ”Nope. I really don’t want to.This is me, this has always been me. I want my freedom and time and I do not need to be hassled up with the hallaboohoo of the President of Heritage group, too much pressure, too much nonsense I do not need on my plate”
”By every right you should be bothered, it is your family legacy and it is not nonsense Jaime”
”And thank God it is not a seat foisted on another. Allow other people, it doesn’t have to be me” Jaime says
”He is right!!” Jimmy agrees with him ”For once… you are right!!”

”I said be quiet Jimmy!!” The Major turns to Jimmy, who stands up from his seat, his eyes growing dim and dark as he speaks.

”Everytime, every bloody time you do this!!!” he flares up

The Mayor looks at Jimmy ”You give me reason to”

”I do not. You just love to rub it in my face don’t you?”

”Jimmy?Jacob?” The lady says,bshe touches her husband’s arm,bhe looks at her..

”Let the boy be if he doesn’t want to be part of it,bwhy force him.bWhat the hell do you gain when you do this every single time!!!”

”Jimmy…bdon’t!!” Jaime says to Jimmy.

Jimmy turns to him and laughs angrily ”Of course you would speak.bJimmy don’t!! What if I do not,bare you going to run to daddy’s aid the way he runs to yours when it looks as though someone is ruffling your tinny feathers eh Jaime boy” he throws at him
”Mr Jimmy,bI think you are stepping out of line,byou need to respect the –”

”Oh do shut up Mr. Chairman. Does anyone here respect themselves? Does he?” he points to Jaime ”He knew he wasn’t right for this and yet he keeps coming towards it and now, he backs out? And he makes it look as if he is so good and that he needs to give poor us a chance, me a chance? I do not need a chance, I am IT! And the sooner everyone sees it without being clouded by wonder boy here… the better the company would be.”

”I did not say that” Jaime throws back. ”I never said I was better than anyone or good at this, I never asked for this and you know it. I did not say that”

”You did not have to say anything Jaime, you just have to be Jaime Lockswire and everything falls like gold to your fxxking plate”
”Watch your language Jimmy” The Mayor says angrily
”Or what? Tell the security to oust me out?”
”If needs be!!”

”Oh great, you will throw me out and you would allow him stay with his cockiness and feel-good attitude that is nothing but stale beans, are you kidding me?”

”You know Jimmy, you could be speak civilly,that is your-” Christine, Jaime’s friend who had come to greet him earlier began.

”I do not give a s--t who the hell he is and I get to speak how the hell I want!!!” he thunders
Alexandra who had been standing now is speechless..

Okay, did she just walk into a war zone? Should she dock?

”Phew!!! Awkward !! this is worse than the Adam’s family reunion” she says, Jaime throws her a hot look, she shrugs.

”What..? What the hell is going on?”

”Jaime, do all of us a favour, get lost.Your presence isn’t needed. You know that, I know that.. and maybe everyone else knows that but are just scared to say it, but I know everyone knows it, except one who is so stubborn to see that I do not know what the hell he sees in you.”
Jaime stares at Jimmy instead of replying Alexandra with a hot retort at the tips of his tongue. He knew what Jimmy was doing, calling for a fight, and he didn’t want that. He didn’t want any of it. That was the reason why he choose to do this, take a different route down this lane, hoping that Jimmy would see that he is actually not a threat to him.

But the further he tries to pull away from it, the further he is still s----d in and the more the hatred increases and he would give anything to be away from all this.

Anything at all.

And yet, it still comes, like a wrecking ball crushing and crushing. He didn’t need this,he didn’t ask for it, he never did.

”You know what, I don’t need this!!” Jaime says shifting his seat away to leave..

”Jamie? Jaime!!!” The Mayor calls out which causes Jaime to stop in his tracks as he turns to face him..

”You aren’t going anywhere unless we finish this”

”Yes I am father…”

”No you aren’t, you have a presentation and you will present a good speech so go ahead”
”I don’t want to, I pull out my nomination let it be”

”I said NO!!!”
”Oh let him be for shits sake, stop running after the boy like he is the air to your lungs damnit!!” Jimmy throws at the Mayor.
”If you do not back down Jimmy I will be forced to throw you out and you know I would not bat an eye” The Mayor speaks angrily to Jimmy who laughs shaking his head.
”Yes you should, it wouldn’t be the first time, go right ahead, have at it..” Jimmy opens his arms wide
”Who is interested to come at me should dare it, I will not be responsible for my actions, go on… call your dogs… Mayor” Jimmy mocks.
”This is always, always what happens..this..this right here is why I hate all the drama and I want out, please… just let me be and let whoever wants it can have it. I don’t need this, never did before, don’t want now and I said it earlier and I will say it lifestyle..isn’t worth the spotlight, no sir. And I am content in being the bad boy that I am.. pick another save father, I do not need saving, I do not need all this. I am not worth it. I am doing good work where I am, I do not need the elevation and everyone else listed on that nomination list can have at it okay. Please Father, let it be.Enough!!!” Jaime says, he stares at the woman by the Mayor’s side briefly, without another word he turns and began walking away leaving Alexandra who is still dumbfounded by the scene unfolding as she watches him walk away, his back tense from anger.

Wow!! This was better than the movies, she chuckles.

Even the rich also have problems, wait till she tells Tinny-B how dysfunctional the rich were, maybe she wouldn’t want to get with a rich dude in her life time.
”Hey hey, where the hell do you think you are going? ” He calls to Jaime who pauses but doesn’t turn ”come back and take your scalawag or your handler or pimp or s--t whatever she is to you away from here!!!” Jimmy spat angrily as he indicates Alexandra.
She, who had been quiet all along the banter suddenly gasps, when she turns to see that the he was referring to her, but she needed to make sure.
”Erm..sorry, just to be clear,did you just call me a scalawag, pimp, s--t or handler. which I am yet to understand what he means by that, did you just refer to me as those?’
”Or would you rather me call you what? A lady? Because a lady wouldn’t be wearing a dress with all her essentials showing to a state dinner with the Mayor and others, no… but you and I and Jaime knows you are no lady, same as what’s her name… Bekky, aren’t I right Jaime? If you think you can bring one of your play things and dump it on us like you were trying to do all along to save face… not happening.”
Alexandra laughs ”Really, yet you didn’t mind flirting with me back there, what was it you said? I have a beautiful butt?”
”Yes indeed you have doesn’t mean it’s not from the gutter, and my offer still stands sweetheart, after all, what do we do with tissue paper? Wipe the butt but yet first it is used… I can still use you, ask him for my number he knows where to find me, surely he wouldn’t mind passing you on to me” Jimmy chuckles
Now Jaime turns
Alexandra stares at him ”For a man I just met you can be disgustingly annoying, who the hell do you think you are?”
”Alexandra!!” Jaime calls her name
”I think you all should leave because you are disrupting the event and ..” the Chairman cuts him, yet again he is cut off
”Me? I will be the guy at the top of the chain and the pyramid of events and your boy would be licking his balls and asking for crumbs soon when I am President, maybe you should stand in line, because of you I can go easy on him, we can work something out..I mean, that is what you are meant for right? ”
”Oh goodness!!” someone gasps,the guests are beginning to murmur.
”Jimmy!!” The Mayor calls him through clenched teeth.
”And just for emphasis, my name is Jimmy, nice to fxxking meet you Alexandra, but you can call me Jim, but when we are rolling those sheets, I can be your daddy..handler”
A light went off in her head.

She takes two steps to him, made it three and by the time she got to him..

”Men like you are the reason women like me prefer to stay away from them. Men like you have no respect, men like you shouldn’t be given or accorded any form of responsibility that equals being above people, you know why? Because it is men like you that are selfish, despicably, stupid and inflict-er of pain. I do not know you and you sure as hell don’t know me and I hate what you are about… Men like you are slime and to think you would degrade me just because of what i’am wearing tonight is downright disgusting. Whatever I am and whoever I am, what I do or what I wear does not give you nor anyone else the right to talk to me that way and I will not hesitate to put that person in his place immediately. If you all want my candid advice ” she turns to everyone else briefly before she stares back at Jimmy ”He would be the worse person to put on the pedestal of leadership when he cannot address a total stranger civilly, I wonder how he would treat his subordinates. He oozes of filth and scum and I rather be his handler” she points to Jaime ”Whatever he meant by that than to associate myself with you even for a nano-second. Disgusting!!!!” she spat
Jaime who had turned folds his arms and watches her as she talks to him, a puzzled look on his face…

”Do you know who I am Alexandra?” Jimmy says to her ”I can have you thrown out and-”
”That’s what I asked and right now I really do not care If you are the lord of Versailles or Hades; any man who has no respect for himself shouldn’t be respected by another. So shove your words down your throat and drown it with a bottle of gin Jim” she says turning away
He reaches for her, she swings her hands away, as she turns away again he reaches for her butt instead and spanked.


Alexandra gasps, so did every lady in the room, Gemmyln covers her mouth..

Jaime was shocked for a tiny second before he realizes what is going on, Alexandra turns around and..


She slaps Jimmy hard across his face,then she reaches for his glass of wine as he held his face in shock, she empties it over his head.. then she reaches for the bowl on the table.
Jaime rushes to her and then stops her, she slaps Jaime away pushing him..

Jimmy is shocked and speechless..

He recovers at that moment when she reaches for the bowl again..

Alexandra empties the bowl’s contents on his head, she reaches for something again, now Jaime grabs her from her waist and lifts her from the ground as the guests begin to stand and move away so the contents of soup and wine don’t stain them.

The Mayor who had been angry earlier on is watching, Gemmyln, his wife reaches for his arm..”Do something Jacob”

He shakes his head ”He deserves it, more so from a stranger, he should learn to speak to a lady too, I’ll do nothing”
”Let me go Jaime, let me go” Alexandra struggles away, trashing her hands about, she slips out of Jaime’s hands and rushes back to Jimmy, now Jimmy backs away from her…
If she comes at him again, he wouldn’t hesitate to knock her down,woman or not.
Jaime reaches for her, grabbing her and flings her over his shoulders as the Chairman, helpless for what to do begins to call security.
”Let me go, let me go, I will show him!!” Alexandra says to Jaime who doesn’t put her down.

Worse..her butt was in perfect view of everyone who looked, the elderly woman reaches a hand across her husband’s face and turns his eyes away.

”Oh Goodness gracious, dear Lord look away Charles. That is the devil’s business” she says
Christine is laughing now, so is Gemmyln, the Mayor’s wife. Now a few others are laughing at the awkward scene..

Jimmy drenched and ruined,. He stares angrily at the retreating back and butt of Alexandra and Jaime, he turns back to the Mayor.

”I guess you wouldn’t be taking the necessary action against him, and that..that…woman. Look at what she did to me, me?”
The Mayor seats down…”Oh now you want me to run to your aid because a woman gave you back t-t for tat? I thought Jaime was the little boy? By the way, you look better like this” he says with a smile, then he laughs, now everyone is laughing with him.
Jimmy looks at the Mayor’s wife, in anger he kicks his seat away and walks towards the men’s convenience.

Christine excuses herself and then runs after Jaime Lockswire.


Adam sees a man with a woman over his shoulders coming down the staircase and the woman was angrily trashing about.
When he recognizes who they were, he quickly starts the limousine and drives to the entrance and jumps out opening the door..

”Sir?” he says awkwardly staring at them, he averts his eyes from her butt.

”Stop trashing about Alexandra” he orders
”Put me down Jaime Lockswire or I swear-”
He spanks her ”Be quiet!!! ” then he bends and dumps her inside the limousine, she hits the car floor with a thud… she groans in pain as she turns to rub her behind.

”You!-” she began, about to spit out venom.
Jaime watches her for a second, then he rubs his temple with one hand and the other one his waist. Without warning, he breaks out in a smile shaking his head and then laughter… a rich hearty laughter.

Alexandra frowns at him, ”Why the hell are you laughing?”

He points behind him, he continuous to laugh holding his stomach.

”I swear Alexandra Bekington, you are really something, did you see Jimmy’s face, he felt that he was being attacked by a crazy woman, hahahahaah” he laughs
Alexandra now realizing how much of a mad woman she was in there and maybe would have been crazier if Jaime hadn’t swung her over his shoulders and whisked her away, she probably would have done more damage to Jimmy.
Jaime is still laughing, She breaks out in a smile, then laughter too.


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