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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 25
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Anderson stood, listening to her screaming. He waited. A smile in the dark on his face.
”You know Alexandra, I swear to God, I almost wished that just maybe, just maybe you would be happy to see me and then rush into my arms and tell me ”Hey daddy, I am so sorry for running away and I am glad you found me” he says loud enough above her screams.

Alexandra kept screaming. He laughs, he dips his hand into his pocket and brought out his phone and then turns on the torch-light… and puts it to his face.

Her screaming seizes.. ”It’s really you ” she sobbed ”this is not a nightmare, it is really you” she backs far away to the wall, her body shaking, fear grips her, real fear. ”It was you, you were in that party, it was you whistling..” tears rolls down her eyes as she watches him place the phone on a shelve… it brightens up the store room enough for her to see that he hasn’t changed much.

The look in his eyes years ago was still the same. A few grey edges but he was still a strong man, even fit. How was she going to get away from here and away from him. How did he find her, why did he come for her…
Oh God.

Her eyes darts to the door and she remembered that he had locked it, she darts her eyes around. There was no escape except through him. God! how was she going to get away from him?

She would have to fight him, but all she feels is fear, fear that had crippled her .
She could hardly move her hands without it shaking. She closes her fist.

”Yes my sweet beautiful Alexandra, it is me , Daddy” he folds his arms and rests on the shelve. ”Come here, I want to take a look at you”

She shakes her head and backs further away, her back hits the hall ”No!!”
”No, no… nooooo!” more tears rolls down her eyes.
”Why are you scared of me?”
”You hurt me, you hurt me alot…please let me go”
”Go, go? Oh my beautiful girl… did you know you broke my heart when you left? I couldn’t eat for days, depressed, fell sick… fought with your mother, drank… I did all sort of crazy things. I even went to the police to put out a search party for you and I was soo stupid I didn’t think to check neighboring towns. For two years baby, I looked for you at a point I was going crazy… I must have. See, I carry your picture of when you were still a teen in my wallet, everywhere i go. ”
He brings out his wallet and then opens it… stretching it out to her, if only she could back further away into the wall she could… she curls herself backwards. He smiles and then shoves it back into his pocket ”My sweet Alexa… I was like a mad man, unable to understand why a daughter I loved so much and would do anything for would leave me and run away. I loved you then and I still loved you. You are my daughter, my jewel… my baby, I worked for you, lived for you and did everything for you and took care of you… why would you have ran away, why baby, why?’
”Because you were a monster. I was a child, a child!!” she cried ”A child whose b-----s hadn’t even formed, whose core was as fragile as anything fragile could be..yet, you raped me constantly, you beat me up when I cried. You destroyed my innocence and took away my life from me. I was broken and shattered on a daily and you didn’t care. For years.. for years you raped me and ruined me. That was not love, that was demonic, that was evil, that was purely EVIL!!!” she wailed.
”You hurt me with your words Alexa” he winces.

”I hate you and I wished you died, I wished you died!!!” She spat.
”So you ran away to get away from me, is that it?” He is angry as his voice he much emotion.

”You ran away from me because you think I am a monster. A monster!!!” he steps forward, she is sobbing
”You are a monster.. Let me go!!”
”Would a monster had picked you up and taken care of you when your parents died in that accident?
Your parents left you… I and my wife adopted you and took you in, gave you a roof over your head, food in your tummy, cloths on your back and school to go to. Would a monster do that?”
”A monster wouldn’t fit his big member into a child barely old enough to understand what fxxking means!!!” she screamed back at him ”I bled every night, I had sores… I couldn’t walk straight, sit or close my eyes to sleep. I had bruises all over my body from your belt. I had excruciating pains form my tummy you hit constantly and when you went in too deep. You destroyed a little girl, who only needed to be loved, who looked up to you and called you Papa. A father is supposed to love his daughter, care for his daughter, protect his daughter… I may have been too little to know my father, or my mother, but I know they would have protected me from men like you. You are not a father, never was. You are a disgusting pervert, a pedophile!! You are a monster… and you ruined me”
”I did not Alexandra, I loved you” he says angrily.
”You ruined me, you ruined me!!!”‘ she wails shaking and curling herself into a ball as she slipped to the ground and cried.
He watches her” I opened your eyes to love”
”Love? Love? If that is your idea of love and men alike think so,..i want none of it. None..None!!”
”Surely you must see that I love you…”
”Men do not love, men want are all about sex and that is all they think about, what you think about when you look at me. I have been so accustomed with your looks and whats in your eyes that when i see you from my window and when you look up at me… I begin to cry.

I wanted to kill myself a millions times…so many time I held a knife to my tummy and was scared to go through with it. I wanted to kill you too but I was also scared to go through with it. You ruined me… and made me what I am; a sex object for men”
He shakes his head ”No Alexandra!!” he folds his fist
”Yes, yes Papa!! That is what I am, a product of your creation. I had to survive on the streets, I had to live a day without dying. Oh, my curse is my beauty and their eyes follow me on the daily on streets and they come clawing at my skin…a night for food, for shelter, for live. Oh Papa, all I wanted was to run away to have a good life, but every time I try like you came…they took..with or without my will they took. What other choice do I have? I was tired of fighting, I was tired of getting beat up and bruised. If what is between my legs is what they they wanted…then they can have it.

And I learnt, years on the streets how to use it to get by. Now, I give it on my terms… get a living from it and be able to get my head above water. You made me this way, I hope to God you feel disgustingly proud of yourself?” She wipes her eyes. But the tears keeps falling.

He his shaking his head ”No baby, no..I am so sorry. were meant for me alone, me alone.No one else”
”You are a monster!!! A selfish pervert pedophile and a monster. You do not care about me, you care about yourself.” She spat.
”Alexandra, I am back, I would do better, love you better and ask before I have you. Yes? I am back and I would protect you from harm. In fact I would keep you away from them, all those bad men who touched you”
”Keep me away from you!!!” She cried ”Keep me away from you!!!”
”Noooo nooo” he steps closer ”You are my princess, my princess. ” He is kneeling beside her now.

”No … noooo!” she is crying hitting his hands away.
”Sssssssshhhhh! I know those men hurt you, those men are not me. they are not me, I would never hurt you.”
”All men are the same, you all stink. I hate you, I hate all of you.”
He stares at her exclamation, his eyes going dim and dark.
”Yet you fxxk them, how can you hate men you fxxk Alexandra. Now, all I feel is anger”
She cries ”I had to survive!! I couldn’t get a job..I couldn’t get help without one sticking their hands down my skirt or grabbing me and forcing themselves on me. I did not do it because I love it because it felt like my entire skin was scrawling and I had so much practice from you pretending even in my pain. I did it because I had to survive…and I have. But i swear to God I rather die than let you touch me ever again”
”So you wouldn’t come with me? ”
She shakes her head… feeling for her shoes ”Let me go”
”Alexandra, I came for you, only for you, I will protect you”
”From you? I only need protection from you” She hits his hands away again.
”No, from those who want to harm you”
”Only you!!”
He smiles ”Oh my innocent baby, there are people whom you have offended, they mean to hurt you but…daddy is here to protect you, from him, from her.. I will keep you save”
”You are crazy!!!” She screams
”No… I am protecting you. Come, we would go back to the city, I have my car out back. lets go, and they wouldn’t realize it until you are gone”
”Who is they?” Alexander frowns
He smiles ”You really do not know do you?”
”Know what?”
”I will tell you, but we have to go now” he touches her arm again.
”Let go off me’ ‘she slaps his arms away, she was still shaking, the more he neared her the more powerless she began. Years of fear did that.
”I will scream” She threatened him.
”No one can hear you, and if you haven’t noticed, it is sound proof.”
”I will die first!”

”Alexandra, you are coming with me, even if I have to carry you out of here” he grabs her hands. ”I told myself that now that I have seen you, came all the way because of you… you are never leaving my side again. Even if it means me locking you up in a dungeon to keep you safe from them who wants to arm you and keep you close to me, I will me. You are my daughter and I would do right by you. Now lets go”
”You are deranged, you do not see the difference between good or bad and you think you are helping me? You are ruining me and want to destroy me even more!! Let go off me” she kicks him, he slaps her hard.
”Stop it Alexandra!!” he pulls her
She is screaming, he slaps her twice as she held her face
”You are getting me really aggravated, this was not how I planned our reunion Alexandra. But you know, when you get like this…it only angers me and excites me at the same time. Come, there is room prepared for you and you would have a nice bath and we can have a good reunion and I promise you that you would forget all your pains. Oh, look at you my beautiful girl. Then you were nothing but one tiny wee little self… I had to force all of me into a tiny little you. It was beautiful and exciting then..really fulfilling. I loved all those moments and i knew you loved it too… I know it, you were only crying to get attention”
”My God, I was barely five!…You are a monster!”

”Aye, you were sweet then, you would be better now. I rather be the monster who loves you than the man who didn’t. Now you are mature, beautiful.. a goddess. my goodness, you think I would look the other way and let some other man have you again after now? No!. Is that what you are doing with the Mayor’s boy? Fxxking him!” he grabs her
”Let me go!!!” She cries as his nails digs into her skin.

”Hmm answer me! I see the way he looks at you, his eyes following you round the hall, laughing with you and watching you with desire…”

”Let me go… I do not know what you are talking about!!”
”Don’t lie to me, I am a man and I see it, I see that look”
”Let go you are hurting me” she screams at him. He shakes her forcefully and sneers.
”Oh, you say I made you what you are? You enjoy it now don’t you, the thrill to have men drool after you, want you and desire you like gold and like a breathe of fresh air..I made you like this? You should be thanking me. You have the owner to bring men to their knees Alexandra. All the men in the hall tonight wanted you. One wants you out of the way though and the women envied your beauty…ah..see how you walked like a queen and the most wanted man by all the women held you in his arms and danced with you and you think you do not have enemies? ” he laughs ”You are a fool. A beautiful fool Alexandra.”
”Let me go” she is struggling but he is stronger.
”You angered me Alexandra, hurting me and I would show you what happens when that happens. I am a jealous man, a jealous man can do anything. I came to get you and leave, but you tell me men have had you, well..i do not know other men, else I would have hunted them down one by one and put a bullet to their heads. But i know Jaime Lockswire..and I would start with him.”
”Leave him alone, he didn’t do anything to you..and we haven’t even-”
”Oh, you want to protect him”
”You are the one who needs a bullet to his head” she screamed at him
”And you want to put one in mine?” he smiles.
”Yes, Yes!!!! If I had a gun I would kill you right now, LET ME GO!!!!!!!!”’ She screams struggling
He laughs wickedly ”I will tell you what would happen Alexandra, I will. I would deal with Jaime, and the other men who have hurt you. I would take you far away, tie you up and keep you for me, only for me forever” He grabs her up, then he tries to touch her loosening his grip. Seeing a chance, she pushes and kicks him, he stumbles backwards. She bends and picks her shoes. She throws one at him, it hits him and before he could recover from one, she throws the second one quickly.
”Oww! Damnit!!” he groans holding his had. She made for the door.
He grabs her, pulls her and slams her to the ground. She cries out. He holds her down and sneers in her face.
”You haven’t changed much Alexandra, you are still my little girl, you never could get away from me”
”Let me go!!” she struggles
He pins her down, forcing his weight on her crippling her from moving even an inch. He slips his hands into his pocket and brings out the handkerchief…”You are coming with me willinlgy or not”
”Please no no..NO GOD NO!!!” she struggles some more, but it was no use. He pins her limps with his legs and her hands on of his hands while the weight of his body was on her. He covers her mouth and nose with the handkerchief and held her tight till she stopped moving and went limp.
He smiles.

”There, there, there there my beautiful princess, there there” he caresses her face, her neck. He runs his hands over her b----t, sq££zes it. This hardens him as he closes his eyes ”Oh you are a beauty, a beauty my sweet Alexa,a beauty you have turned into.”
His hands runs down her tummy and sinks between her thighs as he caresses her ”Oh, I missed you so little Alexa, I missed her down there, so much ” he touches himself. He was h---y, so h---y he should take her here, but not here, he should take her home, but first..
He gets up and then plucks out a knife from his pocket, he slits her dress exposing her body..he touches her hair and lets it scatter all over her face hiding it partially.
He would give Jimmy something to work with, doesn’t mean it would be all. He looks at his finger, frowns. He hated needles.
He counts to ten and then takes the knife to his thumb, using the sharp edge. Then he decides against it. He bends and fishes for her own thumb ”Sorry my love, just a tiny cut okay? Daddy would clean you up later. Once the pictures are out, they would think the worse had happened but ” he laughs ”You would be far away with me, far far away no one can find you”
He takes the knife and nips her. ”Fxxk!!” he exclaims as he bites his lips, watching her thumb bleed a thick bright red. The cut was a bit too much, he should have been careful.
The wound with a little too much blood gushed out. He quickly takes her finger and smears her cheeks, her b----t and her thighs and then her dress. He takes her finger to her lips and then smears it there.
Then he sticks her thumb into his mouth and sU-Cks on it to stop it from bleeding. ”See, daddy doesn’t want you to bleed too much, it would stop soon” He says sticking it in and out of his mouth and looking at it till the bleeding stopped. Straightening up he grabs his phone and hovers it over her and then takes quick shots in dark room, but the touch-light from camera made it bright enough for good picture quality or what outcome he desired.

He smiles remembering what Jimmy had said ..and their little conversation earlier
”Look Anderson, this is what I want you to do when you get to her. I mean, you want this girl like for a day or two right?”
”No, I just want her for now and i go for hours if you know what I mean, I am like a horse, a living Viagra” Anderson laughs playing the part of a h---y man who just wants a fine girl to boink.
”Nice! You know she ain’t gonna give it to a slug like you right?”
”Come on, I am good catch”
”Have you seen Jaime, he is a great catch and you think she would leave that fine a-s man for a sluggard like you?”
”I got money?”
”Chicken change, Jaime is the Mayor’s son”
”My charm would work, ladies like me” Anderson pushes.
”Just shut up! You and i know that the only way to get what you want is to take it without asking”
”Oh you know, take whether she likes it or not”
”Rape her?” Anderson feigned surprise ”Why?”
”Because you aren’t getting it any other way, you rape her. Yes, enjoy it”
”She would get me arrested, I mean that is a crime and… I do not want to be in prison” Anderson is shaking his head.
”You do not give her the choice ” Jimmy had smiled
”Why, why are you telling me this?” Anderson backs away
”You said you want her and I am helping you get her” Jimmy steps closer and pulls him back to a conspiratory pose
”What did she do to you?” Anderson stares at him in the eyes ”You can’t just throw a girl under the bus just because, what did she really do, tell me, don’t say because you just don’t like her”
‘Let’s just say she stepped on the wrong toes and in the bad company i don’t fancy and the more she is in the picture, she spoils game for people who are interested in some higher calling and that is all I would say. So, game?”
”I just want her not to harm her”
”And I can easily get someone else to do this for me and have you removed from here and cite that you have bad intentions against the Mayor’s son’s guest’. You know how fast your a-s is going to be tazed and drilled till you confess even things you haven’t done” Jimmy threatens. If this fool wouldn’t do it, he had already divulge information, he would have to get rid of him then.
”You can’t do that?” Anderson has fear written all over
”I am Jimmy, I can do what the hell I want”
”So you want blackmail me?”
”No,” Jimmy smiles touching Anderson’s shoulders as he leans in further ”I am just giving you what you asked for, her, and i only asked that while you unleash your desires on her, you take it one step a notch and give her fatality, that is all”
”What if someone finds out, what if she refuses, what if-i – the” He stutters
” Anderson, stop stuttering. All you have to do is just rape her! fxxk her till her legs don’t work. let her bleed, I want her out of the way, then pin it on Jaime Lockswire. That way, we both win. You got the girl and had sex with her the way you want you know she wouldn’t want, you win, you pin it on Jaime and say because of his appetite and what he confessed, he is a serial rapist and she was trying to help but he unleashes on her. That puts him in a bad spotlight ten times over, and of course, cut out her tongue and eyes so she can’t point you as the culprit and she wouldn’t be able to defend Jaime. Jaime is arrested and the rest is history, I win. Its a Win-win, and everyone is happy. Send me pictures so i can blow it all over the internet..” Jimmy smiles ”Case closed.”
”Why the internet?” Anderson frowns
”Because the news is there, i feed them, they come crashing down on Jaime . Bad- bad very bad publicity for him, the police would want his head, he gets a cell and no court or lawyer would want to take you a case with glaring evidence . The Major can do little to much when it is all there as evidence you see and the court would not rule in his favour even if he is the Mayor because..” Glaring Evidence ” Jimmy laughs ”You see where i am going with this? Jaime wouldn’t be able to defend himself and see the best part…”
He takes a paper and then plucks out a pen from his jacket and writes ”Here, follow through here when you are done, it’s the backend to get to the house with little to no one noticing, but you can only get as far as his gate before the alarm blares off, but you need to be fast, drive in, dump her, tip the alarm and get the fxxk out of there. They , his details wold come when they hear it, they would call him obviously because they know who she has been with, its his house afterall. When he comes for her, all i need you is stick around in the shadows to get a picture of them, with him there and get lost. All the evidence would therefor suggest that he had raped her when she was his handler and had not given into his advances, he gets angry, lashes out and beats her into a stupor, and he leaves. Anonymous takes a few pictures of her when he found her and when anonymous was about to call the police, anonymous saw him come get her and ran away for fear. The anonymous would claim he had followed him in his car and they had ended in his house where Jaime had gone in and asked his security to bring out her body from the car and there, the anonymous takes a picture of Jaime standing over her body with his security detail and then when he noticed that Jaime had perceived someone was hiding in the shadows, anonymous runs away and sends the pictures to the press and …the rest is history. .I don’t know, the media have a way of coining this things. That is not our problem, ours is just to makes you fxxk and you win. Finito!!”‘
”And Anonymous?”
”You fool, you!!
”Ah I see, so why do you hate the Jaime Lockswire?”
”Ask any more questions and I would fxxk you up. So are we in or are we not in?”
”You would get her for me?”
”Ah, I will. Deal?”
”No one would catch me?”
”If you are smart ..and do all i say, none! You would be out of the city before the 8 am news by tomorrow, far away and no one would know what happened, ever. See?”
Anderson nods ”I just send the pictures to?”
”Me, here is my number, nothing more, nothing else” He scribbles his number and then hands it to Anderson ”Happy fxxking!!” he laughs and walks away ”Just so you know, it it goes soar,..we would be having a different conversation man”
Anderson laughs remembering the conversation. He fishes for Jimmy’s number in his pocket, brings out the paper and then types it into his phone and presses the ”Sent” button.
Done, he drags Alexandra up, flings her and settles her over his shoulders and then opens the door.

He just needs to make it to his car packed in the garage and he would be far away from the city in a few hours after he had had a good rest and maybe some good loving from his sweet Alexa when she wakes up. By the wee hours of the day, he would bundle her into his booth and be out of Chocolate City.
He leaves the room and made his way to the hall. There were a few halls to pass through before he exits the building.
Adam parks the limousine at the entrance and then turns to him ”Let me go check quickly, hopefully the maintenance team have not done a shut down yet”
”If they had we just have to call the company, besides not like they come to lock up in person, there is a time of shut down which is done automatically where entrances are locked up, garages gates closed in and ecetera”
”You know I can take you home and then I come back to get this?’
Jaime is already out of the car ” What’s the point. Adam, really not in the mood for your smothering, I just want get home and have a deep sleep and forget about tonight. But I also need to make some important calls” He turns away ”Maybe find out how father is too” he says more to himself.
”Right!!” Adam alights from the car
”Where are you going to?”
”Following you”
”You think I would get wayla!d really”
”It’s dark, you can’t see, besides i can help to show you the way”
”Get back into the car”
”Nope” Adam says leaving him and walking into the building and taking three steps at a time and pushing the door in entering the hall with quick strides ”Owwww!!” He hits a chair and nearly falls done. He steadies himself.
”That’s what you get. I think it’s further down the hall, It’s the banquet hall .” Jaime says making his way behind Adam and heading towards the second hall.
Anderson passes the second hall and is heading to the banquet hall when he hears something coming from one of the opened halls. He pauses and listens. Voices, people were talking.
”The fxxk, the fxxk!!” he hisses as he backs away with Alexandra over his shoulders. ”Damnit, I thought everyone have left?” H pauses as he listens to find out their movements and how far away they were from him.
”Careful Boss” Adam says as he walks to him steadying him quickly.
”Can’t you find out where the sockets is to get the d--n lights on?” Jaime swears as he rubs his knees that got brushed by a table.
”Er… its few minutes to shut down, no we can’t get the lights, it’s automatic isn’t it.. Just wait here and I would go check in the banquet hall. You said on the table you sat right and I remember where your table is so i would just… Sssshhhh!!!”’ Adam snaps.
”Did you hear that?” Adam looks at the direction from where the sound came from.
”What?” Jaime frowns
”Something crashing?”
Jaime follows his eyes ”No!”
Another crash.
”Someone else is here!!!” Adam says as his hand automatically makes their way behind his shirt as he pulls out a gun
”Dude, really? It might be nothing”
”Someone else aside us is here..”
”No one is Adams, and even if there was, I do not think that person is dangerous”
”Everyone have left, why should anyone else be here. Unless, we were followed”
”Ssssshhhhhhh!”‘ he frowns pointing the gun to the direction of the noise, he directs the torch and his gun to the area and makes his way towards it without a sound, motioning for Jaime to go behind him and stay where he is.
”Fxxk!!” Jimmy curses as he steadies the other flower vase from falling. When he swung around with Alexandra, her hands had hit the vase causing two to crash to the floor. He turns around slowly.. There was no other exit aside the front which was towards the banquet hall where the voices was coming from or out the window, which meant that only one person could sq££ze out at a time. He can, she can’t because she was drugged and there was no way he can be able to sq££ze her out the window with him with so little time.

”Fxxk fxxk fxxk!!” he swears as he sees the torch-light of a phone come on, flashing out the hall towards the entrance hall he was in, he backs away. They were heading to him and if he doesn’t get out of here now, he was going to get caught, with a supposed lifeless woman with blood stains.
There was no explaining that. He looks around.
They was coming closer. There there definitely more than one.
Did Jimmy set him up, was that it, if not why are people here, how would he get out of here with her?
He goes to the toilet, the window was too small , too goddamned small. He comes back out..and backs away quickly when he realized that they were in the hall he was in just moments ago.
He counts one to three and runs across it to the other convenience where he had seen a bigger window, large enough for only one to slip through if he kicks the other end out.
He groans.
He has to go. If he waits it out they were going to find him already realizing that someone was here .
He closes the door quietly and then places Alexandra on the floor and looks at her sadly, regretting his decision ”I will come back for you my princess” He whispers , looking up.
”I told you Adam, there is no one here” The voice was out the door, maybe a few feet from his own enclosed door. They could kick in the door any minute and catch him. That can’t happen.
He listens as they talk.
”I swear there is , there is and I would check every nook and cranny to make sure Sir”
”What are you doing?”
”Calling this in… look Sir. I am not taking any chances”
”Look, you can go on being paranoid, going to get my phone and wait outside and if you don’t come in another second I am taking myself home.”
”Yes! No Sir, you wait here with me… the halls are empty and if there is no one in the convenience and the rooms, then I would agree to that ” Adam turns away from Jaime and heads to the closed convenience doors.
Anderson leans and kisses her cheeks, he needs to go now ”I will come back for you” without another word, he climbs up from the toilet seat, and begins to push the window open, kicking it silently and using all his strength to force it open and the bars to give out so he can pass through.
Adam kicks the toilet doors open, empty.
”One more door to go” He notes.
Adam slowly walks to the last door, carefully… pointing the gun to it
Anderson sees the shadow underneath the door.. he was stuck, unable to go through. ”Fxxk!!” he swears.
Adam kicks the door open and points the gun quickly.

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