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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 4
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He is staring at her, his eyes grows dim.
”Watch your mouth Alexandra” he says stiffly,
”Watch my mouth? Watch my mouth? If you had listened to me back at that mansion you own, I wouldn’t be about to walk into this place right now with my butt saying hello to every guest”
Her hand is still in Adam’s hand as he tries to pull her out, she releases it as he steps away, obviously unsure of what to do, he throws a look sideways to Jaime.

‘Sir?” he says ”We are blocking the entrance for other cars to drive in, park and their guests to alight” he finishes.

She looks back at the car waiting to get their spot, and the lady in the back seat who is stretching out her neck to see what is going on, she turns away and then back to him, seeing the securities at the door waiting for them to climb the staircase up to them so they can be announced and then usher them in. That was what they did to the two other guests who were ahead of them.

”How bad is it, can you get up?” His words distracts her, she stares back at him
”Of course I can, it might just tear a bit more if I move. Your fault!!” She tries to look behind her to see how bad the tear is.


”I hear you Adam.” he moves closer to her. With anger written all over his face he takes off his suit jacket, and stretches it out towards her ”Put this over your shoulders and step out.”

She eyes it and then him ”I do not see that doing justice to my butt sticking out Mr Lockswire”

”Would you please just step out and drape this over your shoulders Alexandra , people are beginning to get impatient with waiting”
Sighing, she made to get out of the limousine.

The dress was too tight that she couldn’t even move. ”Eh, a little help please” she pauses and stares up at him.

He does nothing other than raise an eyebrow at her. Adam, after a few seconds steps forward and then gives her his hand again, she takes it ”Thank you Adam, you are a gentleman unlike your stuck up cocky Boss here” she rolls her eyes.

Another rip, and more rips before she is able to fully alight from the limo. She grabs his jacket and then drops it over her shoulders quickly, but not too quickly because she hears someone gasp behind her.

She turns and her eyes meet that of the lady in the car behind them.

Great!!! A lurky old woman having a front roll ticket to my butt.

She shakes her head and then sighs.
”Shall we?” He asks her angrily
”You really are going to allow me walk in there with my cloths torn?” she looks at him aghast, after she looks behind to see how bad it was. And it was bad. ”You do see it is all out there right?” She turns for him to look and then faces him again, he didn’t even blink, his face contorts to a deeper frown.
Alexandra frowns trying to pull the dress down for a little coverage behind her.

Well, she doesn’t mind showing skin; in her line of business, baring all was the rules of the game, but it didn’t also mean that she should walk into a church showing her tittles just because.

She is still yet to know what this event was and what she was doing here.

”We do not have time to go back and look for a proper fitting for you Alexandra” he replies her frowning

”So you rather I go in there, climbing up those steps while people climb after me seeing my butt crack?”

”You are a stripper, it shouldn’t bother you!!!”
She is dumbfounded ”Oh really? And you are what exactly!!?”
”I really do not have time for this, let’s go. My jacket would cover the essentials. You aren’t there for anything relatively important other than my plus one, which can be irrelevant when it is done”
”When what is done?”
He sighs heavily, rubbing his temple, ”Alexandra Bekington, I swear you are getting on my last nerves” he tells her
”So you are really not going to allow me change into a decent clothing?” she repeats just to irritate him, and it worked
”And where do you happen to see where to get one? ” He snaps
”You are the ”Getter” why don’t you figure it out. I had my cloths on but nooooooo” she stresses ”You wanted me to stick my body into a thin dress like I was some dough going into the oven. And just like a dough I puffed, now you are being diplomatic with me?”
Adam chuckles, Jaime throws him a stern look, he coughs turning away.
”The way I see it, you have two choices. Either you go up with me or you go home, but not in my limousine”
”You are being serious?”
”I am always direct, I never mince words”
”So you brought me here, and you would let me walk back to my destination like this?” she points to herself
”That will be your only option Alexandra” he didn’t seem frizzled by her look.
She looks him over. Really, is that how you want to play it Jaime Lockswire?.

She wouldn’t have minded telling him to kiss her very soft and smooth behind and leave him there, but then again, she had worked her a-s out for the strip club, risen to the position she is in, made it her stage.
She isn’t about to get boothed out by Rick just because of a lousy client.
Wait, does he think she has any shame?
She is a stripper, strippers have no shame.
But if he pushes her any further, she wouldn’t be responsible for what she does in the nearest future.
”Shall we?” he says stiffly again.
She ignores him and turns to Adam, ”Walk me?” she touches him lightly on his arm, he stares down at her hand on his, looks at his boss and then politely removes her hand.
”Eh…” Adam shakes his head ”I rather not Ma’am . Sir, Ma’am,” He nods to both of them ” Enjoy your evening. I would be a second away if you need me” he says, walks back to the side of his driver’s seat, enters and begins to pull away. She turns and looks Jaime over again.

“Guess I am stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, so there is no way out other than up.” She rolls her eyes
”You should be careful Alexandra, my employee isn’t your play thing, and try not to disrespect me, especially in front of my driver. That is a silent rule I didn’t need to spell out”
She scoffs ” You didn’t need to spell out anything, your cockiness stinks to the highest heavens” she retorts angry now.
She could see his jaw flex, and veins show slightly and then disappear. He steps closer to her, a fixed smile on his face, but it didn’t get to his eyes ”Firstly Alexandra, this is a necessary evil, and slightly important event, so if you ruin this for me as you have already ruined my face, it wouldn’t be pretty for you”
”Oh what would you do daddy? Spank me?” She blows hot air. Every time she says that four lettered word or someone says it to her, she remembers him, her foster father, and that makes her wince in pain, pent up pain for years. She might have ran away from him but she met him every day in different men… and she was sure this one, this Jaime wasn’t much different.
Men!! Men were pain, a disgusting, irritable kind of pain.
She is yet to understand the thrill and excitement women feel gushing over a man. She will never gush over a man… men were nothing but animals and their joy resides between the legs of a woman, regardless of her pain.
She may have no choice other than to tolerate them to get by, to live, to survive and do what they want from her..
The streets were hard.

But, it didn’t mean she had to take the piss especially when some men, were downright assholes. Like this one standing in front of her.
Regardless of his rich boy status, limousine and his fine face.

They were all the same…, he inclusive.
He was paying for her services, so what? All he had to do was be nice at least.

But noooooo!!

This behavior of his was annoying, but he has no idea that she can be a b---h too at times… if she wanted to.

She eyes him,
And he was making her want to..
Client or no client… she won’t take the piss seating.
She may not do anything drastic to cause Rick to breathe down her neck because of him, but she would let this Jaime know that Call Girls too deserves respect, just like every woman who has a decent job out there.
Besides, whoever gave the rule that clients shouldn’t be nice to strippers or Call Girls? This one definitely missed classes on human relations and communications.
Typical man.
” I would, if you test me” He scrowls at her silently disrupting her from her thoughts.
She laughs ”Right, I see that is your thing” she says looking behind her to see the lady and her companion coming up the stairs. Other cars are following suit ”I would love to continue this banter with you but I rather go in and seat my exposed butt on a warm chair if you don’t mind. ” she says pulling the suit down behind her, but it is no use. She could feel the breeze kissing her butt cheeks. She had on a thong, a red thong… with a matching red lace string-on attached to her tube top.
Jaime stares at her, not wanting to be tempted to shush her up in front of people coming behind them, he turns and began walking upstairs. She can either follow him or stay there, he wouldn’t care.
Ordinarily, he would have given her his hand for her to hold on to as he walks; he was a gentleman when he is with a lady, but Alexandra is no lady, but a stripper and a Call Girl, and right now, his regret is even agreeing to Rick in giving him…this…this, Argh!!
Why the hell was Bekky Unavailable?
He gets to the top of the stairs, he turns to see her behind him, looking away he stops in front of the securities ”Sir?” one of them approaches him ”Your invite?”

Jaime brings out a card, a gold card from his pocket and hands it to him, he looks at it and back at him ”This way Sir, ” he points to his right ”And you Ma’am?” he turns to the lady coming up behind him.
She looks at Jaime, ”I am with him” she points to the man infront of her
”Sir” the security looks back at Jaime.
For a moment, he was tempted to shake his head and tell him she was a stalker and he has no idea how she got here. They would bundle her out of there in a second, and if she refuses, they may Taze her. That would keep her sharp mouth closed. Maybe, maybe he should just say it, let them roughen her a bit, then before they throw her out he stops them and say it’s a mistake. That would be fun to watch.
He turns and looks at Alexandra whose big expectant eyes are on him.

He says nothing for half a breath… waiting for when the big guy turns to him for confirmation.
She studies him for a second, seeing his hesitation, perceiving he is about to do what she wouldn’t like, not in a long shot.

Oh really Mr. Lockswire, is that how you want to play it now huh?

She thought to herself.

Okay then. Well, in movies, they say the best form of defense is to strike first. It looked like he was going to do something, or nothing… and that would mean she was trespassing in an event.
Get humiliated and sent out or….worse.
”Well Mr. Pretty boy, are you going to act like you don’t know me after a night of doing all endless desires? After getting all ohhh and ahhh with me and wingling your boy in my face and asking me to flick your balls that it turns you on, and then paying me a miserly change for cuffing me to the bed all night spanking my tush and screaming like a cowboy… you gonna act like you don’t know me Mr. Lockswire”

Jaime turns sharply to her, his eyes growing big in shock, it darts to the security man who stifles a laugh, clears his throat and then looks at Jaime, they heard a gasp, they turn to see the elderly woman again, Jaime frowns turning back to Alexandra.

Alexandra smiles..

”Well, I guess the whole world knows what we are about now don’t they..Baby” She flutters her lashes at him, stressing the last word as she touches his red lapel. He stares down at her hand, and then back at her.

Calm down Jaime, Calm down. After now, you can string her to the bed and spank her hard till her tush turns dark red and she cries out and beg. For now, calm down.

He fixes a smile on his face and then nods to the security. ”She is with me” he says stiffly.
”Right this way please” The security says, whispering into the other guy’s ears, he hands them over to him and then goes back to man the door.

The elderly lady rolls her eyes and fans herself as she got to the security man at the door, watching Jaime and Alexandra walk into the building as the lady tug at the suit to cover her very obvious butt, she turns her companion’s eyes away ”Goodness gracious, did you hear that?” she turns to her companion to make sure he wasn’t look at the back of the retreating woman and then the security ”The world has been polluted with the likes of those.

Goodness!!” she fans herself as though wadding away the words from her ears.


She is mesmerized by the décor of the place, a chandelier dangling in the middle, lights overheads that danced, and a long table that stretches to the end of the hall.

”Stand close to the wall, try not to get in the light… later I will deal with what you just did out there” he tells her angrily, she didn’t notice him walk away, because she wasn’t listening to him as she is lost in the splendor of the place.
She was looking at the guests, who all looked like men and women of class and affluence, people who are people and probably ran a city or two of their own.

She could see the Mayor, and then a few senators she could recognize from Tv. Still admiring the beauty of the place she didn’t realize when he left her, she turns to find him smiling and shaking the hand of a man, and then his companion.

”Your butt is showing”‘ someone says behind her, she turns to find a man with brown eyes staring at her lustfully.

”I realize that” She said
”it’s a beautiful butt by the way”
”I realize that too” she looks at him disinterestedly.

He smiles, ”What’s your name beautiful?” he licks his lips, smiling at her.

”What’s yours?”

”Jimmy, ” he tells her giving her his hands, she takes them and he takes hers to his lips kissing her knuckles, she withdraws her hand.
”Alexandra” she tells him, he smiles
”Alexandra, you are a beauty. Are you here alone, or you are the package?”

”What does that mean, ”The Package”?”
”It means… Jaime!!” he began and then stops, as his eyes leaves her face and rests on another, she doesn’t turn as she feels him come behind her, he stops and then speaks.

”Jim..” He says to the man standing in front of her.

”Don’t tell me she is your plus one?” Jimmy asks Jaime, he wanted to know, his eyes has a mischievous glint in his eyes Alexandra notices.
”Not that it is any of your business but yes she is” Jaime says through his teeth.

”Lovely, she is different from the last, I hope you keep this one, your clock dust is running out … tick tock, tick, tock , tick, tock” he laughs
Jaime smiles stiffly, ”I would be sure to keep that in mind, if you would excuse us, the table has been set”

”Sure why not” Jimmy steps away from them to pass, but he grabs Alexandra’s hands ”maybe, when he drops you off tonight, I can come pick you up… and show you what a pretty a-s you have”

Men!! She rolls her eyes.

”Sure, why not, maybe if you learn how to be subtle” she says and peels his hands away from hers,. ”But I do not really fraternize with strangers of strangers” she eyes Jaime, and then him and walks away towards the set long table.

”It’s Jimmy” He says to her with a chuckle ”I’m not a stranger anymore”.
”Yes I know… get yourself a gin Jim and cool off your rising bulge” she tells him and walks away.
He smiles looking down at himself, realizing she was right, he smiles adjusting by shaking his legs to deflate himself. ”I like her” he tells Jaime.
They both stare at her walking away with her butt showing, Jim stares lustfully, while Jaime angrily.

”She is something brother, can I keep her when you are done?”

Jaime turns to him.


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