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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 19
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”Are you okay? Christine Christine?” Her mother bangs on the door.
She had been trimming her garden when she saw Jaime’s car, but when she saw her daughter alight and shut the door angrily, she only feared what had happened again. Maybe they got into a fight or worse, knowing her daughter, she must have caused a scene.
That was over two hours ago Christine locked herself in her room, refusing to eat or answer her.

Checking her time, she sighs. It was nearly time for the charity event the Mayor had invited her and thus she had to go. She just wants to make sure her daughter was okay.
”Christine if you aren’t feeling too well I think you should go to the hospital. Christine Barlow, answer me will you? You are scaring me. Christine if you don’t open this door I would ask the security to break it down. Christine i-”

Christine flings the door open, she was dressed in a long blue gown, cleavage too visible and a slit that ran up for miles ”Don’t be a pest mother, I am on a mission”. With that she brushes past her mother. She follows her.

”Are you going to go to the charity event dressed like that?”

”My mood, my look mother. Get used to it” They were outside their door now, a black car with tinted glasses pulls up at their entrance, the driver comes down and opens the door.
”Not with me you are not. Go back and wear something more befitting your class”
”Oh mother you are hilarious. You do realize I can drive my car right? And I did say I am on a mission did I not? So if you think what you just said would in anyway deter me, then you have no idea what I am willing to do to get what I want”

Her mother decides to not ask what she meant, it had Jaime written all over it. Sighing she takes the stairs down, enters her car.

Christine slips in beside her ”Once we get there mother, try not to play the mother card will you? Thank you” Christine says firmly.
Her mother opens her mother to say something, but she knew it would only end in an outburst from Christine.

It gets tiring fighting with her daughter, it does.

She turns away blincking back threatening tears.


The Mayor stood proud at the near entrance of the hall welcoming guests, shaking hands and placing kisses to female cheeks.

”Oh thank you Mr. Mayor for inviting us, and as always, you outdo yourself” The woman smiles at him accepting a brief peck to her cheeks.

”We have no choice in that senator Caryne” He says to her. Then he stretches his arm to shake her husband whose grip is firm” Leister, glad you could make it”
”Ah Mr Mayor, it is for a good cause is it not? You are putting a lot of smiles on the people’s faces, of course we would always show our support by being present and by donations” they laugh.

”Mrs Wellington” Leister turns to her, kissing her hand and then her cheeks ”You look exquisite, you make him look good”
Gemmlyne laughs ”Oh that is a fact Leister, he knows that” they all laugh.

Another guest walks up the stairs and are directed to them, Leister and his wife are ushered into the hall which is a beauty. A chandelier dangles overhead beaming bright lights. A live band made up of four are singing a beautiful serenade and giving the environment the serenity it needs of warmth. They are over a hundred guests in attendance already more seem to be trupping in.

”Oh Mrs Barlow”, Gemmlyne hugs her long time friend and they kiss their cheeks. ”Welcome, I kept a special place for you to seat, I know how you hate to seat with the other board of directors who are too loud for your liking ”

Christine’s mother laughs ”Oh, they are horrid those fellows, you are too kind” then she turns to Jacob ”Always dashingly handsome Jacob.” she gives him her hand, he brushes it with his lips.

”What to do when I have a wife who pampers me silly.” they smile, he frowns staring at her, he lowers his voice ”Is all well? Your eyes tell a different story”
She lowers them turning away ”Yes Jacob, I am fine” she lies. ”Where is the rascal?” They both look behind them, Jacob smiles sadly then shrugs. ”Don’t worry, he would be here” He taps her hand.

Christine is coming up behind her, reaching them she hugs and places kisses Gemmlyne’s cheeks and then smiles at the Mayor ”Good evening Mr. Jacob, Papa would have loved to come but he is temporary engaged out of state” he kisses her cheeks. ”He sends his apologies”
”Yes, we spoke. Accepted. By the way Christine, your pitch was good. Your father would be proud, getting a seat with the board would be a good thing”

Oh I am looking further than that Mayor, She muses within.

”He is the only one proud of me” she spares her mother a glance, Jacob catches it, He frowns. Gemmlyne places a hand on his as she see his mouth about to move.
”We all are Christine, but oh sweet child, isn’t your gown too- inappropriate for the state dinner stroke charity event?”
Christine rolls her eyes ”It is good for me Gem, and what is good for the goose is good for the populace.” she smiles looking around.
”He isn’t here yet” Gemmlyne offers following her eyes.

”Oh, not to worry, he would be and he wouldn’t keep his eyes off me” With that she disappears into the hall.
Her mother offers them a smile ”Forgive my Chrsitine, she is-”
”Don’t worry about it, trust me, we understand… kids” Gemmlyne places a hand on hers, she taps it and then follows behind Christine.

Gemmlyne stares at Jacob ”Oh, poor Jaime”
”He is a man, he can handle himself.” Then he checks his time ”I don’t see him, I told him he shouldn’t miss it or else-”
”It is just barely past three Jacob, give him time”
He sighs placing a smile on his face and continues greeting more guests. After a while he takes her hand and turn to go inside when they hear him call out to them.
”Won’t you welcome me in ?”
Gemmlyne turns, she opens her arms to him as he goes to her, the smile doesn’t reach his eyes as he kisses her cheeks. ”Beautiful, as always Mrs Wellington” then he turns to the Mayor

” Won’t I get a hug at least?”
Jacob stretches his hand out to him instead, Jimmy takes it in his and pulls him to a side hug, smiling broadly..

The camera flashes bright, click click . He turns to face the photographer still shaking Jacob’s hand. The camera clicks again.
”Smile Mayor, you don’t want to look like a stuffed balloon in pictures do you?” he mutters. Then he turns him to face the photographer when Jacob turns away, then he links his arms to Gemmlyne, he kisses her cheeks and comments on her beauty, she smiles.
”See, even the queen is dazzling Mayor, be a good man and say cheese.” Jimmy nudges him as the camera clicks away.
”Jacob, indulge him will you” Gemmlyne whispers.
”Jacob, indulge me will you?” Jimmy chuckles.
Jacob gives a stiff smile ,
Click click.

”Ah, finally” he lets go of them, ”So, after you” he smiles ”Or unless you are waiting for golden boy?”
Jacob steps closer to him, Gemmlyne links her arms to her husband and ushers him away ”Don’t get into a ruffle with him Jacob, this is not the time or the place, Jimmy will always be Jimmy. ” she says ”And Jimmy, stop it! For once stop it and let us enjoy the charity and dinner”
”Of course, I intend to.” He says to them, then pulling back, he watches them sink into the crowd and is ushered upstage.
Someone walks to him, looking over his hung device.
”Good quality?” Jimmy asks without looking at him.

”The best”
”Do the needful”
”Aye Sir ” the man sinks away.
Jimmy uses his eyes to search the crowd , ”No Jaime, maybe he took his advice and wouldn’t show. Good!”
He smiles watching as the Mayor was handed the mic..
”Welcome beautiful and handsome guest to chocolate city, our city, our future and to the 2018 grand charity event we hold every year, allow me appreciate my beautiful wife and side kick for making this happen, the board of Directors, the Senatorial bodies for their contribution and various donations. the goodwill community and of course the communities in need here in present, I really appreciate everyone of you. I will start by telling you all what we plan to achieve and don’t worry, we wouldn’t be doing this entirely on empty stomachs so… that is why we have those pretty ladies dressed in aprons and customized chef uniforms to prepare something delicious, but don’t go running off to the halls…doors open by 6 pm. I am watching you” Everyone laughs.
Jimmy chuckles ”Jacob Wellington, I hate that they love you so, but they would love me better”

The Mayor continues to talk.


”Your Invitation Sir?”
They stop him at the entrance, ”Oh clumsy me, sorry” He fishes for it and hands it to the security detail positioned at the now closed door.

”Mr Kennedy Anderson, from Lonestar Petroleum Company, one of the communities representatives?”
Anderson nods ”Yes”
”Just you?”
”My boss couldn’t make it”
”Your line up?”
”Sent ahead”
”Okay, right this way, your table is number 56, but they are in the hall for event briefing”
”Sure . Erm… would the Mayor’s son be attending and his date?”

The man raises an eyes ”Why Sir?”
”Oh, I have a business preposition for him I think he would like to be a part off”
”We can direct you to another of his-”
”No, Jaime Lockswire is the man I would love to talk to.”

”If and when he comes, you would know. This way sir” The security details shows him.
”Thank you”

He was ushered in. The hall was packed, and enough room to move around.
Anderson smiles.

Hmmm, the place smelled of the rich, stinks of money. This was a happy place, but a happier place would be when it glows with her presence and when he is sinking into heaven.
He smiles, sinking into the crowd, grabbing a class of wine from a passing waiter and stands listening to the Mayor speak.


”Are you going to keep staring at me like that, like I just walked out of some hellish zoo?”

Jaime blinks one, twice then recollects himself, closes his mouth he didn’t realize was slightly open, got his heart to begin beating and calming the excessive thumb thumb sound mentally.

He frowns , okay, he didn’t expect this, not all all. He clears his throat. turning away.
”After you” He directs to the door.
She walks ahead of him ”You got lucky today, the dude you sent to me to ruin my hair had a change of heart, but I think I like the tint to the hair and my eyebrows aren’t so full. The least you can say is ”You look good Alexander Bekington”

He thins his lips ”How you look is inconsequential” he states turning to smile at the attendants.

”No sir, she looks sexy, amazing hot. Beautiful”

”I don’t see that but thank you… at least I wouldn’t have to explain a ripped dress again” He says shutting the door behind him.
He reaches his car, she is standing there. He walks to his side, opens his door, and slips in. ”Coming?”

”Erm, I am holding up my gown because it is flowing, you could help with the door Lockswire”

”I never told you I was a gentleman Alexandra”
”Never figured you out to be one too, but common sense isn’t so common. A mam should always open doors for ladies especially when she can’t do it herself at the moment.”
”Yeah right! Say please”
”Excuse me?”
”Say please, ”
”You know I can do it myself right?”
He shrugs ”It’s already past three Alexander, I hate grand entrances. I want to sneak in, and then out.”

”I would drop the gown to the floor and watch it scrub the dirt” She threatens.
”You are the one wearing it. Just add dirt girl to ripped a-s in your collection”
”You would be embarrassed” she tastes.
”Oh Alexandra, you have no idea how un-embarrassed I would be ”Infact, I welcome it, more bad publicity for m e. he didn’t add.
Alexander eyes the light water caressing the heel of her shoes. It had drizzled an hour ago.
She had picked a short gown initially, but they had picked this one, stating that she needed to stand out.
For what, she had questioned. And the attendants laughed..
”How long have you both been dating?”
She choked on the ice tea they offered her while swallowing chocolate biscuits that occupied her mouth.
”Date? Hell Na! We aren’t dating”
”Well, if you both aren’t you need to jump at it. I mean, he always gets his female companions gifts, a lot. I mean he changes them frequently and they all gush about him and stuff, some falling hard”, she nods continuing with a wide smile ”Oh that man is so fine I can c-m just thinking about him”
Alexandra makes a face ”Still don’t know what you lot see in men but… your wild thoughts. Spare me”
They look at her as though she was crazy.
”Wait, are you gay?”
She laughs ”I wont kiss a girl to save my life. I think that answers your question” She drops her drink, and slips into a dress offered for her to try on.

Alexandra urns left and right staring at the dress.
”Not gay…but you don’t like men?”
She nods
She laughs harder ”Don’t be melodramatic. I just don’t gush about men the way you lot do”
”But you have sex?”
Alexandra gasp ”Do you ask your customers such private questions?”
”My apologies Miss Alexandra”
Alexander laughs ” It’s fine. And to answer your question; Yes I do, lots of it”
They frown ”Okay we are confused”
”My aim exactly. I think I would go with the low dress’
Another attendance walks in ”Oh I found the perfect dress for you and matching lingerie and jewel set, shoes too. Here try this?” She hands it to Alexandra/
”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She pushes it away.
”Why not?”
”I looks too…white”
”Afraid of some purity?” she helps Alexandra unzip the red short dress and hands the gown to her ”Trust me, it is pale cream, silver shimmers, plus this gown would accentuate your curves but leave everything to the imagination. This is a stopper and a beauty and you have the perfect body for it.”
”He would love it, and everyone is going to die at how beautiful you look. He would have to fight off some men for you tonight”
Alexander frowns ”Don’t care what he loves, and anyone dying shouldn’t be on my account and… he wouldn’t need to fight because he has no reason to and I can hold my forte”
”What? You don’t want the man all over you? ”
”Actually no!” She eyes the dress ”Can you get me something dark?”
”You are strange. I would die to be in his line of sight and here you are and you don’t care? You are strange.” The lady repeats.
”I have been told. Black dress?”
”No, take one for the team. If his mouth doesn’t drop when we are don with you, you can come toss me out the window yourself”
”Not that I care to what his reaction would be, and I would have you know that our relationship isn’t what you think”
”Oh well. He is a man, trust me… whatever it was before, would intensify”
”Okay you are getting it all wrong”
She hands Alexandra the gown ”Just wear it, we would fix your hair, do your makeup… and baby girl, even the stoned-heart-ed devil would do a double take”
Alexander grumbles .
”It is an expensive dress, are you out of your mind, come wear it” They, three of them begin to help her with it.
”Argh! Help”
They laugh.


”Alexandra?” His voice breaks into her thoughts.
”Please can you get the door?”
He smiles, he gets down, walks to her side and then opens it ”After you”
She slips in. In anther minute they are zooming across town with two cars behind them.
”Are we being followed by those news people again?” She looks at the rear-view mirror.
”My detail, they never listen”
”You like things done your way right? Most rich kids wouldn’t mind the securities flocking around”
”I am not most kids and, the reason they are always up my a-s is because..sometime ago, someone got too friendly up close, a gun went off, a guard dropped in my stead”
She is aghast ”Someone tried to kill you?”
”I should hope not, but… no trace of who and why, only a dead man who couldn’t talk. Since then, Adam perches like a fly on my shoulders or he outs them on my constant tail, Mayor’s instructions.”
”He must really love you, your father” she says with a half smile
”That is the problem”
She stares at him ” You have a problem with your father loving you? You are strangely peculiar”
”You talk too much Alexandra Bekington”
”True that! but who cares, it’s your life”
She looks out the window ”So this charity event?”
”Ah yes, you remain my handler.. and-”
”Whatever you mean by that” she throws at him.
”You remain my handler,” He continues ”You avoid Jimmy, you do whatever I ask you to do and only speak when I require to do. Anyone ask you about my place for the president, tell them I am not interested. About the Mayor’s seat, tell them I plan to sell it to the highest bidder. About you? let them keep guessing. ”
”So point is you want bad publicity”
”Nope !!”
They are nearing the De’Castle Hotel, where the charity is being held. He stops, two people rushes to open the doors for them.
He curves his arms, and tells her ”Link ”
She eyes his arm, and the securities overhead. She sees a few photographers at the entrance and a few guests. Sighing, she links her hands as they make their way upstairs.

The security nods greeting them, takes his gold entrance card and then opens the door for them.
As they walk into the hall, Alexandra is blown away by the decor. He takes a right, and the door leading to the banquet hall is thrown open for them.
”Ahh, my son just arrived..” Jacob, who had been reading through suddenly looks up, with a huge smile on his face. Everyone turns.
”Ladies and gentlemen, allow me introduce the future, Jaime Lockswire and his… beautiful ” He pauses briefly ”Companion”
The hall break into loud applause.
”Okay, this is what I didn’t want. He never listens, this is exactly what I didn’t want. Damnit Father” He mutters under his breathe, Alexander felt him tense, then instead of moving forward he is pulling back.
”Do you hate your father that much?” She catches herself asking him, puling him back.
”Let’s go Alexandra”
She looks back at the expectant face of Jacob wellington, the smiles on his wife’s face, and the faces pf those waiting for him to enter.
”Why are you afraid of taking up responsibility Lockswire?”
”Why are you Afraid”
”I am not, I just don’t need this!”
”Because you think you will fail?”
”I… look I am not talking to you about this Alexandra, it was a mistake to come. I know what he is doing and I won’t have none of it. ”
She stops him, ”You see his face, your father’s face? I wish I had one who loved me as genuinely as he does and her, I never had someone like that and here you have it all and you throw it away. Yet you say you don’t hate them, that is a love waiting for you without conditions up there, and you are here acting like a piece of s--t instead of appreciating him in front of guest”
”Bekington, you will not speak to me like that!!” He mutters underneath his breath.
”Jaime, son? Jacob calls again.
”Don’t be an a-s, your father needs you. Even if whatever he is doing you hate which I don’t know. Your family, your business but , respect him at least, if not as your father but as the Mayor who obviously feel proud of the one he calls son with genuine love in his eyes.”

He stares at her ”You know nothing Alexandra”
”Then why don’t you start telling me”
He opens his mouth and then closes it.
”Exactly, so you can either do this. Prove me right, like you aren’t one of those stupid rich kid who has no regard for those who loves them or prove me wrong and tell me you bare better. Your choice, after all… I am nothing but a call girl so what does my opinion about you matter right? It shouldn’t’ . Jaime Lockswire always does what he wants anyway and I am just his handler.”
He stares at Alexander, then towards his father. He turns walking away.


”Oh that is such a good lad. Keep walking away, embarrass him like a good boy” Jimmy smiles from where he is sipping his wine.


Alexander shakes her head.
”Stupid rich kids and their dramas” She mutters under her breath as she faces the Wellington while the cameras click away not missing a thing and the guests muttering. She manages an apologetic smile turning away to follow Jaime out when he suddenly turns around, linking her arm with his and makes his way upstage..
The Wellington breaks into a smile, the guest resume their clapping. Jimmy chokes on his drink. He curses.


Across the room, someone smiles broadly… ”A beauty, a beauty she has turned into..” He rubs his absent bearded jaw.

He makes his way closer, and even closer, and even closer. Soon he is standing so close that if she looks, she would see him. He smiles ..

Ahhh!! This is what heaven feels like, the beauty of splendour was intoxicating.
He felt hard.
He smiles anticipating desires he would unleash.

”Dear Lord, thank you for bringing my beauty back to me” He mutters.

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