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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 21
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”Are you even listening to a word I have been saying Jaime?” Christine snaps her fingers.

He stares down at her ”Actually Christine, I have not. If you would excuse me” He made to move but she stops him.
”I do not like what you are doing to me Jaime, it hurts. You used to love me, madly. Now you ignore me, let another girl kiss you and even restrict me from my house. Is she your lover, is that it, and you are pretending with the guise of a Handler. What type of handler is she to you Jaime, is it drugs? Is that why you have been acting all different? Because I know you Jaime, this is not you. This is way different than the person I knew and loved. Let me help you baby, please” she touches his cheeks. ”You need me, you do. I know you and understand your family and would be a shoulder when you need it. I am a good woman for you Jaime, why are you putting walls between us?” She sighs ”Look, I forgive you for what you did, sending me out of your house and even for her kissing you. Just don’t let it happen again. And you need to tell her to leave this charity before the board comes up. You don’t need her to add pepper to injury babe”
He touches her hands to his face and then pulls it away, he places it in his and then covers it with his.
”Christine, for the sake of our friendship and for what we had. I would please ask that you stop. Please. I loved you yes but my life doesn’t revolve around you anymore”
”Then it revolves around her?” she sneers

”What is your problem with Alexandra?” he frowns ”She has done nothing to you, why hate on her”
”She has done plenty and the most hurtful. She has turned you away from me and right now I see your eyes roaming around the place and I know it’s not me you are looking for but for that scalawag. That C--t!! That Christine-wannabe!” she spat.
He drops her hands ”Do not insult her Christine, my God, what have you turned into?”

”I would turn into a whole lot worse if she doesn’t back off you”
He stares hard at her ”But I do not want you Christine. Why are you pushing it?”
”I want you. Bu- But Jaime, you love me!!”‘
”Loved. Right before you broke my heart to a million tiny pieces but that is all in the past. I healed, I forgave you, we became wonderful friends. let’s remain so. What’s all this drama?”
”It’s no drama Jaime and I do not want to be your friend, Jaime” she leans into him, wrapping her arms around his neck and rubbing her body to him ”I do not want to be your friend. We were never good at just friends baby. I want to love you, kiss you and make love to you or you me, the way you used to. See, I got dolled up for you, smelled nice for you, shaved up real good the way you like it just for you. I would do anything you want babe. You know I know you. I know what turns you on and what makes you thick, I know all about you like the back of my hands and I know just how to make you smile, relax, be happy. ” She kisses his jaw ”We have always been good together, now we would be great. I would be by your side even when that stupid Jimmy tries his nonsense I would be there, right there with you. I know how to put him in his place babe and I told him to leave you alone, see your baby knows how to-”
”You did what?” he pulls her away from him.
”Told Jimmy to back off your turf!”
”Are you crazy Christine?”
”Look, he has no right to be all up in your face. He may be your b-”
”Stay away from Jimmy. I don’t need to have to look over my shoulders for you too”
”What is that supposed to mean?”
”It means that you of all people should know better than to instigate Jimmy. You should.”
”But I had to tell him-”
”Stop it Christine. All of you should just stop it and stay away from Jimmy, damnit!!”
”Who is all of you? It was just me. Or did your father have a head on with him? Or you mother, or… don’t tell me it’s Alexandra you worried about too?’ she sneers.
He shakes his head and sidesteps her, walking away, she grabs him turning him ”Look Jaime, I would not sit idle by while some miscreant from God knows where try to steal my man, I wont!!”
”You are crazy Christine, and to think I loved you at some point. Glad I see this madness now. Get over yourself. You can stay and enjoy the charity, but do well not to bug me with your nonsense, and do not cause a scene with my handler.” with that he turns walking away disappearing into the crowded hall, his eyes darting to left and right.
”Now where the hell did she go to?” He frowns stopping a waiter to inquire if they saw the lady he came with. Someone points at the other door. He walks towards it.


”You think I am crazy Jaime, I would show you crazy. With all the effort to look good for you, you didn’t blink. Oh, I can be a lot worse for your Alexandra, I will be. And if you think I am going to give up on you Jaime, you have another think coming. Not when I see how close it is for me to enjoy all this with you. No way. Play hard to get, I ain’t backing off! You better give in because Christine Barlow always get what she wants.”
She grabs a drink from a passing stranger and enters the hall. She sees him leaving through the other door, she follows him.


”Hello Alexandra?” his face breaks into a dark smile.

She blinks stuttering, her heart beating fast.
”Missed me?” He says coming towards her. He stops in front of her ”I told you the next time we meet, and you try to be funny, you wouldn’t like the outcome. And you did, using your stupid sharp mouth to speak to me the way you do, have you no idea who the hell I am and how I can make you disappear with a blink of the eye hmmm Alexandra?”
She blinks, unable to speak, her chest closing.
He grabs her arm ”I will teach you what I do to girls like you Alexandra, no Jaime to save you and by the time I am done with you, you would wish you never crossed my part you b---h” He attempts to pull her away with a tug.
”Let her go Jimmy!!!” Jaime appears behind him. Christine comes out just then.
Jimmy smiles not looking at him ”And if I do not Jaime boy, what are you going to do, get into a fight over a girl hmm?”
”I said let her go, I won’t repeat myself again”
Jimmy doesn’t ”What you going to do huh?” He pulls at Alexandra’s hands, Alexandra who has been in shock for the past few minutes suddenly cries out in pain as he sq££zes her hand tighter.

Jaime grabs Jimmy by the shoulder’s with one quick move, his hand closing into a fist he was going to let it go when he heard it ..
”Stop it right this minute!!!” Her voice was firm.

Jimmy and Jaime turns to look at her..
”I would appreciate that for once you both respect the Mayor and the fact that he has over a hundred people here. You stopped him from having a head-on with him earlier Jaime, now you are out here about to hit him?”
”Mother, he..”
”I do not care, stop it. Jimmy… if you rather cause more problems here than support us as you ought, I would ask that you leave”
He laughs ”You cannot ask that I leave Mrs Wellington. I decide when I want to leave and right now, I am just getting warmed up.” He says turning back to Alexandra ”See you around Princess, you should watch your back ” He says leaning towards her and then Jaime ”You too” He whispers. Then he walks away.
”Your father needs you Jaime, I expect you to behave!!” She turns walking away.
Christine who had been watching made to go to Jaime but then she thought against it as something else occurs to her. She goes towards the direction Jimmy disappears to.
Jaime turns to Alexandra who has been unusually quiet since Jimmy grabbed her hand. It was strange, the Alexandra he knew would have been yabbing her mouth off at him and maybe looking for something to break his head open with. But she right now..
There was something in her eyes, something other than what he was used to seeing. He couldn’t place it.
He goes to her.

He wanted to shout at her again for running into Jimmy and not staying away when he notices her eyes glistening.
”Alexandra, are you okay?”
She says nothing staring into space.


”Oh Alexandra, my sweet sweet Alexandra… I would like to see you again. Come to me princess, daddy loves you”
”No no please, no no please” she cried as he held her hands tight, pulling her into the darkened room. She was screaming, thrashing and begging him.
”It hurts daddy, daddy it hurts” She screams as he tosses her to the bed and pins her pulling up her plaited flowery dress and ripping her [email protected] She is screaming and fighting him off. She bites his arm as he covers her mouth.

”Damnit!!’ he curses as he pulls away from her. ”Argh you stupid wrench. You stupid stupid wrench!!” He slaps her across her face. She was thirteen then. He looks at his arm and saw a tiny blood where her teeth sank in. He became more angered. He hits her again and again and again and again. ”You stupid wrench!! Argh!!!”
Alexandra was crying, holding onto her face and then crying .

”Told you to be nice, now see what you made me do” He looks down at her fragile body heaving up and down as she cries. He gathers her into his arm and kisses her ”Oh, poor poor baby. Daddy’s girl, my beautiful Alexandra. I love you, you know that right and daddy wants to love you the only way he knows how to hmm. You know, daddy likes when he calls you you come to him and let him touch you. Daddy likes when you play pretend sleep when he comes to your room. Daddy likes little Alexandra so so much, it makes little daddy happy. You know little daddy?”
Alexandra is crying..

”Sssh my baby. Come now, daddy would make it alright okay. Lie down for me baby, lie down, ahh yes like that. No don’t close your legs you little c--t!!” He stands up kicking her a few times in the belly as she groans in pain crying out ”I said open them up for me, nice and easy. Yes baby” he says unzipping his trousers and whipping out his already hardened member, he grabs baby oil from the bedside table, pours a small amount in his hand and then lubricates himself, then he goes on his knees, separating her legs, he pulls her to him, then he begins to hum slightly…”Oh Alexandra, my sweet Alexandra, I would love to always see you again” he says right before he plunges into her in hard thrusts, un-bothered as she continued to scream and scream.


”Alexandra!!!!” Jaime was shaking her, tears were running down her eyes. ”God! Alexa, Alexandra!!!” he shakes her again grabbing her both shoulders with his arm. Worry creases his forehead.
She blinks once, twice, and then the third time she blinks staring away from nothingness and and stares at him.
”Alexandra, are you okay?”
She nods removing his hand from her shoulders ”I am fine, I just thought… I thought I saw him, heard him standing right there, right there just right there” She points to the spot Jimmy just left.
”Who, Jimmy? He just left, look, you are okay. Jimmy wouldn’t hurt you. He wouldn’t okay?”
She is shaking her head ”Not Jimmy, not Jimmy, I heard him like he was right next to me, in this room and I have had nightmares and stuff of him but it’s been years. This is so real like, I felt his presence, he was there, smiling at me, singing to me… like he held my hand and was pulling me and I could do nothing because I was scared and weak too and–” Tears runs down her cheeks.
Jaime is confused ”Alexandra, did someone other than Jimmy threaten you here? God you are shaking” He says looking at her. This wasn’t the Alexandra he knows. He had always seen her as feisty, with fire and ready to pour anyone who thinks they are hot-headed with her dose of crazy. The only lady who didn’t cower in fear when Jimmy barks. The only woman who didn’t see his charms and want all of him but cusses him at will. Alexandra he had known for the past few days was strong, annoying, aggressive, assertive and confident.
But this Alexandra was like a little girl whose demon is standing in front of her and all she wants to do is run. Who or what is making her this way?

Jaime turns around, looking at the entrance doors and watching the attendants and waitress go in and out. He didn’t see any strange person here other than Jimmy and her when he walked in on Jimmy trying to be stupid.

By God if his mother hadn’t stopped him he would have punched him. Never manhandle a woman. They were thought that while growing up .

But, no other person was here aside them. Did Jimmy say anything else to her, was it Jimmy that is making her this way? No!! She said not Jimmy, someone else. someone else.
”Who Alexandra, who, tell me!!”
She closes and opens her eyes, wiping her tears. Calming her beating heart and feeling blood back to flowing and unfreezing her joints. She turns away ”Its no one. I must have zoned out for a minute and thought I saw someone ”

”Who Alexandra that got you so ..scared like this?”
”I wasn’t scared!!”
”You were shaking like a fig leaf Alexandra. Are you going to tell me?”
”Get off my business Jaime! I am not here to talk about my private life. As yours is off limits, so is mine. So we better get back into the hall because your mother said the Mayor wants you or we can go out the door. You choice.!!”

Yes, the Alexandra he knows sounded much like this, annoying and gets under his skin . He nods.

”Whatever!!” He mutters.

She turns around, sees her phone and picks it up from the floor. She got a dozen missed calls from Tiny-B and messages asking if she was okay. She would reply it later.
She looks around.

She could swear she heard his voice and saw a glimpse of a man. But, it couldn’t be, it couldn’t be her father could it.?
Last time she saw him she was fifteen years old, it was then she ran away. And she was thousands and thousands of miles away and he had no idea where she was. She also had no idea if he was dead or alive or if they remember her. She prays that if they were alive, they never do.

But…there was no way it was her father she heard. its’s impossible. Maybe, maybe… someone was just singing that song. It was a old country song from a very popular artist, of course her father wouldn’t be the only one who knew and loved the song.
She was just being silly and.. .

She frowns
..and that fool Jimmy thought that she had become some soft chick scared off him? How dare he grab her hands. In fact, next time Jimmy, next time.

”Are you coming.?” Jaime breaks into her thoughts.

She opens her small purse she hung on her shoulders, looks at the mirror she pulls out of it, and powders her face with her loose powder. She turns to him ”Yes.”
He gives her his hand which she links her to, they go back onto the hall.


Anderson comes out from the corner he slipped into. He is smiling and rubbing his jaw.
”She remembers me, she remembers her daddy, Oh my sweet Alexandra, boy am I glad to see you again. I can’t wait to revisit all the areas I have been. You have grown into a beauty my love, aahhh beautiful to die for.” He rubs his genitals innocently over his cloth.. ”Oh I cannot wait to re-introduce myself to that sweet core of yours all mature. My Alexa, my beautiful beautiful baby girl” he laughs.

”Sir”? One of the guards spots him ”You cannot be here, everyone is in the hall”
”Yes yes, going in there now, came to make a call to the wife”
”Sure thing sir”
Anderson smiles whistling and disappears through the door to the hall.


”I see you have your claws set on his handler” Christine enters the toilet and locks the door. She had seen him go in.
Jimmy stares at her from his sideeye ”I believe the sign outside said ‘Men Only”
”I choose what I want to see.”
”Not in the best of moods now Christine, get out!”
”It’s a public convenience”
”Then when I am done you come in and m--------e wit your tiny fingers up in your hole while thinking of your Jaime” He smiles.
”You are an a-----e”
”No sweetly, but you liked it in your a-----e too, Kinky sort of thing. So who is smashing you up since Jaime is obviously not giving you some but rather parading that c--t round the place ”
Christine’s face contorts into a frown ”I am not here to be insulted”
”I don’t insult, I state facts”
”I do not like you Jimmy”
”Feeling is mutual”
”But still, we have a common enemy, if I have to dine with the devil I would.”
He stares at her now, and then zips up after emptying his bladder, flushing the toilet and goes to wash his hands, he wipes it with a paper towel and then leans to the wall. ”Oh, you hate pretty boy now?”
”Then we have nothing to talk about”
”Wrong, we do. You do not like her that much do you?”
”Who, Alexander?”
She nods, he nods ”She is a loose mouth, no one talks to me the way she does. They fear me, She doesn’t, she needs to be dealt with”
”Good. I do not like her either, she is trying to take my man”
”He isn’t your man Christine, you lost him long ago. Go bark elsewhere”
”Fxxk you!!” she spat at him flinging her purse at him, he docks but catches the bag.
”No thanks been there, done that. What the hell do you want in this life Christine?”
”I want him, I want him, all of him” She screams.
”You mean you want to seat at his right hand when he makes President of the Heritage group and eventually Mayor”
”No. I just want my man”
”Go tell him that not me” Jimmy pulls away from the wall and made to leave.
”I have but he wouldn’t listen to me”
”Should I get your mummy for you?”
”I am serious damnit.”
Jimmy laughs ”Look, honestly I am not interested in your nonsense.” He nudges her away from him but she stops him without touching him.
”How about we cut a deal, you scratch my back and I scratch yours”
”There is nothing you can do for me that I haven’t done myself”
Christine laughs ”Oh, actually, I can give you that thing you so desire”
”Not sex, you are old cargo to me”
”Fxxk you!” she spat again.
”Again, I am not interested” He reaches the door, she runs to block it.
”I would give you the seat, I can make him leave it totally for you”
Jimmy laughs ”I do not want the seat and-”
”Liar. I may be quiet not stupid, all eyes are on that seat but it looks as though Jaime is getting the upper votes because of the Mayor”
Jimmy frowns ”Mayor has been biased and selfish, yet he treats one as though the other does not exist”
”Don’t worry Jimmy, I would help you”
”Why?” he eyes her suspiciously.
”Let’s just say, I am not interested in the seat. I just want the man” she lied.
”So what do you propose?”
She smiles ”I propose that… you get ride of Alexandra, far far away from Jaime while I get into his sight and do everything to keep him. And me, I would make sure Jaime never makes it to President much less a Mayor. I just want my man, that is all. He is already a millionaire, the company he runs would last him a life time, but riches and fame is not everything especially when you have no one to share it with. I want him Jimmy. You can be president and the Mayor if you want.”
Jimmy eyes her ”If I didn’t know you I would thing you have changed but -” He trails off.
”I am. I chased money, where did it leave me? Alone, getting old and not even a d--n ring on my finger but left me for his second aunt. I do not need this baggage, just the man.”

Jimmy rubs his lips ”So get rid of Alexa and then Jaime is no longer a candidate?”
”How you going to fast track it for me because there is no time”
”Leave it to me” She curls her lips into a smile.
He nods eyeing her ”When you say get rid off, what do you mean Christine?” He fishes, staring at her.
”I don’t know. Look for something about her that would be not only embarrassing but devastating. Something that she can be scarred for life. Just get her away from Jaime that is all”.
”Hmmm, I can do something about that”
”Good, nice talk Jimmy” She turns walking away. A smile on her face.
Stupid gullible fool. You do the dirty work for me. Once you get rid of Alexandra, I step in and I would make sure he doesn’t lose sight while I make sure he becomes president and then Mayor.
she laughs
Jimmy must be stupid to think she don’t have her eyes on that seat, right next to her man.

She laughs some more, shaking her head and leaving the convenience.

Jimmy watches her live and then smiles ”Oh it just got really interesting” .
He would keep pushing Jaime to back down, and with Christine on his side, they can make sure his dreams come through as long as Jaime is out of the way. He only hopes that Christine makes it happen soon.

He chuckles .


”So Mr Mayor, last question. This is for you. The board of directors for the Heritage group suddenly raised up some concerns over your son and his activities. Does this not dampen his candidacy for the President of Heritage group?”

The Mayor clears his throat ”Not true. Yes they did raise concerns but their concerns lacks fact. Just because a young man have a few parties and appear in the news doesn’t mean he is a bad person and cannot be a good leader”

”He goes around parading girls and ending up in scandalous scenes Sir. It is not about his person but how well he can lead not going about his activities unbothered.”
”Pictures with friends is not scandalous, the news just blow up things out of proportion!!!”

”Right, a Mayor is one who should not have a black dent to his person and yet for some aspiring to be the next in line of succession for the Heritage group, you would think he would avoid such things but no! Mr Lockswire either choose to ignore it. He even brought his handler as his companion, speaking off ” They turn to Jaime ”What kind of handler is she?” they throw the question at Jaime.
Jaime throws a look at Alexandra, then he sees Jimmy smiling at him, then he looks at his father, his chest tightens.
Sorry Father, I have to.

”She is my sex therapist, and my psychotic handler. She is like a counselor because I like kinky sex, a fetish for weird things and sometimes I have the overbearing urge to strangle myself to death or someone else. She is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. So I can’t be anywhere without her.”
Everyone gasps. Jacob Wellington’s face turns into an angry mask, Alexandra’s mouth is open, she closes it.
What happened to allowing his father a bit of happiness huh.?
Jimmy is laughing ”D--n Jaime, you are a natural.”
”Sir, do you realize you just told the world you are a freak and somehow dangerous for the general public?” The newscaster interview asks him.

”Well, that is why I publicly denounce my candidacy for the Presidential heritage seat. That way I can deal with my ailment and have my handler administer prescribed drugs for me and treat me. I do not need to embarrass my family any further or cause a mess to the board. This is my final say on this. Father ” Jaime turns to him ”I believe you now understand why I refuse to be a part of your wonderful dream, let another worthy enough and who shares your vision do so, I do not”
The he turns to he crowd ”You didn’t come for me today. You came for my father and I employ that you take the torch away from me and focus on the reason why we are all here, for charity sake and let us go to the final stage. The community here in present are all eager to be a part of the wellington’s foundation scheme. We are here to change lives and what better way to do it if not to start from within. ”Please, questions are enough, shall we call on the community and finalize please? I bet you all are hungry and the food wouldn’t eat itself”
He smiles, a few people chuckle.


Jimmy turns away going out to make a call ”Hey Jude, I need you to do me a quick one; Look up this person for me, ”Alexandra Bekington” Yes!!. If you find anything let me know. Anything scandal worthy. And if you don’t, create something. Make it a quick one. Yeah, thanks man”

He turns away and is startled by someone standing behind him.

”You have something against Alexandra Bekington?” Anderson’s face is a mask of anger.

”Who the hell are you?” Jimmy raises and eyebrow.

Anderson smiles .

Her father! And I am the only one who touches her you moron.


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