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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 17
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He was having a cold beer when he suddenly chokes seeing the news. He quickly drops the beer bottle loudly on the table.

The lady beside him frowns ”Honey, look at how you messed yourself up!” She says reaching out and using the napkin to dab the patch to his shirt. He frowns hitting her hand away.

”Stop it I am fine” He takes it from her and cleans his mouth. He doesn’t stop staring at the screen. She follows his eyes.
”What, why do you have that look on your face as though you just saw a ghost? Are you okay?”
”I’ll be dammed! It is a ghost come back to life. I just found what I thought I lost!” He says pulling at his beards. His eyes shines bright as he smiles.
”What do you mean?” She frowns.
He turns to her and a frown appears on his face realizing that he wasn’t quiet, ”Nothing woman”
He grabs his wallet and then his jacket.
”Where are you going to?”
”You do realize that I have to be in the city in a few hours, I need to sleep. Bills won’t pay themselves”
”But you are going out?”
”No, just going to make sure my travel arrangements are in order and nothing causes a hold up. I can’t afford to miss he- I mean the engagement. It is very important for my business and I have been given an audience with the man himself.. I best be there on time and visible too. Do not wait up”
He was out of the door before she can stop him.
She frowns staring at the TV. They were talking about the Mayor’s son in the city and about a mysterious girl.

Sighing she turns the channel to watch her favorite soap opera as that didn’t exactly interest her.


Alexander pulls her lips away from his and stares at him. He is looking at her, unable to speak for a few seconds.
Christine’s mouth was still open.
Alexander turns away from Jaime and then swims out of the pool and then gets to Christine. She grabs a towel from the chair and wipes herself dry.. ”That is what I would do if I am planning on stealing your man Christine and as you can see, he has no problem with me savoring his lips. So I do not think it is me you should be worried about because I do not give a s--t about him. No hard feelings but you should choose your battles wisely. You can have him though, like I said, I am not in the least bothered.” She walks away and then comes back ”And you should pick your mouth, it hasn’t left the floor since I hit that pool” With a smile Alexander walks away picking up her cloths and leaving.
Jaime blinks a few times. He suddenly found his voice.
”What the hell just happened?” He says more to himself than to her.
Christine watches Alexander walking away and is tempted to run after her and then push her head to the wall and watch it crack or go crazy on Jaime for allowing her kiss him.
Like, what the actual hell!!.
She is boiling in anger ”You let her kiss you?”

Jaime suddenly realize that he is still dazed.
Okay, the last time he kissed her, she slapped him.
”Never kiss me!!” wasn’t that what she said?. She never kisses her client and she went ballistic on him when he did it. He made a mental note to never do it again even when he did it the first time it was to spite her because she was so annoying, and he saw how she angrily reacted as though she hated it with every fibre in her body and well…the slap to his face was still very fresh albeit a day old. But still..
She warned him sternly not to ever try it again.
Now out of the blue, she strips and then comes to kiss him, why? He was too shocked to even stop her and next thing she was out of the pool, saying something to Christine and disappears.

What the hell was that?
”You kissed her? You don’t let me even brush your cheeks with a wet kiss or come close to breathing you in yet you let her kiss you and you didn’t stop her? You don’t even let me touch your arm or wrap my arms around you without you wanting to pull my hands away as though I am made of dirt but you let her wrap her hands around you and kiss you. Yet I get the third treatment? I cannot believe this… you let her kiss you while I am standing there Jaime and-”
Jaime comes out of the pool, ignoring her, he walks past her, grabbing the towel he drapes it round his waist and leaves her talking to herself.

Her mouth drops to the ground a second time.
She staggers in shock holding her chest, now she really felt dizzy as the shock vibrates through her body.
”Did Jaime just… pass me without saying anything , did he just..whoa!” she holds her head. ”I need to seat down… I need to” she holds the chair and steadies herself.
Earlier she had pretended to faint. Now she really did feel faint.
Yet the anger within her was causing her to boil.


Alexander is angry.
Silly annoying person. God!! Who the hell does this Christine think she is? Stupid! How dare she come and think she can get her all riled up and she wouldn’t bite back. Well it serves her right. Just because she doesn’t like men doesn’t mean she didn’t know how to make another woman jealous.
She should have just let her be when she told her she didn’t care about her Jaime but she went too far, insulting and threatening her, now she went and kissed that annoying person Jaime Lockswire just to shut her up.
She hated kisses. God! third thing invented
that shouldn’t have been.
She wipes her mouth angrily.
All because she had to teach that Christine a lesson she kissed Jaime. She never kisses her clients and she slapped Jaime for it.
She angrily dabbles her mouth with water as she enters the toilet and spits out.
Maybe Christine should fight to get her man’s attention instead of bothering with her. She would be gone soon and she wouldn’t have to be worried about her.
But no, she comes barking up the wrong tree.
She wipes her mouth again.
”Stupid annoying girl and equally annoying man, they are perfect fit.’. Mr and Mrs Christine Jaime Lockswire.!! Stupid duo!!”
”Okay… I think it would only come in order if I get to slap you because that was what you did to me when I kissed you.”
She is startled to find him behind her.
She frowns, ”Look Jaime, whatever that was- just to prove a point”
”No! I do not think you allowed me a conversation Alexander before you went for the face”
She frowns ”Didn’t you hear me? It was to prove a bloody point to your girlfriend”
”What point? And she isn’t my girlfriend Alexander!”
”Whatever just keep her away from me because she is so… arghhhh!” she sq££zes her hands tight together and then closes her eyes shut. She takes a deep breath and then releases it opening her eyes ”Whatever she is to you I do not care but you need to tell her we have nothing together because she has it in her head like I am some competition she needs to conquer and get the trophy which is you and I already told her I really do not care and she can have fun but I do not get why she is all over my face. If you had a girlfriend, why are you paying the services of a Call Girl when she can be anything you want hmm? Now I have to be in this circle that don’t make sense and she trying to burn my a-s with some jealousy iron… I did not sign on this Lockswire so you better tell her what’s up so she can relax her claws because my fangs would rip it off!!”‘

Jaime frowns ”So let me get this straight, you kissed me to prove a point to Christine, and that point would be what exactly..?”
”Are you deaf?”
”No, selective with what I choose to listen, You make it sound as though I am such a horrible person that you would feel disgusted to ever give a s--t about. That is irrelevant though but… the way you sound Alexander, is heartless!!”

She shrugs ”I tell it as it is Lockswire, I really do not give a d--n about your person. I am here to do a job and I would do that which is servicing you and being your Call girl, if and when Betty comes, she comes back to resume where she ended from. Me? I would be off to another duty so really, I do not care, you are my client and the relationship and conversations we have is within that context. Nothing more. So… tell your girlfriend to back off.”

Alexander walks away not letting him answer.
Jaime follows behind her about to say something when they find Christine in the room, she was crying.

Alexander pauses in the middle of the room, rolls her eyes and then goes to the couch after putting on a night shirt.

Jaime sighs, ”Chrstine, what now?”
”I … I do not understand what I did wrong Jaime… you just… you just..” she trails off crying.

”Come on Christine! ”

She stares at him and then at Alexander ”What is so special about her Jaime? What? You would never ignore me before. Never! what is so special about her?”
He looks at Alexandra, she smirks “Your problem champ!” then she turns away.

Jaime sighs ..

Dear Lord, who brought her back to town.? He doesn’t need this extra drama, not at all. He had too much to deal in his plate, Christine was just adding to it and he had not the time or patience for it. If not that they had history and she was the first woman in his life he fell in love with. She would have been tossed out of the door but like they say.. You will always have a soft side for your first. And he had always hated to see her cry. And she knew that.

He goes to her, bending ”What are you doing?” he asks her silently.

”The only thing I know how to? Love you…and yet you discard me like a toilet paper because of her. I..I can’t even kiss you yet she does”

”What are you doing Christine? You sound as though we are dating. We aren’t… what are you doing?”

She throws herself at him, crying .

At loss of what to do he let’s her hold him. She clung to him, really tight and sobbed.

In ten minutes she had no intention of letting go. He gets up with her still sobbing on his shoulders, he lifts her to the bed and lays her on it, lying beside her. Hoping she calms down.

Knowing Chrstine, there was no way she was letting him go tonight. She was stuck on him like glue… literally.

So he lays with her, his mind drifting to the pool and the sudden kiss from Alexander who slapped him for doing it to her.

Prove a point? He shakes his head.

So she can decide on her own terms to kiss him and prove a point and yet when he kisses her out of spite she slapped him? And since when has he become a “Proof of Point?” person? The audacity she has is unsettling. One minute she is running her mouth. The next she is refusing to do as told and another she is slapping him and next next thing proving a point.. What?

Bekky was… calm and knew how to behave. But Alexandra was.. In fact. ..

He shakes the thoughts away.

He lays on the bed with Christine close to him, his thoughts drifts again to the next day. He wished he wasn’t going to attend the charity event but his father was not taking no an answer.

He sighs, he can’t wait till all of this is over and he gets the peace and sanity he had always wanted. Soon, he prays soon it would come to that. He only prays Jimmy doesn’t pull a stunt or better yet.. He and Alexander don’t make a scene like last time. He would have to rein her in before they go. He also needs to get her a dress for the event. He would put Adam to it.

He frowns suddenly realizing that because of Christine, Alexander was lying on the couch in the middle of the room. He made to get up but Christine held him down.
”Please don’t leave me” She sobs.
He says nothing but lays back down. He raises his head to stare at Alexander who isn’t paying attention to them but the magazine she is flipping through.
He should ask her if she is okay and wanted to go to the guest room but..

No! He didn’t want to sleep beside Christine .
He instead turns away and closes his eyes.


Gullible man! He can’t see right through her. She is such a manipulator that Christine. wasn’t her business. It was theirs..
Alexander thinks to herself as she spares them a glance, she shakes her head. She continues reading the magazine. Soon, lying there she falls asleep.
So did Christine. But he remained awake.
He gently moves Christine away from his body getting up and walking to where she is.
He has a frown on his face, turning away he goes to the wardrop, grabs a thick blanket and covers her up.
Not that he cared though because he really didn’t. For a person as annoying as her, a little cold wouldn’t hurt but still, he wouldn’t want her falling sick on his account and in his house.
Proving a point? That is against the rules. He should get a list of the rules and a stapler and staple it to her head. Maybe she would know what to prove and what not.
He shakes his head and leaving the room.


It was Christine’s voice that woke her up the next morning . She was looking for Jaime who wasn’t in the room.

Alexandra draws the blacket over head, then she frowns.

She didn’t remember having this last night, how come? Did she do that sleep walking thing again and got the blacket? But from where though? Or was it Christine? Hell no, until hell freezes over would she care. Or was it Jaime?
When did he do it and why? He had a woman in his arms last night, why would he even remotely care about the health of a Call Girl?
Strange. Men are. She never liked them one bit.
”Jaime, where did he do?” Chritine throws at her.

Alexandra doesn’t answer her, She instead gets up going to the bathroom. Christine stops her ”I asked for Jaime !!”‘
Alexander removes her hand ”Not his mama Christine.” She disappears into the toilet.
Christine storms out of the room. Alexander followed a bit.


Jaime went for a run earlier, then the gym and then he took a swim before taking a shower in the guest room downstairs. He already sent Adam out.
He hardly slept, his mind was occupied.

He opened the fridge, taking out a bottle of fresh juice and closes it. Opening and tipping the contents into his mouth he watches first Christine coming down the stairs, anger in her eyes which were directed at him. She looks disheveled. Not a good sight in the morning especially with that face.

And then behind her was Alexander wearing her night shirt that stopped above her knees, legs that ran up for miles and a face which glowed. He could guess the colour of her undies if he tried. She seemed to like matching undies. There was red and white she had worn which he had seen. The day he brought her home and then yesterday when she entered the pool. Or… maybe this would be pink because the strap was visible from her right shoulders. Her curves where visible even in the shirt. Her skin… looked radiant. She was a sight for sore eyes in the morning.
And when she looked at him..

He chokes literally coughing painfully as juice went through the wrong hole.

He curses as he continues to cough.
Christine rushed to him..
“Baby are you okay? “
Alexander frowns. She pauses at the staircase and stares at him with her big blue eyes.
She should say something..right?
But his girlfriend seems capable to help him so.. Heh! She shrugs coming down the stairs and opening the fridge
Christine hands him water and then rubs his chest. “Are you okay Baby? “
His feat of coughing died down as he drank the water. But his eyes are not on Christine but on Alexander.

Wasn’t she going to say sorry? She can’t be so heartless after causing me to choke and..

Why did he even choke?
He thins his lips and clears his throat.
Adam walks in, takes a look at the scene and then hides a smile.

This literally looks like a man with two wives. One trying to please her husband and the other who doesn’t give a rats a-s literally.
He observed Jaime and sees him darting eyes to Alexander.
He coughs clearing his throat.
“Sir, I have the dress for the Miss.” He held up the dress towards him.

Christine looks at Jaime and then back at Adam..
“You got me a dress? Oh baby was it to appease me for last night? Oh my love. You always get me gifts when you upset me. I can’t believe you remember. Oh… How lovely.!” she claps leaving him and then going to Adam to take the dress.
“I didn’t get a dress for you Christine. It is for my date to the charity dinner”
She turns to Jaime so did Alexander who has a puzzled expression on her face.

“Your date for the… I not going to be your date? Is that dress not supposed to be for me? “

“No. That is for Alexander and she is my date. “
Christine turns to Adam and then she does the first thing that comes to her head.
She grabs the dress from Adam and..

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