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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Was it just him or this man was heading towards Alexandra Bekington? There was a look in his eyes, especially when she left her spot and then walked past him and then into the hall.

As far as he knows, this wasn’t Alexandra’s kind of circle, so who could possible know her? Or he was a random stranger drawn to her beauty, that bit was obvious with the way he looked at her.
A minute ago there was a look of surprise which replaced the other look he couldn’t quite figure out, now… it is shock because he was staring at him.

The man paused for a minute,
Was that indecision?
Their eyes meet. Holds.
”Can I help you with something Sir?” Jaime c---s his head to the side staring at him. The man resumes his gait and walks to him, a smile breaking out on his face.
”Mr Jaime Lockswire Sir, I absolutely want to applaud you and your father for always stretching out your hands and helping the communities and underprivileged. It is a huge project that your family have continued to embark on selflessly. We all are grateful for your immense love and care” he smiles.
”I am sorry but, who are you?”
He didn’t know him, haven’t seen his face before. Surely a random stranger wouldn’t be allowed within the four walls of this place, without being checked out over and over again. Not that he knew everyone who showed up here today, but he knew enough, having been working with their communities and representative companies for years, but…this man he has never seen.

He suddenly remembered the scene with Alexander, that look in her eyes her tears, the sudden way she was shaking and her repetition of ”I swear, he was here, he..he’ ‘ that look in her eyes, was it fear? Does she fear someone? Who?

If she got like that over a certain someone, shouldn’t it be a thing of worry? Who could shake her up like that. At first he thought it was Jimmy, but she said ”Not Jimmy, someone else was here!”.. Who could make Alexandra, who is feisty, strong, assertive turn into a scared mess in seconds?

Was she going through something, something that could make her stare into space and in tears like that? She was shaking literally, literally shaking.

He probably needs to find out. She was his Call Girl, at least he needs to be sure she don’t got some issues that would disrupt his purpose of having a Call Girl.

But then again, he isn’t so heartless not to be worried about what the issue is. He would have to just find a way to get into her head. She was a strong woman, even Jimmy got a dose of her feisty-ness
He too… was used to seeing her like that, a no-nonsense person, but tonight, that few minutes wasn’t pretty.
What isn’t she saying?
He shakes his head, then looking at the man coming towards him, he frowns slightly.
But who was this guy whose eyes roamed all over her, was he going to meet Alexander and was surprised when she moved away from her spot and walked into the hall? Or he was he some random person. But his face doesn’t look familiar.

The man stretches out of his hands when he gets to him, ”Hi, I am Kennedy Anderson, I work for Lonestar Petroleum Company, a representative of one of the communities listed and which showed up today Mr Lockswire”
”I do not know you, I know Mr Kelvin Todds, CEO of Lonestar” Jaime recalled ” He and my father have had a few business deals. I have been in those meetings a few times.” Jaime frowns. He has never met this man when he had to go represent his father.
”My boss.” Anderson nods and then smiles ”I know you may be wondering because you haven’t seen me before. I am not a new employee, I’ve been in the organisation for five years now but was in one of the affiliates sister companies of Lonestar. I was just recently promoted to manager after my transfer a year ago. I was probably too low a staff to be seen at the top then so there is no how you would have known me Sir.”
”And Kriss?” He knew Kriss used to represent his boss Kelvin when he cannot make it for an event.

”Resigned, got a better offer.” Anderson c---s his head to the side with a smile ”You do more than just help, you get to know the people one on one. I am sure half of the people here do not know the communities and their reps one on one, just the important ones. But that which you do is rare and good. I see why your father the Mayor is proud of a son like you. You are a replica of his visions and aspirations. The future. Your father loves you, that much is obvious with the high standards he places when he mentions your name. You are the son every father wishes he had”

”I make it a duty to see beneath the surface.” He raises an eyebrow ”You know that how?”’
”A father knows when that is love, I see it in his eyes” Anderson said. Yes, A father knows when he truly loves a child, like the way he loves Alexandra. His sweet sweet Alexa.
”Sir?” A detail calls out to him. ”They are waiting for you to begin”
”See just how important the Mayor made you, you are the beginning to everything eh, I can assume that you may very well be the envy of all the men in the room ” He laughs.
Jaime fixes a smile, sadly, this stranger doesn’t know how accurate his words were. An accuracy he would love to do without, because Jimmy, because all this is just…. Argh!
He motions to Anderson ”Shall we? We best not keep them waiting”
”No go ahead, i need to make a call to the wife” He dips his hands into his pocket and brings out his phone, placing it to his ears.
”Ahh!” Jaime nods leaving him.


After the courses have been rolled out and plates have been cleared, a few jokes around, laughter, cheers and claps. The charity event is rounding down to an end.

The Chairman climbs the stage and then allows the sponsors and the contributors to give a vote of thanks. Jacob declines, Gemmlyne reaches for his hand under the table and then sq££zes.

”You are a good man Jacob, a loving father, he loves you, know you boy loves you regardless of this.”

Jacob shakes his head. ”He doesn’t, not anymore. He is more interested in ruining his life, his reputation and dragging mine with him. I really do not care about all this, I just want the best for him, but… if he his having issues, can he not talk to us? why this, why say it in public, why… the humiliation and the bad name, what does he gain? Why does he want people to look at him weirdly, what is all this? I am angry and I do not want to talk to him because… argh Gem. I gave everything, everything, what more does he want? What more does he want for him to understand that all I dois for him, all. All this is for him, all of it.” he closes his eyes.
She sq££zes his hands.

”Mayor, would you like to say anything?”
He declines again ”I am sure everyone is tired of my face up there,” he releases a smile; everyone laughs
”Let the executive take one for the team, Mr Gibson, please do the honours” He nods to someone else who gladly jumps at it. The audience claps as he takes the mic and begins to talks.


Jaime is staring at his father. His eyes sad, he turns away and then stares down, closing his eyes briefly and takes a deep breathe ”I am sorry father, God I am sorry” he whispers.
”If you are sorry, why do you do it?”
His head shoots up, forgetting that she was seated close to him, he straightens up ”Mind your business and you heard wrongly.”
”Right, because my ears is filled with large as a cotton balls. No I heard you say ” I am sorry father ” so why the hell are you doing this?”

He turns to her, his eyes hard ”What do you think i am doing Alexandra, since you are so smart ”He lowers his voice .

Alexander places her newly manicured finger to her jaw and taps ”Let’s see, let me create a scene for you. First time I saw you, a stuck up a-----e. Been what, together for a few days and all you have told me to do is pretend to be whatever you want me to be, I mean I figured the reason you enlisted my services, well Bekky’s services was because you wanted call girl duties which also covers up for accompanying you anywhere and pretending about… who you are and what you do”

”What does that mean?’
”Like, you obviously aren’t depressed, and do not have psychotic tendencies to strangle anyone let alone yourself. You Jaime Lockswire is all pretend, as far as I can see and my question is why? You are saying and doing all this for a reason, why? You obviously want to ruin your image, and I am wondering why? You obviously are trying to ruin your father’s image and I think there is a reason for that, because you do not want to be President and doing what you are doing is killing your chances of becoming Mayor someday… and I do not get is why? Every reasonable man with your portfolio, your background and your freaking lineage should be excited but instead of running towards it you are running away from it. I checked you out Jaime, you are freaking it , I mean when it comes to business and all that, people got good things to say about you before all this stupid stunts but one day, one day you stepped out and the next thing is all shades of wrong, news on the media popping up with Jaime doing this, doing that, media is carrying this stories of bad boy tendencies, the other news house is talking about all you are doing spoiling your chances of being a good leader and how the city would want a man to rule not a boy with youthful exuberance and bla bla bla. And you do not care. You see, I may not have gone to the university and stuff, but I am not stupid. You wasn’t like this all along, something happened and you changed overnight. So, this isn’t you, the you-you were isn’t the one you are now. And this just proves it, you apologizing to your father in silence when you should go there and do it and tell him you were a stupid goat head for burying him like that, look at him, see that sadness, you caused it. You should be ashamed of yourself Jaime Lockswire!!”
He frowns and leans in ”You have no idea what you are talking about”

”Oh I do, I do!! And the sooner you realize what you are doing , the earlier you can salvage this mess. How heartless are you?”
”I am not heartless!”
”You are, you hurt your family, you are heartless!”
”Damnit Alexander mind your business!!” He says firmly, lowering his voice more.
”No, I won’t. Because you are so full of s--t and I am going to be in your face till you realize you are full of s--t, s--t !”
He stares at her in disbelief ”What is wrong with you? Such guts!”
”Oh lets see, it wasn’t up to you when your mother walked up to me with tears in her eyes then did I realize how serious and painful it is to her and your father so let me tell you this Lockswire, you have a choice, sever this contract between you and I so I can walk my a-s home or… I will make your life a miserable hell until you change your attitude towards your family and do the needful”
”My mother… she what?” He has surprise on his face.

”Yes, she told me top-”
‘To what?” He frowns
”Oh not to worry, I will just have to show you”
”Show me what Bekington?”
”Street reset style that’s what!” She has a crooked smile, he eyes her.
”What the hell are you saying?’
She grabs her glass of wine and then sips, a wicked grin on her face ”Last chance to tear that contract you made with me”
”You know you can’t un-sign yourself from it unless I agree to it and besides, the purpose you are here for isn’t half finished so…”
”Don’t say I didn’t warn you, or we can make it easy. Tell me the reason why you are doing this and then we can solve it ”
”Oh really, you think there is a reason and I ain’t full of s--t?” He c---s his head to the side.

”Matter of fact, yes I do”
He folds his hands , eyeing her ”How about we make a deal”
”As long as it is good”
”You tell me and I will tell you”
”Tell you what” she toothpicks a meat ball and then takes it to her mouth.
”Why you were crying in the hall and who the ” He ” you kept mentioning is, then I would tell you why you think I am only pretending to be this, if there is a pretends at all”

She drops the meat ball ”Fxxk off Jaime”
”My thoughts exactly. You aren’t ready to dish out yet you want someone else to do, hypocrite!”
”You have a rotten mouth Alexander”
”And you are heartless d--k” she takes her glass to drink wine again.
”Why, you want to see it?”
She chokes. He smiles .
She wipes her mouth with Handkerchief, shaking her head, She didn’t expect that. ” You are just…”
”Charming, handsome… spontaneous?” he has a sly smile.
”Ahh! that is a kind of compliment Alexandra Bekington, but unfortunately I would decline that attribute. You can have it!!”
She laughs shaking her head.


”I do not like what I am seeing ” Christine places cookies in her mouth, her eyes squinted in anger.
”Relax Christine, you will have your man back, soon”
”When is that fxxktard going to get her away from him?”
”He, as soon as I give him room for that. I just have to get her alone, then he grabs her, that would be bye bye to miss pretty”
”And Jaime wouldn’t be a problem?”
”Dude changes them like water, once he doesn’t see her he would assume she left, I assume Bekky left too that’s why he went for another chick, he would need to go find another handler and that is where you need to lure him in with all that you got, and maybe you need some help in that department, you could drug him for days, fill him with your essence and then when you are done sexing him up, he would remember why he loved you and viola, you be his number one chick and then you would make sure he steps down, I take the seat of President and then… Mayor-ship is mine”
”You know the Mayor would fight this?”
”Psst! He has done nothing but fight me, where did that leave him? No, I already have a few board members in my pocket and with that stunt Jaime just pulled about his psych and all, no one would want pretty poster boy on the board, he would be voted out and everyone would be against the old man, he would have no choice, President or not he would give in to the crowd, I get voted in during the board elect and then, I grant the old man a quick exit out of the Mayor seat come primaries, and by the November you would be staring at the new Mayor of chocolate city… baby, tell me if that doesn’t make you wet and want to sU-Ck my nuts” He laughs, Christine grimaces.

”No, I only want to sU-Ck his nuts, but sadly he is laughing with her, actually laughing”
They both stare at them.


”What are they talking bout, what is he telling her, is he her lover, is that it?”
He folds his hand sunder his table in a tight fist ‘I hope he isn’t fxxking my Alexandra, no one does that except me, no one. I need to get her away from here, I need to see her, kiss her and love her, Jimmy, give me an audience with her before I loose my mind’ He turns away from them and stares at Jimmy and Christine.

Their eyes meet, Jimmy smiles, ”Patience” Jimmy mouths.

Anderson picks his wine glass and then raises it to him in understanding ‘Patience my fxxking nuts are killing me’ he smiles at him muttering.


”Now that this wonderful event has come to an end, I would like that we sign off with the ball room dance, and of course as always, the Wellingtons would grace the floor and then others would join and we dance till out feet hurts or till mama calls” The Chairman says, everyone laugh.

”I beg to decline Gem” Jacob shakes his head.

”Nonsense, dance with your wife, do not leave me hanging my love” She gets up and then gives him her hands.

”And the Wellingtons are about to grace the floor, a round of applause everyone”
”Babe” She leans in to him ”Show them what a fine dancer you are, you got me swooning with those moves while trying to woo me, remember” she winks, he smiles.
”You never let a man wallow in sadness do you?”

”Not my man, not on my watch, come on, let’s do the wiggle -doodle”

He laughs getting up while the audience clap, he wings her to him as the music comes on. They begin dancing.

”I think we said the Wellingtons!” someone shouted from the back.

”Sir Lockswire ” The chairman calls.
Alexander frowns ”I hope you wouldn’t be stupid be get up and pull me with you?”
”Do you not know how to talk other than to have foul language?”
She shrugs, he gets up and gives her his hands ”We might as well, unless you don’t mind me pulling another stunt?”
”I do not know how to dance” She pins her hand to her side
”Oh, how sad, but no choice, get up!”
”I will drag you up and fling you over my shoulders Alexandra, you want to be tough, I invented tough”
”I do not know how to dance” She grabs her glass, he takes it from her.
”You will learn and you know the fun part, I get to watch you mess-up and that would be the height of my day, up up”
She is shaking her head, he takes her hand and then pulls her up and to the dance floor despite her protest. He swings her to him and then pulls her close ”It’s simple and-” he looks up as the music turns into a slower one ”Well, I wanted to watch you fall down while spinning you senseless but it looks like the Djs are on your side, its a slow song so, it would be easy for you. You just have to put your hands on my shoulders, just one ” He places one on his and ”And then the other, in my left hand. okay, and hand is placed in the small of your back and relax, I lead, you follow”
”Why can’t I lead?” She frowns.
”You have a problem with been instructed in doing things Bekington”
”No, I just have a problem with you” She smiles.

”Tushei!!” He nods ”Too bad, I like being in control Alexa, and you being under my contract is expected to be led, like it or not but… stop being stiff, this isn’t a battle Alexandra, I can feel your tense all the way to my bones with my hands placed at the small of your back. Relax, in a few minutes the music would be over and we get to leave.” he begins to move with her, causing her to move in the direction he is moving, pushing her legs backwards with his feet to enable her move it backwards or pulling her forward with his hand to make her come to him ”Lead and follow this is called” he tells her, she rolls her eyes ”Don’t worry, music ends soon”
”Cant wait!”
”And you shouldn’t be far away from me while dancing, it’s supposed to be a slow dance, not a distant far- away dance” He pulls her close, barely leaving a space between them. She looks anywhere but him, he smiles ”That bad huh?”
”My face, you staring at anything but my face”
”Because it wants to make me puke, I hate to puke”
He laughs ”You really don’t like me very much do you?”
”You are smart, I give you that” She nods.
”Do you even like anyone? I believe you don’t seem like the kind of girl who likes anyone, do you even like yourself?”
She laughs ”Plenty, I like me plenty” she turns around as he lifts her hands up, turns her from her waist and then brings her back into his arms . ”I just don’t like you and I do not pretend, know that about me Lockswire.”
”No, I think you are an un-likeable person yourself that is why you hate charming persons like me”
She scoffs rolling her eyes ”Charming, you make it sound like you are like…it”
”I am it, you said so yourself”
”Not in the charming way you mean, I just mean… oh never mind, can we be done with this dance already. I can’t stand this.”
He smiles, ”Stand this or me?”
The music ended, he doesn’t let her go as she made to leave ”We are dancing again” He tells her.

”But you said–” She trails off.
”I lied!”
”Right!” She frowns, he takes her hands away from his hand and places both around his neck, his both hands on her waist as he pulls her even closer ”I only stop dancing when i want, not when you want”
”Jaime Lockswire likes to have his way doesn’t he?”
”Yes, he does!!”
”Jaime Lockswire makes us feel jealous with that beautiful lady on his arm and that amazing dress” the chairman notes ,”Handler or not, they do look like a fine couple don’t they?” Came the voice from the mic. Jaime acknowledges him with a smile as others note in agreement .
”Oh till hell freezes over!!” Alexandra spat.
Jaime c---s his head to the side ”What is that supposed to mean?”
”Stupid thoughts like that can never happened”
”Why? Not that I am in the least attracted to you but why? Just curious with your outburst”
”Because you Mr Jaime Lockswire is a man I will never fancy. Period, other girls might swoon for you but all I want to do is puke, so there!!!”
He frowns.

”Please, everyone, join in, let’s dance” The chairman says, and soon the dance floor is filled with others joining in.
Jaime continuous to dance with her but is lost in thought.

What the hell does she mean? Not that it bothers him because he has no iota of attraction for her, he liked his women… that are nothing like her but it was surprising to say a woman for the first time who just discards him like a piece of rag. Surely, she was ..

Why the hell is he thinking about it, she was a spiteful woman, can’t wait to be rid of her when all this is over, or better yet when Bekky comes back.

He makes her want to puke? He Jaime? Something was wrong with her d--n eyes!!


Christine gets up ”Let them have a moment Christine, be wise, cats are wise but you are just a dog on heat” Jimmy stops her.
”I can’t stand here and watch people gushing over them like they are some couple ”

”You are right, go brooke yourself in the toilet and let out some steam” He chuckles.
”Brooke?” She stares at him curiously.
He laughs ” One tree hill? B rooke davies fingering herself and then her friend walks in and …oh , never mind. Relax Christine, Rome wasn’t built in a day” She fumes in her chair.

He stares at a group of people, he nods to them, they reply him back with a nod, he smiles and then gets up walking towards them ”Where are you going?”
”Plotting darlyne, cementing my foundation little treacherous cat”
”Whatever!!!” she chokes.
”Christine, I would soon be heading out, I am going to say goodbye to the Wellingtons and I think we should go home, it’s late” Her mother seats down beside her.
”Leave me alone mother, I already called the house to get my car, you can leave.”
”You do not want me to make a scene here mother because I will and you know I wouldn’t’ care. Get lost, you irritate me!”
Mrs Barlow gives her a sad smile, leans into her to kiss her forehead but Christine moves her head away, she turns and leaves
”Irritating woman!!”‘ Christine hisses . ”Papa would have loved me better.!!”


”I believe gentleman, we have a common goal, do we not?” He says with a smile
”Indeed we do” They reply.
”And that would be, just so we are clear, kick Jaime Lockswire off the board candidacy with our votes and when the others come here, we would stand as one, yes!!?”
”And when the Mayor comes?”
”Fear not, I know his weak spot!!” He smiles wickedly.
The door opens, a few others enters.
”Shall we begin gentlemen!!” He announces.

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