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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Jimmy was talking ” …Would you rather have him lead us or you would rather have someone whose plate is clean and who understands the vision to lead us? Who was there from the beginning of things and watched him put brick by brick and understands his inspiration or you would want a boy who just sprang up, and whose image is tainted to be the new face of Heritage group and the leader of chocolate city?” Jimmy says facing them in the room.
”Of course. It is a slap to our faces, he may be his son but, you should be accorded same respect. I will stand with you to vote him out”
”Me too”
”Me too”
”We too” Half the room says .
”The fact that Jacob keeps pushing him to us as though he is right for us is disappointing. So what if he runs a multimillionaire company? He didn’t do it on his own without his father’s influence. The boy will not be the President of the Heritage group as long I am on board” another man says.
”Good talk!” Jimmy nods “You all have been supporting me all this while and now, more than before we need to stand together and I promise you, we would achieve this together”
”And, are we going to split the shares equally as you promised?” another asks.
”Of course” he lied. ”We would kick the other five to eight board members who are loyal to him out, it would be just us eleven. He would be irrelevant by the time his son is no longer here and he is washed out, it would be me running things and all would change and the first point of call is stop this stupid charity event. That money can be used to bust a business arcade and have businessmen, moguls from all over to come together. You know casinos bring more money? High Class Hoe houses brings cash, in fact, anything that doesn’t involve charity organisation and community fund-me projects for the poor brings money and I intend to make double or ten times what he has achieved over the years. We are going to make history and we are going to be rich. Are we all in or not?”

”We are” They chanted.
”Good, sew the seed of discord, it starts from you” He points to them, ”Any minute the others would walk in here and so would he, he has been sent for. Stand together”
”Jimmy… you are the future” someone else says smiling broadly as they shake him.
”I know, not pretty boy Jiame lockswire, even his name is an embarrassment to the Wellington family, no respect!” Jimmy spat.
”Yes, our thoughts exactly !”
He nods as they talk between themselves, he is resting by the corner watching them with a smile. ”Oh! Confusion is sweet, so sweet”.
He brings his wine to his lips.


”Sir, we would like to have a word ” One of the board members approaches him ”In the small conference room down the hall Sir”
Jacob turns to his wife ”I would be back” he kisses her cheeks and then he follows him. Others follow behind him at the same time.
He is surprised to see all the board members assembled as he enters the room.
”Is there a problem Ladies, Gentlemen?” he looks around the room. “What’s with the closed door meeting?”
”Yes there is Sir and the meeting is necessary. Your son Jaime Lockswire, we want him out of the list of candidates and he would not be in the running race for Mayor, we take our votes back, the ones given anyways.!!” The spokesman for Jimmy’s team states.
”What? Why?”
”We are bothered about the bad publicity he has being bringing to the company and the campaign.”
”Come on, a little youthful exuberance isn’t enough to dent his image, Jaime is-”
”We have come to an agreement Mayor, majority of us has”
”Is this all your saying?”
”Yes Sir” A few of them chorused.
”I highly doubt that else you lot would have brought it up way sooner than now”
The chuckle causes him to pause, nodding his head in understanding… he looks around, seeing him standing there, a drink in his hand ”You did this didn’t you?”
”No Mayor, they decide, I follow” He points to them and then shrugs ”I am but one man Mayor, what power do I have?” Jimmy smiles ruefully.
”You did this Jimmy, I smell you all over it!!” Jacob insists.
”No Sir, look at this- this way, you are the President, yes, it is your company yes! But we all have shares in this as well, so you cannot under no circumstances enforce a candidate on us. it is free and fair and you have no right to enforce your lineage on us” The man points to him.
”I am not enforcing nothing, everyone brought his or her child here as a candidate or who they feel is a good candidate, I brought my son, everyone pitched, I pitched, everyone’s child is given an opportunity, so why can’t my son be given one?”
”You son is given an opportunity already Mayor!!” Another says matter-of-factly.
”He isn’t, else why are you all insisting that his name be wiped off?” He inquires pointing his right finger downwards.
”Your son is, your other son.!!” Came the reply.
Jacob is quiet, Jimmy smiles.
”Jaime is my son!” Jacob states firmly.
”A father who willingly discards one for the other, isn’t such a good father afterall ” The man continuous without fear.
Jacob stares at the man who spoke. He had always had a thing against Jaime he observed. And he had always found him and Jimmy in quiet conversations. He wasn’t surprised he was anchoring the opposition.
Jacob shakes his head ”If Jimmy has half the potential of Jaime, I wouldn’t be looking at Jaime. I gave Jimmy all that he has and will never have, I took care of him and loved him, what did he do? He went behind my back and ruined me, not once, not twice. I will not allow a third, it isn’t a charm”
”Is that why you refuse to give me your last name father?” Jimmy says from his corner not looking at him.
”Jaime doesn’t have my last name, we don’t see him crying about it.” Jacob notes without looking at him.
”Because he choose not to have it, because he realized how full of s--t you are father” Jimmy says, his eyes are angry as he stares at him.
Jacob walks up to him ”You may be my son, you may have my blood runing through you, but you are nothing like me, you are nothing like Jaime and you are nothing like your mother, because she never had any evil bone in her body. You ruined me, you did despicable things”
”Is that why you are ashamed of me father, to call me your son in front of everyone, the world, that only a few people know who I am, is that why?”
”I do not have time for this” He wasn’t going to indulge Jimmy. Not at all.
He turns to them ” Gentlemen, ladies if you feel Jaime is not worthy enough to be a candidate and run alongside others, vote him out, but let it not be out of sentiments. Over the years you have watched him grow, you have watched him overcome and become the man that he is. Half of the successes we have achieved as a company is because Jaime pitched in, gave his ideas. Most of the losses we have avoided is because he stepped in. He has always been business minded. He is smart and intelligent and he got the vision we all have for a new reformed Chocolate city and aside that, his heart is good because he got love for people, the community. You can see that. …” he point to Jimmy ”I may not have given him my last name but v provided for him, v did everything a father would do for his son and what I did for Jaime I did for him too, yet, Jaime is still standing strong and waxing stronger, what has Jimmy done other than run down three companies, had issues with the law, enough scandal on his plate that Jaime his brother helped him to solve, but what does he do? Hate the boy, hate his family and keeps asking for more. Believe me, I am not a scrupulous man and I am not doing what I am doing just because I hate him. I gave Jimmy chance and chance over and over again. I invested in him for twenty years, almost thirty before v came into the spot light, all he has done is to do unspeakable things. This is the public arena and we know what clean bill means to me. I will not have a son whose aim is to ruin me completely be in my face nor in my company and I will sure as hell not want to put other lives under him because I fear for his carelessness”
”Jaime is doing just that and yet , I do not see you doing anything about it other than trying to cover him up. And besides…I was young and stupid. My actions don’t count. But Jaime’s does. He is all shades of bad at the moment Pops! “
”No! Jaime isn’t like you Jimmy, never like you” Jacob points to his face.
”You put him above me!!” Jimmy is angry “You always put him above me!” Jimmy matches his voice.
”You made that happen all on your own”
”Sir, please” Someone steps closer “Lets not get into all this. That is a private matter. We are all just concerned. We believe that Jaime isn’t a good candidate because all the things going on in the news about him will affect this company. All this is bad for his image, yours, the heritage group and everything. That is all.”
”But we must admit that he is the brain behind most of our Successes, in fact I and Mr Philip had a meeting with him not too long, he was talking about ..” Mr Egerel began and is cut off. He and two others had recently concluded a meeting with Jaime concerning developing a community school, that is going to be state of the art and given the under-privilege access to educations, skills acquisition and an opportunity to a better life, all free. If that wasn’t a selfless act of a good man, then nothing is.
”I do no care to know what he has planned, all Ii am saying is that you give me 100 backing as you gave him and maybe I can make you proud!” Jimmy cuts the man off and turns to his father.
Jacob turns away ”My 100 is on Jaime, we would move forward and anyone who thinks that he isn’t worthy enough should pitch it, by the end of the week. Under the laws as guidg the company, everyone is given an opportunity and can only be voted out after their coming out debate based on votes, pitch, ideas and so on, not from mere sentiments. All candidates already listed will be given an opportunity to sell themselves to us, all votes would be casted and who ever wins wins. I had no intention of enforcing my son, it would be free and fair, but everyone would be given an opportunity. But my vote remains on my son, Jaime”
”What if we have a collective agreement to forcefully remove him ?”
”Then get the collective agreements Mr Lupit, I do not run a dictatorship company or a movement, you get it and I will sign it. Until then, excuse me ladies and gentlemen”
With that he walks away. They all stare at each other
”All those in favour of writing Jaime off, say Aye and raise your hands so we can get this over with!’ He raises up his hands, Jimmy raises both hands, a few others raise up their hands, about five others left theirs down.
”Majority has the vote” Jimmy smiles
”Not quite Mr Jimmy, a few of us are against this” She says ” Regardless of the news about him and what he said today, Jaime has proved himself a worthy candidate to me.. ”
”Of course you would say so Mrs Barlow and a potential son-in-law to you isn’t it. We all know why you pitching for him, you should be giving all your votes to Christine, she is your daughter. Now I see why she doesn’t like you very much”
”My daughter gets my votes Jimmy, Jaime gets mine too, you get none and others may think you are the future, I think you would bring ruin.”
”You never did like me very much Mrs Barlow, I wonder why?”
”Maybe because I see through you!”
”Then run along Mrs Barlow, we know have foul your loyalty stinks. My regards to Christine” He blows her a kiss, she turns up her nose and leaves.

”When I make President, she would be uprooted first” Jimmy points at the door she just closed.
”Jimmy, I believe you have potential. We stay with you”
”Ah, thank you Mr Chena! Your support has been unwavering”
”Me too, ”
”Me too’
”Mine is on Jaime” Mr. Egerel states
”Mine too” Mr. Philip steps forward.
”Then I think you should run along and chase my father then old farts” Jimmy hisses
He shakes his head, looks at the other members and then leaves. Three others join him out, Jimmy smiles seeing the room with people on his side ”And that is how to plant a seed of discord. Thirteen to to seven now, lets see who wins Pops” he smiles.


”What is wrong?” Gem asks seeing his face as he walks to her, he nears her stopping momentarily.
”Lets go home” he takes her hand.
”What happened in there, what did they say, what is wrong Jacob?”
”Later Gem, not in the best of moods.”
Jaime turns at that moment spinning Alexandra and sees them leaving. The countenance on his father’s face told him that something upsetting had happened. He looks behind him to see Jimmy and a few others leaving the conference room with smiles on their faces.
Jimmy catches his eyes, he blows him a kiss, then he laughs walking away. Jaime stops dancing as the music stops ushering the Mayor out.
”I would be back and then we leave, go sit or something” Jaime leaves her on the dance floor and goes after his father.
”Phew!! Finally, I can go use the ladies, been holding it in for ages.” Alexandra asks for the way to the ladies from a passing waiter and makes her way there when directed.


Jimmy watches her for a moment and then follows her, as soon as he reaches the hall seeing that no one was coming just then, he grabs her hands and nudges her backwards immediately, preventing her from moving forward but backwards as she made to get away from him. He nudges her backwards again, a little more and she would be right where he wants her. ”Hey princess, told you to watch your back didn’t I?”
She moves her hands away, pushes him back and then slaps him hard across his face ”That’s for holding my hands stiffly earlier” Before he could speak, he gets another one immediately ”Don’t you ever touch me again” she warns him. The anger in his eyes was obvious. He grabs both of her hands and then pushes her hard she slams her back to the wall.

She groans in pain. He reaches for her again, grabbing her and digging his nails into her flesh.

“I would love to hit you back and make sure you don’t recognize your face but I got beautiful plans for you. Something you would not enjoy you b---h!!” He spat, she hits his hands forcefully away.

“Let go off me” she flings her bag at him and made to grab the vase of flower close to her. He reaches for it quickly.. Kicks the door open behind her and then pushes her in. She falls thumbling backwards and hitting her right shoulder to shelve. He locks it immediately and then puts the key in his pocket. Handing the vase to waitress who just came out of the Hall and passing through.
She frowns looking at the door. ”Did someone just go in there, I saw the door close, that is a store room”
“Nope, no one” Jimmy hands her the vase ”kindly put that away”
“Jimmy! Jimmy!!!” Alexander manages to get herself up holding onto her shoulders, she gets to the door and screams while banging on the door.

“Jimmy I swear to God if you don’t open this door I.. Jimmy dammit! “
It was sound proof.
“Did you hear anything Sir? ” the waitress looks around, listening. She was hearing a very very faint thumping.
“No. Must be the guests in the banquet hall doing the dance.. Tap tap hug?” He laughs “Hurry along now, you must be needed. ” Jimmy waits till the waitress leaves, then he disappears into the hall.


He sights him at the far end of the hall and then goes straight to Anderson.
”So, a certain damsel is in distress, locked away and ready to be devoured. Thank me later” he says handing him the key. He laughs and walks away. “Don’t forget to get pics for the gram” Jimmy laughs “The media would love this one”.
Anderson has a broad smile on his face as Jimmy chuckles away. He waits as people begin to leave. He heads out to where his rented car is parked and then takes out his handkerchief. He enters his car, winds up and then fishes for the bottle .
This was for plan B just in case she begins to scream when she sees and recognizes him and feel she doesn’t want to be with him. He was taking no chances.
He opens the bottle and tipped some liquid contents into his handkerchief.
He smiles as he whistles his favourite tune. He makes his way back into the hall after folding the handkerchief. He would wait till everyone had left. He would hide in the toilet till its empty. Then he would go get her. That way… No one would be around to notice him dragging her over his shoulders and into his car. Again.. That is plan B.
Plan A is..
She will be happy to see him and they would walk out together and zoom into paradise.
No. Who is he kidding. Definitely plan B.


“Father, what happened in there. Wait are you okay? “
“Now you care Jaime. Now you do? “
” I.. I.. ” He trails off.
Jacob shakes his head “I can only do so much for you but you have drained me of my energy and I cannot fight all of them for you. Not even your brother. You don’t want it? All this. Fine. But I will not give up on you because I see potential. But I give up trying to reason with you. You can show up at the pitching and make a mess of things you have being doing of recent and sell to them your recklessness. That’s fine. You can also not show up too. That’s fine. But I would be there. We would be there rooting for the boy we all see the great potentials in. The rest is up to you”
“Why.. Why won’t you just left me go. If you did you wouldn’t have all this troubles. Why father? All this is happening because he knows that I do not have a right to this. Because he feels threatened and sidelined and unloved. Father.. Let me go. Write me off your will. I am not the perfect son you envision. Like you have seen I have my flaws. I do not want to keep embarrassing you. it’s simple, take all I have been given, give it to him. Cut me off. I have my company, I will survive. Everything else… he can have it, please. Aside that, I would be a shitty President and a horrible Mayor, what I am good at is giving bad news to the media and being me. I like that life, I want this life not yours, not Jimmy’s not what you all want. I want my life, let me have it”
“No Jaime.. No. You think I am putting you out there because I feel you would be better because of what he had done? No. I know and have seen you are better. That is all. You are both my sons. But the anger he has inside of him for me is too much. But I will never give up on you. No matter how much this hurts.”
”But you gave up on him?”
”Had no choice, he is far gone but you aren’t and you are nothing like him”
“Father.. Plesse. The board of directors would keep going at this an.. “
His father enters the car and zooms off.
“Dammit. ” He swears.
“Jaime? I am so sorry I.. ” Christine comes to him. She had been watching them, listening, waiting to give him her shoulders. She hugs him from behind, he stiffens.
He is quiet.

He is sad, angry that he cannot help but let his father get hurt so he can let him go. Having no one he can open up to to tell his pains, his fears and his troubles. He is a man stuck in a corner and the only way to salvage the situation is to give Jimmy what he wants. And the only way is to hurt his father to let go off him, if he does, Jimmy would be happy, his father and mother would hurt but… eventually, time heals, things would get better. He hopes.
God, the pain in his father’s eyes was unbearable. He couldn’t look into his mother’s eyes either.
He wishes there was someone he could pour his heart to, but no one. They wouldn’t understand. He was tired, he wants to just slip away into nothingness and wish he was never here. He closes his eyes.

Some nights, he just wants to bury his head and cry from the pain.

Hands sq££zes him tight ”I am here for you, always baby” bolting him out of his thoughts.

As much as he would love to fall into arms and hide his pains, she was the last person he would think off. A stranger was better at the moment to her, at least they wouldn’t ask any questions. But Christine, she… he has no interest with her coming close, especially with her recent stunts.

He unwraps her arms “Not now Christine” he turns walking away.
“Oh.. I will wait. You will come to me for comfort eventually baby, you will.” she watches him. He didn’t acknowledge whether he heard her or not.
Jimmy appears beside her. ”How is it going with pretty boy?”
”On track, he just playing hard to get” She smirks., Jimmy nods
”I see”
“Where is Alexandra? “
“Anderson is on his way to her. “
“I hope he fxxks her through all the holes she has in her body and cripple her. I hope he posts it all in the internet too. “
“Yep. He is some sort of a weirdo don’t you think? ” Jimmy rubs his jaw.
“I don’t care. Hopefully in this mood he is in. He would want to have company. No Alexandra. He would come to me. “
“That’s the plan”
She turns and walks away. Jimmy smiles.
“Gullible. If you think I don’t know you Christine… You must be stupid! What I didn’t tell you is that once Anderson is done raping her till hell and back, he would do some domestic violence to her whole body, then he would take pictures, then he would dump her at his gate, discreetly of course, hide at a corner until Jaime’s attention is called, once the fool steps out of the gate and gets her, click click goes the camera, pictures sent to me, I send to my pal and by tomorrow, we get a new serial rapist and a domestic violence man known as pretty boy, I wonder if it would give his mother a nervous breakdown and Pops a heart attack?” He rubs his jaw as he smiles wickedly ”But it would definitely call for his head, the public chanting ”Jail, jail!!!” he laughs ”But one thing would be certain, Jaime will not be able to raise his head on the streets anymore, everything he has and owns would be stripped away and maybe he would do the time. Pops would have no choice other than to write him off due to the glaring evidence, I get my position and then one road ticket to Mayorship. Pops would be a retired old man with a broken heart and a wife to tend to him. Jaime would be forgotten and all would be right in the world. Christine? Irrelevant!! ” He laughs ”Anderson had better make sure she can’t talk so she would not be able to say its not Jaime.” He frowns ”But, he would definitely make sure of that, else she would spill on him. Wait, even if she spills on Anderson and he gets caught, if Anderson dares to call his name he would off him, before he even thinks of doing that”
His phone rings. “Yep. Got those pictures handy? Nice.. Be a dear and leak it just the way I want. Distract the public for a few hours tomorrow. Great. Hope to see the news all shining times. Fantastic., and oh, I may even have another blockbuster pictures in my hands soon and you are going to love, it would be all shades of gory. Hahaha!!!”
He walks away entering his car and zooming off.


He sat down brooding. It was when Adam came to him did he realize he had lost track of time.
“Sir? Is everything okay? “
Jaime nods.
“Shall we? Everywhere had thinned out. ” Jaime looks around.
Jaime looks around, nods getting up from the chair he had been seating on and they go the limousine. He slips in. Then it occurs to him he didn’t hear someone being annoying next to him for a while now.
“Where is Alexander? “
“I thought she was with you Sir? “
“No. I left her in the hall and told her to stay put.. Don’t tell me she left. She isn’t supposed to go anywhere! “
“Let me go get her then. She may be somewhere “
Ten minutes later he comes back out shaking his head.
“She isn’t there Sir”
“What do you mean she isn’t there?” Jaime frowns.
“Like she isn’t there”
Jaime alights from the limousine and then makes his way to the few security details stepping out of the building and about to leave.
“Did you see the lady I was with? Did she leave”
“Erm… No Sir” They answer
”Did she leave?”
”We don’t know sir. “
“Last I saw her she was in the hall” One of them says putting back at the building.
“Me too. “
“So you didn’t see her leave?”
“We saw a lot of people leave. Maybe she left too with the crowd. No one is in there. “
“No one is in there? Are you sure. Did you check?”
“No one is in there. ” Adam confirms coming behind him.
“Dammit Alexandra. Why do you have to be so d--n difficult.?” He says to himself looking around, he turns to Adam ”And there is no way she would have gone to mine. Take me to the Brooks. “
“But Sir…”
He look He gave Adam had Adam turning away.

”Have a good evening Sir, if you need us you can call us”
”Goodnight Gentlemen, there is no need!”
They walk back to the limousine, enter and then Adam drives out.
The rest of the security detail leave the building. It would be shut down in an hour when the maintenance team leaves.


Anderson who had been hiding in the toilet checks his time and then opens the door. Everywhere is quiet, everyone must have gone.

He comes out and makes his way to the door. The one Anderson had told him Alexandra was locked behind.

He is smiling, anticipating the moment.
He felt harden just thinking about what would go down with both of them tonight.
”D--n Alexandra, I cannot wait to have you, it’s been years.!!” he licks his lips as he puts the key to the nob and then unlocks it.


Alexandra is seated on the floor. She had been banging and screaming for her lungs out for Jimmy to open the door and now she was exhausted. It was late. It was dark. It was obvious the room was sound proof. No one could hear her. And by this time, everyone must have gone, even Jaime.
She would kill Jimmy. She swears it.
She grabs her phone. ”Damnit!” she exclaims.

At first she didn’t have network, she would have called Tiny-B since she didn’t even have Jaime’s number. She would have either found her way down and made a scene and maybe broken Jimmy’s head with a bat. But eventually, Jimmy would have had no choice other than to open the door for her. but now, her phone battery was dead.
She was fxxked. She may have to be here till tomorrow.

She holds her growling tummy. She was hungry too.

Now how the hell was she going to get out of here? .


“If I cut through here we would get there faster ” Adam offers.
“Okay! But.. Why would she leave with here without my consent though? “
Adam shrugs.
”You know what, forget it it. I am not in the best of moods, she can have a night to herself. She is annoying and she would only make my mood worse. Let’s go back home, we get her tomorrow, and with the way this is going, it would be over by month’s end and I may not need her services anymore”
”Okay Sir”
“Dammit!” Jaime exclaims.
“What Sir. “
“I don’t have my wallet and phone with me, wanted to make some important calls” Jaime touches his pocket and looks around the seat.
“Where is it? Remember when last you had it?” Adam looks at him from the mirrors as he keeps his eyes on the road.
Jaime thinks for a bit “Back at the event centre. I had left it on the table right before the dance.”
“So should we turn back? “
“Yes. Turn. We are just five minutes out”
“Okay Sir” Adam makes a U-Turn.


She heard the door lock turn. She stands up immediately. She grabs her shoes.
She was going to hit it right on his head. Oh he decided to let her go right, he just wait. She was going to smash his face in.
The door opens. It was dark in the room. She saw a shadow of a man walk in and then pause at the door way.
“Jimmy. I swear to God if you don’t move I would make sure my heels cause you to bleed you a-----e. Locking me in here? What was your point hmm. To scare me ?”
No answer. The shadow of a man still told there.
She squints her eyes..
“Jimmy? “
“No. Not Jimmy. “
“Who are you?”
“It’s me my beautiful Alexa”
She gasps. Fear gripping her as the shoes falls from her hand. She backs away..
“Papa? “
“Yes. Papa. Oh Alexander. I have missed you so. “
He shuts the door, locks it and then begins to walk towards her in the dark.

Alexander opens her mouth and then screams.


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