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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 29
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It was an unknown number, Adam frowns.
He deliberated for a few seconds as to whether he should pick or not.
Jaime had told him to not pick calls from his mother or father.
He knew they were worried about Jaime and the kid won’t just stand up to his brother. There was nothing he would like more other than to run his fist into Jimmy’s face and show him what he does to assholes who are ungrateful.

Jaime may not want to stand to Jimmy but like hell would he allow Jaime to destroy his life because of that prxxk. But for now, he needs to deal with this Alexandra’s situation, once the attacker is caught, then he would force Jaime to go tell the Mayor what has been going on and he would ensure Jimmy pays for his acts.
His phone buzzes again.
”Hello?” Adam answers the phone as he drives into the villa, alighting.
”Hi, is this Adam Lewit, Jaime Lockswire’s bodygaurd?”
”Who wants to know?” Adam says taking the stairs and then making his way to Jaime who is facing the window. He didn’t recognize the voice.
”Let’s just have something i want and i have something you want”
”Who is this?” Adam stops, the tone of his voice changes, the air at the back of his head stood. Whoever this was, he wasn’t calling on a social stance. Years in the force had taught him something, to sense danger from a mile away.
Jaime turns hearing Adam’s tone, he walks to him ”What is that Adam?”
Adam raises an index finger , he takes the phone from his ears, drops it on the table and puts it on loud speakers ”Who is this, what do you think i want and what do you say i have that you want?”

”I am the man you are looking for, and you have something precious to me”
”Who the fxxk is this?” Adam repeats
”I am known by many names, but to her, i am known as something endearing, but you do not have to know what that means.”
Jaime’s hairs stood too, ”Who the hell are you? Who is the her you are referring to? ”
“A-ha, that sounds like Jaime Lockswire.. The ladies man, I wonder, do you think you can take her away from me?? ” he laughs wickedly.. ”Tell Alexandra not to be stupid, she should be a nice litle girl and keep her mouth shut. Tell her i know where she is and where to find her, she cannot run away from me. She knows that.. Tell her I am coming for her”
”Who are you, what do you want with Alexandra, how the hell did you get this number?” Jaime asks, leaning into the phone
The line dies

They stare at each other and then at the dead phone.

Next thing Jaime is running out of the house and heading to the car, Adam follows him, two security detail jumps into a car behind them.
Anderson smiles..
There is one thing bound to happen, he had just put the fear of God in them. If they have her, or if Alexandra is with Jaime, they are bound to want to protect her especially if they feel she is in danger.
He wonders where she would be now..
Yes! That’s the most likely place she would be now.. Especially with the way he had left her sprawled on the toilet floor like that, with blood stains and she had passed out.
There was no doubt that the first place she would have been taken to would be a hospital, to ensure she is well and alive .
That means he would have to check hospitals to find her but he cannot just walk into a hospital and search for a “Alexandra”, besides.. The news says she is dead, he searching in hospitals for a dead person would only raise suspicions on him which he doesn’t want.
But even if he finds away to get to the hospital and get a directory to search for anyone brought in with that name, there were too many hospitals to choose from and the timing was short.
Thus the call he made to Adam, Jaime’s bodyguard .
But now that he had called, it would cause ripple effects..

How to find someone? All you have to do is ruffle the feathers and he has done that.
Their move now would be to ensure maximum security of her.. If Jaime Lockswire is half the man his father is and as caring, he would ensure that Alexandra would be kept out of harms way and that means that… If she were kept in a hospital discreetly.. They would feel she is still in danger and would want to go move her.
He smiles.

All he has to do is to find out which hospital she was held in.. Get to her first or.. Wait till she is taken out.. Find where she is going to be kept and then get her.

Now all that is left for him to do is to get access to hospital communications or surveillance and notice any movement around the hospitals in the vicinity.
He rubs his jaw.

How do you get eyes everywhere without being everywhere? He muses to himself.
Just then, a car zooms past splashing him water. He curses walking further in on the pavement when a lady brushes past him ” Oh I am sorry” she says walking hastily again.

“No, it’s no problem” he taps down his soiled cloths and then looks up at her treating back, then he saw it.
A geek accessory shop.

“Ah!! Just what I needed ” he says to himself.

A place that has computer geeks, tech geeks, games etc? There definitely would be some tech guy who knows how to navigate the system.. they were always good with that s--t.
He walks into tech shop and walks towards the man at the counter who has a pen behind his ear, a brown shirt on and playing with red, blue and black wires.. ”Hi, how much does it take to break through firewalls of tight security and get footage of a place?”
”Eh, we do not do that i am sorry” The man says turning away from him.

”How about i give you hundred grand and then another fifty when i see what i want”
The man leans in ”I do not commit crimes Sir, that would be next door next to a signpost that says fxxk you”
”Two hundred grand, in cash” Anderson says
The man ignores him.
“I add a five on it too. “”
The man eyes him, and then leans in ”Supposing we do, where are we looking at”

”All the hospitals within the vicinity. Back and front surveillance within the hospitals..I am looking for someone”
”You a cob?”
”Cobs don’t pay for services” He smiles
The man smiles back ”You come to the right place” he shakes Anderson and the opens the door wide for him to come through his cubicle. ”We take pleasure in committing crimes , how did you find me?”
”You found me, i look up and then boom!!”‘
The man laughs “Well take a seat ”
The man opens another
door and the ushers him into a small fitted secluded room out back, while he tells someone to take over from him at the front desk.

”Whoa, s--t! You got sets of Tv’s lit up for the entire city here, what are you some spy?”

The man shakes his head ”Nah, i just like to tap into security footage and see things, most especially hotel see all naked women and men especially when they are in the mood doing it, its crazy fun. You want to watch?”
“No, just give me surveillance to the hospitals, that is all”
”Gotcha but first, money please” the man shows Anderson open palm.
” Give me a few minutes, let me get to a withdrawal machine down the road ”
In less that a few minutes, Anderson is back. He brings out the money and then handed it to him. …”How about we get started?”
”You speaking my language now” The man smiles.

The man seats down, and then begins to type on his computer, after a while, he leans away ”You now have what i call, the God-eye” he spreads hands over the screen with a proud smile on his face.

Anderson looks to see that he could see within, the entrance and exit places of each hospital.
”Yeah, now get lost” he sighs
”Wait?” the man raises an eyebrow ” How about you be nice Mr. ”
”I pay you you cash, i need some privacy and when money talks, bullshit works. Get lost! ”
”Fine, whatever weirdro!?” The man throws his hands into the air and then gets up.
Anderson watches him leave and then leans into the screen watching people come and leave the hospital.

There were three screens and each screens were divided into 12 screens for different hospitals.
He lets his eyes roam over it..watching to see if anything happens soon.
“She had got to be in any of these hospitals, no doubt!” he rubs his jaw and continued to watch. “Show me something Jaime.. Show me where my baby is”
”Who is daddy Alexandra, you are scaring me. Who is daddy?” Tinny-B leans towards her, seating on the bed trying to make sense of her murmuring and then telling her that no one was there with them and saying she was fine.

“He came for me.. He did!! ” Fear filled her voice.

“Who? Jaime? It was Jaime who did this too you right?”

“Jaime caused harm to you right Alexandra? ” Tinny-B raises up her voice.
”No, it wasn’t!!” She says after a while, after calming herself. Realizing that there was truly no one here but them, she gathers herself.

He wasn’t here. She was safe. For now.
Tinny-B’s voice breaks into her thoughts.
“Okay. But who is daddy? ”
”Did they catch him?” Alexandra looks away.
”No, but everyone has a name on their lips and-”
”How did i get here, you brought me here?” Alexandra looks around her
”Jaime did, you are in a private ward, security outside the door”
”Okay,” she frowns. “Okay!” she repeats nodding her head.
”Everyone thinks you are dead” Tinny-B holds her hands and rubs it. Alexandra stares at it, feeling the warmth. She smiles.
Then it occurs to her that not so long ago, while she slept. She felt a warm hand over hers. Was it Tinny-B’s hands? Or someone else’s?.
”What?” Alexandra raises her head sharply.
”Yes, the news broke out that he killed you, Jaime, your pictures are all over and stuff”
”My God, why would anyone think that?” she winces pulling herself up.
”Well, because he said he got depressing tendencies and wants to strangle someone, what else? And besides you were together and stuff”
”No, i may not know him that much but, he wouldn’t hurt me. Wait, where is he? Is he in Jail, did they arrest him?” Worry creases her face.
Tinny-B shakes her head ”Not yet but I think once he shows his face he would. He doesn’t want to clear his name, he is on the low avoiding to make a statement to that effect. It’s strange.

Anyhow, I hear he stayed with you all night yesterday till this morning”
“He did? ”
Tinny-B nods “Doc affirmed so. Maybe he isn’t so bad ”
She rubs her hands.

Then it must have been Jaime who had held her hand then. Strange, why does she still feel his warmth after hours.
“So where is he? ”
“He left, said he would be back and told the Doc to be discreet. But I have to ask, what’s up with the dude? Is he okay, I mean up there? “” she touches her temple
“As far as I can tell, he is sound. Why? ” Alexandra wonders at her question.
Tinny-B sighs ” Because he obviously prefers his name to be tarnished than clearing it up, he says it is better this way…but..he justifies it by saying that since they do not know who your attacker was and why you were attacked, they need to keep you safe so..”
”Wait, i am alive and he didn’t do this to me and instead of him to tell the world i am okay he rather takes the blame? Is that man a fool?”
”You tell me, you are his Call Girl, doesn’t he care about his reputation? Dude didn’t give a s--t, instead he says it should go on and that you need to be protected and stuff”
”Bullshit! He needs a manual reset, he didn’t do this so the world gat to know that” she tries to seat up.
”Hey careful, what the hell are you thinking of doing , lay back” Tinny-B restrains her.
”I need to -”
”To what, girl get your a-s back on the bed”
”Look Tinny-B i may not like the man, but i sure as hell wouldn’t let his life be ruined because of this, because of me.”‘
”Dude don’t care, he isn’t complaining but come on, he can go to jail for a pretty long time so.. I really do not know why he is letting this happen. Does he have a death wish. I mean.. I don’t get it”
”Well i do, and plus well…i promised his mother that i would make sure he stays out of trouble”
”You owe him nothing, since when do talk care.?”‘
”I do not and of course I owe him nothing but, but it is hard to refuse a request from a loving and dotting mother. Get me my camera or something”
”Alexandra, what in the devils name do you want to do? ”
”Tinny-B..give it to me”
“What do you want to do with it? ”
“Record my arse ..get me the d--n phone. ”
“Fine” Tinny-B picks out her phone and then hands it to her.

“If you must know, I intend to make a video showing evidence that I am alive and also clear Jaime’s name. ”
”You are not thinking Alexandra. Your attacker is still out there, what if he comes for you after he sees the video. We do not know who he is and-”
”I do”
“Oh my God Alexandra. Who is he..? You saw his face right and you can be able to tell the authorities so that -”
She is shaking her head “Right now, I need to clear Jaime’s name”
“Don’t be stupid. He already do not want to clear his name for reasons best known to him. Are you going to expose yourself to danger because of him? ”
Alexandra is pensive ” I know my life is in danger and would be more so once it’s airs but I won’t seat back and let another man’s name be dragged because of me and he who..did this to me be having a feast. So forgive me if I am not sensible right now but.. No I won’t allow Jaime be dragged for what he didn’t do, regardless of his reasons or not. And besides you said they said he was the one who found me. What if he hadn’t come on time Tinny-B, so he deserves a little win at least. ”
Tinny-nods. “Fair enough but you would have to be prepared for anything. ”
Alexandra nods.
“Well, for what is worth, your Jaime seems hellbent on protecting you so I guess he wouldn’t let nothing happen to you or let whoever did this come close to you”
“He isn’t my Jaime” Alexandra says
“Well.. He sure don’t mind making you a priority over his ruined reputation baby girl”
“That fool needs some manual reset.. Wait till I see him”
“Hmmm” Tinny-B eyes her “You don’t mind putting yourself in danger for the fool baby.. So who needs a quick manual reset now? ”
“Not the same thing. Here.. Start to video” She hands Tinny-B back the phone.
Tinny-B gets her phone and then seats back adjusting it and then turning the phone to her as she presses the camera about to video
”Who is he? You knew him more than just yesterday, the one that attacked you. Who is he really Alexandra” she drops the camera and c---s her head.
”Yes, i know who he is, and i know what he wants and this time, i would make sure he pays for it but for now, i am clearing Jaime’s name”
”He would come for you if he thinks you are alive, think about it Alexandra. I know you want to do the right thing but.. Think of you.. He would come for you.”
”Let him!!!”
”Tell me who he is!!”
”Put on the camera and let it begin to record please”
Sighing she raises her phone and then turns on the camera ”Go”
”Hi, this is Alexandra Bekington, yes I am alive.
Contrary to what was believed and told and the pictures circulating and all the talk of me being dead. I am not, I sustained some injuries but i am fine. My attacker had tried to do the unthinkable but I am thankful he didn’t succeed and that I was rescued before the worst happened.
”’ However, i want to state this clearly…Jaime Locksiwre is not my attacker, he is infact a caring man even if he wouldn’t show it and his love for family is evident .. he is not a murderer, not an abuser and he most definitely do not have violent tendency. Whatever he had said is not what he is. He is a man and he may have his faults but I believe everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt.
And for the person who took pictures of me and circulated it and started this propaganda against an innocent man.. I hope you do find away to forgive yourself, because it is cruel and heartless to wish evil upon another. It is better to have facts and state it accordingly than to spread rumors for a tiny fame and cash.. If you got anything that is.
Again.. Jaime Lockswire isn’t my attacker and neither is he a murderer. I am saying this with a clear mind, not under duress and not under any influence or threatened to say otherwise. Infact..he was the one who found me and took me to the hospital.. If that isn’t one who has a heart of goodness then I think all of you are sick to assume otherwise because he made a statement. I will state it.. That is just BS.
And about my attacker …this is for you, you want me, come and get me” She says staring into the video.
The video stops.
Tinny-B nods talking, “when do you want this aired..?”
”Tomorrow news.. And erm Jaime shouldn’t see this. It has to be sent to the press without his knowledge. From what you told me, he might want to stop you”
“Okay Alexandra”
Suddenly, the door bursts open and then Jaime and Adam walks in hastily , the Doctor follows behind them. Tinny- B places the phone back in her bag.
”I am sure there is nothing to be worried about Sir, we can care for her here” The Doctors tries to convince him.
”She is leaving now Doctor”
“But Sir……”
He pauses when he realizes that she was awake and seated. Relief washes over him, he takes a few seconds to savor the peace that warmed him. Then he strolls to her, bending to stare up at her. ”Are you okay? I am- sorry about this” he says. He is staring at her face.
“It’s not your fault. ” She says silently
“It is.. If you weren’t in my company you would have been safe and sound. I am sorry. ” He raises his hands and then places it over hers, carefully. She stares at it..
Yes, that same warmth she felt. it was definitely Jaime’s. Then she suddenly frowns, he notices and then drops his hands..frowning slightly.
”Sorry” he mutters. He felt funny all of a sudden.
Last night, while she was still pasted out, he had held her hands, unconsciously. He had woken up to realize that he still held it, then he had let it go. He didn’t remember why he held it in the face place, he remembered talking to her yes, baring his troubled thoughts, and then hoping she wakes up so he is sure she is out of danger too, he had touched her face, realizing her soft her skin was smooth and if not that she was unconscious, she would have looked peaceful,..he had also tucked a hair behind her hair, and talked about their fights..for no reason at all.
Maybe he needed to talk..maybe he was worried…hell, he doesn’t know. But, he had held her hands and felt, warm.
It felt..good. And to be honest, the quiet was serene, a distraction from his chaotic thoughts about his family..
But the reason why he held the hand for so long and then fell asleep and walking up to it was… strange. He had no reason or could make sense of it. He had only let go of it when he realized and then fallen back asleep before she woke up and began to scream.
He stares at his hands, but why did touching her hand now again feel uncomfortable? his frown deepens.
”Wow, that’s new Jaime, you didn’t even need me to tell you to apologize and in less than a few seconds i got alot of sorry’s”
He raises an eyebrow ”You had to point it out?”
”Yes” She nods.
”Right!” he states shaking his head.
”By the way, I heard, and i think its a stupid thing to take blame for something that you didn’t commit, it’s stupid!”
He has a lopsided smile ”And this is the Alexandra i know, back to being feisty and then annoying”
”Well, you cannot get rid of me easily, that part is true so you better get out there and tell everyone I am alive and well and you ain’t my attacker.”
“Don’t be stupid Jaime Lockswire. This is a serious matter”
“Don’t be stubborn and let me handle this”
“You are a fool!”
“You have a foul mouth Alexandra! I always tell you that” he tells her.
Tinny-B raises an eyebrow, she spares a glance to Adam and then the Doctor and then back at them bickering. She holds her hands and then hides a smile.
“Interesting ” she mutters under her breath.
“You are going to do what I say Jaime because I can take care of myself but you won’t take blame for this”
“Why not, you should be happy. You don’t like me.. This is the best way to get off our little thing we have”
She scoffs ” Boy I would be glad to get your stupid face away from mine but doesn’t mean I want you to go to jail”
“My choice Alexandra so stop pushing it”
“I would because you so stupid and blind you don’t see the world around you but your pretty face”
“A-ha.. A compliment. That’s new” he smirks
“Don’t delude yourself, I meant that rather offensively… Pretty boy” she mimics knowing it would annoy him.
He frowns ” Now you are pushing it” he thins his lips knowing that she was trying to annoy him by sounding like Jimmy.
“How about you do this right now.. Call the press and clear this right now else I would be pushing alot of buttons you won’t like Mr. ”
“Look.. Beckington you are a pain in my-”
“Sir.. As much as I would like nothing more than to listen to you both bickering.. We did rush back here on rather a serious matter.. ” He comes to Alexandra ”Ma’am, you would have to come with us” Adam says “Now! ”
”But why, where are you taking her to?” Tinny-B asks and the steps between Adam and her.
”To keep her safe”
”Why? Is there something we should know?” Tinny-B turns to both of them ” You said she is safe here and the securities are outside plus no one knows she is alive except us so… ”
Adam sighs ”We got a threatening call from a random stranger” Then he turns to Alexandra ” he said to tell you he is coming for you and that you shouldn’t mention his name.. Alexandra, i know what your experienced might have been devastating but…do you know your attacker, because he seem to know you Alexandra”
She says nothing,avoiding Jaime’s eyes. She glances at Tinny-B, Jaime and the others follows her look.
”Alexander, do know your attacker, is there something you are involved in? Anything you might like to share?”
”Alexandra?” Tinny-B comes to her ”You need to speak up and say who did this to you”
“I said I don’t know him and maybe he thinks I do” she lies. Tinny-B frowns.
” Alexandra, we may not see eye to eye yes but.. I still won’t allow someone stranger hurt you, whether I know you or not and I would do the same for a lonely stranger on the streets. Talk to me.. You are scared it’s understandable.. But you need to speak up because he called your name in a way that suggests.. A more detailed undertone. He said he knew where you are and you know him. Talk to us.. ”
” I do not know him okay so stop. I didn’t see his face and I passed out. ”
Jaime stares at her ” I will protect you Alexandra but you need to give me something… Anything ”
”No, look you do not have to worry about me Jaime, i can take care of myself”
”Says the girl who almost turned up dead..i saw you in your state, i carried you to the hospital while you were limp and passed out unable to protect yourself so do not tell me you are a big girl and can take care of yourself. Right now I do not care what you say.. you are going to be in a safe house, under protection until we catch this guy so if you have any info you want to give us now is the time” Jaime says to her
”I said i know nothing, i have nothing. And you do not get to boss me around or tell me what to do. I have a house and i am going to it once i leave here. ”
”Like hell you are!” Jaime snaps
”Oh, you want to bet?”
Tinny-B is shaking her head about to say something, the look Alexandra gave her causes her to keep quiet.
”Look, whoever this guy is, it is apparent now he came for you because the call i got , he called your name with a personal undertone, so its a personal vendetta, what are you involved in ?” Adam pushes
”Nothing okay, so i would appreciate that you leave me alone. I want to go home okay ”
”Wrong! Doctor, please help with the needles and all that, we need to leave now!”
The Doctor steps forward and then helps to remove the syringe attached to her body and pushes the machine aside. She is working on removing patches attached to her chest while she blocked Jaime and then Adam, Tinny-B helps her. Done, she steps away.
”Doctor, i want to go home, if you will, can you get me a -”
”Ma’am, did you listen to a word we just said?” Adam looks at her in surprise
”Yes Adam i did, and i do have a home, i can care for myself”
”You were attacked and almost killed, are you crazy?” Jaime stares at her
”Alexandra, i love you but you got to use your head girl”
”Tinny-B, you too”
”Ma’a, as much as i would prefer that you be in the hospital for another day atleast, if there is danger looming and your attacker on a mission to get to you, i think being in a safe hands and area would be better, i am sure Mr Jaime would take care of medical supplies and..would not mind having a stationed or assigned nurse to come with and get all other necessities needed by you, right Sir?” She turns to Jaime
”That is no problem” Jaime nods
Alexandra is still seated on the bed with the hospital robe ” I am not anyone’s responsibility so if you guys would stop fuzzing, i would be fine. Look, i think the dude is just bluffing alright, it might not be him, just some fool using the opportunity to scare us. I do not know the guy and he sure as hell don’t know me. I was probably at the right place at the wrong time, that’s all. I am going home”
”Wrong! You are coming with me, no one is dying on my watch no matter how annoying they are, so get with the program. Doctor, remember what i said, be discreet and please liaise with Adam on what she needs can be treated from home”
Tinny-B gets up ”i am coming with”
The Doctor at a loss of what to do nods giving orders to the nurses. ”i would send a nurse along”
”Fair enough, can you walk Alexandra or you want them to get you a wheel chair to help you?” Jaime turns to her.
”I am not going anywhere ” She thins her lips
”Alexandra, you do not know the dimension of this do you? He is coming for you and i won’t let that happen”
”What do you care, you don’t know me, i do not know you and you owe me nothing to care, so fxxk off!” she is angry
He stares at her for a minute, ”Doctor, please get the wheelchair”
The Doctor leaves the room and then comes back.
”Let me help you” Tinny-B suggests
”Stop T, i ain’t leaving here but home.”
Adam is checking his time, ”Look Sir, we have to leave now!!
”Come on girl, i am sacred for you” her friend is worried
”Stop T, there is nothing to be scared off, he may be i another city, preying on some other lonely chick” she tells her ”And you Lockswire” she looks at Jaime ”Should out police out there to ensure no other girl is attacked and let me be”
”Alexandra, the wheelchair, let me help you with it” He steps closer, touching her hands, she hits it away
”I said i am not leaving, damnit Jaime”
He stares down at her, and in one quick move, he pulls her up and then lifts her immediately bridal style,
”Damnit Jaime Lockswire, put me down, put me the hell down, i swear to God i will-” She is protesting and struggling, Jaime held her still.
”You were much nicer when you were asleep” he hisses as he bursts out the hospital door, the securities turn to watch them leave, they follow them behind.
Instead of going out through the front, the securities makes their way through the back exit, ensures that the floor was cleared, opens the back down and then ushers them through to the back-end of the garage where the car was parked. Tinny-B and Adam follow behind them, the nurse is seen carrying a bag and rushing out with a security detail on her tail.
Realizing that Jaime has no intention to make her have her way, she becomes still, but her expression was solid rock, she was fuming.
Adam opens the door for him.
”You can drop me down now, or do you intend to carry me inside the car too?” She snaps
”When you learn to say thank you first”
”Like hell would i even blurt that out!!!”
”You are stubborn, by God the most annoying woman i have ever met”
”Thank God for realizing that, now drop me”
”Since you hate it so much, i would stick to it”
”Jaime Lockswire…i will not-”
He slips into the car, carefully holding her still with her still in his arms. No matter how she protests or struggles or curses him, he ignores her and holds her still in his arms,
Tinny-B, Adam enters the car. Tinny-B watches them, then she stares at Adam who takes the front seat and starts the car, he watches from his rear window to ensure they were ready to move.
Then he begins to pull out of the garage, turning their car lights off and then heading south, the other cars follow behind them leaving the hospital.
”Gotcha!!!”‘ Anderson says smiling at the screen he just enlarged. ”There you are little Alexa, you are well, alive..and prince charming came for the rescue..not to worry, you would be coming back home to me soon”
He checks his time, it was a few minutes to 5. He got all he needed, he leaves the office, pays the man his balance and then leaves.
”Did you get it?” Jimmy asks as he parks beside her. They were infront of the floral bar
”Smart girl”
”Don’t smart girl me, i had to lie to my mother and then to the Mayor, i even had to call my father too and called in some favours, but i could raise only 1.5”
”It’s 2 million damnit”
”I should fxxk a warlord to get it? Or risk having to explain to them really why i need that much?”
”It is not beneath you Christine!!” He smirks
”Well fxxk you” she says alighting from her car. He steps away from her car where he had been leaning talking to her.
”Not in the least interested, lets go Christine, but you are going to convince him not me”
He walks ahead of her carrying a small bag and then they go inside the bar.
Anderson raises up his head and then smiles when they walked in, he drops his fork, wipes his mouth and then mumbles with food in his mouth ”Ahaa, punctuality, i like, here take a seat…serve them tea or something” He says to a passing waitress.
”Not interested, get to it. Where is the evidence, we have the money” Jimmy says pointing to Christine’s bag ”And the other items you needed” He places the bag on the table ”And why do we not go some place rather quiet to talk?”
”Right, so you can nib me, wrong”
”I wouldn’t do that”
”Says the man who okay-ed a stranger to harm an innocent girl”
”Alexandra is a s--t, she stole my man and that means riding me of other benefits that come with the package Jaime so-”
”You will not call her a s--t, she is more woman than you can ever be you fxxktard…she is in a class you would never be in and that is why you dear ol’ Jaime went for her but you will not call her a s--t..she is woman and more…” he points to her with his fork he had picked up a second ago to fork chips into his mouth.
”You sound like you know her more than you let on” Jimmy observes ”Like is there something you may want to tell us”
Anderson smiles ”I only know she is a beautiful woman who can turn any man’s head and right now, i think i want her all to myself”
”I don’t get you, she is dead your weirdo, you killed her” Jimmy leans in pointing at him, lowering his voice. ”After having your feel of her luscious body i would imagine”
”Nope!!” He smiles
”What does that means?” Christine raises an eyebrow
”Money” He eyes the bag ”And the items i asked for first”
”No” he stops Christine’s hand ”Tell us what that means first”
”I ain’t saying another word Jimmy, so you can choose to be difficult and fxxkoff and then be prepared for what’s about to come down on you and her or you can give me my leverage and new passports for two so i can get out of here, your choice”
”Let’s just give him the money” Christine hands it to him. Anderson takes it and then holds on to it.
”Speak a-----e” Jimmy lowers his voice when a few people turned, Christine uncorks a bottle of water she had brought with her and then takes a long drink, watching Anderson who has a smirk on his face.
”It means my dear ol’ criminals in partnership, sweet Alexandra is not dead”
Christine chokes.
”What the fxxk!!” Jimmy gasps ”The picture you sent and-”
”Yes yes i know, very very revealing and then it indicated ..well because i like to be pretty convincing dear Jimmy, but that isn’t what you should be worried about, what you should be worried about is that Mr Jaime Lockswire and his bodyguard has her, and that means what exactly…?” He smiles to them
”That Jaime would want to find out who tried to do this and then why?” Christine lowers her voice
”Bingo, have you guys wondered why since the news broke out why he hasn’t come to clear his name, hmm?” Anderson looks at both of them, Jimmy is smiling

”Really, is this your evidence? ” he laughs ”Okay so what if she is alive, she looked fxxked up already to say much and even if she wanted to finger someone, who do you think she would, she would finger you..describe you to the cops and s--t” He laughs ”You fxxktard wanted to blackmail us for that? Gimme the fxxking money” he reaches for it, Anderson stops it
”Who looked her in the storeroom?” He c---s his head to the side ”I do not think you see what i see..if she speaks Jimmy, they would retrace her every move that led to the attack, and that means it would begin with you shoving her and locking her into the store room, and mind you, i am sure they have swept that place by move..your fingerprints might be on the door, and mind you again, the door wasn’t forced, there was a key..which also means that you have have also planned to allow her be attacked…nothing is far fetched dear Jimmy”
Jimmy leans back, ”No one would believe that”
”Trust me, they would and secondly, you think the Mayor’s son wouldn’t want to cross all edges?”
Jimmy smiles ”Look, Jaime has no ground right now, the reason why he isn’t coming out to clear his name because ..” He smiles ”He knows he better stay low, let this blow over and then give me the best gift ever” he laughs ”This is just a perfect seal to what i desire. So Jimmy, if you have nothing convincing, i suggest you return those items and get the fxxk out of our faces. There is no way Alexandra can finger you anyways because she don’t know you and was probably taken unawares to get a recognition and may be too devastated to make coherent conversations. So what if they have her, yes they would want to investigate but s--t won’t roll. The press, the law everyone is looking for Jaime so…dude get lost!”
Anderson shakes his head ”I will tell you what you do not know, Alexandra knows me, and she is going to finger me..and then, i would let the press know who got this plan in motion and that means i would be mentioning you Jimmy, and then Ms Barlow ofcourse”
”So you are threatening me now?”
”You won’t dare mention my name” Christine leans in, Anderson ignores her
”Yes i am, this is what i want, i want Alexandra, and you both would help me get her or find me an access to Jaime’s residence, how ever you choose. i need to leave in less than 24 hours, and she would be coming with me”
”Why, why the interest in a girl you just met?” Jimmy leans in
”My business, but know this, if the cops finds anything incriminating about me, i am letting the cat out of the bag so Jimmy, ensure that is cleared. By now, my name would have popped up and i would go about any invite normally, hopefully, by now they would have realized it was my car at the garage, and then made contact with the hotel i stayed in and the rental place. And i expect my boss to call me anytime soon to ask why the police is looking for me and that means i would be invited to the police station..but i would play my role, i wonder if you would be playing yours. This money, the passport and new identity is my get out of jail free card, just incase it goes sour but before it does, before i leave the city, i am taking her with me, and if i do not have her, i am literally ensuring you both get to go, get to work”
”You do not dare to make me do things for you”
”Oh Jimmy, i do. I am giving you a heads up; Jaime is probably looking for her attacker, she would have to speak, and when she does…me, you, her..goes to s--t so how about we stop her before she spills the beans hmm?”
”Knowing Jaime Lockswire, he would want to protect her, God why didn’t she die? Now he would be her watch dog? Damnit!!” Christine causes ”God knows what they are up to now, maybe beckoning to her wills”
”Get your p---y out of your head Christine” Jimmy snaps
”Fxxk up! Look, i would find her myself and i would poison her” She spat
”No, too obvious, a pillow talk would do, it wouldn’t come back to us” Jimmy states rubbing his jaw ”I just need to know where they are holding her up.”
”No one touches Alexandra, else you would have me to contend with, she is mine, just get her to me, you wouldn’t have to worry about her again” His voice rings ”Speak of the devil” he says getting up and grabbing the items ”Less than 24 hours Jimjim. Last i saw them, they were leaving the cathedral’s hospital in black cars and heading south…happen to know where that leads hmm? ”
”How did you find that out?”
”I have my ways Jimmy, i would be waiting to hear the good news.” he smiles and then walks away ”Yes Boss, yes. My goodness, me?” he answers the phone ”The police, why? Invitation to the station! My goodness, ofcourse sir, must have been a misunderstanding. yes..i would do that” he exits the bar.
Jimmy is pensive rubbing his jaw, Christine is murmuring ”I do not like what i am perceiving Christine, i do not. ”
”What else do you perceive if not our asses going to jail all because you picked that fool to handle Alexandra, now she is alive, with Jaime, my Jaime and held up in some house and maybe doing things he wouldn’t do with me any more. How am i supposed to get him to marry me, get his signature and power of attorney when he is hiding away from the world and with her hmm?”
Jimmy isn’t listening to her , he grabs his phone and dials, ”Yeah Jude, get me everything you can find on Anderson Kennedy, anything at all, and see if he knows Alexandra Beckington, one way or the other, i think there is a connection, something that we didn’t see before. Now that i think about it, i do not think its a coincidence the way he walked up to me and asked about her. i smell something Jude, and it isn’t my a-s.” He rubs his eyes ”The pictures, no wait, give it a day before primaries, they haven’t cancelled it and i hope they do not, you would release it then. Yep, get back to me and another thing, find out if Jaime got property towards south, i need it like yesterday, yet. You got anything on surveillance ? Nope? Okay. Okay just get back to me” He cuts the call, Christine is still talking
He shuts her up ”If you got your head out of your a-s , you would realize that this isn’t all about you Christine, it’s not. Jaime obviously stopped having feelings for you so stop whining like you own him. You need to think, Alexandra needs to be brought down, else you, not me is going down.”
”But he said we shouldn’t harm her”
”Fxxk what he said, you get to her first, i get to her first, we end her , then, we handle Anderson, he is a loose cannon. Then we are back in play. Me getting Mayor-ship, you get the pretty boy’s wealth, we all are happy. That is the game plan. ” He gets up and then walks away.
Christine curses
She had boiled in anger all through the ride, seeing that Jaime wasn’t going to give into her letting her be, she stopped struggling and let him.
It had taken almost an hour, sometime during the ride, she had felt dizzy, and struggled to stay awake.
Twenty minutes into it, she had fought to keep her eyes open, but only ended up losing it to sleep, resting her head to the window .
”You know you can let her go, so she lie comfortably in the car” Tinny-B observes ”She is asleep” she points to her
Jaime nods ”I notice, it’s fine, i have to still carry her up anyways so..” he trails off.
”If you say so” she turns away
Five minutes later she turns back and sees him staring at Alexandra, she raises an eyebrow but says nothing.
Jaime adjusts her on his body, causing her head to rest on his chest, and she curling on his body, then he holds her still when the car climbs a bump on the road so she doesn’t hit her head.
For some strange reason, he didn’t stop staring at her face, as her eyes were closed.
Tinny-B raises the other eyebrow
”Interesting” she mutters under her breath, Adam spares her a glance, then he looks at the mirror, sees Jaime staring at Alexandra, he smiles and then looks away.
Tinny-B didn’t miss that too .
”Mr Anderson Kennedy, please take a seat..i am detective Steve Hanks, i would like to ask you some questions regarding the recent case of the death of Miss Alexandra Beckington” Steve says taking the seat.
”Sure, go ahead Sir, anyway i could help” Anderson smiles.

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