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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 22
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”I asked you a question a-----e!” Jimmy puts his phone in his pocket and takes two steps close to the stranger, he grabs him by the shirt ”You eavesdropping on my conversation huh? What are you some spy? Did Jaime put you up to it because of that c--t?” Jimmy hisses.
”Jaime Lockswire?”

”Don’t act smart with me. Who the hell are you and why are you eavesdropping on my call. Tell me before I break your face”
”You mentioned Alexandra Bekington!” Anderson states as he places his hands over Jimmy to loosen his grip.
”So, you know her?”
He smiled slyly ”Yes I do.”
”How do you know her?”
”If you take your hands off my shirt and allow me a breather, maybe I can tell you”
Jimmy eyes him, maybe this stupid fool for a stranger can give him info on that Alexandra. Jimmy lets go off him. Anderson smiles and then readjusts his shirt ”Hi, my name is Kennedy Anderson” He gives Jimmy his hand, Jimmy ignores it.
”How do you know her?”
”Let’s just say we go way back”
Jimmy looks the man down ”What would a hot chick be doing with a slug like you to go way back ?”

Kennedy smiles . ”Tell me, Jimmy is it… what problem do you have with my dau- I mean Alexandra?”
”I will be the one asking the question, I haven’t ruled you out to be a spy so get to talking before I scrub your face with the floor.” Jimmy threatened.

Jimmy smiles ”Actually, I met her once ” He began, deciding not to tell him who he really is. This Jimmy guy was calling some fool to ask him to check out Alexandra. Which invariable meant he didn’t like her and he could want to hurt her or something. No! He wouldn’t allow anyone harm his sweet Alexandra, not when the heavens has returned her back to him after all these years. He needs to find out why he is making the call and if it is anything that would harm her, he needs to protect her. She was his sweet sweet Alexandra, no one is allowed to touch her, no one but him, in places that would please him alone. He would hurt someone really bad if they lay a hand on her. The only time she is meant to cry is when he is inside her, but that was a long time ago… she is all grown up now… maybe more experienced… she would love it. She would love him. They can be together for ever now.

”Go on, cat cut your tongue?”
”Actually, can we talk man to man?”
”What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
Anderson leans in closer ”I lied. I do not know her..”
Jimmy grabs his shirt again..
”No no relax man, relax. What I am trying to say is… come on have you seen her? She is a beauty. Ever since I saw her on Tv with the Mayor’s son, haven’t been able to sleep”
Jimmy eyes him ”What are you? Some perv?”

Anderson laughs shaking his head ”No but I want her. I will pay anything just to get an audience with her. I know, you can help me. She is with the Mayor’s son and with the security, I can’t get close to her and I can’t just walk up to her and ask for her number. Help a man who is going crazy over that goddess”
Jimmy releases him ”Get lost!” he nudges him away. Who the hell let his fool in?.
Anderson shakes his head ”I have money, lots of money”
”You? Don’t be stupid!”
”I walk for Lonestar”
”A company we are helping at the moment to fund for some community projects in there?” Jimmy chuckles pointing back at the hall.

Anderson frowns, stupid Kennedy. Use another angle ”No, I mean, I have a huge inheritance off my dead wife. I, I am a lonely man Mr Jimmy”
”Find a s--t to bed you every once in awhile”
”I want her, and if you can help me, I can give you a large junk”
”You really do not know who I am do you?” Jimmy shakes his head, because most people do not, they think him an ordinary fellow.
”I know you can get me an audience… I know you can. In fact, I will do anything you want if you help me?”
His phone rings ” Yes Jude” Jimmy answers without taking his eyes off him ”Nothing, what do you mean nothing?
”Well, no records per see other than her name, facebook profile and stuff.”
Jimmy frowns ”What does that mean?”
”It means that she may have another name, or the name she goes by now isn’t her name, I don’t know. What is online about her is about she working for some joint, different joints as a sales representative…but no specifics. No info on school ,families, friends etc. No address either. The last time anything got updated about her was a few years ago, three. Before then, another couple of years. She has just a picture or two about herself online.”
”What does that mean. Doesn’t she pay tax or have a social security number, place of birth, nothing?”
”Well, that’s it. She does pay and stuff, just that anything about her is dated like 5-6 years max. Nothing beyond.”
”What does that mean Jude?” Jimmy frowns.

”It means that she may not be one of those people who likes her life all over the place, maybe a private person or doesn’t like the spotlight at all”

”Or hiding from someone?” Jimmy notes.
”Who knows but I don’t think it’s anything major, just some random chick who doesn’t have anything worthy of note” Jude says through the phone.
”I can do anything” Anderson states staring at Jimmy.
”So, you want me to create some dirt on her?” Jude’s voice causes him to stare away from Anderson, then he looks back at him.
”Well, let me get back to you on that. ”
”You said you will do anything?” Jimmy cuts the call and then stares at Jimmy. Maybe the fool can be useful.

”Okay, how about I create this audience for this Alexandra for you, you say you like her right?”
”Good, I do not”
”Why not?”
”Reasons best known to me, You see, she is causing a lot of bad publicity for the Mayor’s son and we need her off his turf. ”
”Who is we?” Oh, there are more than one person who got bad intention for my Alexa. Who is the other insignificant other?
Jimmy thins his lips, ”Me, just me. So here is what I want you to do for me and I bet you, once she is free, you can have her all to yourself, yes?”

Anderson smiles broadly ”Go ahead, tell me”

Jimmy places an arm round his shoulders as he leans in speaking to Jimmy silently as they both walk away.


Later in the evening, they are heading into the banquet area for dinner. A lot of happy faces, chattering as the camera clicks went off, people mingling and everyone wanting to thank the Mayor and his family for the charity event that was successful. Communities and their representatives trooped behind him. It was a happy chaos.

Alexandra stood silently watching and realized the reason the Mayor was loved.
She had seen him on TV a couple of times she bothered to watch. There have been unmeasured praises about him and she figured it was just empty wash-offs of most people in the government who paid people just to sing their praises, or something done that is news worthy just to get votes and people to vouch for you. Majority of them were like that, she had come to realize.
But not Mayor Jacob Wellington. Whenever he was praised during the charity, he always gives credit to his wife for supporting him, his son.. that silly Man who doesn’t know how much his father obviously loves him and then the board members and others who have supported him in one way or the other. He never takes any for himself.

”Thank you Mr Mayor, we hope by the time you leave, who ever steps in the mantle of Mayorship would do just as you have done for the community. A lot of youths are going to have an easy life from here on out; light, electricity, education and access to job opportunities in reputable companies? Mr are God sent” a few people chanted.
Alexandra smiles at the genuine smile on his face.

”No thank you Sir, we are happy to. The reason this foundation and this charity organisation was birthed under the unbrella of the Heritage group is to eradicate such issues such as these, and when we have the means to do it, why shouldn’t we? It is for the good of all and as such we would continue to do so. Thank you all for your patience..” He shakes them.
”A picture with my community representatives?” Another set of people approach him ”Please Sir?”
”Sure of course” He stands as they gather him, He beckons to the board of trustees and other members to join him.
Alexandra smiles. Yes, the reason why the man is loved is not just because he does nice things, is the fact that he does it from his heart. Jacob Wellington was a good man going by what she saw, a loving husband; the way his eyes follows his wife. A sad father; Jaime, what he said hurt the man, behind Jacobs’ hurt eyes were… genuine care, she may not know how that feels like but she but it was obvious that he loved his son and he was a good leader..that part was certain.
He would be missed obviously..
But, why does Jaime want to hurt a man who loves and cares for him? She has not known him other than a few days but, he seemed so stuck up, assertive and firm. One minute he is this unbreakable man who likes his things organised and is controlling… well, that is his own business, he wasn’t the boss of her. Then, the other, especially when that girlfriend of his cried crocodile tears, he seemed… soft. A man who never likes a woman hurting, even when he spanked her and she cried remembering what she shouldn’t, he had cared enough to pacify her with a bowl of chicken, pizza and foot massage …
She smiled remembering. Suddenly she frowned wondering why she smiled thinking about that.
She sighs.
What would have gone wrong in this perfect family to have a son want to throw away everything his father has worked for and hoping he achieves? Why did Jaime say he didn’t hate his father but yet tarnishing his own image which was invariable causing a dent to his father’s.
Why did he need her to pretend like his handler to prove a point? What was the story behind this? She wonders.
”Is it true? What my son said?”
Alexandra turns to find her standing there, she stares at her, her eyes were sad. She opens her mouth and then close it, then she says ”Mrs Wellington”
”Is it true, what he said especially about being a psychotic… depressed and the other thing. Is that why he cannot be with one woman and has to float them around him because of his peculiar desires? Are you a sort of doctor or..”

Alexandra didn’t know what to say. His stupid rules she signed restricts her from saying anything but, here was a mother who is worried about her son.
”You do not want to tell me? He has told the whole world instead of speaking with me, with us about this problem he has? Can’t he go for counselling and it stops? Will he be confined in a home if they say he is dangerous for the public, his family and-”
Alexandra’s heart pulls staring at his mother, who blinks back tears.
”Will you help him? He would’t talk to us or tell us anything but, you will help him, you are his handler, someone to help him? Is that why he keeps pushing us away, refusing his father? My Jaime is a good man, beautiful heart, he might have his moments but… all this is new to me. When he loves, he loves, never one to hurt anybody… let alone his father, He used to adore him, look up to him and stand up to anyone who, made him hurt, even to his bro- ” she trails off. ”You are going to help him will you?” She places her hand on Alexandra’s.

Alexandra’s throat closes.

Here was her, who never had mother to worry over her, care her and love her. Here was her, whose foster mother had no idea that her husband was raping his daughter on a daily. Here was her, who matter how sad, withdrawn or one cared. She had a mother who died, a father too and a foster mother who didn’t exactly care about her wellbeing and a foster father who loved to sink his manhood into her innocence.

Now, here was a mother, healthy, strong , beautiful and Jaime was making her sad, those tears in her eyes were at the brink of slipping away . Alexandra’ s heart broke for her.

If she were her mother, she would never let anyone hurt her let alone make her cry. She would never sadden her father. she would give anything to be able to see them, know them, love them, hug them..

She felt her own eyes pool, she blinks them back.

D--n you Jaime for being so heartless to those who love you unconditionally. D--n you for whatever is is you are doing. D--n you, you just wait… you just wait. I will make you sorry for being an a-s. You will apologize to your parents and stop being a jerk, if that is the only thing I do good for your arrogant a-s before Becky returns, then I will do it.

She had no idea why she resolved to do this but… screw it!

”You will help him?” Gemmlyn’s voice breaks into her thoughts.

Alexandra places her hand over Gemmlyn’s hands, she nods staring into her eyes ”I promise you Mrs Wellington, I will bring your goat -head of your son back to you, clean and straight, not some womanizer. I would make sure to purge him with voodoo leaf if i have to and use some witchy belt to belt him till he comes running home to you and his father. Good thing I am his Handler, I will make sure your boy goes back to being the loving boy he has always been as you mentioned. And make sure the only thing he wants to strangle is erm…” she thinks, maybe me because I intend to give him hell ….. ”is a teddy bear in the most loving way like a toddler who needs to hug a bear to sleep. ” she smiles, Gemmlyn chokes a small smile as she wipes a tear quickly from falling . Tempted, Alexandra places her hands to Gemmlyn’s cheeks shaking her head and surprised she didn’t hit her hands away from the audacity. ”Don’t Mrs Wellington, he is a big boy, he just needs roughening up to reset his messed up head and I would o it street-style” Alexandra winks.

Alexandra laughs ”Slang Mrs W. Slang. Don’t worry okay”
Gemmlyn sighs patting Alexandra’s hand ”Thank you.” She turns staring up stage ”I only fear the thoughts going through the Mayor’s mind. He is angry and sad and hurt all of the same time but trying to out up a brave face”

Alexandra follows her eyes, Jaime is standing beside him and talking to some investors, Jacob doesn’t spare him a glance. ”He loves his son Mrs W, everyone can see that”
”Too much, maybe that is the problem, others feel sidelined and it is causing so much problems. But sometimes I feel.. this is not all his doing and-” she trails off as Alexandra stares at her confused.

”I do not understand what you just said Mrs W?” What did she mean others feel sidelined? Was she talking about her, it can’t be Jaime right? Who are the others then? And it’s not all his doing as per how? Why would the love be too much..? Didn’t make any sense.

”You do not seem like the others he brings along?” Gemmlyne changes the subject observing.

Alexandra frowns ”Maybe because I don’t swoon to his charms or I am simply bothered or unfazed about all this or not used to the rich and fame and all” She waves her hand over the place.

”Then what are you used to Alexa… I can call you Alexa?”

Alexandra nods ”I am just a simple girl Mrs W, content in what I have… not searching for anything I cannot understand, going at it one day at a time. I may not have the opportunities like others here, but I make due with my capabilities. I am no one special, so I expect anything from anyone and try not to judge them just because. We are all different Mrs W, but how we choose to be is based on our circumstances and experience but we decide how that makes us or mar us and how it affects others”
”You sound philosophical”

Alexandra laughs ”You sound like Tinny -B”
”Who is Tinny-B?” Gem’s brows furrows curiously.

”My bestfriend, she always makes a face like that and say things like that when I open my mouth to talk..” Alexandra points at Gemmlyn’s face.

Gem laughs ”She seems nice, maybe I should meet her some time”
”She is nice and… whoa she is crazy. Jaime met her once and she nearly made him choke and as she went on and on about if we had had se–” she thins her lips, coughing. ”Gosh I am so thirsty” she grabs a glass of wine from a passing waitress and gulps it. The hell Alexa, you about to talk to the Man’s mother about sex?

Gemmlyne hides a smile at Alexandra’s discomfort . Not that it was any of her business about her son’s sexual life, but if he was into fetish nonsense, it was a concern. But then again, he said she was his handler, not anything emotionally attached, why did she choke about the sex part or unless, there is more to it than meets the eye? ”He is a fine man Alexandra, you wouldn’t be the first to fall for him. The reason why a lot of girls flock around him is very obvious, the reason why some don’t want to let go is pretty obvious too” She says as her eyes follows Christine walking towards Jimmy, she frowns wondering since when they were chummy buddies, then she turns back to Alexandra ”You wouldn’t be the last either”

”Oh no Ma’am. Jaime Lockswire isn’t my type” Alexandra waves her hands indicating a No-No.

Gem smiles ”That’s a first. Jaime is usually everyone’s type and that is not usually the response most females make when it comes to my Jaime.” she laughs
”Sadly, not for me. He is sooooo argh overbearing and argh!!And I am not most females Mrs W. But Jaime… nooo not my type.”

I do not have a type for men. I do not even like men. Alexandra cringes within her.
”Sounds like you like him already!”

Alexandra scoffs ”Not until hell freezes over. Whoa how did the conversation switch from me helping your son due to this recent behavior to… about liking your son?” Alexandra raises an eyebrow.

”I have no idea!” Gem answers truthfully laughing. Alexandra smiles.

Gemmlyne was a sweet woman , Alexandra noted. Why would her son want to allow her hurt, what kind of man was Jaime to want to let them hurt?

”Mrs Wellington, the Mayor needs you,” A security officer comes to her. She smiles at her turning away. ”Alexa!”
”Mrs Wellington!” Alexandra nods.
”Call me Gem” she pats her hands and walks up to her husband.

Alexadra watches her, her eyes darts to Jaime, he seemed quiet, withdrawn, the smiles on his face seemed forced… a sad man smiling.

Jaime her type? Yeah right!


”So, anything you want to tell me about what we talked about?” Christine leans towards Jimmy.

”Oh not to worry, I got a fool to do one better for us, soon, she would be out of the way”

”Who is the fool?”

”Some random Anderson fool who got eyes on our girl”

”Oh!! So what would he do for me do for you?” She smiles.
”Aren’t you the curious cat” Jimmy teases.

”We are sexy that way” she purrs making tiny Meowing sounds with her well manicured finger close to his face, she smiles ”I need to know everything Jimmy.”
”Okay, so this is what I had him do” Jimmy beckons her closer. She listens smiling .


Anderson watches them from the corner…
Jimmy must be a fool if he thinks he would do things exactly as he wants done. He only agreed because he would get him an audience wit Alexandra.

All he needs is to have her in a room alone, everything would work out. He has no doubt Alexandra would embrace him, love him and want him. Now that she is more mature, she would open up to him.
She would be with him for ever. He thinks to himself as he sees Christine smile, Jimmy nods.
Jimmy had said ”We”. it can’t be a coincidence that him and that lady were talking in hush-hush tone in a suspicious way and their eyes darting to Alexandra and a few darts to him. Are those two working together against Alexandra?
Well, good thing he is here, let them think he would harm her, he wouldn’t. Not in the way they think though. He is keeping her for himself, away from the eyes of other men who wants her.
He turns away and stares at her and then at the stage..
The Mayor’s son, he had noticed his eyes follow her. When he saw them on Tv he had wondered at their relationship towards each other. Now he had clarified stating that she was some counselor for psychotic people and was a handler of some sort. So his Alexandra went off to do something, albeit not fashionable with herself? He muses.

He hopes that they are not involved. Men like Jaime, with a father like the Mayor were bad boys by definition with the money, class and affluence, they had a lot of women at their beck and call. He hopes she is nothing other than his handler.

He hopes she would be as excited to see him as he is excited to sink into her very missed core.

And if she refuses him, or try to run away from him? He wouldn’t let her go this time. He is wiser, she may be older but… she wouldn’t dare escape from him else he would show her.
No one else would touch her the way he used to. He doesn’t want to know who had after him, now that he has found her, no one else will ever do it again except him.
He would keep her safe from whatever that Jimmy planned but locked away where only he can access her. And they would be together for ever.
”Yes my sweet Alexandra, for ever”
He tips the contents of wine down his throat and walks towards Alexandra who is standing in front of him separated by a few guests, chairs and bright lights dangling from the chandelier.
She was a beauty, an angel. Yes, his angel is back to him.


”Shall we venture into banquet hall already?” The chairman ushers everyone out.

Jacob links his wife’s hands in his and begin to move, he passes Jaime..
”Father?” Jaime touches his arm.
”Don’t! Just Don’t!” Jacobs says stiffly, then he walks away with his wife, she stares sadly back at her son, she turns away.
Jaime watches them climb down and disappear into the hall with the crowd following behind, he sees rubbing his temple.
Damnit!! he rubs his hurting chest. Turning away he sees her standing there, watching him.

They should leave. He should leave. He never wanted to hurt his father, but he has to push him to let him go, it was for the best of everyone.
”Sir, are you coming, they are all waiting” security personnel comes to him. He sighs nodding.
”Be right there”
He comes down stage and then turns to her, waiting.

Alexandra stares at him briefly already thinking of what to say to him .
”Coming?” He asks her
She says nothing, shaking her head she walks to him, pass him and enters the hall. He lets her pass, turning away he sighs, then he sees him.

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