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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Once they get to her house, she gets down and goes inside.

The road is dark save for the street lights two houses behind them.

“This neighborhood isn’t safe for ladies” Adam says more to himself than to him.
Jaime looks out the window. “I don’t think our friends from the night before would dare to show when they see the red car”
“I mean generally!”
“I know. Talking to some prospective about this place. Once I finish up with that community school. This is next and besides… I think the Mayor got plans to make this place as peaceful as it ought. The dangers of living here is more than 56%. That is a high toll. No one is safe here”
“You shouldn’t be here. It isn’t safe for you either”
“Right!” Jaime is pressing his phone. By now, even the 9 0″clock news and four other news station was carrying his face and that of Alexander.
Adam turns to him “Speaking of the Mayor. He isn’t too pleased. What are you doing? ”
“Asking me as a driver which isn’t your place or as a bodyguard which isn’t your place either. And we aren’t friends so.. ”
“Asking as the most loyal person you have on this side of the street. What are you doing Sir? I mean… I mean I get how hard it is to be raised in that family and stuff and everyone expects the best from you and stuff but this… this isn’t you. Known you for a few years to know the kind of man you are. First it was Miss Christine that changes you and now..all this is attributed to who.. Jimmy?”

“You are overstepping Adam”
“No. I care.”
“Don’t.! You aren’t paid to do that”
Adam sighs. “Well your father isn’t pleased and he almost bite my head off so I am under a duty to make sure to keep you from doing any more stupid things”
“You can try Adam plus if I kick you off my detail nothing the Mayor can do. He may enforce you but you wouldn’t be up close like this with me. No one is indispensable Adam. You may be loyal but you are still a bodyguard and a driver. ”
Adam turns away. “Sometimes I hate you Sir. ”

Jaime smiles “Feeling is mutual. But what to do? ”
Adam smiles. “You know.. I think Ma’am Alexander is just what you need. Someone to ruffle your feathers a little for being a d--k. Excuse my french”
Now Jaime laughs.
Adam hasn’t heard him laugh like that for a while. Maybe he was right, this Alexander would soften him a bit or not.
Adam smiles. Jaime could let go of him. But he knew he wouldn’t. He tries not to overstep but sometimes.. Jaime let’s it pass. Like now. But still! He was a driver and a bodyguard. Just because Jaime takes it easy on him, it still doesn’t mean he shouldn’t know his place. Not everyone can be as nice and tolerating as his boss when he wants to be.

“Sorry Sir” Adam says apologetically.
Jaime says nothing. He looks out the window. “I can’t be what he wants me to be Adam. I won’t. There is too much at stake, and there is my peace of mind, my sanity? I rather..” He sighs ”This is for the best. Soon it would be over and done with and then everyone would be happy”
Adam says nothing. He wishes he completely understood Jaime’s reasons. But all he gets were hints here and there. Nothing which actually made complete sense.
They turn when they see Alexander leaving her house.
“You do realize that it is a ripple effect. What you do causes ripple effects. Pulling people in while you are trying to get out”
Alexander is nearing the door.
“They get paid for their pains.’’
”Still doesn’t make it right. And yours? Does the pain stop? Are you free from it all?”
Jaime says nothing. He sighs.

Alexander enters the car. “We better get this over with then.” She had a frown on her face.
Adam spares Jaime a glance and then put the car on drive. They head back to his mansion.


“And where are you going to Christine. It is late! ” She stops her.
“To meet my man. I will not stay and watch him become this.. Casanova and especially not with her. I am going to show him what he is missing and I am going to make sure he gets back to loving me as he ought to. ”
“Oh Christine. You do realize that they are together right now right? Going by the indication of the news?”
“Don’t care. Jaime loves me still. He just doesn’t know it yet. He needs to be reminded.”
“But Christine you cannot force a man who once loved you after you left him to love you again. Let him be for your sake and for his. He deserves better. ”
Christine looks at her mother aghast.
“And I am not the better version of what he deserves? You make me sick mother. Don’t even know why I didn’t listen to father and move in with him all those years ago. He always supported my decisions. Always! And he never questioned me”
“You father spoilt you Christine.”
“No mother he understood me and he wouldn’t be fighting with me right now or hit me like you did.”
“I love you Christine. And I am sorry for hitting you but you went out of line, but we both know you aren’t here because you love the man or want him back for you. You want him for what he can make you. That is wrong. I raised you better!”
“No mother. You made me a p---y. I raised me better so… there! Look I don’t have time for this. While I am busying bickering here with you God knows what they are up to. And I am not about to let that happen… whatever might happen. Handler or not, I don’t like her and I don’t like her around my Jaime.”
“Argh mother I swear to God…” she trails off and walks out of the door. Entering her car and zooming off.
Her mother grabs her phone and dials Jaime’s number.
It didn’t go through.
She sighs.
She was a mother and she knew when her child was making all the wrong decisions. She told her then but Christine refused to listen to her. Right now she was making another wrong decision.
She turns away her heart filled with pain.
Where did she go wrong with her daughter? Where?


“Help her with her bag Adam if you will. ”
“Yes sir”
She turns to face him as Adam leaves walking ahead of them.
“So are you going to tell me what is going on?”
‘’Nothing is!’’
‘’Bullshit! What the hell is going on? Are you going to tell me or not?
“No! ”
“Look I deserve a right to know. Why are you being followed and stuff? ”
“Really? My father is the Mayor. Are you seriously asking that? ”
“I am asking what is going on because knowing he is the Mayor, shouldn’t you have a good sense to not want to spoil your image knowing that it also tempers with his? ”
“Look I go out of my house, I am in the news. I speak to a girl, I am in the news. I fart, I am in the news. Dude, my life is likened to a celebrity, in fact we are in a country where you have a little something to your name or born into wealth and your entire life is news worthy. You watch TV, everyone who is anyone is in the news, good or bad. How is mine different?’’
“It is different because your father is the Mayor and you come off as someone who has a bit of sense which is what I thought but it is apparent you lack it. When I went into my house, I literally had to Google you up and all I see is you doing this and that and it all resolves around some girl or the other or you causing a scene here and there and I am like okay, not my business right. But just today, just today I have my face all over the news with people asking who that mysterious girl is and pegging me to be another one of your mistress and a number fifteen on your list and that you went from the rich and classy to the dumpster. Look, I do not know which game you’re are playing or the angle you are working, but my life has always been private and stuff. Look! I am a Call girl, a stripper. Not a worthy profession so I do a lot of shits to get by, but I do it privately. So I do not need my face posted for the whole world to see and start digging just because I happen to be the company of the bachelors bad boy and lady’s man. So… I have a right to know what the hell this is because those who don’t want people in their business would shut it down but you seem as though you expected it. And me… a dumpster? They insulted me and degraded me to trash’’
He is staring at her “Look Alexander, I am paying you to be my whatever girl. My Call Girl, my companion, “my whatever girl’’ you get? And you signed a contract’
“It didn’t have a place where the whole world gets to know about my business and want to know who the hell I am and stuff about me. Hell that isn’t part of the deal.’’
“Why? Is there something in your past you want to hide?’’
She opens her mouth and closes it “I don’t want people in my business Lockswire. So you either get them off your turf and out of my face when they are following you about what else I am ending this contract’’
‘’You can’t! ’’
‘’I can and I will’’
‘’No! You signed that you would be in this contract till Becky returns. ‘’
She scoffs ‘’When this contract is starting to affect me wrongly. Fxxk it!’’
She was angry, he could see that.
‘’Look Alexander, really, they would always follow me around and stuff and I am sorry if it sort of offended you okay. But, really there is nothing to it’
‘’There is everything to it. But like I said, you expected it. Why though? That dinner, your father, the Mayor wants you to be president of what again? Don’t you think having this wrong public shows can hamper your candidacy? I mean, if I understand how politics works, the saint-er the better your chances, but all I see you is trying to dent your image or this is just your person ordinarily.?’’

‘’This is me, I like to do what the hell I want and besides, I don’t want what he is offering’’
‘’Oh I see, you want the Mayor seat then?’’
He frowns ‘’No!’’
‘’What do you want Jaime Lockswire?’’ She folds her arms.
‘’Me, he wants me!’’
They turn seeing Christine standing behind them.
Jaime frowns, Alexander shakes her head continuing ‘’Well, guess that is the answer to that then.‘’ She turns and walks away.
She was in no mood for the drama that Christine girl was going to bring.
Jaime looks at her retreating back. He turns to Christine ‘’Making an habit of showing up unannounced Christine,. I don’t like it’’
‘’Do I need to call when I come see you? Since when?’’
‘’Since everyday since a few years now. What do you want? Really not in the mood Christine. I would have Adam take you home’’ He held her arm leading her away, she brushes his hands way,
‘’No Jaime. No! Look I saw you on in the news and I will tell you straight up. I don’t like it’’
‘’What you don’t like is inconsequential Christine. What do you want?’’
‘’You Jaime, You. I want you, I want us and… I can’t stand the fact that you are with another woman. You used to love me insanely and… I came back for you. I want us and…’’ she leans into him. ‘’I love you Jaime, always have and always will. You just need to let me show you how much more I can love you’ she wraps her arms around his neck. He pulls her hands away.
‘’Stop it Christine’’ He nudges her slightly away, he turns around and calls out to Adam as he left her standing there, Adam answers ‘’Take her home!’’ he is walking away when he heard her scream.
He rushes to her seeing her on the floor. ‘’Christine?’’
She had fainted.
He curses as he lifts her up, Adam and the staff and security come to him.
‘’Should we call the hospital Sir?’’
‘’No. She… has this dizzy spells every once in a while especially when she is stressed’’ He curses again as he takes her into the house and then upstairs. ‘’Don’t worry about it. She would be fine, Just get me some aspirin and water”.
‘’Okay Sir’’


Alexander is taking a shower when she hears voices. She dries herself, throws on her PJ when she comes out to meet Adam leaving the room, she looks to the bed to see Christine on the bed, she is drinking water and Jaime has a hand close to her cheeks which he caresses it faintly ‘’You okay? How is your head?’’
Christine sees Alexander just then, she turns to Jaime, she raises her hands and touches his own hand he placed to her cheeks ‘’Better now, I am so sorry for being a klutz, fainting like that and causing you to panic’’
He shakes his head ‘’I know how your fainting spells get, it isn’t your fault but you can’t just show up here unannounced anymore Christine, this is… different now’’
‘’I… am sorry,’’ She lowers her lashes.
He sighs ‘’And you can’t keep saying that thing you keep saying, times have changed and nothing is the same, let it go’’
She stares at him, a sad smile on her face ‘’I should go’’ She made to get up.
‘’I will have Adam take you home’’
‘’No, I can go home myself I just have to get up and-’’
‘’Whoa!’’ He catches her as she fell on him standing up, he lifts her back to the bed,.
‘’It’s fine Jaime, I can go home’’
Jaime curses under his breath, he shake his head ‘’No, I obviously can’t let you go home like this, You are staying here tonight, just, relax okay?’’
‘’If you insist!’’ She looks at Alexander ‘’I do not want to be a bother to you both’’
Jaime spares Alexander a glance ‘’It’s fine’’ He turns away running a hand over his face.
Christine smiles at Alexander. Alexander frowns. She folds her arms.
Was it just her or this Jaime guy was stupidly blind, It was obviously written in black pen that Christine was faking it all. Especially the way she kept darting her eyes to her.
What? Does she think she cares?
Alexander nearly laughed.
Wait! Does this Christine think she and Jaime are lovers, is that it? Because it looked like she was playing the jealous girlfriend trying to get her man back.
Alexander laughs inwardly.
Oh poor Christine! You have no competition here lady. I am not even remotely attracted to your man, this… thing we have is a client and customer thing, and if there is going to be sex it is strictly customer and client based. Nothing emotional attached, nothing happy attached… once Becky comes I am out that door and back to my work.
So don’t fuzz. Get your man, just stop faking the fainting thing and be threatened by me.
Alexander scoffs as she shakes her head walking to the sofa chair.
And Jaime, such a klutz, doesn’t he have eyes,
She shakes her head again and grabs a magazine, good thing this chair is comfortable. They can have the bed.
She spares them a glance, in fact it was good this Christine was here, she wouldn’t have to warm his bed for contract number that concerns that.
Sex was the worst thing to have been invented. Men were even the worst project God embarked on too.
She turns away and flips the magazine.
She only prays this weekend comes and goes, God knows what kind of charity event he says she would be accompanying him to, and by God if she runs into Jimmy and he tries to be nasty towards her, she would show him street style.

Silly arrogant man!!!


‘’Where are you going to?’’ Christen grabs his arm as he made to get up.
‘’Going to take a swim.’’
She smiles ‘’You always do that!’’
‘’Force of habit especially when I am trying to relieve stress.’’
‘’I know right, you look so stressed.’’ She touches his arm and then his face ‘’Come lay down beside me, the way you used to do. You used to feel better doing that.
Alexander pulls down the magazine and stares at them from across the room. Christine sees her, she caresses his arm again.
Jaime looks at her and then her hand, he shakes his head pulling her hand away, she frowns, Alexander coughs and turns away. “Sleep Christine’’
He gets up, pulling the covers over her, he places a kiss to her forehead and leaves the room. She smiles and stares at Alexander, but Alexander didn’t see it.
As soon as the door shuts behind him, she seats up and stares at Alexander who is back to flipping her magazine.
‘’It would be best you pick your lowlife self and leave while he is taking a swim, You aren’t blind to see that I am being territorial’’
Alexander drops her magazine ‘’Knock yourself out Christine, it doesn’t bother me none’’ She takes the magazine back to her face.

Christine gets up, takes several steps to her, grabs and flings it away ‘’I want you out of my man’s house now. I don’t know who you are or what you are but I do not care, Jaime is mine and I won’t share, you are making him look bad. He looks better with me, get out or I will throw you out you disgusting person trying to steal my man!’’
Alexander gets up ‘’You do not want to mess with me lady, I just told you, I don’t care what you want to do with him. Your man, your lover? whatever, enjoy. I won’t bat an eye okay?. I am not going to compete with you and besides if you want something so much you should be there trying to get it instead of coming to me. I am just going to be here and mind my business’’
‘’I don’t want you here that is all. Get your dumpster self out!!!’’
Alexander shakes her head smiling ‘’One more insult Christine, one more?’’
‘’What would you do?’’
‘’What you wouldn’t like obviously ‘’
‘’What hit me? You would be sorry because Jaime would descend on you!’’
Alexander laughs ‘’No darlyne, I would hit you where it hurts!!’’
Christine nudges Alexander’s chest backwards, Alexander almost falling staggers but holds on to the chair, ‘’I will have you know that I took fighting classes Alexdumpter. So get lost before I break your face!!’’
Alexander is really pissed. Now, she was going to get it ‘’It is Jaime you want right?’’
‘’He is mine, I don’t want him, I have him’’
‘’Good, and I told you I don’t care so why won’t you leave me alone huh?’’
‘’Because you are in my face and you are distracting him from seeing me!’’
It clicks.

‘’Oh!! Thats why you are masturbating all over my face right?’’
‘’Christine is aghast, ‘’Your foul mouth!’’
‘’You know what would be foul?’’
“When I show you what a competition really is!’’
‘’What do you mean?’’
‘’Watch me!’’ Alexander pushes her away and then heads for the door.
Christine calls her name rushing after her.
‘’Where is the pool area?’’ Alexander asks the butler.
The butler directs her leaving the house to his quarters,.
He knew Christine; she had always been trouble since day one. It was best to stay clear from her.
Alexander finds her way there with Christine tailing her,
‘’Come back here Alexander.!!!’’
Alexander ignores her and makes her way downstairs to a secluded area to the pool.
They enter to see Jaime taking a dive. He sinks in and then shoots up, wiping his face and frowning.
‘’Christine, what… you should be in bed’’
Then he sees her ‘’Alexander?’’
‘’Come back here Alexander!!!’’ Christine tries to stop her.
Alexander turns to her ‘’You should have listened to me Christine, but since you are hell-bent on not doing that but insinuating crap, this is how to take a man if I wanted.’
Then she strips, wearing matching red undies. Christine watches with her mouth wide open.
Then Alexander turns and takes a dive into the pool. She swims to Jaime who had suddenly paused in shock.
Getting to him. She raises her head out of the water and goes to him.
Alexander, don’t think, don’t even think . She tells herself.
Getting close to him, she wraps her hands around him, brushing her body to him, she pulls his head to her and then kisses him.
Christine’s mouth hits the floor.
Jaime, was too shocked to stop her or even pull away as she kisses him.

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