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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 5
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”What?” Jimmy asks him as he saw the look Jaime gave him.

”Are you being serious right now?”
”What, not like she is anything to you other than know”
”What is that supposed to mean?”
”It means what you know it means brother. You may think we are stupid but I am not, even if everyone else is. I see right through this façade you are trying to put up. Quit it, give in and take a bow. There is no shame in that”
”This is not façade, it is who I am ”
”I do not have time for this Jim”
”Oh, I have all the time in the world for this little brother. Just an advice though, I promise I will take it easy on you and maybe be a vouch for your childishness” he laughs
”You know what, I am walking away now” Jaime says turning away
”Oh, go right ahead, just pass her to me when you are done though, she looks way hotter than the rest, where is Bekky anyways, I thought she was your….everything. now it’s Alexandra right?”
Jaime ignores him and keeps walking, he could hear his chuckle behind him, he sq££zes his jaw tight.

”At least she has a good a-s, maybe you can tap on that tonight, you know where to find me when you need to make a drop off, I do not mind taking a sloppy second like that..hmm hm hmm, not at all”
Jaime stops, turns and stares at him..

”What? You want to say something? You should, I have got a lot more from where that is coming from and unlike you, I am not looking to keep up an appearance that you and I know is bullshit”

”What do you care Jim?”
”I don’t, I just need you to seat your butt down and let daddy here handle things as he ought to but no, you get to get your pretty face into everything I aim at and now this?” he points to the back of Alexandra’s head seated afar off ”Really?”
”I didn’t ask for anything”
”You don’t need to, you just need to be you and everything lands on your plate like a platter of gold, isn’t that just right?”
”What do you want from me Jim?”
”Get out, that is what”
”You know I can’t do that?”
”Well, that is where the problem is, isn’t it? Besides, I know you are going to be a big flop. I do not see why it has got to be you, why you?”
”You should ask him that not me!!”‘
Jimmy chuckles ”Right, see what a golden boy you turned out to be then”
”Stay out of my business Jimmy”
”You step away and maybe I will”
”I really do not have time for this” Jaime turns and walks away, nearing the long stretched table he stands beside Alexandra.
Alexandra already has cherries in her mouth and plucking more into it, she ignores as she felt his eyes on her.

She takes another, and then another, when she stretches her out for another, he hits it away taking the bowl of cherries further away, he pulls out a seat and he seats.
”What did you do that for..?” she says in between mouthfuls
”First off, you do not eat in public unless I tell you too”
She chuckles ”You are being serious with this rules thing are you? Is that an actual rule or you are just doing it to spite me because of what I said outside which you deserve by the way, because I suspected you were trying to be funny”
”I do not care about your assumptions; I just told you, you do not eat in public unless I tell you to. Now wipe your hands with that paper roll on the table, seat and then do nothing else unless I tell you.”
She eyes him ”You do not tell me when to eat and when not to”‘
”I do actually. Your a-s just ripped out a dress worth your ordinary cloths and bags and shoes together and won’t still be able to cover for half the cloth, now you still want to pop more things into your tummy?”
”So what? I can’t eat because I have a big a-s?”
”No, you can’t eat because I say so”
She shakes her head, she stretches her hand for the cherry, he pushes it further away from her. His hands were longer, she eyes the far away bowl from where she is seated and sneers at him.
”For real?”
He ignores her ”Pay attention”, he points to the end of the table ”See the caliber of people here? Behave yourself. I know you aren’t used too such class and prestige and being around people with such wealth, so try to not further embarrass me” he tells her.

She scoffs.

Now, you don did it Jaime Lockswire.
”Why am I even here?”
”Call Girl” he says absentmindedly
”Yeah I know, but what kind…am I supposed to be your plus one to this kinds of boring events when I do not get to do much as eat a cherry?”
He ignores her as they turn to see Jimmy walking to take a seat, Jaime releases a sigh, she eyes him and then looks back at Jimmy.
”Well, at least someone gets on your nerve as you do me. What’s your story with that one anyways?” she indicates Jim who looks right up at that moment, he blows her a kiss. She furrows her brow, Jaime frowns.
”The story is ”None of your business Alexandra” he says to her, his eyes on Jimmy as he is talking to a few people and shaking hands.
She chuckles ”Right. Maybe you are the person with the problem then, such attitude”
”You have a mouth Alexandra, you should curb it”
”Mouth is meant to be used in talking, and other things”
”Like it is… None of your business”. Booyaaah!!” she gives a small victory shout. ”Got you right back, second time is a b---h. How you like that pretty boy?” she laughs, he turns to reply her.

”Jaime Lockswire?” someone says behind him cutting him off. They turn to find a pretty lady smiling from ear to ear, her perfume filling the place.

He was taken aback ”Christine Barlow” he says laughing…”Wow!!!” he exclaims looking at her as he stands up holding his arms out as she goes into his arms, squashing her body to his, she has a rich laughter.

Alexandra turns on her seat, staring at the lady who hugs Jaime and accepts kisses on both her cheeks.

”I know right?” she says smiling as she pulls his cheeks, and touching his chest.
”I didn’t know you were in’s been ages” He told her, the smile reaching his eyes.
”I just came in, first flight. You know how mother can be particular in things like this and seeming that I have missed tons of it, once I got in she dragged me, but I had to send her ahead of me, you know how dramatic she is”
”Oh, sadly I do”
She pulls him into a hug again ”Oh Jaime, I have missed you. Maybe, we can catch up after everything tonight yes?” she says touching his arm.
Alexandra watches her hand movement, the familiarity it places as she touches him, the way they smile at each other, comfortable with each other, the touch to the cheeks, hair, face, arm… those lingering touches.

There is history there between this two.

Alexandra thought. What was her business anyways.

While they are talking, she gets up and bends stretching to take the cherry bowl that Jaime pushed far away from her.
”Oh my goodness!!” Christine exclaims as she covers her mouth staring at Alexandra, who turns backwards but still bent towards the table, a perfect view of her bottom showing.

Jaime who had followed Christine’s eyes and sees what made her exclaim has a scroll on his face as he reaches out and then pulls Alexandra back to seat down, taking the bowl away from her, he hands it over to a passing waitress, his gaze comes back to burn her.

She lands hard on the chair, ”Jesus Jaime Lockswire!!!” she exclaims reaching to rub her bottom.

”You know her?” Christine asks as shock wanes down to confusion, she stares at Jaime.
His jaw flexes, she frowns shaking her head as he didn’t deny it.

”Don’t tell me this is what you end up with Jaime?” she has her index right finger move up and down pointing to Alexandra.
”This? I do have a name lady” Alexandra says frowning as she turns fully, throwing an arm over the seat so she could look at the ‘Christine’ lady properly. She uses her own index finger doing what Christine does back to herself, indicating that she wasn’t whatever she meant.
”Oh honey! I am sure you do, but that is irrelevant to me at the moment.” She turns to him “Jaime sweety, are you okay? I mean, is It because I was away and you are acting out like this? This… untardy person who doesn’t even know how to dress up properly for an event as important as this… showing her rear to everyone. Dear Lord Jaime”‘
”Oh, that is his fault, forcing me into a dress two sizes too small for me, and refusing to let me go back home and change, threatening me with God knows what. And I do have a name, it’s Alexandra and I am right here,” Alexandra says
Christine scoffs rolling her eyes ”Really Jaime, her?” she is appalled as she looks Alexandra over.

Jaime flexes his jaw, Bekky, Bekky would have done just fine. He sighs rubbing his temple saying nothing.

He hated changing his plans, this is what happens when plans gets changed last minute.
”Don’t tell me she is the one.. you have been going on about?”

He began to answer, they hear the clinking of a glass, everyone stares at the end of the long table..

”Attention everyone, can we all take a seat and proceed please, The mayor and everyone else is here… seats please” the spoke man says
”We will finish this later Jaime” she tells him, then she throws a frown at Alexandra ”And get rid of that thing before you do something stupid” she tells him.

”Oh lady you are the one who is a thin– OWWWWW!!” she exclaims as Jaime takes her hand she had placed on her thighs and sq££zes it firmly, not too much, but enough to cause her to feel pain. She tries to pull away but he doesn’t let go”

”You are hurting me” she winces in pain
”Let me repeat this for emphasis Alexandra, the next thing you do that embarrasses me, I will have security toss you out like a leftover food, into the bin”

”You Di–!!” she cries out as he bends it more ”Stop please”‘she begs
”Is that understood?”
”Fine whatever! Can you let my finger go now please”
He lingers, making sure that she understood, he lets her go. He leans back as she watches him and rubbing her hands. A frown creasing her beautiful face. She curses him mentally, threw a bat at him, broke his nose and sprayed paint on his body. When she was done she locked him in the booth of her car and drove to the city and forgot him there for hours.
If only wishes were horses. She sighs frowning at her finger as she rubs it again. She looks up to see a beautiful woman, who is been escorted to the table with the man Alexandra recognizes as the Mayor, they are ushered into their seat.
”So, now that everyone is here, shall we begin? Mayor… would you like to say a few words?”
”Sure” the man says getting up. ”Well, here we are again.. as usual, another banquet, I hope you all came with large empty tummy’s because those fat thighs of chicken and the desert wouldn’t eat themselves” he says, everyone laughs, he smiles then clears his throat ”I and my beautiful amazing wife are pleased to have our family and friends gathered here to celebrate another fiscal year which had skyrocked much more than we had anticipated and we wouldn’t have been able to do it all if not for you all. As you know, aside the social gatherings, we are also here to discuss delicate matters that would affect other aspects of the company that is a family legacy, the city which I run and also as a board member of the Heritage Group who I am also the president, we are here to discuss a way forward for the future. But before that, now it is time to eat, mingle and of course…dance” he says ‘I am sure they have wonderful things planned for us, yes?”
”Yes” they chorused clapping
”Go ahead chairman” he tells the man beside him before he takes a seat.

”Okay, welcome, thank you Mayor and our able president. Now for the first and main courses..we have-”

A few minutes later, the waitress lined up and begin to serve food, getting to their table, Jaime shakes his head, and tells them they should skip his and hers
”Wait what?” she turns to him ”I am hungry”
”You will eat when I say, or you will burst out more from that dress. Later, you will eat and I do not want any more complains ”
She bites her lips and thinks of the worse thing to do to him. After fruitless attempts to get food and he keeps stopping her, she resigns to her fate, thinking up evil things in her head.

An hour later, after the entire course is done.
”Here we go” she hears him mutter, her tummy makes thunder sounds, she bites her lips and curses him again.

”So first on the agenda, applicants sent in from the members of the board for whom to be the next president for the Heritage Group is as follows.. ‘Mr Richmond, Mr Kellies, Mrs Roland, Miss Rebecca, Tantua Christine, Mr Jimmy, Mr Gockirk, Miss Telema, Mr Rikardo and last but not the least Mr Jaime. These are the nominees from members of the board, those who presented themselves, those who were presented by other families and those who presented their children, would the nominees please stand up, give a speech, tell us why you think you are a good candidate, what you plan to achieve and why you think you should be the next generation president to a multi billionaire company”
They all stood up, everyone but Jaime.
She turns to him..”Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t you supposed to be up”
”Be quiet Alexandra” he hushes, everyone is looking at him, including the Mayor, who isn’t pleased. He grabs a bottle of wine, turns some into his glass, takes it to his mouth and then sips.
”Let us go on please, you can see that he doesn’t take things like this seriously, I wonder why he was even nominated” Jimmy says, the chairman looks at the Mayor, he nods. They carried on. Calling on the first person to speak, and then the next and then the next.
Jimmy gave a long powerful speech, a few nod their heads, others smile.
Alexandra nods ”He sure knows what he wants to do ”

Jaime says nothing. When Jimmy was done, everyone claps.

”And, well ladies and gentlemen, these our nominees and they have spoken well. Can we vote?” he says
”Not yet!’ The Mayor says
”Sir?” the man turns to him
”He has been nominated and he has an obligation to speak.”
”But as you can see, he doesn’t respect authority or the people here, surely you can see-” Jimmy was cut off as the Mayor rises.
”Jaime Lockswire?”
Alexandra looks at him, he is sipping his wine.
”You have got to be kidding me” Jimmy is heard exclaiming
”Sir?” The chairman began ”He may not be interested sir”
”His name was submitted and he shouldn’t be bullied out” he says ”Jaime, you have a minute to speak .”

”Damnit Jaime Lockswire” The Major hits the table, his wife touches his arm, she looks at Jaime, as though pleading with him, he sighs, dropping the wine and then gets up.
”Alright father” he says
Alexandra who had used that opportunity to beckon to the waitress to get her the bowl of cherry on her tray, has it in her hands, she pops it into her mouth at that exact moment when Jaime answers.

She chokes
Everyone’s eyes are on her, so was Jaime’s. He frowns. She follows his eyes, sees that he is eyeing the bowl of cherry and then her mouth.She spits out the cherry back into the bowl and places it on the table, she laughs nervously.
”Father?” she repeats quietly ”The Major is your father?” she asks in a whisper
”Jaime Lockswire, do you mind explaining this?”the Mayor says.

Jaime sighs deeply, here we go ”Yes father, I do. She is my handler. As you can see, I am a man of the world and my way of life wouldn’t suit that of the president, a wild woman here, a wild party there… so I choose to withdraw my nomination from the post of presidency. This is of my own doing and not influenced by another. I would remain as a director where I am and I think that is befitting” he says as the lady gasps, he continues ”can I take a seat now father?”

The Mayor stares at him, his expression unreadable, every other person is muttering but Jimmy has a huge smile on his face.

”I think that since he has pulled out his nomination, we can proceed” Jimmy says to them.

”I have a question” Alexandra raises up her hand.


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