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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 30
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”Sir, it’s the chief of police” The man hands the phone to the Mayor and steps away, he takes it to his ears
”Jacob here”
”Yes Sir, so, we spoke to the only suspect we have now, Steve was the one who interrogated him”
”Who was the man you interrogated, was it the man whose car was found in the garage as you said?”
”Yes sir, ”
”Okay, go on”
”His name is Anderson Kennedy, works for CEO Lonestar corps, outside Chocolate city for Kelvin Todds, he was sent to the city for official assignment, booked into he Avalon hotel for two days, checked out the next day after the event..rented the car for two and the half days, we called the rentals which checks out.”

The Mayor frowns recollecting, ”Wait, he was not the same person who came to see me today?”
”Mr Kennedy Sir?”
”Yes, he came with Mrs. Barlow, from Kelvin Todds”
”Oh i see”
”He is a suspect now?” The Mayor adjusts in his chair
”Well, right now the sole suspect isn’t your son, but like you said, we should check out other options just in case he isn’t the killer and we are being distracted by it while the actual killer gets away. Pending till when we find the body and carry out an autopsy and can be able to ascertain for certain through finger prints and others if Mr. Jaime is the killer or not, the other option right now is that everyone in that party is a suspect, but to narrow it down, we need to know who the last persons were in that event, and we can’t get those information but the fact that all cars were gone but one remaining with the occupant not there, we had to check it out and why, so that is why we invited him to clarify if he checks out”

”He checks out”
”How sure are you?”
”Well, all the information he gave checked out, we even spoke to his boss who notified him of the invitation to the station. He came himself, walked straight into the station and gave his statement, and with due diligence done on his statement, we did a background check, he checks out. No criminal record or that sort. He was apparently set to be out of the city today but due to the station visit it was moved to the next. Although he has been ruled out as a suspect, we however told him to keep his phone with him at all times just in case we need to reach him”
”Okay, so… anything else?” The Mayor rubs his temple, closing his eyes.
”We are still investigating. We did a sweep, we are waiting for the results from forensics, should take another few hours to run points”
”APB on Jaime, anything?”
”None yet. But we are sure he has not left the city nor nor the country. We flagged all airports, terminals etc..he is here sir, maybe held up in place only he knows”
”Christ, my son is now a fugitive?” He tries to control the pain in his chest, blinking back tears.
”Sir” The Chief of police says, then trails off.
”For now, i think that is a good thing, it would keep him safe till we clear up this mess” Jacob nods his head after he cleans his eyes, considering the situation.”
”No its a bad thing Sir, he either needs to come out and confess willingly or else if we do find him, he would be arrested sir and charged so if you can reach him please tell him to come out of hiding, so we can help him”
”He either disconnected his phones or lets it ring nonstop, we can’t get to him”
”Don’t worry Sir, all would work out eventually”
”I just need my son found, this whole mess rectified and he safe, that is all”
”Doing our best Sir, take it easy. ”
The line cuts
”Any word about Jamie?” Gem who is lying on her side, facing the wall asks
He shakes his head and then turns to her ”All would be well, i promise”
They hold hands.


Adam opens the door for them as soon as he stops the car, Jaime wiggles out of the car, lifts her and adjusts her carefully, he begins to walk up his stairs and then into the living area.
”Here, let me show you the guest room so you can set up” Adam says to the nurse and then takes her away.

Jaime pauses and then turns ”I didn’t think you would be around so i didn’t fix up a room for you but you can take the master bedroom and i-”
”Nonsense, it’s fine” Tinny-B says to him.
Jaime takes another staircase, cuts right and then enters into a room as big as a dance studio.

”Wow, it’s bad enough that this house looks like a palace, the rooms are amazing and you are thinking of setting up another room? This is perfect, the bed large enough for a football team. We can make do and besides, i work so..days and sometimes nights so you don’t have to worry about me”

He nods walking to the bed, he slowly lays her down on it, raising her legs up he removes the covers and then draps it over her shoulders, carefully he removes the hair that had fallen to the side of her face..

Tinny-B watches him with a puzzled look on her face, a thought occurring to him.
He pauses for a second and then turns away from her..
”Let me leave you to settle in then. There is enough food, Tv..everything you need in this house is available so you can be here for a few weeks and you won’t run out. So, make yourself at home” He says walking away
”You care for her don’t you?”
He pauses on his tracks
”Why would you even think that?”
”Well lets see, if we are going by the fact that you are not responsible for what’s happened to her; you could have just dropped her in the hospital, informed anyone you knew was her friend or family and walked away, but instead you keep her in a private ward, with body guards and you rush to her when you think she is in danger, you could have just handed her to the police to put her in a protective custody or something, i mean that’s what they do right, but no, you take her home, not just any home, yours, obviously a place you keep quiet if not the city would be at your door. I see the way you look at her, in the car, when she fell asleep, i mean i know my friend, she can be an a-s, a hard nutted a-s but yet you didn’t flinch, i saw the way you guys banter at the hospital, like do you do that lot with your girlfriends or other women friends you have around you? And see the way you stared at her just now. Believe me, there is something there man, so you care about her right?”
”Did you drink Tinny-B?”
”Yes, water, in the car on the way here so i am as cleared eyed as a bat and i am not under any intoxicating influence. I smoked weed once, it messed up with my head, i stated seeing dead people, yep, true story. i stay clear of that s--t now and drugs so yes i am good, and you are avoiding the question as though you do not see the big elephant standing here, you care about her right?”
”No Tinny-B, i do not. I would show this to any random stranger as well Tinny-B, and you know what that is called? It’s having a heart, it’s being sympathetic, it’s being your brother’s keeper Tinny- B, so don’t get it twisted”
She nods, not accepting his responds ”I think that is kinda vague but If you say so”
”I say so, that is ridiculous, she is my Call girl”
”’I am sorry but My Call Girl kinda sounds protective don’t you thinks so?” she smiles
He stares at her ”She is a Call Girl that i pay her services, is that better?”
”If you think so”
he shakes his head and then lets her be..
He turns up the news and then watching the round making of him. Then he mutes the screen when Adam steps in.
”So, i spoke to a friend down at the station, he owed me a favour”
”Aside you being the sole suspect, he said the Mayor asked that they should cover all edges to makes sure that they got the right guy and that they do not just throw you under the bus, he don’t think you did it despite the evidence pinning you to it. He told them to go back to where it all began and do a thorough search, footprints, the entire shebang.”
Jaime smiles sadly ”He just never wants to give up on me”
”No father who loves his son dearly would sit back and let this happen to his son. No father”
Jaime sighs ”Anything on her attacker?”
”Well, we got nothing off the scene, but i am waiting for the fingerprints of the store room where she was being kept”
”What do you mean being kept?”
”We found her bag, her shoes, on the floor and then blood stains, there was signs of struggle, we believe that is where he had her”
”Wait, so that means the toilet was what?”
”Maybe where he moved her to or..trying to get her away, who knows”
”If she was in the hall, waiting for me, why did she go to the storeroom, what was she doing there, and did the attacker follow her there or what?” Jamie thinks out loud rubbing his lips, his other hand is in his pocket as he lets it hang loosely.
”Questions she needs to clarify for us Sir”
He nods ”Okay, she needs to recuperate so lets let her be, anything else?”
”Yes, there was a single car packed in the garage, we got it checked out because that is the only other thing in the scene that was abnormal”
”Why was that an issue, a car parked in the garage?”
”Because , cars aren’t allowed to be packed in the event centre over night, but this broke the rules, so we checked him out, his name is Anderson Kennedy”
”From all indication, he is clean”
Then it occurs to him he had heard that name ”Wait, i met that guy, Lonestar, he works for Lonestar”
”Well you got it, we got info that the police invited him for some questions”
”And? ”
”Like i said, dude is clean, he was just a regular invitee to the program, booked into his hotel, left the next day. His trip was meant to be for today but had to cancel because of the invite, but …dude is clean, as far as we can see”
”Okay so, where are we at? did you get anything on Alexandra, anything at all?”
”I did” Adam says pulling out a file from the bag he held
”Earlier on, when we checked her out, we didn’t hit beneath the surface because there was no reason to, now we did, look at this , she was Born 1988 to the family of Mr and Mrs Billy Grey Beckington. They died in a car crash a few years later leaving her to be taken up by social services and raised in an orphanage till she was three. ”
”Okay, and?”
”A family adopted her, name registered is Antoinette Palmer”
Jaime nods ”Go on”
”We did a crosscheck on Palmer. She is late”
”No other family member we could reach out to?” Jaime wanted to know.
”None. We do not know whether Antoinette Palmer was married and how the adoption process was done. All it says is that she was adopted and no other family member was mentioned. The address she gave became empty after a year or two. They probably moved to another house or city. No forwarding address was given”
“Isn’t adoption agencies supposed to keep in touch with families who had adopted kids? I mean doesn’t the law state that? “
“Well yes”
“Plus shouldn’t it be a married couple? “
“The way it works is that as long as the man or woman checks out. Has a good job and the environment she or he is in is conducive for bringing up a child and do not have any violent tendencies. There is nothing wrong with the agencies allowing a child to be adopted. “

Jaime rubs his jaw. “Okay.. So all we have is an orphan who may or may not remember her biological parents and a foster mother who is late. No idea if there was a father..? Or a man figure who was in her life. Maybe her foster mother’s brother, cousin or lover? “
“No other information about Antoinette palmer nor if she was married or had a relation”
“okay. Anything else? ” Jaime rubs a hand over his face.
“See the strange thing, Beckington do not have any of her family members pictures on social media, not even on her LinkedIn and Facebook profile in fact, she has nothing to insinuate that she has a family. It’s like she does not want to associate with her foster mother or let anyone know about her background not to even have any picture of her life. This is were she comes from, a small town in cloak-city,” Adam points at the file where the city was written.

Jaime frowns ”That’s a long way to chocolate city” Jaime perches on a table staring at the file.
”My thoughts exactly, Tinny-B stated that she had left home to take care of herself when she was fifteen, she didn’t mention that she was adopted and that her family was late. she said she just wanted to leave home and take care of herself, why? Antoinette Palmer as we checked out was from a fairly good home, had a few cash in her account, did pretty good for herself and she was a teacher in school loved by all, her biography is remarkable. And according to reports we good get. She passed a few years ago. And if what Tinny-B said was true about her leaving home when she was fifteen. That meant she left her mother alone in cloak-city and she passes away three years later. Alone. To me.. If seems as though she was running “
“From what, are mother? “
“I don’t know boss. I mean why leave home five cities away, a kid, going by this calculations, she was fifteen there about, why bolt away from your mother and come to a city to become a hustler, a call girl? She would have inherited a little fortune from her mother. Why come here to hustle hard boss where she would have made a little heaven for herself with her inheritance and live a great life. You see where I am going with this? ”
Jaime shakes his head. ”What are you saying Adam?”
”I am saying that, she ran away from something , no one can have a good life like that and come here to be some booty girl, no offences sir”
He sighs ”Is there anything concret we can hold on too?”
”Yes, we can talk to her when she walks up, we need to know what she is running from and what she is involved in. That phone call was not random. He knew her name. He knew you were her accompany and he called me. It’s personal. Whoever her attacker is wasn’t looking to attack and want to rape a random lady in an event. He came for her. The reason is why? “

Jaime nods “Until we know who is he and catch him. I repeat she does not leave my sight nor yours. “
Adam nods “More security then? “
“Only the trusted. I hope you let them know that this place should be kept under the radar. I do not want reporters getting wind of here. This is the only quiet house listed below the eye. I wanted it that way and it should remain. “

Adam nods again “So.. When are you going to debunk the news making one hell of a round on your head? “
Jaime turns away ” It would blow over.. By then the deed would have been done and Jimmy would be off my back. Once I do show my face -“
“You would be cuffed and taken to jail for a bloody crime you didn’t commit. How is that not being stupid? “
“How do you like your job Adam? ” Jaime turns to him “You do like to over step don’t you”
Adam rubs his lips shaking his head ” You know what.. I don’t care. Fire me if you want. The fact still remains that you are putting your life on hold and in the process of being locked up for ever and your image is being trashed down just because you are scared to stand up to your a-----e of your brother who threaten your mother and father. You think it’s honourable. No Sir. You are letting a monster rein free and that’s bullshit.!”
“Get out! “
Adam shakes his head walking away but he pauses at the door “If you won’t think of you, think of what your mother is going through. Your father the Mayor.. Imagine what people are saying. Sometimes, in order to protect the people you love you need to face your demon and that’s your brother. “
“You think I don’t know that huh? ” Jaime flares up “You think I have not thought of the possibilities of confronting him? Do you think I don’t worry about the state of my parents. I do. But you know nothing Adam, this isn’t just about Jimmy. This is about my life. How do you think my parents would feel to know the kind of monster they have for a son. How do you think my father would take it. You don’t understand. Jimmy.. Was loved. I don’t blame him. He is threatened by me and all I did was love him. But my love only hardened him. Increased his hate. My crime was being the brother he never wanted. Was being loved by the man he blames for his mother’s death. My crime..was being here. And if I would just leave. Take myself from the equation and ensure father changes my name from his inheritance to his. Jimmy would back off. He needs the Mayor-ship? I don’t want it. He wants to be the president of the heritage group. It’s fine. He can have it. I don’t want any of it. I just want my life back. My peace of mind. That’s all. ” Jaime turns away in anger “Leave Me alone Adam. “

Sighing Adam closes the door behind him.
His phone buzzes again.
“Mother “
He closes his eyes. Another tear drop.
“Dammit! ” he swears walking away.
Jimmy is backing the entrance to his office. Drinking a glass of whiskey, his features hardened.

The man behind him gets up after dropping his call. “We would do all we can Sir. But we cannot tell where he is. It’s like he just disappeared into thin air”
“Do you ever want to be the Chief of police one day Gareth? “
“Of course you know that’s what I want and you promised me when you step into the seat.. I would be your number one candidate “
“Find my brother and let me know before my father gets the info. You don’t come back here with any information, I would take two ranking officers below you, and toss you to ground desk while you wipe the s--t off their assess. Get lost”
“Very Sir. I would be back with news”
Jimmy continues to drink his wine. “And Gareth, that forensics reports they just called you about.. I need to see it before the police does”
“but Sir, the police would see it first before-“
“Ensure I get the entire sealed package. If anyone gets to see it before I do.. There would be a problem between me and you “
Gareth scratches head “Quick question Sir.. Is there anything you want to tell me, just so I am prepared “
“The only thing you need to know is that if I don’t get that forensics reports before midnight.. You would get a termination letter in the morning. Is that clear? “
Gareth nods “Absolutely ” turning and leaving.
Jimmy is lost in thoughts.
He should just find away to get rid of that Kennedy guy. What in the devil’s a-s made him use for Alexandra. The guy was a freak show. He wondered why he couldn’t smell the stench of his a-s when he was too excited to take the deal.
He takes a sip.

Now the fxxker thinks he is smart..

Blackmailing him.

Oh well he is smart alright.. Managed to take two million dollars. Kept the girl alive and threatening us to give her to him or he would poke us. Me ?
Jimmy laughs.

Oh Kennedy.. You do not know who the fxxk I am. I would get to that sweet Alexandra only because I don’t want her fingering me as the person who pushed and locked her in that room.. Once I give her a little Sleeping Beauty pill to bye bye land. I would fxxk you up and take that two million as an extra stash for plucking the airs out my nose.

He sips his whisky again.

Where the hell you hiding her Jaime?
You better not show your face till I get my fame. You know what’s gonna happen if you do.

Bye bye to sweet mother Gemmylyne and good ol’pops.
A lion walks alone .

Christine. She would be a easy push over.
If she manages to find Jaime before then. Marry him and get him to transfer his power of attorney to her. She gets his company which is by the way hitting major profits on a daily. A multi-billionaria company.
Oh he hates his brother. Even without his father’s inheritance. Jaime was still a threat. His company can triple in another year.
He needs that. All. Of that.

Once Christine marries Jaime. He would be in jail of course. He would get rid of Christine too after finding away to make her sign all of Jaime’s wea.
Life would be great.

But first.. Find where Jaime is holding Alexandra. She is the key to all this.. Once she is silence. Kennedy out of the way. Jaime in hiding. Christine a push over dog.
He would become king.

His phone buzzes distracting him. “Speak to me Jude. Anything? “
“He is a boring worker in a Lonstar Petroleum company under Kelvin Todd’s. A friend of the Mayor. He began working there a few years ago. Moving fast up the ladder from a push paper clerk. Never been married. No family. Leaves in cloak-City before moving out to the Asian country western coast and then to Brooks place. “
“No criminal records? “
“Other than a few speeding tickets. None”
Jimmy rubs his jaw “No connection to Alexandra Beckington? “
“Nope. None. “

“I think we are missing something. Did you crack through firewalls to make sure there is nothing more there? “
“He is clean.. Maybe he is just messed up in the head and has a fetish desire cravings for pretty ladies. “
“Keep checking Jude. There have got to be something more there we aren’t seeing. I can smell it. “
“Okay. So when do I release those pictures? “
“I am trying to get the board of directors to push for the primaries admidst all these but no one is budging. Once I have a date.. You would be the first to know”
“Great.! “
Line dies.

He grabs his phone, then he dails.


He stares at the caller, his frown deepens .
“Avoding the girlfriend are we? “
He turns and sees Tinny -B.
“Did not mother not teach you not to sneak up on people like that? ” he drops his phone in his pocket.
“She did. But you have heard of the word called “Rebellion? “
“Ah! That suits you well. ” he opens the fridge “If you are hungry.. Like I said, there is enough to feed you for a year”
She climbs the chair and seats down staring at him “What’s your deal Jaime. Don’t mind if I call you Jaime right? “
“That’s my name. ” he opens a bottle of beer. She watches him.
“What’s your deal? “
“Inquisitive much? “
“My friend didn’t have enemies till she met you. So yeah.. What’s your deal”
“I didn’t have my name being stated as a murderer until she walked in. What’s her deal? “
Tinny -B smiles “She is the most sweetest natured person you can ever meet. Forget her hardness. She is soft on the inside. She hates no enemies. “
He nods “Then we would catch the bad guy soon. “
“I hope so” she says lowering her eyes, wondering if she should tell him that she thinks Alexandra knows her attacker. “You would protect her won’t you? “
He drops the bear “Is there something you want to say Tinny-B? “
She shakes her head “Nope. So erm.. I would just make something. “
“I have a chef. Tell him what you want and he can whip it up”
“Oh.. Life of a rich kid”
The door opens on cue and a man walks in “What would you have for Dinner miss? “
“Tinny -B! ” she smiles.
“Is that your real name? “
She frowns looking at him “Why? Because I ain’t name Gloria or grace it can’t be my real name? Whose this guy. You should fire him. ” she folds her hands.
“Enjoy” Jaime says walking away,
“My apologies Miss Tinny -B, here is the menu..pick anything and I would make you taste anything this side of the earth. ” he smiles.
“Can you make me a king size pizza and all the chicken diced into it and a cranberry juice? “
His smile broadens “How much chicken do you want. And how do you like your flavour? “
She rubs her hands together “I like to already. “


Jaime walks outside and takes a curve upstairs.
“Sir? ” the nurse greets him coming out of the room.
“Any worries? “
“She is fine. But I must warn you that she may have dream feats every once in a while. The Doctor brought me up to speed about her trauma. But it should be thing to worry about. The episodes would pass so if and when it happens. Try to calm her down by speaking softly to her. If she is comfortable with your presence she would calm down faster. “
He nods “Other than that? “
“She is fine Sir. You wouldn’t be needing my services going by her state. I would leave in the morning and give a feedback to the doctor”
“Thank you nurse. “
“You are welcome Sir “
He waits for her to disappear down the stairs and he ventures in. He pauses when he gets to the side of the bed and stares down at her slipping form.


“Sir, you are good to go” Steve comes to him and hands him his cards and wallet. “We needed to check it out. “
Anderson Kennedy smiles “Well.. Is that not a relief. ” He gets up “I really do hope you find your attacker or killer. That girl’s family would be devastated . And to think the Mayor’s son is somehow involved. “
Steve stares at him. “We do not know that yet. “
“But the news and the missing dead body and all”
“Once the body turns up. We would have out killer. In the main time. You are allowed to go on your way. Please drop an address and phone number at the front at the front desk incase we need to contact you. “
“Very well. Thank you” He nods turning away
“Sir, the forensic reports just came in. We got fingerprints ” an officer walks past him heading to Steve
“In my office. “
Anderson turns to see them leaving. He quickly leaves the station swearing under his breath.
He sends a text to Jimmy.
“Find me Alexandra now else you won’t be walking free in less than 24 hours. “


Jimmy flings his phone away cursing.
He goes to pick it up and then dials.
Jaime stares at the caller.. He shoves it into his pocket.
Jimmy curses. He grabs his car keys and heads out.
He needs to go out and think. And drink some more.
He hates to be worried. For shits he can easily handled.
Knowing where Jaime is and where is keeping Alexandra would give him a upper hand.
Not knowing puts him at risk. And he hates to be shoved to the corner and not knowing what would happen next.
He wasn’t scared of anything.
If he puts the b---h down and the fxxker Anderson sharing a coffin with her.
He wouldn’t have to worry about anything.
He pulls the car out of the garage and made his way down town.
Jaime felt a presence behind him, he doesn’t turn.
“I just came to check on her”
“it’s your house. You don’t need permission to check on her. ” Tinny-B says “So erm.. I have to get to work and-“
He turns to face her “You can’t “
“Why not? “
“Er.. I don’t need you bringing the crowd here. I can pay you if you want for the month so you don’t have to work if you are here with Alexander. “
She smiles. “As much as I would want that. I think it’s important I show my face. If you did watch the news you would realize that I am in it too. The girl who kept screaming and calling out Jaime the murderer for killing her friend. If I don’t show face. What do you think it’s going to be the next topic.? “
He nods understanding. “Right. “
“I may be crazy, talk a lot and can be annoying. But I am not stupid. I am actually quite smart. “
“Ah.. Right. I would send a driver to take you. Meet Adam. He would know the route to follow to be under the radar. And he would get you when you need to come back”
“A gentleman “
She gets up and then steps closer to sleeping Alexander. “The nurse said she may suffer an episode like the last time she erm-” she points to his shoulders
He nods “Yes.”
“Did she tell you how to calm her down just in case?”
“Yes.! “
“Cool. So you got this handled? “
“She is a woman who would probably have nightmares. Not a child about to throw a bomb. I think there is no issue”
“Okay then. I would be back in the morning. ” she grabs her bag heading to the door “For a man who has all these, you seem quite sad standing there. “
“I thought you have a job to go to? “
“And evasive too. ” she walks away leaving him staring down at her.
Adam opens the car door for her and closes it as soon as she enters.
Five minutes into the drive she turns to him.
“I heard you guys barking at each other. Do you always get familiar with your bosses like that?”
“You shouldn’t be eavesdropping while you are a guest in a person’s house. “
“i didn’t hear anything said. I just heard voices. Next thing you come out and then I went in. He seemed angry. “
“Well, even the rich got problems too ” he makes a turn
Tinny-B slips her hands into her bag to touch her camera. “Hypothetically, if perchance someone was to clear your bosses name. Would there be consequences? “
“What does that mean? “
“I don’t know. I am just wondering why a sane man would rather hide while his name is being tarnished. He says he wants to catch my friend’s attacker. Which is noble but stupid. He is rich. He has power. His father is the Mayor. He is mostly untouchable. But why not prove himself innocent. Go out there and make hold a press briefly. Take Alexandra along to show she is well and safe. Instead he rather be kept and the whole world thinks he is a monster. I wonder how the Mayor is taking it. The news is having a feed day with it. Over ten thousand talking about it. It’s bad man. So I am just saying that what if his name is cleared.. Would that not be a good thing? “
He is quiet ” He has his reasons and like he said.. Whoever her attacker is needs to be caught. Clearing his name means the attacker would be put on a spot light. Which means he would want to lash out for being fingered.. But of course we don’t know who he is that means that he can stroll in here pretending to be a cleaner and attack Alexandra. So.. He has his reasons. “
“Or it is more than what meets the eye. I keep asking a question no one is answering. What’s his deal? “
“He is just a man trying to keep his head above water Tinny-B. Don’t let that hard exterior fool you. “
She smiles “Sadly they have that in common. “
“Who? “
“My friend. Alexander. She portrays herself to be so hard and don’t give a s--t. But ..she is fragile. I think she hits slot inside and don’t want anyone to feel her pain. “
They drive in silence.
“You seem to care about your Boss”
He nods “Known him for a bit. He is a good kid”
“Ah. You probably should have thought him about having so many ladies at his beck and call”
“We do not discuss bedmantics. And I am not his mother “
She smiles “I like you. Your humour is refreshing .” She leans back facing the streets as they cut into it leading to be Escapades. “You keep my friend save. Plus.. I think you boss may like her more than he let’s on” she says alighting as he pulls to a stop.
“We don’t discuss his preferences either “
“And you are one hell of a loyal dog. “
“And that pisses alot of people off. Call this number once when you need to leave.” he hands her a card.
She walks into the club and disappears.
He makes a you turn and heads down north.
He wanted to know what was happening .
Christine turns as soon as the door opens. She is ushered in.
“Gem, how are you feeling? ” she hugs her and leads her to the chair.
“How else. Worried? No word from him yet. ” she dabs her eyes.
“And the Mayor, how is he? “
“He had to attend a meeting with the board of directors. They asked to see him and I did not want them coming back at the house. Have you tried calling Jaime? “
“Not picking my calls.”
“Same here “
“Have they tried tracing him to know where he might be? “
“Yes. But.. They keep hitting a brick wall. For someone who has one of the next technologically advanced company in the city.. He can’t be found if he doesn’t want to be found. I just don’t know why he doesn’t want us to help him. I would do anything for my son.. I would. ” she wipes her eyes.
“I know Gem. ” she hugs “You know.. I remember just now on my way here that he always talked about building a house far away from town and keeping it quiet when he had the money to. You know we talked a lot while we dated and he had so many dreams. “
Gemmylne smiles “He was always a dreamer and an achiever. That is my Jaime. ” then she shakes her head “I know a few of his house. The glass house and the other off the county. “
“He stays at the glass house mostly.. The other one not so much. The others are used for other projects. “
“I do not know of any other houses. “
Christine sighs. She was definitely not getting info from this woman. “It’s okay, he would turn up soon”
Adam was not picking her calls. Who the hell would she ask about Jaime’s whereabouts.?
She needs to get to Alexander fast. If Jimmy is caught, she goes down too. And she has no intention of going to jail all because Jimmy didn’t know how to take care of her request but gave it to a lunatic who has their lives in his hands.
She swears under her breath.
She stays a bit with the Mayor’s wife and then heads home.
“Hi Steve, this is Adam.. Word on the street says that you got those forensic reports out. Fingerprints and all”
Steve smiles into his voice “Who are you fxxking that is info on police business? “
“I don’t do guys. ” Adam slips beside him and cuts the call. “Give him another on me”
Steve turns and drops his phone “I didn’t realize you liked me so much to sort me out this late in the night”

“I wish. What does the report say? “
“It says my boss needs to see it first. It’s sealed and I can’t tell you”
“Why? Since when does your boss vet cases? “
“Since now.. He called saying everything should go through him first. “
“Gareth is it? ” Adam stares into his glass of drink.
“You never liked that guy did you? ” Steve points out.
“Nope. He stinks. And I don’t mean of s--t. His eyes are always wavering. Criminal looks”
Steve laughs ”You just hate him because he kicked you off the force”
”No, i left the force because i found something more fulfilling, and just because we had a run in does not mean he kicked me off the force, it was just right timing”
”Right, something fulfilling like wiping a rich kid’s a-s?”
”At least their a-s smells better than the one you kissing and sU-Cking up to on a daily”
They smile.
”I would say i miss you being my partner but saying that would mean i give a s--t”
”Exactly, you don’t, i wasn’t looking forward to it. I am here for the drinks not to reminisce on old times, stale memory bro”
“Nah, you here to find out if you boy’s prints is there. Because it is, just so you know”
Adam smiles “I am here to have a drink and buy one for an old bud., You didn’t hear that did you?”
“Bullshit” Adam throws at him.
“Take it or leave it and even it it’s there.. Don’t mean none. He didn’t do it”
“I pray to differ. The dead speaks. Don’t be deceived that they do not tell tales. Once we find her body, Jaime Lockswire is going to jail. Too sad he his the Mayors soon, he is not above the Law, God bless this country.”
“Too bad. ” Adam smiles “If only.”
“You know I can arrest you for being an accessory to murder.. You move with him on a daily. You know his every move and thoughts and actions. You may even be aware of where he buried the body and know where he is hiding. In fact you shouldn’t be walking the streets a free man. You are his bodyguard. You pick you up. Drill you and you would give up his location”
“You could. But then again.. I would beat your a-s. Enjoy your drink” he pays and gets up to leave “Hope you find your guy though. ” he walks away, then he comes back ”Be careful, not everything is what it seems to be”
”Does he care about me?”
”That would mean i give a s--t, and i don’t”
”And you don’t” Steve smiles, raises his beer to him ”Thanks for the beer”
”Anytime old fart”
”Fxxk you”
”You too” Adam taps his shoulders and heads to the door, staying close to the wall and avoiding the crowd.
Jimmy opens the door just then and steps in and they meet faces to face.
“Ah! The loyal dog.”
”Mr Jimmy, a good evening to you Sir”
”Yes, Where is my brother? ” Jimmy leans into him.
Adam smiles “Ironic! You describe me and yet you still ask that question “
Jimmy steps closer to him ” I know you don’t like me Adam”
“True Sir” He answers truthfully, he was not scared of anyone.
“Good, I don’t like you either. “
“Good to know. If you would excuse me Sir.. “
Jimmy grabs his hands “Tell Jaime that I am here for him.. I won’t forsake him like the others. That’s what brothers are for. And for the record. I don’t believe the story about him killing that girl.. What’s her name? Hmm Alexandra. Jaime is a pure soul. He isn’t a monster “
“Yes, you are right. ” Adam nods as he is says under his breath. “The monster is standing in front of me”
“You said something Adam?”
“No Sir. “
Jimmy still held his hand “I worry for my brother. If I could just speak with him, see him and make sure he is fine. Our parents are worried. God knows the pain their are going through”
Adam smiles. He had to give it to this guy. He was a class act. A fxxking pretentious a-----e.
“I am sure he would turn up”
“I know you know where he is. I want to help him ..take me to him..i swear I won’t tell a soul. We need to make sure he is save.. He can’t go to prison “
Adam nods “Of course I would tell you if I knew. But I am not his mother Sir, just his bodyguards and we have certain restrictions. Last time I saw him was the last time you saw him. Now if you would excuse me Sir.. I really need to be on my way”
Jimmy nods and drops his hands. He watches him leave.
Jimmy nods to someone else who walked into the bar with him.
“Follow him. Don’t let him see you”
He looks up to see Steve, the police officer drinking his beer. He goes to
“Gareth said you have something for me? ” He leans to him, not touching him.
Steve turns and nods. “Good evening Sir. ” He dips his hands into his pocket and brings out an envelope “Here. “
Jimmy takes it and shoves it into his pocket. He is walking away, Steve stops him
“Pardon me Sir but I don’t get it. Shouldn’t the police be looking at that evidence first. I do not understand why my Boss asked me to give it to you instead of to the team so we can piece in the little pieces of this case and find out if for certain the Mayor’s son is the killer or we have another person on the lose”
Jimmy comes back to him “How about this.. Steve is it? Get out of my face. Tell Gareth to do his job and stop recruiting boys who don’t know how to shut up” then he walks away.
Standing outside he opens a trash can, lights a cigarette and torches the envelop without opening it.
He drops the envelop into the bin and walks away.
Back in the bar, Steve dips his hands into his pocket and stares at another envelope.
His phone rings. “Yes sir Mr Gareth. Yes.. I just gave it to him. Yes Sir. But Sir, that’s police evidence. Why did you ask I give it to him?.. Okay.. Fine.. Did you open it at least to see whose prints where there. No? Okay is he bringing it back? No! ” Steve runs his jaw.
“So he just took evidence that can either finger the Major’s son as a killer or remove him from the equation entirely. Is that right sir, what does he want it for? Wait… What does that mean Sir? You are taking me off the case. Why? Private investigators? But Sir I am this close to… ” Steve breaths. ” Nothing Sir. Right. “
Line dies, he continues to stare at the envelope.
Something was beginning to smell fishy. Maybe Adam was right. Gareth was beginning to stink.
He looks at the closed bar doors and stares at his hand.
Maybe he should do some other investigation.
He slips the envelop into his pocket. He gave Jimmy the fake envelope.
He hopes he doesn’t realize it.
He finishes up his beer and exits the building.
The knock to his car window causes him to raise his head up and touches the button to turn it down.
“Lost him Sir, i am sorry “
“How can you lose one man?” Jimmy wasn’t happy about it.
“Sir.. One minute he was in our line of sight and the next he was just gone. “
“Incompetent assholes.” Jimmy winds up and drives away, almost brushing the man off the road.
The call came in while he was alighting from his car.
It was Anderson.
“What? “
“Didn’t you get my message? “
“I did. So? “
“So? ” Anderson laughs “You seem not to understand the dimension of this for you? It is going to blow up and it won’t be only my a-s hanging. The cops got prints off forensics. They would be knocking down your doors soon enough. Then we would see how you can save yourself. “
”Let me tell you something you do not know Anderson, nothing can pin me down to this, you hear me, just so you know, those forensics reports they got, it’s burned. So my fingerprints ain’t going to just pop up magically. So why don’t you fxxk off”
”Get me Alexandra, you have twenty-four hours. Else i would me bringing the heat”
”How about you tell me the reason you want her Anderson, hmm?”
‘My business, i told you, i got it hot for her”
”Get it hot for another chick then. You had your chance and you blew it. You know–” Jimmy is rubbing his jaw ”If Jaime Lockswire is keeping her save, it would mean that he got eyes everywhere looking for the a-----e who attacked her”
”Well,won’t that be a thrill.” Anderson laughs ”I need Alexander and i need her before i board a plane out of this dump within twenty-four hours, so you and your scarecrow of a girl, whats her name? Ah Christine had better get me Alexander fast, and i do not want a hair on her hair touched, you hear me”
”You fxxking a-----e, you giving me orders, do you know who the hell i am?” Jimmy bellows
”Yes, the a-----e who lets a stranger into his business and now it’s my business. I should give it to you, no prints, no Jimmy at the top of the list. But Alexander talks, bang bang bang police comes to your door, her words against yours..and before they can get to me..i would be long gun. Thank you for the fake IDs though, it would come in handy”
Jimmy laughs ”You are not so smart Kennedy, not so smart..”
”Thank you for the compliment, a stupid man got two million, fake IDs to leave the country and giving you the heat..yeah, i would take dumb any day. Twenty-four hours Jimmy, else we would do the tango”
The line dies. This infuriates Jimmy.
”I will kill you Anderson, you do know who you are messing with. I would kill you, Alexander and any other person who dares to step in my way or give me problems” he breathes angrily.
”He is here” the text comes into his phone, he relaxes his features. Atleast one good thing would come out of tonight.
”Good, let him know the conditions and if all goes well..we hit primaries with a bang and use this opportunity to come out winning.” Jimmy texts back.
The man reads his message and then smiles. He looks up when the door into the conference opens. He shoves his phone into his pocket and then nods at someone else.
Jacob Wellington walks into the room , asking his security to wait outside.
The board members stand when he comes to take a seat. He nods for them to seat and looks around.
“You called, I answer.” He says quietly.
Mr Lupit gets up and then began ”Mr Mayor Sir, we would to once again show our sympathy towards your family and to let you know that we would continue to do all we can to support you and ensure that this issue in your family resolves quickly. We may not understand your pain or know how your wife, Mrs Wellington is handling the situation, we however want to stand that our prayers go out to you and we hope that this case be resolved and that-”
Jacob touches his temple ”It is late Lupit, i believe you all didn’t ask for an impromptu meeting to wish me prayers”
Lupit smiles ”You Sir never fail to see beyond things”
”My grey hairs were not planted, what is this really about?” He looks at every one of them.
”Same question i have been asking since i walked in here..” Mrs Barlow comments. She too had been called, everyone else. A few of them looked curious, others seemed to be feeling right at home with their curiosity.
”Mr Mayor Sir, in as much as we really sympathize with you, we need to face reality”
”Which is?”
”Your son, the’s running us all. Business is not looking too good. Investors are threatening to pull out, profits are dwindling down, no one wants to do business with a man whose son is a murderer. The media houses are like flies, they are buzzing nonstop, the whole world has their torch on us, and plus that, you have a city to run, people are scared you are breeding monsters under your roof, scared to want you to lead because they do not trust your son the news says he killed a girl, whose body hasn’t turned up till now. What about her family, they may hit the streets soon. Look Sir, it is hard to face what’s going on, but we cannot neglect other aspects of our lives …our lives are infused together, the company, we all have shares in it. It goes down, we all go down. We cannot let that happen just because..”
”So you call a meeting at night just because you want to tell me how bad this is, like I do not know how bad this is at all..and I do not need a reminder”
”Find, then you must allow us salvage the situation.”
”How do I salvage the situation Lupit. My son is being framed for murder”
Lupit laughs ”Is that what you call a convicted criminal now? Framed for murder…he was with her, she was his handler and he also said he had strangling tendencies during the event..he basically confessed to a crime before he did it. He was not frame, he did it and he runs away to hide. A girl is dead!”
Jacob stands up angrily ”You do not know that, my son is no murderer, and if you say one more word I swear to God I would have you removed,”
”I have shares in your company Sir, you cannot just remove me”
”I can.” He turns to all of them ”It is my company, mine, built with my sweat, mine. My money. The reason all of you are seated here today and demanding things from me is because I let it. You came t be to buy into my dream, I let you. Because I saw the need for community growth, for togetherness and to carry people along. I allowed it, I could have easily built this empire on my own, given to my son if I wanted to. I allowed you all and brought you all in and ensured that shares are bought and shared equally between all of you, gave your children access and allowed them come on board..because of me, all of you are in good places, because of me, your kinds can stand tall and be able to rub shoulders with the elites, because of me, your children get to step into positions they would never have a chance, and because of me, they would be at the primaries fighting to be president. A seat I have been in for years..but I am getting old, I am getting old and would need to retire for young minds to take over. Now, you all come here and tell me my son is the worst. Have you seen the reports to prove it? You know me, I am not a shrewd man, I do not take criminal behaviors and hide it.. if my son really killed that girl, he would go to jail, I promise you that..but I would not toss him under the bus until I see that prove. I would do the same for your kids, because that is the right thing to do..and instead of you all to help want to quickly take the opportunity to take seat, my company?”
”We are doing it for your own good” Mr Chena says, coming to stand behind Lupit ”If you put a blind eye to this, and let everything happen and go on happening like this, you wouldn’t have a company to come back to, nor a position as the leader of the city. Sir, we would support you, but not on this. My family gets their daily meal from here Sir, I take my care of my kids from this..this may be your company sir, but our lives are tied to this as well. So forgive us if we are a little selfish”
”My son may be hiding for fear, my son may be killed, my son can be in a horrible state, and you lot are here asking me to forget him and take care of the company matters like he does not mean anything to me, how heartless”
”Your son..may be hiding because he did kill someone”
”You all keep saying it as though he did” Ruth Barlow stands up to speak ”The best we can do is to support him, a few days of not attending to the company business won’t cause it to fall, the world is seeing what is happening and they understand his plight, the Mayor cannot be shunned because he was taking care of family business..this does not make any sense”
”I agree with you Mrs Barlow” Philip says getting up ”This meeting was unnecessary”
”Very” Mr Egerel says too, two others concur with them
”That being said, we also cannot let my shares and money go down the train. We all have different views and opinions that would be forced, but I would not seat back and watch how a business I also invest in go down in train just because of this. ”
”So what would you have me do?” Jacob turns to Lupit and the others who had suddenly come to stand behind him.
”Step down”
A few people gasp ”You cannot be serious, the Mayor and president should step down, how is that even remotely possibly, he cannot be ordered to step down, he is the president of the company, his company.”
”He is willing to step down for the next president is he not?”
”While he overseas matters at the elm..”
”And the Mayorship?”
”Because he wants to retire and feels it’s time for another to take his place, what is this?” Mr Egerel counters Lupit.
”We are not asking that he step down permanently, just so that this blows over. The company has to be run, and we need someone to take decisions, major decisions. The primaries has to continue and-‘
”Ofcourses, that is your end game is it not?” Jacob points out ” The primaries, ”
”Sir, we would lose a chance of a life time, if we do not do what is expected of us. You need to let it go on, we need to swear in another..and allow you the time you need”
Jacob stands up ”It looks like you all already have it thought out. I would say this once..i am the president and I would do what I feel is right, for my family, for the people and also my company, the only reason I am not butting you all out is because I believe in being fair in my dealings. So I would permit this, not because I cannot stand against it, it’s because I have a wife to attend to and a son to find..i would step aside temporary..”
”But Jacob” Mrs Barlow comes to him ”You cannot let them do this, demand this from you”
”Leave it Ruth, I am tired of it all..i just need to find my son, when I do find him, I would come and sieve out the sheep from the goats, if there is nothing else, I would bid you all goodnight”
”Sir, you would be there for the primaries, you are expected to be there to endorse the winner Sir, your seal is important”
Jacob says nothing. He leaves the premises.
Lupit turns away ”Let us vote for who becomes acting president in the main time , all in favors of Mr Chena say aye”
”Aye!” a vast majority of them replies, Mrs. Barlow shakes her head, she and the others leave shortly.
‘This is ridiculous, we cannot let this happen” Mr Philip says to Egerel.
”I believe Jimmy is behind this” Mrs Barlow says to them before entering her car, ”I cannot believe he would do this to his father” she says sadly before she zooms off.
”Mr Jimmy, I believe you are speaking to the new acting president of the Heritage group” Jimmy listens with a smile on his face
”Very Nice Chena, you and Lupit did a wonderful job, thank the others for me. You do realize you shouldn’t be comfortable?”
”I know I know, I am just keeping it warm for you, come Saturday, the primaries begins, no Jaime to compete, you floor win president, and come November, Mayor-ship is yours. You see, I told you I can handle it”
Jimmy nods ”Good man, see you Saturday. How did my father take it?”
”The old man went home with his tail between his legs”
”Good, ensure he stays that way. We have two days Lupit, remain acting president, don’t let anything take that position till I get there Saturday and come home with my name tag changed”
They laugh.
Jacob enters his room to find Gem on the bed facing the wall, he goes to her, lays behind her and pulls her to him, burying his head in her hair.
She opens her eyes when she felt his shoulders heaving up and down, it broke her heart, she says nothing as she turns and holds him to herself.
They stay like that till sleep comes.
The screams bolts him out of his sleep.
Someone was screaming.
He seats up on his bed and listens. ”Alexandra!!” he jumps up from the bed and runs to her room. Not pausing for breath he rushes to her and pulls her up to him, crushing her to his body to keep her hands pinned and not thrashing all over the place.
”Alexander, it’s me Jaime. I am here, I won’t let anyone hurt you. Open your eyes, it’s just a dream, a bad dream. You are safe, you are okay. ”
Her scream and struggle doesn’t stop. He places both hands to her face and pulls it closer to him.. ”Alexander open your eyes”
He hears the door burst open, he spares a second to see Adam and two others come in, pulling a car, he shakes his head, Adam pushes them back and closes his door. Alexander was still screaming.
He stares at her, willing her to open her eyes, touching her face and calling out her name. He crushes her to his body, he felt her fear, felt her struggle. His heart pulled for reasons unknown.
He looks at her again, wincing from her piercing screams, keeping her still even as she struggled to be let go ”Alexander Beckington, I swear to God I will keep you safe..there is no one here, it’s just me, Jaime. Jaime Lockswire..i won’t let anyone harm you, I won’t let him harm you. No one is here, open your eyes and listen to my voice…it’s me, one is here, it’s me. You are your eyes, calm down..please..calm down”
He saw her tears, he wipes it off, his heart pulling again. ”Damnit!’ he places her to his chest and holds her tight, whispering to her, pulling her out of her dreams. ”It’s me Jaime”
He held her. The he felt her struggling stop, her screams become quiet. Her fear subsiding. He stares at her face, wiping her eyes from the tears.
She opens her eyes and then stares at him ”Jaime?”
”Yes, Jaime..just Jaime” He releases the breath he had been holding and nods ”Just Jaime, you are okay, you are safe” He cleans her eyes, staring into them. That fear, so much fear in them.
What happened to you Alexander.? What scares you so?.
She is quiet, her hands goes up and then holds him. She buries her face in his chest.
She became calm.
He begins to pull away, ”No..please. Stay. I can’t close my eyes, I keep seeing his face”
”What does he look like Alexander, the one that attacked you..or is it someone else you are scared off?”
She is quiet.
He nods ”Go to sleep, I am here.” He pulls her backwards, letting her rest on his chest. Absentmindedly he runs his hands over her shoulders.
She lays on his chest, listening to his heart beat. For some reason, it calms her even more. She closes her eyes and falls asleep.
She didn’t see his face anymore. Instead, she heard his voice, he didn’t sound like her father, it sounded calmer, soothing and reassuring. It said ”I am here, I won’t let anyone hurt you”
She opens her eyes , his arms were around her.
Safe, his arms kept her safe . She closes her eyes again, and goes to sleep.
Jaime watches her sleep.

After two hours and she didn’t get another episode, he closes his eyes and goes to sleep.
Someone opens the door, walks to the bed and towers over them.

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