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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 28
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”I told you not to scream, i told you not to ever stop me you little c--t!!!!” Anderson says slapping and kicking as she screamed in pain. He flings her over his shoulders and takes her up the stairs and into her room as she thrashed her hands and legs about struggling to be let down.
But she was no match for him. He was strong, big, and had hands as large as her small face.
”Daddy no. it hurts, it hurts please please God it hurts” she screamed. He slams her hard to the bed, climbing over her he slaps her hard across her face twice, grabbing her shirt he pulls her towards him and sneers into her face.
”You shut up, you shut up now!” He screams at her.
She is shaking her head, the side of her lip was bleeding a bright red and her eyes were swollen.
”Please daddy, please” she wails, her body shaking and her eyes red. ”Please no no no!” she hiccups.
”You dare to hide from me?”
She is shaking her heard ”I won’t do it again daddy, i promise, please don’t put the big snake inside of me please”
”Oh daddy would do more than put the big snake inside of you, infact, daddy would make sure big snake protrudes out of your back and would relish in your screams you little c--t” he slams her to the bed again and tears at her soiled night wear which has dust all over.
She had been hiding in the basement for two days. No food, no water, she was just 11 years old and her mother, her father’s wife had gone on a trip to see her parents leaving her loving husband with their lovely daughter.

If only she knew.
Alexandra had wondered if she did but choose to turn a blind her to it. She had wondered that for a long time, why she never really cared to ask about the bruises on her body, to push when she told her it was nothing. Why she never cared to ask if she was okay when she could hardly sit normal for days. Always twitching. How she used to jump at every sound behind her, or how she began having nightmares in her dreams.
She had wondered if she ever did care for the foster child she adopted. But she guess she would never know because when she choose to run away, she choose to forget about the man who ruined her and the women who never really cared for a daughter she had opted to raise.
But her nightmare didn’t stop. And she had resigned herself to fate, but not willingly.
”Daddy no no please, i am sorry, i am sorry please…” She cries fighting him off, squeezing her legs together as he forces her [email protected] down..
”Stop trying to stop me” he slaps her hands away. His wife wasn’t in town, he had hoped to openly enjoy the warmth between her legs in peace, day in day out for the next couple of days till his wife came back. But Alexa had been missing, for two days straight. He had locked the house, packed the fridge with food, booze, xrated movies he intended to watch with her and then they would have had a sweet father and daughter moments. He had plans but she had to go on and ruin hiding. He had searched for her, asked neighbors thinking she had ran away. He had been depressed and then angered. Then he had heard it, heard someone crying in the basement, but she was asleep. Having a bad dream.he figured. Her screams had led him to her, boy was he glad..then he was angry and then all he wanted was to teach her a lesson she would never forget and when he gets angry..he gets excited.
”No!!” she was wiling to fight, she was prepared for it. She may have been a kid , but..she was tired of the pains and the beatings.
”Open your legs” He orders, having freed himself of the cloths he had on,naked ontop of her.
”No Daddy, i wont’ i cannot..i cannnot” She shakes her head, holding his hands firm.
Now he is really angered, he pulls his hands forcefully away from her and landed more slaps to her face as she screamed out in pain . ”I told you not to ever ever refuse me, pretend just the way i like it but you never never. listen” he slaps her at each word. Then seeing that she was stopping him more than crying out, he reaches for her neck and then sq££zes tight, watching her struggle reaching for his hands around her neck..
”Ple-as-se” she chokes ”Plea-s-e” her eyes were turning red and expanding in their sockets, her veins popping out, her breaths coming in shots gasps..her body jerking..
He doesn’t stop, instead he sq££zes tighter to weaken her, letting go with on hand and squeezing her tighter with the other, he pushes her legs apart, watching her face to see if she was limb enough to let go.
While she struggle to breathe, he pins her legs apart more, and with one quick and hard t----t, he penetrates her.
Her screams catches in her throat, her body jerking, her eyes dimming and he begins to pound into her, licking his lips and going at it..
Realizing that her hands had gone limb, her struggling had subsided and her eyes closing, he lets her go, removing his hands from her neck. She gasps for air, he grabs both of her hands and pins it above her, her legs spread about , his weight on her, he continues to thrusts hard inside of her, watching her struggle to catch her breath, tears burning her eyes, blood leaving her lips, her screams coming in short feats. He didn’t stop thrusting into her.
He increases in intensity , pining her down..leaning even closer to her, then he catches her coughing mouth with his, forcing his lips to her and then sticking his tongue into her mouth..
All she felt was pain, pain between her legs, pain as her throat felt like closing, pain as her mouth was hammered with a tongue long enough to sink through her already burning throat, her body weak to fight yet in pains from the truama..yet, he didn’t stop, he only increased his pace..
By the time he stopped kissing her, and removed his stale breath away from her face and went in so deep as his thrusts became epileptic and she found her voice and her strength, and as her pain intensified.
She jerks up letting out the most piercing screams..
”Alexandra, it’s me, it’s me..Alexandra, open your eyes..Jesus!! it’s me, its me Jaime,..i won’t hurt you! God..Alexandra!!!! open your eyes!!” he held her tight as her screams didn’t stop, her body shaking, she jerking and screaming and her eyes closed and her hands thrashing about her..hitting him, slapping him wanting to get away from him.
The doors bursts opens and the Doctor and two nurses rushes in..
”What happened, what happened”
”I ..i don’t know she….” He grabs her tighter to keep her still, he looks at her face, she didn’t stop screaming ”Alexandra!!! open your eyes, open your eyes!!” he places both hands to her face and then screams into it ”OPEN YOUR EYES ALEXANDRA, IT’S ME JAIME, OPEN YOUR EYES, I WON’T HURT YOU..OPEN YOUR EYES ITS ME!!!”
”Turn off the machine!” the doctor shouts to a nurse as the alarm blares down the hall to suggests emergency drill. ”And get me something to clam her down with” She points to the other who dashes out of the room and then comes back almost immediately.
She hands the Doctor a syringe and then a bottle, the Doctor removes the sealed Syringe, takes it out and then injects it in to the bottle and drawing out a liquid into a syringe, she looks at it, flicks it staring at it and when she was satisfied, she gives the nurse back the bottle with a liquid drug and then she comes to Jaime..
”Jaime, i need you to hold her still, hold her still..”
”What is that?” He eyes the syringe
”Its to calm her down..if not she would go into shock and that would be bad, hold her still, make her stop screaming but you have to hold her still so that she doesn’t move so this needle does not break inside of her okay?” she tries to scream loud and higher than Alexandra’s screams to be heard. ”Because it is going to hurt and she would want to struggle even more”
Jaime nods, her holds Alexandra even tighter, causing her to face him as she continue to scream, pining her hands under his hands as he stares at her ”Alexandra…Alexandra, its me..please open your eyes”
But she doesn’t stop..she doesn’t stop. He tries his best to keeping her as still as he could, closing his eyes to her blaring screams, bringing her face closer to his and then nods for the doctor to go ahead.
Jaime stares at Alexandra ..he brings her face to his shoulders..and then presses her face to it. Her screams were muffled, her body held down..he tightens his hold. In one quick move, the Doctor jams it to her thighs..and inserts it.
He felt her jerk, he felt her screams more..then he felt her bite him. He winces in pain but he didn’t let go. He held her tight with one hand holding the back of her head to his shoulders..The Doctor carefully pushes the liquid through the syringe into her body carefully…and then pulls out the syringe.
Alexandra kept struggling for a few more seconds. Then she went still.
”She is okay now Sir, she would be okay now” She taps his shoulders..
He releases her and then lets her go, staring down at her face. Her eyes were closed, she was calm.
He lays her back on the bed, removes the hair that had scattered over her face and rests her head on the pillow, he doesn’t stop staring at her. A very worried look on his face.
”Sir, i may need to ask, about her history”
”What does that mean?” He says without taking his eyes off Alexandra
”It means that whatever that just happened here isn’t a thing to sweep under the rug. I may have to ask about her history so we know what we are dealing with. It could be dementia or..or possibly it could be signs of trauma”
”Because of what happened to her?”
”Well yes, but…i am not talking about her right now. Theses are signs of one one who have had a troubled past.. she may have been traumatized as a child,or as an adult but this is something as old as it can get. Is there anything you can tell me about her that can help me narrow it down?”
He shakes his head ”Are you saying that ..this isn’t just some random outburst from this incident”
”It is possible that she is just reacting to what just happened to her, waking up and probably thinking her supposed killer and attacker was still trying to do more harm to her..which is possible, but…this is also signs of something she has also been through, or has gone through or has been going through but it only just resurfaced as an aftermath and she is only reacting to her subconscious thoughts and her supposed trauma”
”You don’t know that” He says turning away from Alexandra and then staring at the Doctor.
”I do actually, i am a doctor and i have had so many patients and i know the signs when i see them. One waking out from coma and begin to struggle as though he was drowning and began to bring out a large amount of spittle from his mouth and choking. He was apparently thrown into the water when he was five, and when he got an accident and went into a coma, when he woke up, his subconsciousness replays it and reverts him to that day he almost drowned..over twenty years ago and it was replaying it for him. So he woke up chocking and thrashing about and then forcing spittle out of his mouth because he didn’t want to swallow assuming he was still drowning. Of course he was given a sedative to calm him.
Another girl had a concussion her head when she fell down the stairs. After she woke up the next day, she grabs the fork next to her and then stabs her mother. It was then gathered that a few years ago, her mother had been fetishly forking her with a fork..her hands and neck had injurious..and her first reflex was to fight doing that which she only remembers ..but this time instead of playing the victim, she plays her mother. So..different patients with various symptoms and it is usually not the the present and they may not be similar but one thing is common which is this..they had gone through something at some point in their lives, usually always bad and traumatic to cause them to react to it, no matter how long ago or how not so long ago. It comes flooding their minds and they react..out of fear, pain, anger, depends the state they were in during the incident that may have happened in their lives..but they would react and right now..Alexandra is, and her reaction is fear, and a bit of struggling which means that what ever happened to her, she wanted to get away from it. That is why i need to know what you know about her, to enable us to piece this out together and get a solid conclusion”
He runs a hand over his head ”I know nothing about her other than her name and where she works, and a lady she calls her friend”
”Maybe we can speak to her friend, anyway i can reach her. Does she have no family?”
”I told you all i know about her, i have no idea .” he frowns
”Okay” The Doctor nods ”And the friend?”
”She is on her way here”
”Okay. Maybe we can talk to her then when she comes”
He nods staring at her ”Will she be okay? Will she wake up and start again?”
”Mostly she might but she also might wake up calmer but will only be confused about her environment, but all that fog would clear out, don’t worry” Then she points to his shoulders ”We should get that cleaned up for you Sir”
He follows her hands to notice a bright red patch to his right shoulder, then he winces in pain and then touches it.
”She must have digged in those teeth of hers into your shoulders very hard, here..let me clean that up for you, get me -”
”’Right away Ma’am” The nurse walks out and then returns with cotton wool, spirit and then plaster.
While the Doctor cleans the teeth wound to his shoulders, he watches Alexandra.
There was a knock on the door, it opens up and ushers in a lady who rushes to the bed, and gathers Alexandra into her arms and begins to cry.
”Ma’am, please step away from the patient” The doctor turns around immediately and goes to restrain her.
”Fxxk off!! ” Tinny-B spat as the tears leaves her eyes and she gathers the sleeping Alexandra in her arms and rocks her.
”It’s fine Doctor, she is her friend” Adam says to her
”Well she cannot just rush to her like that, she had just been through an outburst and we need her calm and sedated and no disturbance to wake up until she wakes on her own, let her go this instant please”
”I said fxxk -off!” Tinny-B spat again, holding onto Alexandra even tighter
”Sir?” The Doctor turns to Jaime.
Jaime shakes her head ”Erm..” he gets up and then walks to Tinny-B, he touches her shoulders
”You b-----d!!” she screams and lashes at him, Adam moves quickly to restrain her.
”Hey, calm the hell down” He tells her.
”He did this to my friend, why is he here, in thesame room with her? He should be arrested. I swear to God if my friend dies you would rot in jail you a-----e. Get him out of here, get him away from her, he did this to her, why the hell is he here?”
”Look…no one is leaving her okay, but you gat to calm down, i brought you here to see your friend and to make sure the situation is explained to you because as of now, you are only the family we know she have got to listen to us..”
”Adam..let it” Jaime says
”No Sir, the more people who think you did this the more detrimental it is for you and if i can help to simmer that down i would” he tells Jaime
”But let her let go of my patient, she is causing her discomfort, i would call security” The doctor threatens
”I said fxxk off Doctor, or i take her to my own d--n hospital”
”Like they would give her the care than what we are giving her? Look around you, don’t be inconsiderate, you are causing her more harm by holding her like that , i told you she just went through something and we need her calm, not distressed and right now, she may even be slightly aware of whats going on because you are pulling her out of her sedation and she may likely go into shock. So miss, step away from my patient, or i will call security and throw you out and i swear it you won’t step one foot into here to see your friend as long as i have a say on this”
”She is my friend, she was told by the news that she is dead, so excuse me if i don’t give a fxxk right now”
”Well excuse me if i would rather do right by my patient that to listen to you, now, i have a duty to first preserve life and right now you are threatening step away from her and then we can all talk calmly or you leave, your choice, because if i have to make that decision for you, you would be having a different exit”
Tinny-B stares down at Alexandra
”She is fine, so let her go” Adam says
”Don’t talk to me. ” She pionts to him . She lets go of Alexandra, the doctor steps to her and then places Alexandra back on the bed, settles her well and then adjusts the needle attached to her skin and then the machine that was moved as Tinny -B rushes to the corner. She cheeks her breathing and then she turns to Tinny-B.
”Now, we talk. But here, i am the Doctor so you will listen yo me” She says after sparing Jaime a glance ”Whatever the media is saying is really none of my business but this is what i have to say, your friend would be fine, she is out of danger, medically..but however, we have noticed some things and i would like to have clarity on it”
”Yeah me, too, like how the fxxk is her supposed killer still in this room and not in cuffs and dragged the fxxk out?”
Adam sighs ”He didn’t do it, i was with him the whole time okay, she was back inside the hall, we were outside, we only realized that she wasn’t anywhere close by when we were about to leave, we checked for her and she wasn’t in there, it was empty. We were driving to her place to go get her because like my Boss said, she wasn’t supposed to leave without him, they come together, they leave together..but along the way, he noticed that he didn’t have his phones on, and we went back to the hall..i heard a sound, we went in search of the noise and there she was on the floor and a shadow of a man running the other direction after jumping through the window, i chased after him but he was gone. We brought her to the hospital…and the next morning it was over in the news that she was dead and Jaime her killer but this is the truth”
”How am i supposed to believe you hmm?”
”Well you do not have to, but i guess we just need to wait for her to wake up to tell us if he did it or not” Adam folds his arms.
”Or you are going to threaten her to shut up him, maybe kill her in her sleep hmm?” She looks at Jaime.
”Look Ma’am, i believe if he as her attacker, he wouldn’t bring her to the best hospital and then stay with her all night to watch over her and haven’t killed her till now…” The Doctor says
Tinny-B eyes Jaime, she wipes her nose ”I ain’t believing s--t till Alexandra wakes up and tells me that this fxxker didn’t do this to her”
”Suit yourself, pick a chair and we wait” The Doctor said ”While that wait is going on, i need to ask you some questions about her”
”What about?” She frowns
”What the hell happened to your shoulders, who did this?’ Adam touches Jaime’s shoulders, and then frowns ”What the fxxk happened here Doc, did anything happen while i was gone..did any one come in here?”
Jaime hits his hands away ”It’s nothing Adam”
”No it’ not nothing”
”Alexandra woke up and then went into a frantic nervous frenzy..that was her reflexes working as he tried to calm her down and we gave her a sedative” The doctor offers.
”She bit him?” Tinny-b frowns.
”She more than bit him, she is in a state, a traumatic state”
”Why shouldn’t be, she almost died” Tiny-B says
”Not about that, i believe, can you tell me her history, because this is a traumatic thing that is less present more past”
”How do you mean?” Adam says touching Jaime’s shoulders again ”you good Sir?”
Jaime nods ”It’s nothing” he adjusts his shirt and then perches on the table, folding his arms and staring at Tinny-B who frowns in thought.
”I erm..i do not know much”
”You do not know much? Okay, how long have you guys known then, does she have family, anything? Where is she from, what does she like etc”
Tinny-B blows out hot air ”Close to six years, she walked into our bar, where i worked one day and asked for a job, waitress job and we hit it off. From that we got the job at the Escapades with Mr. Rick Bossade as Call Girls”
The Doctor raises an eyebrow.
”What, does that displease you what we do?” Tinny-B asks defensively.
”No Ma’am. Go on”
”Well, we are close, we leave together and do alot of things together but..honestly, Alexandra is a private person…she doesn’t talk about her family, she only told me her parents died when she was a kid, raised in a foster home, and she said she left and decided to go and take care of herself..”
”So she never told you of anything at all in detail?”
Tinny-B shakes her head
”Okay, you live together you say, have you noticed anything?”
”Anything like?”
”Anything stranger with her, does she scare easily, have nightmares, does she sleep, does she talk to herself, have anger issues, anything?”
”Well, a few times she had woken up screaming”
”Oh, you never asked her?”
”She said it was a bad dream”
”Go on”
”That’s it” Tinny-B stares at Alexandra, and then frowns.
”Is there something else?” The Doctor presses.
”Well, i don’t know if this would mean anything but she hates guys” she screws up her face.
The Doctor scoffs ”You said you both are Call Girls, and i know what Call Girls do and you say she hates guys, isn’t that over shooting and very contradictory?” The doctor observes.
”I know right but that is the truth; girl gat no boyfriend and stuff. I mean, we all do what we gat to do to live and get by, but we all got some something something outside our job but not Alexandra, she does her job but..come on, once or twice we may have had a thing with our clients outside the job and have a fling for a while, but..Alexandra is just the job. One time, i met her crying in the toilet, when she came out , her body was red”
”Blood?” Adam asks
She shakes her head ”She was scrubbing her skin, painfully..”
”More like to rid herself from the scent of a man?” The Doctor inquires
Tinny-B shrugs ”I suppose. It was then i began to notice and observe, to her, it was pay for services…like ”Fine! I would do anything you want but only on my conditions” I over head her one time telling a client, ”you don’t kiss, no in nothing romantic or mushy..just sex and that’s it.”
”A means to an end” Jaime says.
Not a job she enjoys but a job she does to get by. He remembered their first fight and how she got mad when he annoyingly kissed her to spite her. She had been furious, he had wondered why. This all makes sense now.
Tinny-B doesn’t look at him, but she nods ”Yeah”
”Okay, lets narrow it down some,. from what you are saying, she doesn’t sleep well, she got nightmares, once or twice, she doesn’t like men but in order to survive, she has to be with this men because well, i do not mean to be demeaning but sex pays..”
”’If that’s a way to look at it”
”So, no male figure for romantic interest, you are sure?” The doctor asks again to be clear.
”Girl spends her free time by herself, and when she isn’t alone, she is working..i mean have you seen how beautiful she is, she is practically a goddess, all the men want her..but girl knows how to work her magic when she wants but..she is like a robot..i tell her all the time…a robot.”
”Maybe she is gay”
”No ma’am. she had never tired to grab my b----t or finger me in my sleep and you know we girls..we can stay naked all day all night talking and then cracking half baked jokes, walk around in our lingerie and stuff. She isn’t’ gay. She is straight but..i think a straighter than straight. She likes no man and no girls..i mean, she never watches any romantic movies, no mushy either ..She is a robot. ”
”It is not abnormal for one to be asexual” The Doctor offers as a matter of fact
”There ain’t no how a man touch you in places that trigger and you don’t get feeling, but my girl says…she feels nothing, just some rod inside of her, she get their high, they roll off, she gets her money and then bounce”
Jaime frowns too, he was clearly uncomfortable with the information , Adam is staring at him.
The Doctor frowns ”Okay too much private information, let us veer off”
”Okay” Tinny-B stares at her.
”Let us narrow it down some; you said her parents died? How young was she?”
”She said she never met them, she was raised in a foster home”
”There is a reoccurrence here, lets piece this together. One dominant..Men. another ” fear, another she is secretive. It all revolves around this. What’s her full name?”
”Alexandra Beckington” Jaime offers
”Maybe a check can be run on her to see if-”
”Nothing” Adam says to the Doctor
”You had my friend checked out?” Tinny-B gasps turning to the men.
”You do not think that whoever gets close to the Mayor’s son wouldn’t be checked out would you., it’s basic routine but..all she has on her is her name, a few baby pictures, no family member, no relation ties, her job at the bar and then..a few of female friends.”
”Okay so, we gat nothing, but..we have to wait till she wakes up but this is clear, she had a troubled past, she is afraid and then it’s reenacting itself..and then…the reason she may not like men could be because she is’s possible or maybe because..there is a male figure in her life she hates..and that can tell badly on how she relates with men, who knows”
”Okay. But whatever that is, we still yet to find her attacker ” Adam offers
”Yes you mentioned, no news yet with the investigation?”
”None yet” he says staring at his phone ”Which means that until we know for sure the gravity of this attack, her status remains what the media is saying..for now” He throws Jaime a look.
”But would she be fine?” Tinny-B stares at her friend, then back at the doctor.
”Yes, she would be”
She nods ”And you say he wasn’t the one” She points to Jaime, looking from Adam to the Doctor.
”It is usually very unlikely that an attacker would want to save the person he harmed knowing that when she wakes up she would finger him, and from the way the media is in an uproar, do you see him running for the hills?”
”His father is the Mayor, he got power”
”The Law fears no man especially with evidence” Adam says
”And there is evidence” Tinny -B states ”Her pictures, them seen together at the event. There is evidence”
”That may be, but they all think she is dead, she isn’t” Adam clarifies.
”So we must tell the press then”
”No!” Jaime states firmly.
”Why the hell not? if you say you didn’t do this, shouldn’t you be eager to clear your name?”
”I said no, not for now..first we need to find her attacker, so we do not put her in danger, two..because i said so”
”Is this guy crazy? Who wouldn’t want to clear his name?” Tinny-B raises an eyebrow ”Or there is something more to this than you are letting on?”
Adam stares at Jaime, ”Well is there?” The Doctor asks now
”You are all in the need to know basis, you don’t need to know..for now, all that is accurate is that your friend is alive, and Mr. Jaime Lockswire isn’t her attacker, let the media feed on this, Jaime Lockswire would make a comment when she is safe and her attacker is behind bars and to ensure that this was random and not specific..once that is clear…anything else you do not need to concern yourself with.” He points to Tinny-B ”And that means that whatever said in this room remains so, and whatever the media is saying remains you, Alexandra is deceased and also to you Doc, we need you to be discreet. No other visitor aside me, my boss and her. And about your nurses–”
”They are loyal, and besides, i have had a word with them”
”Good, the security would be at her door, in non-uniforms to lessen suspicion. ” Then he turns to Jaime ”Shall we?”
”Where is he going to?” Tinny- B points to him ”I still do not believe he isn’t her attacker, maybe trying to run away”
”I would be back, i just need to get home” Jaime stares at Tinny-B to give her assurance.
”Your cars have been sent home, the boys briefed on your unavailability, the pent house in Lakeview is prepared. We got the unlabeled car out back, wear this Sir..we do not want people recognizing you in the hall way and then coming to search who the private ward was restricted for”
Jaime nods and then stops at the door ”Let me know if anything changes while i am gone” He tells the Doctor, she nods, he spares Alexandra a glance and then they leave.
”Try not to wake her, she would come to when she is rested. There is a red button close to where her right hands lays, press it if anything abnormal happens.”
Tinny-B nods going to seat on the bed and then touching her hand.
”And for what is worth, a man wouldn’t go through this length to protect a random stranger who he hardly knows unless he has a good heart” she says touching Tiny-B’s shoulders and walking away.
Tinny-B wipes the tear from her eyes as it falls down her face ”Hey B, you are alive and that is all that matters, i was so scared. But thank God you are alive. You would be fine, Doc says so. I don’t like her, but..she says you would be fine.
Who did this to you baby girl? Wake up and tell mama, i swear I would fcck him up” she touches her face.
”Would you be okay Sir?” Adam says opening the door for him.
”Yeah, i would be. Dig a little into Alexandra, there have got to be something.”
”You worried for her?” Adam observes touching his jaw.
”You didn’t see the fear on her face and the way she woke up screaming, something is wrong, something happened to her, maybe it was just this incident or like the Doc said, something in the past, it means something. Just get any info on her”
”Okay Boss”
”And another thing, ” Jaime stops him
”Get someone to prepare the guests room”
Adam looks at him ”You bringing her here?”
”Yes, like i said, until this blows over and i am sure she is safe from whatever we don’t know, she isn’t leaving my sight nor yours, i got her into this mess. if i didn’t have issues with my brother and infac my family..i wouldn’t have had gone looking for a Call Girl to fuel my disguise, she wouldn’t have been harmed and her attacker on the loose possibly looking for another girl to harm or maybe planning to come back for her if he had the intention to harm her alone, so it’s my fault, so yes, she is coming here.”
”Fine Sir, just asking. I would handle that”
Jaime is walking away
Adam watches him and then calls after him”When are you going to answer your family? When are you going to speak to the press and clear your name, when are you going to stand up to your brother?”
Jaime doesn’t answer but disappears into his house.
Adam sighs turning around ”Anyone come close to the fences..any hostile., nib him first and then ask questions later” he tells the security details .
”I would be back” he says picking his phone as it rings again ”yep, i am on my way”
”The car is rented to a Anderson Kennedy, about two days ago, ”
”Who is that?”
”Some Lonestar company representative; he was at the event”
”Okay , why was the car still here?” Adam wonders staring at it.
”Well..we would like to ask him”
”No contact info?”
”When we got to the rentals, they said he didn’t drop a number because he didn’t have any to drop, something about losing his phones, but he said he would be registered in a hotel for two days.”
”We checked the hotel with the profile we got, they noted that he was there but that he had checked out ”
”Eh next morning”
”And nothing unusual about the dude?”
”And the rentals, they didn’t raise alarm when their customer didn’t return the car?”
”Nope, because he had booked for two and the half days, it was supposed to be returned today. He had however stated to them that he would be at the Mayor’s event and that they can pick up the car once his time elapses”
”Okay. So he is not our guy”
”Nope! ” The man Adam was talking to says.
”Still, check out the hotel again and get more information, we need to cover all the edges. So anything else, because it seems to be the only guy we are focusing on?”
”Because that is the only glue we got and his car was the only one parked at the event and nothing else is visible. Plus we do not know if the attacker came in a car or not so we look at the obvious glues”
” Get in touch with his Anderson Kennedy guy, ask him some questions, and if he isn’t our guy cross him out. Okay, anything else?” Adam says moving behind him.
”Yep, we found where she was held; in a store room, blood patches on the floor, sign of struggle, look here ” He steps into the store room as Adam follows with two other guys ”You can see the blood on the floor, her items on the floor to; her shoes, bag etc..”
”And, did you sweep this place for prints?” Adam bends and then stares at the floor,
”Yep, but forensics got nothing. Who ever
He must have opened it”
”Yep, we did, the report would come in soon”
”Okay, let it come to me first”
”But you do know that..there is a likelyhood that we can get more than one fingerprints? Its a door knob, thousands of people would have touched it, and it’s a store room too so go figure”
”Okay, just get me the results man, we can narrow it down from there”
”Okay, next thing I need you lots to do for me is to-”
”What the hell are you guys doing here?” Someone says entering into the room ”This investigation has been taken over by the FBI, homicide division, you are encroaching”
”Ofcourse” Adam says ”Just leaving”
The man says stopping him ”Take your boys and leave, this isn’t a private investigation anymore for the bodyguards of the rich kid, the whole world is watching…this is bad for your boy and it is out of our hands..even the Mayor can’t stop this investigation, A girl is dead. Where is he? It would be better if he turns himself in, he already confessed to having a problem on national TV during the event, he can plead insanity and be confined for a few years and that is it, but murder…with glaring evidence, even the devil can’t run from this one. Where is he?”
” I ain’t his mama Steve” Adam removes the man’s hand from his shoulder.
”But you are here on his orders” Steve notes to him as he folds his hands.
”I am here because i want to know what happened”
”So you don’t think he killed her, then hid her body somewhere? I mean, you saw the news and the pictures..that girl suffered..that’s an act of monster!!”
Adam smiles ”Right, so..guys i think we done here” He beckons to his boys..they can have at it”
He is walking away
”I like your loyalty Adam but this guy would drown you with him, we used to be good buds you and i, it would be bad to be on the wrong team Adam, we were a good team. Come back to the force, stop being a babysitter to some rich spoilt kid, right now he is drowning and you may not have a job in a few days”
”Nah, i think i would stick to the sinking ship, i like the view, and erm..good luck with the investigation” Adam says tapping his shoulders and leaving.
He laughs ”Guys, you heard what the cheif said, we need something so get to work”
”Aye Capt!!”
He stares at the retreating back of Adam , then he shakes his head and turns away.
”And?” Jimmy asks as the Chief of police drops his call ”Nothing useful. We found were she was held, they are sweeping for prints etc. The only offset is a car left in the garage, they are trying to find out who it belongs to and why it was left there. ”
”Okay, and her body?”
”They do not know yet”
”Damnit!!”‘ Jimmy curses
”We are doing everything we can, and Steve mentioned that Jaime’s dog was there, they had the place combed already it seemed”
”Adam Lewit?”
”What were they doing there” one of the board members asks
”Who knows? Trying to find out what we all want to find out or trying to cover up” The chief of police said
”Look, my brother didn’t kill anyone, he is innocent” Jimmy says defensively
”Look, until he is proven otherwise, everything points to him and he not showing up makes it worse okay, so if you can reach him, he should turn himself in, tell us where the body is and then we can handle the situation, he would go to jail yes but…everything can be dampened, but he gat to show unless its going to be bad for him”
”So he doesn’t show, no body resurfacing and it gets worse for him?”
Jimmy nods with a hidden smile ”And i am sure there is no way in hell he would be allowed to seat and pitch for the primaries and he would be kicked out because of this, dammit, how can this happen to my little brother” he hides his face in his hands and sobs, the chief of police touches his shoulders.
”Lets just solve this issue; he can’t be thinking of Mayorship with all this hanging over his head, the city is too alive and too aware of this to want him to stand on that podium. It’s going to be bad. Let’s find him, and clear his name if he isn’t the killer, if he is, he would have to do the time.”
Jimmy pretends as if he is crying even more.
”Take it easy Jimmy, I can only imagine what you are going through, what your family is going through” A few people try to calm him down.
”Right this way Ma’am” The door was opened and she was ushered in.
”Mrs. Barlow” a few other board members who were there greets her, she nods.
”Sir” the security detail says stopping the man behind her ”You may have clearance to pass security at the gate and the other two entrances but you do not have clearance into the Mayor’s inner residence”
She turns to the security agent ”Leave him, he is with me”
”I also need to clarify that he is safe to pass Ma’am. Name?”
”Anderson Kennedy, Lonestar Petroleum, on official duties to pay a sympathetic visit to the Mayor, Mrs. Barlow was apprised of that by my Boss, you can ask her”
Jimmy turns in shock and stares at him.
”I said, he is with me” she turns to the security, he nods and then lets Anderson Kennedy through after searching him.
Just then, Christine comes out of the room, and then her eyes meets his, she recognizes who he is instantly. ”What the fxxk!!” she exclaims silently.
”Christine, how are there?”
She didn’t answer her, instead her eyes lays on Anderson whose eyes doesn’t leave Jimmy’s surprised and shocked face.
Seeing that Christine was not going to answer her, she walks towards her, passes and then heads straight to the Mayor’s inner room.
Anderson turns and then goes to the bar, taking a seat after he greets a few people and introducing himself and who he worked for and the businesses the Mayor had made come through for them..
Jimmy slowly walks to him, stopping to exchange a few words with the board members who had suddenly filled the room, ..then he gets to him. Christine is making her way to them.
”What the fxxk are you doing here?” Jimmy whispers as he turns to him, pouring himself a drink
”Jimmy, what the hell is going on here?” Christine is beside him now, she lowers her voice.
Anderson smiles ”Let me put it this way, i did not come here for games”
”Do i look like i got my game face on, if you do not want to see what max turns into i suggest you get your a-s away from here now. You see that, over there, that is the chief of police, infact, the hole place is scrawling with cops, and then the judge is here, and then other security agents are here and then the board members and there is me…what the fxxk, how the fxxk did you get in here?”
”You weren’t blind, i came with the little lady, she is nice that one”
”You pig, you manipulated my mother to get you here? I thought you said he was far away” She snaps to Jimmy ”My mother that fool, how dare she take a stranger to the Mayor’s house”
”You are a very disrespectful daughter, very arrogant!! You know, she talked a lot about her daughter in the car and praised her, she is a lovely woman and you call her a fool?”
”Fxxk you, you do not tell me how to speak about my mother, if your mother had raised you up well, you wouldn’t be this disgusting” Christine spat.
Anderson looks at her ”Ha!!! You are the missing puzzle to all this are you not, the girl who was the Mayor’s son love i can put a face to the puzzle. it makes sense now, when i saw you both whispering, i didn’t think such a fine lady could be so despicable and have evil thoughts against a fellow woman, but i suspected. Nice, you play your role well ”
”Fxxk you, why are you here, you need to leave”
”Nope i do not” He takes Jimmy’s wine glass to his lips, he was smiling.
”Why the hell not. You got what you wanted, you raped and killed her, you hid her body, you sent the pictures to me and then the whole world knows that Jaime is the killer, you should get lost but first, tell me where you buried her body”
He smiles even more ”I can’!!!
”Why the hell not, because we need her body to seal this deal man, nail to the head you know what I am saying/”
”I can’t, are you deaf” Anderson turns to him.
”You a-----e, why not, you got some fetish aspirations? You like to touch dead girls too?”
Anderson smiles ”No, I like them calm, willing..but not dead”
”Look a-----e, tell me where the body is or else-” Jimmy leans into him, about to threaten him
”Well let just say that…that should be the least of your problems”
”What the fxxk is that supposed to mean” Jimmy grabs him, Anderson looks at him as he held him by the collar, he looks at him in the eyes. Everyone was distracted, they were not paying attention to them.
”Let me play a scenario for you a-----e, but first, you better keep your hands away from me and step the fxxk back because i can do pretty damage to you”
”You are threatening me, do not know who i am and i power i have?”
”True, but i do know that the chief of police would like to know how we know each other and the conversation we had not too long ago about some certain pretty lady”
”You are stupid, you would go down for it and besides, you have nothing on me”
”Well, i do. What if i told you i recorded our conversation and i have it here” Anderson smiles
”You lie;’
”True, what if i told you that i have evidence to prove Jaime’s innocence?”
”You wouldn’t be stupid” Jimmy spat
Anderson laughs ”What if i told you that..Alexandra is not dea-”
”Jimmy, we need to talk” Christine’s mother comes out and calls him.
”Busy” He snaps
”Now, so you might have to continue your meeting later, this is important”
Andrson smiles ”Oh Jimmy, let me say this real quick, five o’clock, down town in a bar called floral secrets..come with two million dollars, a new identity passport for me and for a lady, get me an escape route out of the city because if they have found my car which I believe they have, i am sure they would come for me, ofcourse, they do not have anything on me but…when they leave, i need to get far away before it blows over because it would. And secondly..Alexandra is aliv-”
”Jimmy!!!” The chief of police calls him now.
”The hell man, i would be there, give me a minute” Jimmy says over his shoulders and then drops his hands.
”If you do not want to be here to help us with this situation, you can get out of my house” The Mayor says stepping out of the room.
Jimmy nods his head, arranges Anderson’s collar and then steps away ”I am here, anything for pretty boy” he turns away.
Anderson seeing the Mayor, rushes to him and then introduces himself, ”He said to tell you that you have his full support, and that we can do anything, he wants he wants you to say the word”
The Mayor nods ”Thank you, Mrs. Barlow told me who you are here on behalf of, Mr Kelvin Todds is a good friend. I appreciate him reaching out” They shake hands.
”So any news on Jaime, what is going on?”
”That is what we are trying to find out”
”And your wife sir, she would be devastated, can i see her? i know this is a trying time, only God knows what she is going through”
”Yes, she is in the study, next door”
”Thank you”
”He can see Gem later, you do not just let a random stranger go see your wife” Jimmy says watching Anderson.
”Everyone here have come for one purpose, to see how we can salvage the situation and if you think he has an interior motive other than to care, i think you shouldn’t be here”
”Look i am just saying-”
”Leave it!!”
”But Mayor, Jimmy is right-” Christine began.
”My wife needs any assurance she can get and if a stranger can make her feel better for a minute, i would take that, so lets us focus Christine.”
”Fine Mayor” She exchanges fearful looks with Jimmy.
”So we have authorized the stations, the airports to check every passenger leaving the city and who had left between yesterday and today and we also-” the chief of police began
”My son isn’t a fugitive”
”No Sir but he hasn’t turned up yet and we need to ensure that he doesn’t leave the city, just if he is the killer”
”He isn’t!”
”Mayor, I know this is hard. He is your son, but I also have to do my job”
The Mayor nods sadly.
”So, we also ensured to-” The Chief of police continued.
”Thank you, tell Kelvin that we appreciate his support” Gemmylyn cleans her eyes, she had been staring at the picture of Jaime since he walked into the study.
”He was an happy child” Anderson observes.
”He was the best child anyone could ask for”
”I can imagine, i had a daughter once, she…died” he lied. ”i loved her madly, but..she was kidnapped and when she tried to run away, she was murdered, i was devastated but…it would pass”
”I am so sorry”
”No it’s fine. Do you have any idea where he can be, i mean, he needs a friend right now, someone he can talk to…i mean…i work with counseling people, i can help your son,”
She shakes her head ”He is not picking calls , not at his house, we do not know where he is. If only i can hear his voice and then be sure he is okay”
”Do you know have anyone you can call who can tell us where he can be?”
”The only other person who should know his whereabouts is his bodyguard stroke driver, Adam Lewit, but he too hasn’t turned up, his security says they have no idea too”
”But the more this continues, the worse it gets for him”
she sobs into her hands ”I know!”
He stands up going to her and kneeling down to face her ”If he really killed her-”
”He didn’t, he isn’t a monster”
”If he did Mrs. Wellington, he would need a friend..i can help him. Think, think where he can be”
”I do not know”
”Okay, give me the number of his body guard”
”You will help him?”
”Yes, if i know where he is, i can help him”
She nods, taking her phone and giving him his number.
”Help him, please”
”I will, the girl, do you know anything about her?”
She shakes her head ”He never tells us much about the girls he had with him..nothing.”
‘Okay, you take it easy okay. i would go and make this call and see if i can convince him to get Jaime to talk to me”
”Please, bring my son to me”
”I will Ma’am” he touches her arm.
Jimmy and Christine kept watching the door, inching to go hear what he had to say, afraid that he may say something he isn’t supposed to say.
She itches towards him ”This is bad Jimmy, really bad”
”Shut up Christine, let me think, ”
”I wonder what he is saying in there to her, why is he here?”
”I do not know and stop talking”
”If anything goes wrong and my name is dragged into this, you would go down with me i swear it”
”You forget that you are the only one going down”
She smirks ”Then why are you scared”
”Fxxk off”
Anderson comes out, exchanges words with the Mayor and then turns to take his leave, he goes to thank Mrs Barlow, and then exits the residence.
Jimmy follows him outside, and then stops him ”What the hell were you trying to say?”
”I told you, five o’clock at the floral bar, come with my money and other things I asked for”
”How the hell am i supposed to raise that? You cannot blackmail me”
”You both should figure it out, i told you, i got evidence to clear your boy’s name and i am the only one who can ruffle your feathers. Five o’clock” he says as he is escorted out the gate and then disappears.
”Damnit!!! ” Jimmy curses
”It’s all your faulty, your fault!!”‘ Christine flares up, Jimmy takes a few steps towards her
”Shut up Christine, from where i stand you are way below the gutter than i am and even if i may go down, you go down first and before they would get to me i would have come up with something that would ensure i am not tied to this”
She is quiet ”What do we do, what does he want? He raped her, he killed her, Jaime is pinned on this..what does he want?”
”Leverage, to gain out of this maybe, I do not know, but what evidence does he have to clear his name? Except he confesses to the crime but ofcourse he can’t be stupid to.He is up to something and I need to find out. Christine” he looks at her ”Raise the money, I would do the others”
Her mouth drops to the floor ”Are you out of your mind”
”No, but you are raising the money princess”
”Hell no, where the hell am i to get that huge amount in a few hours from?”
”Your problem, like i said, i have my ways to unhinge myself from you…you better cover your end. You heard the man, five o’clock and you best be ready by four” then he walks away leaving the shocked girl.
”Hello Jude, I need you to do me a favour ASAP!!” He speaks into his phone.
”The hell!!” She thins her lips and then curses..
But if they do not get him the money, all hell is going to break loose when they get to find out that she wanted Alexandra out of the way. She would become an accomplice to murder.
She sees her mother leaving the house. She smiles
”Mother, i really need your help” she bursts into tears getting to her
”What is it Christine?” Worry creases her face
”You remember my friend , Tina, she had a horrible accident and they need to fly her to india and then do surgery for her, oh my God mother you should have heard her mother’s voice, she is going to die and then the little boy she ran over too”
”Oh my God!!”‘ Her mother gasps
”Mother, they need money and then they do not have any and..oh mother, what am I to do. I need two million dollars right now and I have no money here and I cannot……..oh my me mother, please…i have to call father and then i-” she cries
”Christine, what is wrong?” The Mayor asks, fear gripping him ”Is it Jaime?”
”Oh Mayor, please help me, help me!!!” She rushes to him.
Alexandra opens her eyes..blinking a few times , trying to adjust to the scenery she found herself in. She opens and then closes her eyes again, staring at the wall, the Tv, the machine, listening to the sound coming from it and then finally to the head rested close to her hands..
”Where am i?” She breaths.
Tinny-B raises her head and squints her eyes and then it shoots open ”You are awake, oh my God, you are awake!!” she leans towards her kissing her face ”You are awake”
”Yeah, i feel like i have just been hit by a bus, what the hell happened..?”
”You don’t remember?” Tinny-B is worried.
She shakes her head, then she pauses, fear gripping her.
”What is it? Alexandra what is it?” Tinny-B holds her.
”Where is he, where is he..he–he tried to..he tried to–” She is shaking, tears leaving her eyes.
”Who Jaime, i swear to God i will kill him..he isn’t here, you are safe and don’t worry i am getting you out of here. and i will make sure he gets-”
She is shaking her head, lowering her voice and looking around ”Daddy, daddy!! daddy, where is he?”
Tinny-B pauses and then stares at her ”Daddy?”
She nods her head ”He came back for me!!”‘ She holds tight to Tinny-B ”Daddy came back for me!!!
Tinny-B stares at her frightening face .

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