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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 18
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It happened in a blink of a second.
One minute she is coming down the stairs because she was hungry. Having woken up to the annoying other person in the room asking for a man who is old enough to take care of himself.

She had come downstairs and boom!!
Lockswire decided to choke on God knows what. As if that wasn’t enough, the annoying person was just gushing over him as though he was a kid.

He is a grown a-s man who should learn to take liquid appropriately for Pete’s sake.
Whatever he was looking at wasn’t any of her business though .

Anyhow… Back to the scene.

One minute she was walking down to the foot of the stairs, heading to where the fridge stood like a gigantic box, opening it to see what she can munch on and there is her, the annoying person… getting overly excited when Adam comes in with a gown on his arms presenting it to his boss..

Oh… the way the annoying person’s mouth dropped to the ground faster than spittle was laughable.

Even more laughable was the fact that he mentions her name. “ Alexander! “
Like… Really? She? Yes he had told her she was going to accompany him to a charity event but..

She was still trying to understand what he meant and the next thing they hear is Miss dramatic I-have-my-claws-in-him-stay-away-from-my-man throws a tantrum, reaches for the gown and goes… Rip!!
Much to her amazement and the horror on Adam’s face.

Oh the rich do have a bit of erratic crazy behaviour don’t they? And they call the poor crazy and shallow and yet… the scene before her was hilarious as fudge.

She chuckles inwardly.

Alexandra fishes for a juice and brings it out of the fridge, opens it and like Jaime she tips her head backwards and begin to gulp while she eyes the scene.

Christine was still screaming as she tore the gown which was a struggle and Adam was too shocked to even stop her.

His eyes darts to Jaime who didn’t make a move to stop her either. But his eyes are dark and they looked angry.

Oh fight fight fight!!! It’s not fun when there is no actual fight. Alexander chants mentally.
She wished she had her phone downstairs. She would have recorded the scene and showed the crazy person how horrid she looks ripping a gown that didn’t do her anything.

She would have passed for the Hawk.. a female pale cream hawk that is getting all.. “Grrrrrrrrrrrhhh” while her muscles and hands go “Rip rip !”
But no!.

She just looked like a deranged woman with disheveled hair screaming while staring at Lockswire and rip rip goes the poor gown .

Alexander laughs. Then She chokes as the juice enters through the wrong route down her throat.

Jaime throws her a look.

She clears her throat and frowns.. Shaking her head and quickly places a sad expression and acting the part of a concerned symphathiser of the “gone-too-soon-one-minute-old georgous-dress by the way”. She clears her throat again.

“Arrrhhhh!!” Christine was done. She tosses the remnants to the floor and steps on it.

Alexander tries not to laugh and point at her and go… “ Only little girls do that and… do you feel better and empowered right now venting your anger on an inanimate object and then go.. Blehhhhhhhhh! at her . ” But then again she decides against it. She rather just watch the scene unfold while she continues to enjoy this amazing.. Grape fruit juice.

Hmm .

She swallows another mouthfull of liquid. Maybe she should see if he has eggs and some pasta. There was no fun Watching a showdown without food. She made to turn when Adam shrieks..

“Ma”am Christine! That gown was worth-” he raises one hand to point to the gown and the other stationed on his waist.
Jaime raises up his index finger to stop him.

Alexander raises an eyebrow.

Typical man. Acting the boss. Alexander rolls her eyes. Okay. He is the Boss..

Christine throws Adam a hot look, her chest heaving up and down in heated anger.. “Shut up Adam. ” she spat pointing at him.

Then she turns to Jaime after throwing a dirty look Alexander’s way as she points.

“I will not be insulted and disrespected in my man’s house. Not by her. Not by him and not even by you Jaime. I came all the way to make this work and what do you do? You allow a woman be in your house. Not only that!! Then you go and buy her a gown? What charity event? The one the Mayor has every year? I used to attend that with you as long as I can remember. Okay I haven’t been around but I am back. Me..! I Should be the one you should be shopping for not her, Me! Don’t you see what she being around you is causing to your image? I mean where is she from? Who the hell is she? Can she boost of anything? I am it Jaime and have always been it. But… don’t you watch the news.? Everyone is talking about you guys and… The ratings are bad, bad for your person. As though that is not enough you intend to take her to the charity event and even proceeded to get her a beautiful dress? Oh Jaime! You can take the girl out of the gutter but not the gutter out of the girl. She is gutter” She points to Alexander. ” And I am Crystal clear water and there can only be me. Not some… whatever kind of handler she is.!” she flings gestulating with her fingers at Alexandra.

Alexandra removes the juice bottle from her lips, she turns to her right, left and then behind her. Then she turns back to Christine pointing her index finger to herself. “I am sorry are you talking to me? “

“Yes. Is there any other misplaced entity in this room aside you? And about what you did last night.. Don’t you ever dare it again.” She spat.

Alexandra laughs, literally throwing her head back and laughing. She drops the juice to the kitchen table “Oh Christine Christine. You really don’t wanna mess with a girl from the streets. But let me just assume you are on PMS and that voodoo hairstyle you got going” She indicates with her finger pointing at her own hair and then at Christine’s. “…is giving you some misplaced signals so you need to find your bearing..wherever and whatever it is. So… I would love to sit and chat but I rather do something useful with myself.” Alexander turns walking away. She would come back down and look for something to it.
If she stays here any longer she might just do something she wouldn’t regret but Christine wouldn’t be too happy about her face scrubbing floor. Rich kids can scream and tear gowns. She? A street life teaches you how to hold down a forte and put people in their places and it had little to do with talking.
“Stop Alexander” It was Jaime.
“No buddy!” she is climbing up the stairs two at a time.
“I said STOP!!” his voice was firm. Bossy.
Oh no he didn’t!!
She pauses and turns.. “No Sir.. I am not Christine and I am not your.. push-around-little-plaything. Ask nicely and I will stop. You are not the boss of me Lockswire. I think that is clear enough. You can go back to handling your… drama with the Miss dramatic.” she throws a finger Christine’s way and then continues “But you will not order me around.” She turns away and continues climbing the steps.

“Alexander. Dammit!! Would you stop…!!” She didn’t.
Dammit !! He curses “Please…!”
Alexandra pauses and turns. “Better?” She says as she leans to the wall. A man should learn manners rich or not . “Now what? “
Christine’s mouth drops again… Adam is surprised too.
Since when does a woman make him do something he doesn’t want to do.
“So what are you now Jaime, her p---y? ” Christine is aghast.
Now Alexandra laughs. “I wouldn’t use that to describe him but if that works for him and you.. Who am I to say otherwise. “
“You little wench!!” Christine made for her.
Jaime had had enough. He takes two quick strides and grabs her arm.
Shocked she stares at him in surprise “Jaime? ” she gasps.
“Let me repeat this so that there is clarity. You and I Christine have nothing absolutely nothing together. Secondly. You have no right to rip up a gown I bought for another. Thirdly. I will not have you insult my guest let alone try to manhandle her or whatever you were planning just now. And finally.. .you will be escorted home because as of this moment you have not only overstayed your welcome but you have crossed boundaries you have no right to cross… not anymore. You will be taken home by Adam immediately.

Just so you know, until you learn to behave yourself I will inform my security not to let you in on no circumstances unless I permit them. Now if you would excuse me..” he steps away from her “I have a charity to attend and as you know… It is important for my parents. And she is my date. Not you. Christine. So I would advise that you treat her with the respect you would accord to me regardless of whether she is termed a handler or what did the press call her.. “a mysterious dumpster “. At the end of the day it is my life and my problem and you will not meddle.” Then he picks up the torn gown and hands to the the Butler who just walked in, turning he heads up walking to Alexander. “Can you go out like that? “
“Why?” She raises her eyebrow.
“Get the car sound Adam” he doesn’t reply but is walking away
” I asked you why Lockswire?” Her voice stops him.

Jaime rubs his eyebrow.

Yes, Christine was a pain. A pain he thought he was long gone gotten rid off. But Alexander was a different kind of pain, she was like… aargghhhhhhh!! Calm down Jaime. Don’t let her get under your skin.

“I think it is pretty obvious why. We leave by 3 pm. You don’t have an outfit and there is no way I would get to hear an ear full of giving you a dress two sizes too small and let there be a repeat of that scene.”

Now she smiles ”I thought you liked the view of my a-s !!”

”Is everything a joke to you Bekington?”
She chuckles ”The obvious. ”

”You didn’t answer the question”

He looks down at what she is wearing.
”Oh, right. I would just rush a bath then but then again, I hope that charity event won’t be a bore”

He doesn’t answer her, he turns to Adam and Christine who are still standing there watching him. Adam’s face is one of puzzlement but Christine was…

He frowns.

”Adam, please take Christine home as soon as you get my car around. And don’t even think of putting a security detail on my tail. I can go out without them flooding my space”
He turns and disappears up the stairs.

Adam leaves.

Christine doesn’t. Alexander turns to her, ”I would feel for you but… that would just be spiteful. Then again, you caused this all on you. But… a girly advice, if you got dips for a guy, try not to come off as a jealous fit of disheveled mess, guys don’t like that”
”You know nothing about Jaime, I will have him eating out of my palm in no time, like he has always done” She fumes. ”Jaime is mine and nothing you do can change that! And not some stupid gown I tore can make him hate me, forget his pissy face, I know all his faces especially when he is deep inside of me and I can tell you it is way prettier than your a-s”

”Argh!! too much information. ” Alexandra makes a face ”I don’t need to know about your Jaime, and I don’t care just… getting in my face. You want your man, go get your man’

”If you aren’t interested in him why are you here? Because you are just a liar. You got dips for Jaime and you want him for you”
” You want Jaime, I..hmm..I am just here because well he needs me to be” She says for lack of how to put it. Not that it matters, she could easily had told her she was his call girl but that stupid contract he made her sign had the ”Do not disclose anything about yourself unless he does so himself” ”Do not talk about their client and customer relationship unless he gives permission”. A lot of ”Do not’s’ and less of ‘Do’ . Stupid rules. Annoying man.

”And what does that needs entail?”
Alexandra laughs ”Wouldn’t you like to know?”

”I would, I want to hear you lie through your teeth!”

”Ask your boyfriend”
”At least we got that right”
”Yes we did, never got it wrong but you Missy thinks otherwise. Glad we had this conversation like two adults. You get your man and me… not your business okay?”
Christine shakes her head ”I know what you are, I know why you are here. You are just a leech, knowing who he is and what he would become when the Mayor steps down, you are here hoping that he gets you to be beside him and have a heavy weight on your finger you twat!!”

”You are crazy, for real. Whatever you just said made no sense but I will leave you with your thoughts. And you wonder why he is walking the other way instead of coming to you.” She shakes her head and leaves Christine standing there.

”Oh Alexandra, you have no idea what I am capable off. You don’t. If I have to eat with he devil to make sure you are out my way, I will. Enjoy your little shopping and charity, but know this, i will have back my Jaime and i would make sure you don’t come out un-scarred” She hisses at the retreating back of Alexandra who didn’t hear her.

”Ma’am?” Adam enters ”Allow me take you home”

She turns, brushes him aside and leaves. He looks at him, then upstairs and thanks the stars Jaime had the good sense to restrict her movement to the house.

Then he smiles, Ma’am Alexandra though, Jaime got his hands full on that one. She wasn’t a push over, no soiree!!!
He laughs remembering Christine’s face when Alexandra made him say please.
”Are you laughing at me, I swear to God Adam I will-”

He winds up the divider in the car blocking her tantrums.
”Dear Lord!”

He can always claim he didn’t realize she was talking to him.

He pulls the car out of the compound and speeds her home.


”Did you enjoy your flight Sir?”
”Enjoyed my flight? My flight was delayed for over three hours and you ask me if I enjoyed it? I swear to God if I had been delayed any longer or missed it I would have sued your company”

”Our apologies Sir, we had a-”
”Save it”

Anderson grabs his bag and makes it out of the terminal. He flags a taxi to take him to his hotel. Thankfully that one was still in place. He picked the best room. He hopes that she would like it.

Before, the dark was a perfect blend but things have changed now, the light would be better to see those contours and taste the heavens between those thighs.
Yes, the room would be perfect.
He gets to his hotel.
Standing in front of his mirror he caresses his bearded jaw.
”No no no, you can’t go looking like some monkey brought from the zoo. You gotta look sharp. Sharp and handsome for those beautiful eyes ”He smiles. He reaches for his clipper, puts it on and takes it to his face. Then he begins to whistle a old country song by his all time favorite artist.
”Good morning Sir, how may we help you today Mr Lockswire? You usually send your detail but I hope you didn’t have a problem with the gown we sent?” The pretty attendant smiles at him.
Jaime shakes his head ”No, I actually needed to stroll. I wonder, can you fix her into anything that wouldn’t rip off?” He says throwing a look towards Alexandra. She looks across at the lady he nodded towards. She was new obviously . Then she stares back at Jaime and nods, she beckons to another attendant and whispers into her ears, she looks at Alexandra, nods, smiles to Jaime and disappears.

Alexandra is seated flipping through a fashion magazine when she heard her name and what he said. She shakes her head wondering why he didn’t just send another person with her instead of coming himself.
It was bad enough that they had to share a car coming here.
He didn’t say a word to her and she didn’t mind at all. There was nothing they had to talk about and their relationship of client and Call Girl didn’t leave room for it. She was quite content. She didn’t see a need to get her a gown, but then again, Lockswire tends to have his way.

She shakes her head seeing him walk to her checking his time.
”Ma’am can you follow me please?” A lady walks up to them.
”Did he pay you to toss me out the window?” She doesn’t look at him, he raises an eyebrow.
The lady laughs ”Hardly, come while I give you a gown that is befitting that figure”
”Right!” she stands up.
”Oh, goodness your hair is in a horrid state and look at your pale skin, we have just the thing for you”
”Oh no, you aren’t touching my hair it is fine like that and my face is okay by me” Alexandra shakes her head, Jaime looks at her, he silently agrees, she looked wayyyyyy better than Christine.
Then he frowns remembering that scene. He sighs.
”See, He doesn’t think so”
”Who cares what he thinks!” Alexandra throws.

Now Jaime’s frown deepens ”Actually it does look like a heap of rotten hair, and you won’t go out with me looking like that. ”
”I am okay, it is fine. If you don’t like my hair and my face you can be your own d--n company, not that I care though. One less moment with you is heaven.” She thins her lips.
She shrugs.

The lady smiles at Alexandra whispering ”Allow the fine gentleman to take care of you if he wants, you better enjoy it while it lasts honey. He got the dough to pay so let him and besides, i need the money and you need to look hella sexy for him”
”I don’t need to look no hella sexy for no one. We would take the gown, that is all. I have no intention of letting anyone mess with my hair”
Jaime beckons to someone. Let’s see about that . ”Hairstylist?”
”Yes sir!”
He gives him a card ”Do whatever you feel like with her hair and get someone to pluck out all her eyebrows and make her look as deathly pale as ever”
”You wouldn’t dare!” Alexandra shrieks placing her hand on her head as way of protecting it.
”Money talks, bullshit works Bekington.” He turns away ”I would be back by 2:30”
He disappears out the door, a wicked smile on his face.
”That would teach her”
What does she mean she can’t be sexy for him, what the hell was that? it wasn’t as though he wants her to be sexy for him but why did she have to sound as though..
He frowns pushing her away from his head.
”Jaime Lockswire, she is getting under you skin in ways that are inappropriate” he mutters entering his car and zooming away. He would make a quick stop at the company, have a brief meeting, head home to change and come pick her up.
He sighs..

He wishes he didn’t have to attend. He really did.


Jaime returns wearing a black tux with a red lapel.
”She ready?”
”Yes Sir, here is your card and the necessary fees deducted. I would go get your date”
He nods turning away and scrolling through his phone.
”Sir, Miss Alexandra Bekington” She says behind him.
He turns to her first giving her a small smile and turns to stare at Alexander who is walking towards him.
His heart literally caught in his chest.

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