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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 3
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”Excuse me?” Jaime raises his eyebrow as she cuts him off, he could see Adam do the same, he presses a button that demarcates both ends, sealing up the window and blocking his view from them, he turns to her ”Excuse me?” he repeats “Didn’t you just listen to any of my rules ?”

“No, I am sorry, you lost me when you began with rule number one.” She smirks
“Is this sort of a joke?”
”No Sir, excuse me. I didn’t sign up to be some …w hatever this is kind-of-Call Girl is” she flexes her finger
”What did you sign up for then, Miss Alexandra?” he wanted to know
”Look, I don’t know what freakish thing you got going on and trust me I have met weird guys but… you and your rules? Ridiculous!! No cons£[email protected] sex with others and I have to do what you say and when you say and act like a robot you mean? Why? You don’t exactly own me, Sir”

”Because I want what I want and because I am paying for your services. I own you for the duration of this… till when she comes back.”
”I see. Is there anything else you want me to write down for your do’s and don’t, because you would have to give me a paper because I don’t keep bullshits in my head” she retorts, he smiles
”You have a nasty mouth!!” he tells her
”And you are kind of a weirdo” she says
“Do you always say the first thought that comes to your heard, off all things “Weirdo? ”
“Well, You seem like you are the kind of person that would tell me when to fart and when to take a pee” she rolls her eyes

“Actually, you don’t do any of that unless I do tell you to. I can’t have you farting when. ..”
“Are you really for real?” She cuts him with an unbelievable laugh..

He was joking right, this has to be one hell of a joker.

“I am not smiling,” he says with a straight face.

“You really are some messed up “Peculiar” person ” she throws at him looking him over, what the hell did she agree to. She rubs her nose with her hand.

“Do you pick your nose? I see you twitching them and rubbing it”
“Because it is itching me”
“You don’t have to rub it like that, it’s unlady-like”

She scoffs “What’s unlady-like is to seat in a car and smell the stench of your cockiness. I am sorry my nose is pretty sensitive to things like that” she smiles coldly at him
He is shaking his head, this wouldn’t work. He was used to submissive women.. not this…whatever she was.
Why the hell was Bekky unavailable.
”Look, it’s apparent this wouldn’t work. Get out!!” He never did like to waste valuable time on nonsense and she was all shades of it.
She scoffs ”Excuse me?” she turns to face fully him in the car, she folds her hands.
”Get out, or you want me to ask my driver to help you with that?”
”Who the hell do you think you are Mr-Pretty-boy-in the limousine who likes to give orders”
”Yeah” he nods ”Pretty much summed it up. Now Get out!!”
”Okay, you Mr -you are rude, that is not how to speak to a lady”
”A lady should know when to speak and not when to speak and besides, I am paying you for your services, I get to do what the hell I want and when I want and how I want. Bekky understands these things”
”Well since you have eyes and they are functional, you can tell that I am not Bekky. Maybe Bekky got tired of your controlling a-s and fell sick of your ”Orders”. she throws at him
He grabs his phone and begins to type a number, he takes it to his ears, she follows his movement as she frowns
”What are you doing?”
”About to ask your Boss why the hell he sent me the worst of the scum”
Argh!!! ‘
She scoffs. “Wow!! You have got to be kidding me, worst of the scum? And I thought a man of your class and prestige would be decent enough not be drive around picking up Call Girls for a contract bases, now who is the scum, sure isn’t me. And even if I were, you are the one wanting the scum”

“Not you, Bekky was just fine ”
“Well, Bekky is fed up with you. I hope I do not now I have to suffer through with you. ” she spat shaking her head “Scum. You are the scum with your rich boy limousine and terrible attitude. ”
He ignores her ”Yes, Mr Rick, I would like if you can send me another person within the minute, the one you sent is wrong on all levels”
She shakes her head as he talks.
Whatever!! It would be good if he sends another person for this annoying client. She really needed to go home and soak herself in a cool bath for the night and thereafter sleep well.
But no, the Boss sets her up with a crazy client.
She sighs when he hands her the phone, she raises an eyebrow
”I think you are intelligent enough to understand the gesture, unless you are incapable of it then I can explain to you why I am holding the phone to you” he pushes the phone close to her, when she stares at it, he releases his hand and lets it drops, quickly she catches it and grabs it before it falls, cursing under her breathe she places it to her ears.

Here goes. She thinks to herself when she heard his voice she knew he was angry, especially when he calls her name in full.
She throws the man seating in the limousine with her a dirty angry look.
”Alexandra Bekington, I do not even want to hear what you are about to say when I say what I want to say. I do not know what you were doing neither do I care, I do not care about your reservations or your complains. I do not care if you don’t like the car or not. I do not simply care. It doesn’t matter whatever he says and wants if he wants you to jump you say how high if he needs you to fart, fxxking fart and if he needs you to do the unthinkable, as long as he is paying you for it…do it. So that attitude you have right now, stop it.

You are going to act like a good girl that you are and do whatever daddy tells you to do. Yes, Alexandra, he is your daddy for tomorrow, next tomorrow and all the days he wants you till Bekky comes back.

From where I stand, You have two choices, either you sU-Ck it up and do whatever he wants you to do, or you go the fxxking home and don’t return ”

She blinks, “You wouldn’t let me go, I practically run that bar off the roof. People like me… no they love me. You can’t possibly tell me to go home just because of a client? Who by the way is crazy… peculiar doesn’t cut it.”
Jaime scoffs, she ignores him

“SweEt heart, everyone is dispensable, even you. You know that saying “Wars come and go” , it literally means that once you leave, someone else would come and do a better job than you. So, be a nice girl and apologize to him and tell him you are ready to do whatever the hell he desires”
She is silent, she heard him sigh
“Oh Alexa, you really don’t want me to take an action now do you?”

“Good, so you will do what he says and how he says and when he says.. okay?”
She nods her head.
“Have I made myself clear Alexandra?” He asks
“Yes sir” she replies reluctantly.
“Good girl, who is your daddy?”
She is silent
“Who is your daddy Alexandra?”
His words cause her to wince in pain, she blows a thin air as she closes and opens her eyes.
“Jaime Lockswire” she says, the man raises an eyebrow when he says his name, but he says nothing.
“Good girl. Hand him back the phone.”
She did.

“So am I getting a replacement, Mr Rick?” Jaime asks him
“No Sir, it’s been resolved. She wouldn’t give you any more problem. She just got off her period so you have to forgive her lack of manners Sir, I can assure you that she would behave, 100 percent.”
“I would rather have someone else if you don’t mind”
“No one else is available Sir. I tell you what, by tomorrow we can have a replacement for you pending Becky’s return, you can only keep her for one night Sir” Rick tries to persuade him.
He looks at the girl seated in the limousine with him, she is quiet as she stares out the window.
“Very well” he cuts the call.

Without saying a word to her he presses a button, “Adam? You can start the car, we are good to go”
“Yes sir” Adam’s voice came back.
He removes his hand from the button and relaxes back, he studies her, she doesn’t turn. She simply didn’t even blink.
Well, at least she was quiet.
He really wishes Bekky was around, now he would have to show the new girl what is and what is not.
“Adam?” He presses the button
“Yes sir!”
“Make a quick stop at the house, I need to do some brushing up.”
“Okay Sir ”

He goes back to settling backwards, allowing the girl her peace.
For Now.
“We are here Sir” Adam slows to a stop, he opens the door for Jaime to step out which he did, Alexandra doesn’t move.
“Please step out of the car; we have only a few minutes to get this over with,” he tells her without looking at her.

Reluctantly she does so, Jaime is walking ahead of her leading to the double doors of his house, nearing it, it rolls open on its own accord when he steps on a square shaped picture on the floor. He disappears inside.

“You have to follow him, Ma’am,” Adam says indicating the house, quietly she walks towards the house, leaving Adam behind in the car.

She is amazed when she sets her foot into the house, it has those long unending halls you cannot even see the end off, the further you look, the longer it seems. she is standing there, wondering where he went. it just looks empty.
”Erm… I do not see him anywhere, ” she turns around to Adam, she sees him hide a smile.
”He is there alright, just go a few steps and take your right”

”I do not see anything other than long hallways down to forever”

”The doors are made to look like walls Ma’am” he tells her leaving the car and walking to her,

”And I am supposed to know that because I have a sixth sense and an ability to foresee the future?” She asks him
He says nothing ”Excuse me please” he tells her waiting for her to move so he passes, she moves, he steps into the house ”Follow me, Ma’am”

She does so, true to his words there was a door, no in fact doors on either side of the walls.. he touches the wall and it opens up to reveal a lavish living room, big enough to house another house within
”D--n!!” she exclaims silently
”Yeah!! the same exclamation I made when I walked in here the first day”
”Who is this guy anyways, some drug lord who used his money to build a palace within walls?”
”Doesn’t he look too young for that though?”
he has a smile on his face
”Yeah, he does!!”
Adam chuckles ”Right this way Ma’am, he doesn’t like to be kept waiting so I would advise that you go ahead. Go straight down, there is a lift, take it to the last floor, the first and only room is where you would be heading to”
”Okay, thank you I guess!!”
”You are welcome”
She follows the part she is led to, admiring the room more by the second. She gets on the lift, and when it stops the door opens to reveal a room as breathtaking as the last.
He turns as she comes in ”About time you showed up” he says placing some things on the bed, she eyes them
”Put this on, where we are going you need to look more elegant than that. How long is your hair?”
She walks to the bed to see that he had in fact la!d out a black shimmering long dress, she touches it
”Whose is this?”
”How long is your hair?”
”I won’t wear anything that belongs to another, my skin is really sensitive. Whose is this?”

He rubs his temple ”Can you just please put on the dress so we can leave, I would hate to make a grand entrance much less with someone who has no idea what she is up against. ”
”Why can’t you just answer a simple question, you are worried about your event or whatever it is and I am concerned about my skin, unless you want me to be itching every d--n second, you would tell me whose is this”
”Becky’s, I got it for Bekky”
”Well, I cannot wear it”
”Operative word there is ”Got”‘
”Does that operative word mean that it has been worn and sweated on ?”
”Are you always going to be this difficult?”
”Not as long as you answer straightforward questions, I would try to be less annoying.”
He sighs ”It hasn’t been worn, got them yesterday for her”

He points to the box of shoe lying at the side of the bed with a case, which she believed had to be a jewel case, she looks away and stares back at him,

”You know you could easily have said ”oh, I just Bought it for her and she hasn’t worn it yet, can you please put this on because I don’t think what you are wearing right now would be appropriate enough for where we are going to”?”
”Yes Really, I think being a little tinny itchy bitty polite wouldn’t look bad for your ego would it Mr Jaime Lockwire” she held her index finger and her thumb closely together but not touching each other as she squints her eyes raising it up to her face
”How long is your hair?”
”Damnit Alexandra, your inquisitiveness infuriates me!!!” he flares up, what the hell.
”Oh-kay” she stresses ”Its about 16 inches long, you want to know how long it is so you know if you can strangle me comfortably with it?” she throws at him, he stares at her.
”Please put on the dress, we need to be out in five” he perches on the table
Sighing she looks at the bed, walking to it she picks it up, frowning a bit, she turns and looks around and then back to him ”Do you have a bathroom or you prefer to watch me strip?”
”Is that not what you are, a stripper?”
”Doesn’t mean I would want to be gawked at!!”

He is quiet, saying nothing, he folds his hands. Waiting.
”A-----e!!” she mutters under her breathe, turning to back him she unzips her dress and lets it slip off her body. she had on matching undies, and there were red as well.
Grabbing the dress, she slips into it and pulls it up. She would have asked what size it was because apparently, he bought it with Bekky in mind, she and Bekky don’t wear the same size, that meant this would be tight, tuck-in tummy tight.

Sighing she sU-Cks in her tummy and pulls it all the way up, putting her hands through she adjusts it. Now reaching to the back she tries to zip it up, but she only succeeds doing so halfway…
She keeps trying, refusing to ask for help.
After fruitless attempts, she felt him behind her, he touches her waist to steady her and then he places his hand over hers to stop her.., without saying anything he pulls her hands away, then zips it up for her. Done, he steps back.
Well, if he was expecting a ‘Thank you’ he would wait a long time. she turns and stares at him. He says nothing, stepping away from him she goes to the side of the bed and grabs the shoes, it was a Louis Vuitton gold shoe with the gold studs around it. she slips it on, too tight too. she grabs the jewel case and opens it up, its a jaded jewel, she puts it on. Done, she turns to him
”Done, anything thing else Mi’Lord?”
”None, for now, Shall we?”
”This is tight: the dress and the shoe, I would feel comfortable wearing mine” she states, frowning as she tries to breathe in the dress.
”Shall we?” He ignores her.
Cursing under her breathe she walks away heading to the elevator, she could hear him follow her, once they get into it she holds on to the gold rail within to steady herself and lose the weight of the shoe on one of the legs.
This was going to be a long night and she couldn’t wait to be back in her own dress.


Adam drives into town, a slowly faded music is playing in the car, Jaime typing away on his phone, and she tries not to move too much. she felt like Cinderella stuffed into a pin of a dress.
Running her hand over the dress, she had to admire his taste, it was a beautiful dress, she was too angry earlier to even appreciate it. Sighing she touches the jaded jewel around her neck, a little envious of the perks Bekky was getting being his Call Girl.
She throws him a dirty look, for a man of his means, he sure makes it hard to appreciate his good looks.
He looked young, too young to have this sort of wealth and luxury all to himself, not only young but handsome too, but that his annoying scrowl was just a dent to his fine features, not that she would care.
Her mouth had literally dropped open when she la!d eyes on him, he looked like someone who just walked out of a magazine, those kinds of men you knew that you had got to be blessed by God to come across your way.
Those kind of men whose height was perfect, face and physique were too die for..those kind of men that if and when they smiled, any girl would swoon. Those kinds of men that had ladies walking and falling. Those kinds of men who are classy, rich and a borderline of mystery hovering over them.
Yes, those kinds of men you would never expect to find outside a club, looking all rich and fine and waiting for a call girl. That kind of men who looked nothing like Jaime Lockswire.
Young, Rich, handsome and a fxxking cocky peculiar person.
And unfortunately for her, those kinds of men were the men that made her cringe, in fact, the lot of them categorized into ”Men”‘ made her cringe. she hated them, she did. Courtesy of her foster father.
But she had to tolerate them to survive, give them what they want, when they want and please them.,
As much as she may appreciate good looks of men and all, that was where it ended.
And the life of a street girl wasn’t easy, neither of a call girl. She had no time for leisure, especially when she doesn’t care much for men. And despite knowing she had fewer choices, it still didn’t mean that men like Jaime Lockswire get to treat her anyhow and still glory in it.

He made her Boss get angry with her, well, she has no choice than to accept his rules laced with Bullshit, but it still doesn’t mean she would make it easy for him.
Well, not if she has a say in it.
She frowns adjusting in the seat, she prays she doesn’t rip out from this very tight dress, it would be his fault.
She turns away from him as Adam slows to a stop, other cars are lined up as she leaves to look out of the window.
When it gets to their turn to drive in, she is again amazed at the height of the building, the luxury of beauty that surrounds it and the class of people who exits their car and her ushered up the stairs and disappears behind the door after a group of what she thinks are the securities touch their ears and then let them through.
”Where exactly are we?” she turns to him, seeing him put his phone in his pocket
”If anyone asks you a question, just smile and nod and refer to me, don’t stray into anywhere you shouldn’t, always be at my side, and when the time comes, whatever I introduce you as, it what you would bear, is that understood?”
”It depends, what if you introduce me as your dog fetcher?”
”That wouldn’t be half-bad” he tells her as Adam opens his door for him to step out, he does, and buttons the tux and waits, she could see Adam walking to the other side and then he opens her door, giving her her hand to help her out, she places her hand in his and made to get out of the car.
That was when she heard it.
”HOLY S--T!!’ She exclaims pausing halfway out of the car.

Jaime who had heard the sound of a dress ripping turns, frowning ”What the hell was that?” he walks to their side of the car.
”I think the dress just ripped my butt out!!” she states
”You have got to be kidding me!!!!!”’ He exclaims
”See, I told you it was tight you cocky moron!!!!!!!!!”

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