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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 27
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”The Boss he is busy, you should come later” The lady wearing a rather two inches two short skirt says to her.
All Tinny-B can see was a lady trying too hard to get people to fancy her, and right now she was in no mood for niceties, Ever since she saw the news this morning, she had cried her eyes out and decided in her mind to make sure who did it pays..and she was going to get to him no matter how difficult. ”Well Missy, go back and tell the Boss that if he doesn’t see me. I would set the whole place on fire and i ain’t joking with my words mama, so go back and take your rackidy a-s back there and inform him..” She points to the door behind the lady who eyes her down.
”Oh you wouldn’t do no such thing!!” she challenges her
”You think me coming here with a lighter is a joke, i already went into the kitchen and let the gas on, now i have a lighter and if i get to wait for another hour to speak to him i am going to get his fortune and this building up in a lovely smoke, now take your behind and run along…you got five minutes or we all going to be smelling of burnt flesh!!” she threatens, showing her the lighter…”You smell that?” she flings her index finger in the air
The lady sniffs, her eyes grows big ”You..really let the gas on?’
”Run along”
The alarm starts to blare, everyone is running helter skelter.
Tinny-B smiles as watches the she scurry away out the reception.
The alarm goes off seconds later, the lady comes back breathing hard and eyeing Tinny-B, ”Better go inform him Mama, else i would set off another joke off my sleeves”

The lady walks away and disappears behind the door.
In less than a minute, the office door swings open and then the lady comes back with a deep frown on her face ”You are messing with fire Tinny-B. You may be one of the top flyers here but doesn’t mean he ain’t gonna be tire of your black a-s”
”Atleast my a-s got customers coming here and fattening the boss’s pocket, i don’t know what your skinny a-s do if not to smell our seats and wiggle your s bony features and making old men cry, now do i get to see the boss or do i need to make another scene?”
”He is waiting”
”Thank you!” Tinny-B brushes her aside and walks into the office , Rickson Bossade is staring out of the window.
”Try that again Tinny-B and your a-s would be kissing the curb you hear me?” He doesn’t turn
”How about we do this instead..Boss, i do not care. Now, i need the address or the number of that fxxker who killed my friend and if you ain’t gonna be providing it, i would be talking to the police” She says in anger, he eyes glistens with tears.
He sighs turning ”’We do not know if he killed her okay”
”Did you not watch the news, how she looked? He killed her in cold blood and i knew it, i knew it when she kept complaining about the dude that she had got to be right, he was some weirdo and to think..oh my God to think that he is the mayor’s son and..”
Rickson seats down ”Look Tinny-B , i knew she was your friend-”
”She was my best friend, someone close to a sister to me, infact she was my sister and to find out that she was killed by some weirdo, the Mayor’s son and God knows where her body has been dumped because apparently the call in was anonymous and s--t. Look, i just want his address or his number so i can go blow up his house with some gasoline with him inside, nigga ain’t gonna go to jail, no, that’s so easy for him, he gonna burn for killing my friend, so give it to me!!”
”No, everything about our clients are confidential, numbers, addresses etc!!”
”Daminit Rick!! The whole world knows he is the Major’s son, how confidential is that”
”Tinny-B, come on! If he really did Kill her you think he ain’t got protection, you think the Mayor wouldn’t be all over this to protect his son? Come on, you can’t get close enough to touch him, let the law handle him”
She collapses into a chair and sobs ”She never hurt no one, no one, she was good and she was sweet and she was a hell of a goddess, why kill her, why?”
He stands up going to her and placing a hand on her shoulders ”We don’t know what happened or how it happened or why it happened okay but i am sure the police are investigating”
”Fxxk the police!!”
”Tinny -B, what do you want to do?”
”Kill him that’s what?”
”Don’t be stupid, i know you are hurt,but to kill, come on!”
”No, i am not just hurt, i am angry, it’s painful.. she never hurt anyone, why her, why her?” She sobs ”He deserves to get his too and i would make sure”
”Tinny-B, go home, take the week off, go mourn your friend, when we get more news we would inform you”
”I can’t okay, i need him to pay for his crimes”
”Look, i do not even want it to get back to us that she was our Call Girl and he is our client, it is bad for business”
”Oh is that what you are concerned about, bad publicity?” She gets up yelling
”Enough Tinny-B. We cared about her, my business would get a loss losing her but-”
”No you fxxking care about your money not about the fact that she was gruesomely murdered!!!” she yells at him
”Get out Tinny-B!!!” He points to the door
”Look Rick, you gotta understand, she got no family, okay. its juts fxxking sad, and painful. If she were your daughter wouldn’t you want the killer to get served, to pay?”
He sighs crossing his hands ”Ofcourse i would want to but he is a powerful man being the Mayor’s son, you think if he really did it he would want to go down for it, come on..the law would catch up with him eventually..for now, let them handle it, when they can call for family to come identify her body etc, we go okay. Go home”
”Number, address, that’s all i ask. I swear i won’t mention your name and if a anything happens to me, don’t worry…i need to do this for my friend, my sister, surely you won’t deny me this to safe face..please..”
He stands up , pulling a file and then pulling a card from his drawer and writing on it.. ”You know this won’t mean s--t when they get you in tight corner showing up like this, by now the whole city is probably in his residence to get news…go home Tinny-B”
”No!” she takes it and walks away.
He sighs shaking his head
”I still can’t get him on the phone” A security detail says
”And is he at home?”
”No Sir, as of the time the news broke out, we reached out to the security details in his residence, they said he left last night to the charity event and haven’t returned”
”So no one knows where my son is, what about Adam?”
”He isn’t picking up his calls either”
” the hell did this happen, what are the police saying, anything?”
”Everyone got the information when the news broke out Sir, same thing, anonymous claimed that he had stumbled on the dead body of Miss Alexandra Bekington, the handler Jaime Lockswire, and he had scurried off when he saw him coming back to get her lifeless body and because he was scared he ran away, not wanting to go to the police because he fears Jaime would come after him for exposing him, he goes to the press but instead of identifying himself, he left them the pictures and disappears. No one knows who the anonymous is, all we know is that…she is dead going by the pictures and all fingers points to Jaime seeming that he has been with her all through and …it is a strong evidence, ..”
”Damnit!! Her body?”
”That’s the problem, we do not know.”
”No location to check?”
”Well…they are working on that”
”Find my son, find out if he left the city, find him, i need to know if this is son, he cannot…he cannot” he holds his chest and staggers the security detail grabs him and steadies him. ”Sir, are you okay?”
Gem who had been silently crying at the corner rushes to him ”Jacob?” fear fills her voice
He nods wincing him pain as they help him to a chair ”I am fine, i am fine. Just find my boy for me, just find him!!”
”Yes sir” He leaves
Gem hugs her husband and cries ”My son, my son Jaime is a murderer? i cannot believe it, i cannot believe it, he would go to jail Jacob, my baby would go to jail!!”‘ she wails
He holds her, hugging her tight , closing his eyes.
”Oh my God Christine, did you see the news…oh my God!!” Mrs Barlow covers her mouth in shock, Christine barely looks at her
”Where are you going to?”
”Going to find Jaime” and she was out the door before her mother could stop her.
”Damnit!!!” Anderson exclaims . Jimmy’s number isn’t connecting. He is outside his new hotel after signing out of the one he stayed in when he came. He needs to find away to contact Jimmy or better yet find out the state Alexandra is in, and makes sure she doesn’t does he do it?
His phone vibrates, he sees the caller and then sighs, waiting a few more seconds before he picks it. ”Hello Sir, i know you want to know how the charity event went yesterday and if we got it, we did, the community went ballistic with the generous donations from the Mayor and the Heritage company.. The charity even was fantastic and-”
”Have you seen the news?”
He nods ”Yes Sir, sadly i have, it is really really sad.”
”The Mayor’s son killed a woman, Christ!!!!”
”I know right Sir, i know Sir”
”I have been trying to contact the Mayor directly but he isn’t taking calls, this isn’t good, such a fine young man i didn’t know had issues, he is the backbone of his father’s company, always coming up with good ideas and causing significant growth, the Mayor sends him to represent him in some matters and i must say i was taken with the young man, such fresh ideas and..such fine features and when he speaks he oozes intelligence and it has nothing to do with who his father is, that boy is an endowment of knowledge and..any son a father would ask for, but to see this and hear is sad, i ca only wonder what he is going through or his father…i..i don’t care what the news says, that boy isn’t a killer”’
”But the news says it all, the lady he came with is dead, and she was with him all through so..”
He hears his boss sad ”Do me a favor, get to the Mayor and tell him that i have been trying to reach him and that any support he wants, we are here for him”
”You know i cannot just stroll down to the Mayor’s like that without having a A-Level pass Sir”
”Yes that is true”
Jimmy smiles as a thought comes to him ”But if you can give me a contact of someone who can help in that department, it would be easy to go in with the person, i am sure a lot of people are wanting to show their support in a time like this. Someone one who is in the inner department, an address or something”
”Mrs Barlow, she is on the board, if you can get to her”
”How close is this Mrs Barlow?”
”They are good friends, very good friends. Infact, her daughter Christine used to date the Mayor’s son for a while before she left, you must have seen her in the party, pretty girl eye candy much”
”Maybe” he tries to think
”Yes, they were an item, we all thought they were going to take it to the alter but..she left him for a close friend of his says the word on the streets.”
”Okay Sir” He tries to recollect the faces of the women he had seen and if any one was as pretty as his Alexander
”Go to her, tell her i sent you, and let me know what the Mayor says. i am sending you her number and address okay”
”Yessir. The Mayor would love to know that people are willing to stand with him in times like this”
”Yes, true, send my support to him too if you are lucky enough to reach him.”
”I will Sir!!”
Once he gets the message, he flags a taxi and heads to the Barlow’s residence.
”Ms Christine Barlow is here Sir to see you”
Jimmy sighs wearing his shirt ”Let her come in”
The butler nods leaving in, Christine enters ”What the hell did you do Jimmy?”
”I do not understand Christine, or you mean what we did?” He is buttoning his white shirt
”No you Jimmy, this was not the plan”
”What was the plan exactly Christine?” He turns to face her
”He was suppose to fxxk her up”
”That he did, which equals getting her out of the way and allows you easy access”
”But not to pin it on Jaime!!!!!!!”
”Ooops!!! i am sure that was taken out of context, is that what the news is saying, that my brother killed a girl, oh how dreadful, poor Jaime, what would he do?” He holds his chest in mock tears
”Stop it Jimmy, you planned this!!”‘ she screams at him
”No baby, we planned this, you wanted the girl out, now she is out..”
”I didn’t ask him to kill her, i did not”
”I did say that guy was some weirdo did i not…it might have gone sour and whatever, she is dead..what to do”
”But Jaime would go to prison, Jaime cannot go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit..he isn’t, he is supposed to be Mayor and i am supposed to marry him and…no Jimmy, you need to tell that man to come out and confess so Jaime is off the hook”
”No, i ain’t telling him nothing. You wanted her out of the way, that was your plan and come to think of are an accessory to murder because this is all you…”
”Wha-what?” She stutters
”Yes Christine, i never wanted to do anything to her, yes she stepped on my toes but..i never had no bad intentions towards her so let me play a scene for you, you came to me Christine to get her out of the way, i found someone and told him what you said, you Christine, your intentions and he goes ahead to carry out your intentions and she is dead. Another scene, everyone knows you have been throwing yourself back at your boo, so..they can say it makes sense, you want back into his life, he didn’t because he got himself some other chick, hotter, finer than you and you were filled with anger, you sent a hit man after her, he kills her on your orders and flags Jaime because you are pissed at you see how this all comes back to bite you in the a-s”
” -wha about you? You hate your brother and have always fought him wanting the lion share of your father’s wealth?”
Jimmy laughs ‘Come on, brother’s fight all the time, brothers want things belonging to the others all the time, doesn’t mean s--t”
”Oh, you missed the bible stories then”
”Oh please, that’s archaic and plus it’s all twisted fiction and in public, i have been nothing but civil towards him and just so you know, won’t fly, but yours on the other hand especially when he comes out to say Christine Barlow had instructed him to do it”
”He wouldn’t!!”
”Oh he would, he knows your name and all that, i told him”
”’You set me up!! She gasps
”No babe, i got leverage, that’s what smart people do and dump people think with their pussies and t--s, now, i would advice you to run back to your little house and be quiet, Jaime might do the time and if you are lucky, he may become Mayor in years to come..if they give him a clear bill which is unlikely or..Pops would do Pops, get them to reduce his time and then..he comes out in lesser years, boy is still a fxxking millionaire, that money won’t go, i tell you what, get him to take you to the alter and sign all he owns to you, because you gatto convince him you would help him manage all that he owns so it doesn’t get ruined to the ground okay and fact, you and i know for real no matter who you lie to, i see you, you don’t need the man, you and i know that. You needed her out of the way because she was blocking your chances from getting him to eat out of the palm of your hands. You just need his pocket which is what your pretty brown big eyes is after…marry the fool, get all that he has and zoom out. ”
She is quiet ”He wouldn’t want to marry me now!! Not with all this.”
”He doesn’t need to be lucid , use your head Christine!!!”
”You are saying i should drug him or something?”
”Do i have to teach you everything? Get a fool stupid enough to draft wedding legal papers and a priest willing to officiate a wedding in a few minutes for a few loose bills. it’s just you and Jaime..and some other fool too as witness.. you just need his signature, once you get that, you take some nice pictures or these days we get Photoshop, date it back to a few years, maybe one or two and then leak it. Boom!!! You can claim you both went to Vegas and got married and…you know, spin a soulful yarn. Signatures are there, no one can doubt it, but you need him to sign the legal authority of his company to you too, very important get that, you get everything Jaime…viola! the next powerful woman next to me ofcourse ”He smiles, and i would come sweeping all of out from under you..after i get everything from the Mayor too, ofcourse.
She perches on the chair ”So you are saying that if this guy comes out to confess i am going down with him, if i insist on clearing Jaime’s name?”
”I would take you down with me Jimmy, i swear to God if he calls me out.”
”No babe, you won’t even see my arse, so shut up Christine go look for your boy and give him a shoulders to cry on, he would need it, i gave you the best advice, take it.” He grabs his suit and wears it.
”And you?”
”Ah, going to be the big brother and loving son to the Wellingtons, what else!!?” he laughs walking away and leaving her in her thoughts.
”Dammit!!” she exclaims.
He was right, if she insist on that man coming out to confess, he would finger her and that cannot happen. She prays the man was long gone and there was nothing to pin him to the murder of Alexander.
Then she frowns.
They weren’t saying anything about her body. She hopes they do not find anything suspicious enough to investigate aside Jaime if they do.
She bites her lips..
Fine, she might as well get to doing what Jimmy says, marry Jaime before everything goes to s--t for her.
Damnit! This wasn’t the plan, this wasn’t the man at all.
She grabs her bag and went to Jaime’s house.
”Stupid gullible fool!!” Jimmy says smiling as he enters his car and speeds away through the open gate.
”Sir?” Adam says staring at him.
Ever since the news broke out, Jaime Lockswire had been quietly staring at the muted screen, his eyes closed, his face on his hands which is resting on his legs.
”Sir? You should release a statement, Sir?”
”Stop Adam!!”
”Sir , he is right, you cannot be quiet while the news is saying you killed a lady who is obviously alive and recuperating. !!” The doctor who had seen the news comes to him
Jaime is quiet
”Come Jaime, you are seriously not going to keep quiet about this for some stupid impression are you huh?”
Jaime stands up facing Adam angrily ”Ger out!! Now!!” He points to the door.
”No!” Adam stands his ground.
”This is wrong..” The doctor says, ”I mean, you tell us to be discreet about her being here saying you have people investigating and stuff, but the whole world thinks you are a murderer and you are not in a hurry to clear your name..why?”
”Doctor, thank you …i would like to be alone, you can come back to check on her ”
The doctor stares at him shaking his head ”Not a word to anyone, ” he tells her as she gets to the door. ”Please, for now. We need to makes sure who did this is caught and served, we do not know if we are exposing her to danger”
”And you, you are not concerned about yourself, the Mayor, the people who look up to you?”
He is quiet ”thank you Doctor”
She nods leaving
”This is Bullshit!!” Adam throws his hand sup in the air.
”Adam, as long as you are my loyal driver and sometimes friend, you need to know when you are overstepping”
”This isn’t some joke again, this is life and death, you are going to be taken to jail ..everything suggests that you are a murder and especially with that little talk you had in the charity event yesterday about you having murderous tendencies of strangling people. it is just a nip in the bud..that is concrete evidence of you confessing your act before doing it and viola, barely hours later she turns up dead, are you seeing how this is bad?’
”Yes i do okay, i do, but…let it!!”
”I do not get it, you do not want to clear your name, why the hell not, hmm,? What is this that Jimmy has on you that got you doing all that he wants huh!! what?”
”My world!!! okay!!! my world!!!” he yells back.
Adam is quiet ”What does that mean”
”If i don’t give him what he wants, my mother dies okay, pops too”
”He threatened her? He threatened to kill the Major too” Adam is shocked.
He shakes his head ”I never told you this, never told anyone this but…he had ..confessed to me, one day in one of his drunken moods, when he and Pops had a fight..that night, years ago when he came home and found that pops had remarried…and she was heavy, he had blind rage Adam, he was going to drive her off the cliff…but a car came swerving to his side and they hit a tree instead. She had lost consciousness and he…he….” Jaime looks at his hands ”…the car could still move Adam, he could have still been able to take her to the hospital…instead.. he left her there, the other man had ran away seeing the damage, he got into man’s car, and drove right to his own car with my mother inside, hard…” She rubs his eyes ” The car was dangling when they found it, and he said he had pretended to have fainted and on the floor so when they found him he told them that the car must have thrown him off and she was stuck in, he hoped she had died from her bleeding, he told me ”
Jaime sat on the bed , covering his eyes ” She lost her, Doctors said another few minutes mom would have joined her. She barely survived, mother was a miracle. ”
”So he tried to kill his step mother” Shock fills Adam’s voice as he leans to the door.
Jaime nods ”He did, and he said he would again if it came to that, because ever since she became Pop’s wife, he stopped getting father to run after him as he used to, and then i showed up.. and it felt like i was his replacement. I remember alot of times someone pushing me unsuspected, from the curb, down the stares or into the pool…Pops at some point thought i had such tendencies to kill myself..and i even believed that at some point. But it was Jimmy, it was him.
One time, i saw him coming behind me, i turn, he said he was about to drag me away from an incoming vehicle. You see, i didn’t know all this until a few years ago,..he was drunk and he told me all of this, in his anger and he didn’t realize it. What alcohol and drugs can do to you. He bared all in his stupor and i stood there crying and watching over him for heart broke, i was in pain having all this information about the devilish act of my brother but unable to tell a soul, and by the next morning he woke up never realizing that i knew all his secrets but..i couldn’t do anything, couldn’t tell mother or father, i refused to even think it but ever since then..that was the day i stopped looking up to him, loving him, caring for him and giving my all for the brother i once adored, Instead, i realized that the only way to stop it, i hoped was to give him all the hell he wants, hoping that he would see that i do not want to take all that he thinks he is..i even made sure Pops never sidelined him, but he wanted more, he wanted more Adam.
You know, he had left Pops to die once , Pops took a bullet for him, he left him in a pool of his blood and ran. Never came to check on him, nothing. He told me that he knew the man was going to shot, and he stood right behind Pops, and knowing that Pops wanted to protect him, he knew Pop’s was going to do just that, protect him. So when he saw the bullet heading for him and Pops pushing him away..he had hoped Pops landed on the floor dead, but he had survived and pained him he didn’t stay to finish him up.
He hates me because i was the kind of son he could never be to father, he hates me because i still have my mother but his died, because drugs, sex, disease. Pops loved her, but he couldn’t save her. He hated Pops and blamed him..infact he blamed everyone..but me he hates the most because where he failed, i every d--n thing and i swear to God…i never succeeded on purpose and … it just keeps happening, i cannot change me to suit failures..i cannot, it’s part of me..i always love to do hardwork and succeed, solve issues, help the right thing and the more i do it, the more my father’s love for me grows and the more his hate for me grows and now..Pops is tired of helping him out of his mess and..he thinks i cause it but i did nothing and because of that i told Pops to let me be a man, i wanted to be a man. Pops gave us companies to run, mine..still breathing, his…debt, debt Pop pays for till now.
Me? the last time Pops’s funded a project for me was years ago, ten years now..all i am and have is mine..i changed my name because of Jummy, i took my mother’s maiden name so that he don’t feel alone..but he still wants more, he wants all of what i own, i have….” he shakes his head
”So he came to you, threatened you?” Adam clarifies
”That security detail that dropped dead infront of me…a year ago from a stray bullet?”
”Yes, Jimmy did that?”
”I believe so.. and those threatening letters and phone calls mum got around last year?”
”Yes, Jimmy..” Jaime nods ”I had seen a letter like that in his house, i wanted to confront him, i did but..didn’t know how to. Instead i told Pops to tighten security around Mum, he asked why i told him nothing but he did tighten the security. That Bullet was meant for me Adam, and it was not stranger or stray bullet, it was a bullet that had my name on it..i kept it in a box when they got the bullet out of the man. It had Jaime L.”
”You never told the police, no one, reported him?”
”He is my brother!!”
”Who wants you dead, damnit, what the hell did he say to you?”
”Get him to disown me, transfer all that is in my name to him, refuse the post of Mayor-ship and nothing would happen to my loving mother, he gave me a few months.. before primaries”
”He said that?”
”In a manner of disjointed words, yes, then he said he was joking..but ever since then…he had been in my face, telling me to step down or he would hate that mum would slip and hit the stairs or father having heart attack. Be the opposite of a loving son Jaime..he said, do it quickly, time is running out, he said”
”That is why you started acting up since last year” it makes sense, his behavior, the bad publicity, the women, the stunt, all to get the Mayor to rule him out completely.
Jaime nods ”I had to talk to father, tell him to cut me off, he wanted to know why, i couldn’t tell him that his son threatened me, his wife…almost had her killed , me killed, i couldn’t”
”But the Major refused!!”
”Yes, father is a stubborn man especially when he refuses to see what you see. I cannot stop the man from loving me, i tried believe me, and it hurts to see him hurt for me but he refuses to let me go”
”Because he loves you immensely and you can’t change that. So because Jimmy, you became this?” Adam points to him
”Yes, bad image, bad publicity , everything Pops hate for his son, hoping that he wouldn’t stand me anymore even as i started being all the things he hated”
”But it never worked, he stood by you even stronger”
Jaime nods
”Look Sir, Jimmy needs to face the law for this and-”
”There is no proof and i love my parents too much to get all this in the public, me being bad is one thing, but me breaking their hearts about Jimmy is another, i cannot. He is my brother!”
”Oh so you rather be the murderer, the bad boy and all this just so Jimmy gets what he wants?”
”To protect those i love yes..yes i would”
”And you think he would stop threatening them, come on Sir”
”Adam, i am telling you because you won’t get out from my butt, this is between us”
”But this..,this is a serious matter, this is branding you a murderer for a crime you didn’t commit..a rapist, come on!!’
”When Pops gets to hear this, when the boards come at him..seeing all this, he would have to give in to my demands..he just needs to sign off one tiny paper…everything goes to Jimmy..i keep my company ofcourse..but everything goes to him, i get ruled off his will, i do not deserve a place there anyways, by is Jimmy’s!!”
”You are his son!!” Adam points at him
Jaime smiles sadly…”This stays between us, in the main time, find out what the guys got,i need to know who did this to her, and if ..anything happens to me–”
”You think i am going to seat back and let anything happened to you” Adam stares at him in shock
”If anything happens to me Adam” He repeats ”Take care of them okay..and..make sure she is okay too” he stares at Alexander ”Being around me may have put her in this mess”
”Do you, do you think Jimmy did this too?”
Jaime wonders staring at her, it didn’t occur to him ”I…i don’t think so”
”You don’t or you do not want to, i mean from what you told me just now, you can’t possibly rule this out. We both know She and Jimmy got off on a wrong foot and he hasn’t been pleased about her presence, do you not think he did this too, to hurt her ofcourse and maybe to tell you how he can cause you problems i mean…if you go to jail he gets all he wants..”
”I do not think he would do this”
”Jaime..come on, okay what if i get prove?”
”He is my brother Adam, i cannot always think the worst of him”
”He wants you dead, he wants your mother dead and he sure as hell doesn’t care about his father, it is safe to think the devil of him!!” Adam cannot believe it,
”But he is my brother, my love for him may have waxed cold but…he his still my father”s son Adam and it would break his heart to realize that his son is the monster he always portrayed himself he is…”
Adam’s phone rings , sighing he picks ”Yes, speaking..okay, who..okay hold on”
”They said Christine is at the house wanting to get in and asking for you, she said something about you not picking your calls and etc”
”Yes, wasn’t in the mood in talking to her..”
”Okay,” he puts the phone back in his ears ”okay, no…i, i don’t know, hold on”
”What Adam?” Jaime rubs his eyes
”They said there is another lady making a scene, saying you killed her best friend”
”What’s her name?” He stares at him.
Adam places the phone to his ears again ”Name?” He nods
Jaime nods as he runs his hands through his head, thinking. Ever since the news broke out, he had been wondering how devastated Alexander’s family would be and how he would reach them alone to tell them that their daughter is alive and in the hospital, maybe Tinny-B needs to be told so she can reach out to them if she does.
”What are you instructions Boss?” Adam breaks into his thoughts.
”We need to get intouch with her family either ways to let them know she is alive plus i need someone to stay without her here, i would need to show my face soon but someone gatto be here with her”
”Your instructions?”
”Get her here, discreetly..”
”Yessir” he turns away and then leaves the room.
Jaime sits down and then stares at Alexander, he places his hands on her cheeks, ”Wake up sleeping beauty, it’s too quiet without your troubles..i would take that than this chaos i have to live in!!!” He smiles sadly.
”Murderer!! Jaime Lockswire is a heartless Murderer!! he killed my best friend , my best friend!! Murderer!! all you blood sU-Ckers you murder!! show your face come on you murderer!!” she screams as the guards hold on to her .
The can of gasoline was taken away from her and a the lighter, she was wailing and crying, The cameraman and crew clicked away with their cameras. The press was eager to savour the moment.
”You said the deceased was your friend?”
”Miss, how did you know her?”
”What are her parents saying?”
”How did she die, did you know?”
”Your best friend has been killed, how do you feel?”
‘Do you think he raped her first before he killed her or he killed her and then raped her deceased body, cases have been know that psychopaths have a thing for dead women,..what are your thoughts on your friend’s death?”
”I want to kill him i want to kill him, he is a murderer!!!!!”‘ Tinny -b is wailing as the guards try to restrain her
Christine who had been standing by the corner waiting for the guards to open the gates so that the press would stop taking her pictures is pissed, she turns hearing the commotion. ”Oh disgusting vile human!!”‘ she spat seeing the lady screaming and calling Jaime a murder ”he is no murderer you fool!!” she turns away and stares at the guards ”Where the hell is Jaime, let me in!”‘
”Sorry Ma’am i told you, he didn’t come home last night, so please step away from the one comes in okay.”
”He isn’t answering his phone, was that him you were talking to now or Adam huh? You better tell him that i can help him okay, all this flies oozing here just wants his head, i am here for him okay…just open the d--n gate”
”No Ma’am , sorry” he says turning away from her.
”Miss Christine, how do you feel hearing the news of your Ex- killing his handler, and if we are not mistaken, he used to have them hanging on his arm for a whi Tinny-B snaps
The security guards come to her, wadding the press from coming closer, he whisper into the ears of one of them and then walks to her, telling the other securities to let her go, he hands her a bottle of water, she hits it away, wiping her tears ”You pigs working for a murmurer, i wish he had your sisters and mother’s dead like that, you wouldn’t be serving him…tell him to come out and tell me why he killed her..tell me why!!” she cries covering her eyes.
He steps closer ”Miss, you want to speak to Jaime?”
”Yes!” She drops her hands.
”Come with us then”
”No, right here, out in the open. Oh he wants to kill me too huh?”
”It’s about Alexander..”
”Yes, he killed my friend and he is going to pay i swear to God..”
He nods ”We would take you to her”
”Where did he hide her body, tell me so i can go take her home and give her a proper burial”
”Come with us” he touches her hands
”No, don’t torch me, don’t touch me!!” she hits his hands away.
Atfer seeing that she wasn’t going to budge, they left her be.
”Go Adam i would be fine” Jaime tells him as he came to him the situation back at his house.
”Okay, ” Adam leaves
Jaime’s phone rings again , it was his mother , he puts the call on silence seeing a couple of missed calls from his father and then his mother. He bends his head and then lets the tears flow.
”Sir!!” The securities clears the path at the gate opens as Jimmy drives in , wading the press from going in to the compound as they click away. He alights staring at the crowd of people outside.
”Where is the Mayor?”
”In the living area”
He takes the entrance into the room and then finds them, with a few people. Gem is crying in the corner, seated on the chair, the chief of police, the lawyer and a few board members filled the room, his father was talking to them.
”Gem!!” Jimmy says going to her
She sees him and bursts into more tears , he wraps his arms around her ”Oh my God, oh my God my Jaime!!” she wails in his arms
”God Gem, i am so so sorry, i do not believe it. I heard the news and my heart broke, how, i mean i went by Jaime’s but..i couldn’t go in, the press, the news..oh God!!!”
”They are calling him a murderer, even that girl int he news screaming at him oh God!!!” he holds her squeezing his face in mock worry
”It’s okay, we are going to investigate this okay i mean, Jaime a murderer?’ I can’t believe this, i refuse to. He needs a lawyer, and a goof one and..and–”
”Do not come here and pretend as though you care for him Jimmy!!” Jacob roars turning and walking towards him
”I do, he is my brother and i do love him!!” Jimmy stands up leaving Gem.
”We all know who you love and its you , so get out!!” he points at the door.
”I came here to support my brother and if you rather hate me that’s your business!!”
”A moment ago you were riling with hate for him and plotting with others to kick him off the race of even participating and now that you hear bad news you come pretending to care, when was the last time you picked up your phone to check on him, when he almost got shot in that rally a year ago you didn’t give a rat’s a-s and flying in to check that he was okay…you never cared now all of a sudden you rush down here to show your support? Forgive me if i don’t see it nor believe it!”
”You cannot tell me how i care about him and if he is in some trouble i will–” He shouts at his father
”You cannot do anything other than to gloat and–” Jacob is shouting back.
”Just because we have our differences does not mean i do not–”
”Oh we know how your differences go Jimmy but i would rather you shove your care -”
”STOP IT, STOP IT STOP IT BOTH OF YOU!!!”‘ Gem gets up screaming at them both while shaking in tears ”My son is being branded a murderer, a for a crime he may or may not have committed, there is a dead girl whose family may be grieving and the whole world standing right outside our door and God knows the state of my son and you both are here bickering about grudges? My son may very well be lynched this night by men if found, tossed into jail or maybe he is somewhere trying to kill himself if what he said about being depressed is true and you are hear BLAMING EVERYONE BUT YOURSELVES!!!!” she is shaking, she turns running away and entering her room and continious crying.
Jacobs is angry, but his eyes is red with tears, he turns away and follows her, Jimmy hides a smile.
”So, any news about my brother?” He walks up to the Chief of Police
”No one knows where he is, and we do not know the location of where it happened, it looked like a store room but where? No idea. Plus no body for an investigation to hanker on”
Jimmy sighs, showing fake worry .
Where the hell did that stupid Anderson Guy dump the body, they need that body to seal the case with Jaime once and for all. Maybe he should give them a glue, to go check the even hall…maybe dead Alexander might still be there. ‘‘We need to find him , God, we need to find my baby brother and know what happened, we gatto help him, did anyone go by the event centre, i mean that was the last place everyone saw him and her, check all the rooms, halls , everywhere. We need to find and help mu brother Chief”
”Sir, even the Mayor knows the law and he isn’t a corrupt man, as much as he loves his son, if he did this..he goes to jail and for a long time too, he can only get out on parole for good behavior and if the lawyer pleads a good case to the judge for reduced sentences but that is unlikely, if your brother is proven guilty, there is nothing that can be done. Yes, we are on that, i sent people there this morning, waiting for news but until the last time we check..nothing.”
”Damnit!!! ” Jimmy curses.
He turns when someone was ushered was Christine
”Where is Gem?”
Someone points her to the room, she barely spares Jimmy a glance, she goes to the room.
”Oh Gem, i am so sorry, i couldn’t understand what they are saying and Jaime isn’t picking my calls and-” She goes to hug Gemmylyne who is curled on the bed, her husband Jacob burying his face in his hands.
”I just want my son, my boy, i just want to protect him and oh God!!” Gem sobs.
”Ssssshhh, i am here for you Gem, for Jaime, for all of you, okay”
She hugs her, she turns and stares at Jacob, she places her hand over his and sq££zes. He was crying.
”Where is she?”
”There Sir, she is energy that one, won’t let anyone touch her, wouldn’t stop screaming. She came with gasoline and a lighter, apparently intending to do some damage.”
Adam nods alighting and going to her, ”I can handle it from here”
They nod leaving her with him and nudging the press away after managing to move her further away away from their view standing behind the truck carrying a press crew who were out front.
”Hi i am Adam” He smiles at her.
”Fxxk you Adam!!” She spat.
He smiles nodding ”Okay, what if i told you that Alexander isn’t dead as the press claims, yes she is in bad shape but she is having the best medical care in the world and if you want to see her i can take you to her”
”What are you, some higher body guard they sent to kidnap me, tell Jaime to go fxxk himself, i ain’t leaving here till he gets arrested, so he can hide in his house as long as he wants..don’t come and spill some stupid yarns okay, he killed my friend, the whole world knows..tell him to come out and face the law or i swear to God i would do damage, they took my gasoline and lighter, hell i would enter a car and drive it through his gate and into his mansion and i pray it collapses and he dies like Samson..don’t touch me!!” she hits his hands away wiping her eyes from unceasing tears.
Adam knew the only way to get her to follow him was to give her prove and he had asked for Jaime’s permission before snapping her on the hospital bed, he brings her his phone and then opens it, showing it to her..”Here, look for all the prove you need to know”
”Who is that?”
”Your best friend, in a private hospital down town, safe”
”You lie!!”
”Look at the second and third picture then”
She grabs the phone and then scrolls, gasping, tears filling her eyes and rushing down, she covers her mouth ”She is..alive?” she chokes
He nods ”I can take you to her”
”But they said..she is dead and that he killed her and that”
”I will take you to her”
”But..we have to tell the press, that she survived and that-”
He takes the phone shaking his head ”I will tell you what, just you and me..we can’t , not know anyways..see her first and then later on okay..”
”But Jaime did this..he tried t kill her and ..oh my God”
”Let me take you to her okay, and we gatto go now before the press gets wind of this and for her safety, they can’t, follow me” He touches his hands to he elbow and leads her to her car and leaving Lockswire’s residence.
”Yes, how may i help you please?” Mrs Barlow says winding down as someone walks to her car who was parked outside her gate”
”Hi Mrs Barlow, my name is Kennedy Anderson, i work for Mr Kelvin Todds, CEO of Lonestar Petroleum company, he said i should meet you up concerning the recent issue with the mayor’s son, anything we can do to help the Mayor?”
She looks him over ”Yes, he told me he was sending someone to follow me, did you come with a car?”
”Follow me then, i am heading there. It is so sad what is happening to them, i have watched Jaime grow up, i do not believe this”
”It is sad”
”You can take a ride with me, they may not let you pass”
”Okay Ma’am” he slips in the car and they zoom away.
He felt her hand move, touch his.
He raises his head quickly to catch her open her eyes.. then suddenly, she is jerking and jerking until she began to scream and scream and then scream some more. He holds her hands…her screaming intensifies when she sees him hovering over her..
He grabs her, holding her close, tight to his chest, staring down at her face ”Alexander, it’s me!!!”
She didn’t stop screaming.

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