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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 20
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The guest continue to clap and path the way for them until he climbs up the stage with Alexandra linked to his arm.

Jacob, beaming hugs his son and then looking at Alexandra, for lack of what to do he kisses her cheeks.

Jaime leans in and kisses his mother who lingers..

“Glad you came to support our cause son, your presence is warming. This is much your cause as much as ours..”

He smiles but it doesn’t get to his eyes.. “You look beautiful mother, like always. “

“And you can lie to others but not to me. I see the look in your eyes Jaime… Whatever it is.. We are here. Always. We love you and we want the best for you. Always. But you need to understand that this is your father’s legacy and he always wants his son to be a part of his little joys”
“I am here mother aren’t I? “
“Then be here… All in here. For once. Let the man have the joy he wants even for today. You can do that for us yes?” she touches his cheeks.
He nods.

Then he turns as the clapping seizes.
“Son, would you like to say a word?” Jacob places his arm on Jaime’s shoulders.
He begins to shake his head and stepping back when Alexandra nudges him.

“Prove me wrong right? You are already here.. Why the hell not” she whispers.
She had no idea why she bothered but.. Seeing the Mayor up there and his wife who seemed happy to see their son..

She just felt he was just an ungrateful kid who didn’t appreciate his parents effort.

If she had a mother and father who loved her like this genuinely.. She would have turned out to be better. Maybe her parents would have loved her like this. But they died.. Living her into he arms of her foster father who destroyed her innocence and to a mother who didn’t care about her much to know how she fared.

Yes. Jaime was ungrateful. If he treated them this way. She saw their eyes. That right there was genuine.

She had seen her father’s eyes.. It never had those in them. But the hunger to have her. Just like every other man whose desire is obvious… especially in their need.

But this was different. These were parents who would give up anything for their son. But he… didn’t seem to care. If only he knew how many people would give to have their both parents for a day he would appreciate his.

Well.. She was even surprised he didn’t walk out the door as he intended but came back. Maybe he isn’t so stone hearted as he portrays himself to be. Maybe.

She watches him clear his throat and placed a smile on his face.

“Hi.. Sorry about the late entrance…”

”Oh that’s fine, we wondered if we scared you” Someone says in the crowd. Everyone laughed

”Nah. So erm…as you all know, I am not one big on such social front so indulge me if I make a mess of myself being up here” He smiles, they laugh ”Anyhow… Thank you all for coming, This is ten years going strong and the Heritage group have done formidable things in time past and we would continue to do so having your support and contributions of course” they laugh again
”However, we need to understand that we aren’t doing this just so our name would be written in history, I am sure with or without our activities one would still flip the book years from now and would still see the Wellington’s name written in gold pen… but, let it be that our legacy speak for something more than just being the family who got the Mayor seat for years, let it speak that we did impact positively so that our people tend to benefit from it, without strings attached, without fear and without bondage. This charity organisation and fanfare was formed out of the notion that we would eradicate hunger, change the impoverished state in communities near and far, engage the youths and bring to zero the social vices that plague our streets. That is why when we all come together like this aside mingling, we put hands and pockets together to touch a life, cause a smile, give hope and bless those who cannot bless themselves..and as we continue to do so, more responsibilities are on our shoulders but… we do not get deterred no, because we all can afford a good sleep at night, decent meal, roof over our heads and securities to watch over us like angels with guns… but… outside our walls, there are kids starving, young girls and boys clawing the streets for survival, fathers and mothers with little or nothing to sustain their family and vagabonds loitering the streets for lack of nothing to do but to live another day by ruining others.

We are in the position we are in so that we can reach out and help and that is why this charity was born and for ten tears we have come together to do things and we would continue to do so… and I pray that God, would bless you all immensely.

Thank you all for coming and I believe my father has briefed you on the project and I-” He raises his head up to look around ”I can see representations of the Communities here so… lets get to impacting shall we? Yes!!! Welcome once again. We all are in this together, so I want to thank the Mayor for his unwavering love, he is a man of rare qualities, and of course his beautiful wife for being so supportive, and you all… each and everyone of you taking out the time to do this… thank you.” He nods. The hall breaks into loud applause’s with people nodding and muttering, some even smiling and clapping.
Jaime steps back, Alexandra whispers ”See, if I didn’t know you I would have gone… wow!! he is such a fine man with a good head but…”

”But what?”
”Who knows. That would be…out of context. Because men like you have no such qualities.” She shrugs.

”If I didn’t know you better I would term you heartless”
”But you don’t”
”Yes, so it remains…you are heartless”
She scoffs rolling her eyes, ”You are such a cry baby Lockswire, because I didn’t applaud your speech?”
”Every human did!”
”Aha! I never did tell you I was human did I?” She taps her jaw.
”Exactly, heartless!”
She laughs at his outburst, he shakes his head smiling suddenly at the way she laughed mockingly, turning away he watches as the Mayor calms the clapping ”Fine young man, my son, I bet you all would agree” he says with pride.

”Yes yes. The future!!” Some one whistles and more claps.

Jaime frowns, Alexandra notices ”It wouldn’t hurt you know… besides, you have a good head on your shoulders and your speech wasn’t half bad. It makes you look human compared to the you I met outside the escapades feeling all macho man and stuff with a black limo”
”Wow, did you just compliment me Bekington?”

”Hell no! Rubbish speech. Horrible. Bleh!!” she pretends chokes.

Now he laughs… she stares at him laughing, she smiles.

”Stupid!!”she mutters smiling again and shaking her head.


Someone across the room felt like flinging her heels across them, her target is none other than his companion with the annoying beautiful gown.

What were they smiling and talking about? She wonders.

Relax Chrstine. You have a mission right? Wait for it.

”So… lets go into the project hall, and meet our communities representatives and-” The Mayor began.

”I would like to say something Mayor” Jimmy says walking through the crowd, his eyes hard.

”Damnit!!’ Jaime breaths,
”Not now Jimmy” The Mayor drops his voice.

”Oh right now Mayor, you gave him the opportunity to talk. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be given one as well” Jimmy is standing next to the Mayor now. Jacob covers the mic..

”I said not now!!” Jacob steps closer to him.

”Jacob” Gemmlyne touches his arm.
”Father” Jaime steps closer unlinking Alexandra’s arm from his. He shakes his head to the Mayor ”Let him father”
”This is not the time or the place he gets to do what he hell he wants” Jacob whispers..
”Oh Mayor, you do not want me to do what the hell I want. I just want to give a stupid speech. As long as he gets the right to come up here, I too get it”

Everyone is looking, muttering.
”Jacob, let him, don’t let it cause a scene” His wife whispers.
Alexadra frowns.
Okay nothing was making sense. Is it just her or this Jimmy guy seem to have some audacity. He just walks up stage, telling the Mayor what he wants to do and yet no security was trying to put him in his place. Is it just her or something isn’t just right. She had seen or two people stopped from walking up the stage but have to get to the chairman if they want to get to the Mayor but he, Jimmy strolls up and no one dared to stop him.
And now challenging the Mayor..???

Her frown deepens as they continue to bicker front and back silently. The guest were curious.

She was curious. She steps closer to them.
”Okay, correct me if I am wrong but who the hell is this guy who thinks he has a right? I mean Jaime is the Mayor’s son so he has the right to do what he did, and if the Mayor says not now… dude not now. I mean, can the security just fling him out of the hall or something? It’s a charity event and everyone is watching..and I-”

”Be quiet Alexandra” Jaime hushes her.
”Me? I was just trying to understand and help but… whatever!!”
Jimmy turns to her, ”You think he is the only one who has the right to come up the stage and talk with the Mayor by his side? You know nothing girl and the next time you talk, I would hit you so hard your pretty a-s wouldn’t recognize your face”
Alexandra gasps ”Oh you wouldn’t dare Jimmy…you wouldn’t !!”
He steps closer to her ”One more word!! I did make a promsie to myself that if I ran into you again, you wouldn’t like it!!”
Alexandra steps closer to him ”I think you usually meet the wrong girls who cower in fear when you speak because this girl don’t scare easily and she hates to be threatened, Jimmy the jim”

”You arrogant b---h!!” He held her by her arm, Jaime reaches for it and hits it away, placing Alexandra behind him and facing Jimmy.

”Step away from my guest Jimmy”
”Or what?”

”Is there a problem Sir?”
Someone calls from the crowd, the security detail catches Jacob’s eyes, Jacob shakes his head for them to stand down.

The guest are muttering, not seeing exactly what is happening as their backs were turned.
”Step the hell away from my guest” Jaime repeats.

”What would you do pretty boy? Hmm… daddy’s poster boy, the future? What a laugh!” He points at Alexandra “Tell your b---h to control her mouth if not I would give her something to be useful with..” Jimmy spat.

”I am not anyone’s b---h you vile disgusting man!!” Alexandra throws behind Jaime ”How dare you disrespect me? I mean any sane person can see that a charity event is going on and you want to do what? I mean, Jaime, shouldn’t securities be flinging him out.? God!”

”Stop it Alexandra” Jaime warns.
”Fling me out? Hahahaha!!!! Oh they could, they tried but you need to know something b---h, that… there are things that cannot be avoided, and he knows that. I will deal with you later Alexandra it is?” He smiles turning to the crowd .

”Aha! family catch up is over… so… I have a speech so I am just going to go ahead with it”

Jacob made to stop him but Jaime places a hand to his chest ”Father, guests. Let him, please”

”He can’t keep doing this!!”
”Father, he can, and he will, let it!”
He talks for ten minutes about random things and a few of the projects at hand and then smiles when the crowd applauds him. He walks to Gemmlyne, places a kiss on her cheeks, taps the Mayor’s shoulders, pats Jaime’s face and then walks away.

The chairman steps to the stage and then commences the charity open ”Shall we?”
They file into the second hall.


Jaime stops Alexandra and pulls her away, causing her to keep up with him. He takes her into a room and then shuts the door, turning to her in anger..

”You do not listen do you, you just never listen. Do not instigate him, or anger him. Just stay out of his way… damnit! Alexandra”
”Why are you yelling at me. I was just trying to help. Trying to understand -”
”Don’t! No one asked you to. Just do nothing. I brought you here as my guest. My companion and we have an aggrement, a signed one… why the hell do you like to break rules dammnit? Stay clear of Jimmy ..!!”
“Jimmy jimmy jimmy! Why the hell are you scared of him, why the hell does he have the audacity to challenge the Mayor, how come he isn’t scared of being tossed out. Who the hell is Jimmy that you cower in fear like he is some god or something. He barks and you shiver” she screams back at him.

”I am warning you to stop and ignore him, I wouldn’t be there to protect next time.” he points at her.

”I never asked for your protection Lockswire, no one made you a hero and I can hold down my forte. And you just avoided the question”

”None of your business Alexandra and I mean it. Avoid Jimmy. Stay clear from him!!!” he opens the door and walks away.
”A-----e” she spat.


Christine watches them pull away from the crowd and then enter a room. She heads towards the room, but she is blocked by Jimmy.. ”Look at who is looking so sexy turned up.!!”

”Get out of my way”
He doesn’t ”Poor you looking all dressed up for prrety boy, did he notice though?”
”Move Jimmy!!” she nudges him away and heads to the room to see him coming out, she blocks him.

Alexandra comes out of the room, Christins sees her, then she notices that they didn’t seem to be happy, she smiles.

”Jaime, are you okay? Did Jimmy upset you? I figured he must be -”
Alexandra walks way.

Jaime’s eyes follows her.


Alexandra walks back into the hall in anger. She sinks into the crowd, grabbing a glass of wine.

“Stupid” she mutters.

Her phone rings. She slips out of the hall to take it.

“Hello? “

“Hey girl. So.. One I miss you. Nobody for me to disturb in the wee hours of the morning. And Two? How is it going with Mr Handsome? “

“Hey Tiny-B. I miss you too. I miss my bed. My tiny house in the Brookes and my peace of mind. And he is an a-----e”
“What did he do? “
“So we are in the charity event I told you about and that annoying arrogant man Jimmy is all over the place and I just asked a tiny question and he grabs my arm. I am like what? “

“What? He did.” Tiny -B laughs “He has no idea you can scratch his face? “

“No he doesn”t. And you know the strange part. I mean he talks to the Mayor like he isn’t scared of him. Even Jaime is all.. Let him father. Bla bla”

“Okay let me get this straight. Father? “
Alexandra thins her lips “Well…look. doesn’t matter. Jaime gets me into the room and literally shouts my head off for trying to help. Imagine that”
“So you pissed? “
“Furious.! And I come out of the room I see his girlfriend all over him”
“So he has a girlfriend -girlfriend? “
“Apparently. She keeps getting on my nerves and we almost had a fight but I was too smart for her and stuff. But anyhow.. I am pissed. “

“Okay you are all over the place I can’t understand a word you are saying. “
“Look.. I mean-“
“Never mind Alexa. Look. You are in a really cool environment so why not make the most out of it. You can get more clients from there you know. “

“True! But.. This stupid agreement with Jaime. “
“What agreement? “
Alexandra bites her lips ” Never mind. Heard from Bekky? “
“Eh, not yet. You really want to get off this dude don’t you?”
“Faster than Usain Bolt. The guy is annoying to say the least. His family is twisted.. Well he is twisted. And his girlfriend thinks I want to steal her man. Pfff!”
“So if he has a girlfriend… why does he need your services as a Call Girl? “
“He keeps saying she isn’t. But she says she is”
“Then she is irrelevant. Forget her”
“Not easy when she is all up in your face. She shows up in his house unannounced and curses me silly. She kept ranting.. “Leave my man alone and stuff”
“What does he do? “
He points it out.. “We are not dating? “
“A-ha. I see. So it’s a case of desperation? “
“Who cares. I just don’t want her in my face. She can have her man. I ain’t here for that. I am just trying to survive on my job”
“Hmm. “
“What’s hmm? “
“Yeah… Because men to you are nothing but d!cks? “
“Yes Ma’am. Horrible disgusting pigs too”
“One day.. When you fall in love with a man I would tease you till the world comes to an end. “
“Never happening “
“Never say Never. Who knows.. You might meet a man one day that would knock you off silly. You are going to swoon and your heart is going to beat thumb thump rapidly and you would swear profusely and then… your knees would grow weak and you would realize that it is the most amazing feeling and when you kiss..aahhh.. Heaven!. And when you both make love.. Oh goodness would c-m and squirt like you have never done before. ” Tiny -B laughs.

Alexandra makes a face “Sounds like a horrible movie never to come to production. Kissing a man? God… I puke. In my anger I had to kiss Jaime because I needed to show her that I can do what she is accusing me off and-“

“You kissed him? Like yourself? “
“I was trying to prove a point and-“
“He kisses you you slap him. And you kiss him he did what? “
“Nothing.? “
“Did she see? “
“Yes. “
“What happened next? “
“She manipulated him by crying and stuff. Was a pitiable sight. “
“What did he do? “
“Had to calm her.. Don’t know, don’t care. “
“Oh I see what is happening here. Be careful girl.! “
“No girl likes another to step into their territory. Looks like you are in one”
“Well.. I told him that since he has a girlfriend I shouldn’t be his Call Girl but he simply refuses”
“So he wants you around for his purposes and she wants you out.? “
“Yes that sums it up”
“Well he is a sexy fine man. Any girl would kill to be number one”
“They can go for it. “
“So you aren’t in the least attracted to this dude? “
“Tiny-B? I have never been attracted to a man all my life. Men to me are just necessary evil to pass through. I am a Call Girl. They pay for their services . That is where our partnership begins and ends. I don’t like them and If I had a choice.. I would never be with them. So stop saying nonsense. “

“Phew! It’s fine. But watch your back. Girls can do the unthinkable to get another girl off their man’s back. She is desperate for him and he doesn’t care.. Maybe he has eyes on you! “

“Oh Tiny-B maybe you drank too much already. Now you are talking stupid. “
She turns away from entrance of the hall as people come out heading to the sevice area.
Tiny-B laughs… “Nah! A girl can dream right?”

“No but I-“

The whistling peirces into her head and coming from behind her.
“…I would like to see you again. “
She froze as the phone drops to the ground.
“Alexandra!! Alexandra!!! ” Tiny-B’s voice was heard from the phone.
Alexandra turns around and gasps seeing him standing there.
He has a smile on his face.

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