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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 15
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He didn’t take his eyes off her till she walked out of stage wearing nothing but matching red lingerie and leaving very thirsty h---y men behind to desire her.

The cheering lasted for long and only died down when the casino games came on.

He leans back on the chair, his thoughts pensive.

“Erm… Hello, earth to Jaime. I know she got that effect on everyone. You good or you need somewhere to go wank off that congealed c-m you got in your sacs?” Tinny-B asks him winking at his lower section, he doesn’t follow her gaze.

“Do you always have to say the first thing that comes into your head?”

“Yes. Like can I tell you what just entered now?” she taps her jaw tentatively.

” No. I rather not hear it” He says looking at his watch.

“Oh Jaime, you are no fun. but I would tell you anyways.”

He ignores her picking up his glass of wine ”Don’t you have a place to”
”Tiny-B!! And not at the moment”
”Right!” he sips his wine.
”Well as I was saying, I got something in my head and I think you should know”
He says nothing .

”Okay, So I got to tell you something about Alexander..”

His ears picks up ”What about her?”
She bites her lips, then she leans in and beckons him to come closer with her finger, sighing he leans closer.

He notices her face is really serious. He wonders what she wants to tell him about Alexander.

Close enough, she whispers ”Do you know her full name is Alexander Beckington?”

He frowns pulling away from her and staring at her .

Her once serious face turns into a feat of laughter as she roars throwing her head back and laughing, pointing and slapping her legs as she points to his face.

”Hahahaha! For real pretty boy, you sure love gossip. I was just messing with you and stuff.” She laughs again.

Jaime wonders if she was crazy. He wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.
”So what’s your story pretty boy?” She nudges him with her feet under the table, he frowns.

”Do you mind?”
”Yes!!” She smiles ”Tell me what is your story”

He presses a button, she frowns when he does so, then she looks at him ”Hmm, pretty boy doesn’t want to have a conversation with me.” she pouts.

”Yes Sir you called?” A lady walks in, she was one of the attendants.
”I am sorry, is this not supposed to be the VIP section, why was she let in?”
”She said she is a friend and you were expecting her”
”Really?” He raises an eyebrow at her.
The lady looks at Tinny-B, then back at Jaime, ”My apologies Sir, Tinny-B, if you will” she steps aside for her to pass.
”Nope, I am staying right here. we are friends, he just doesn’t know it yet”
”You are disturbing our client and Ricky wouldn’t be too happy about this”
”Screw Ricky… ssshhh don’t tell him I said so though. I need my salary before he butt kicks me outter here. Don’t worry missy, I would be out in a minute, just keeping him company for my friend. we were having a good time … yes Jaime boy..right, right, rigghhhhhhhhtttt?” she pokes him a few times playfully.

Jaime’s frown deepens as he brushes her hands away ”Can you take her out please?”
”Yes Sir”

The attendant pulls Tinny-B up and pulls her along with her. Tinny-B breaks free and rushes back to Jaime, she throws herself behind him hugging him from the neck and placing a wet kiss to his cheeks before he could stop her.

”Something to remember me by pretty boy!” She says right before Jaime pulls his face away from her. He quickly cleans his face getting up.

”Get her out!!” He orders.

Then she is dragged away by the attendant. She blows him a few kisses laughing as they both disappear.

Shocked about the entire scene, he stands watching the door closE, hoping that it doesn’t open and she comes rushing back to him again to pull another stunt.

Then he replays the whole scene in his head.
”Crazy person!!” he wipes his cheeks again and sitting down.

The door opens, he turns getting up immediately to wade her off if she was the one.

”Alexander?’ He exclaims in relief when she strolls in.

She frowns walking to him, dressed in an extremely short-shorts showing off beautiful long legs and a see-through net top that showed off a nice b---m fitted into a yellow bra. she raises an eyebrow..

”What’s with you, why do you have that face ?”

”A crazy person was here trying to unhinge my person with her crazy-ness. I thought she was the one” He replies.

She looks at him up and down, and stares back at the door. Then back at him, a smile at the corner of her lips..”Don’t tell me you met Tinny-B?”

”Yeah, I did, sadly.”

Her smile broadens ”You do know that her middle name is crazy?”

”Good to drop that all of a sudden. ”
”Oh, what did she do to you?”
”Aside trying to ask privy questions, a wet smack to my cheeks and wanting to find out if we did the-” he trails off frowning .

Alexander laughs reading his entering statement. Oh Tinny-B is a class act crazy girl. She obviously knew what Tinny-B came to ask him.

”You think it’s funny?”

She is still laughing ”Yes it is. Here… unless you don’t mind that on your cheeks, you can wipe it off”

”What?” he eyes the handkerchief she gave to him.

”Erm… a beautiful red lipstick” She points to his cheeks.

He wipes his cheeks again, then he looks at his hand ”Oh”

”Here” She hands him hers.

He shakes his head, dipping his hands into his pocket to bring out his. It is neatly folded. He takes it to his face and wipes.

”You are doing a horrible job smearing it all over, but hey it’s your face” Alexander shrugs.

”Since you got such a big eyes, why don’t you help ”

She scoffs ”If you need help all you have to do is ask nicely. It’s your face by the way not mine, it was your kiss not mine” She smiles ”Tinny-B likes you, maybe you don’t mind switching us. She would obey all your rules since I give you a hell of a time” She laughs, he doesn’t share in it. He wipes his face.

”Apparently you sent her”
”Oh I wish, she is a big girl. She can unhinge you all she wants I don’t care.” She turns away and heads to the door.

”Alexander” He calls after her following her outside ” You do realize I have been waiting for you right? ”
”Yeah, So?”

He sighs. Don’t get angry Jaime. Let her get under your skin.

”I sent Adam to go by your house to go pick you up but no one was home”
”Well, I work, am not a stay-at-home-Call-Girl Mr Lockswire”

”For next time, if we make an appointment, try to keep it” They pass the bar and are heading outside.

”We didn’t make one, You said I would be moving in with you, I agreed for the sake of this stupid call girl duty until Bekky comes back, and we decided that it would be tomorrow which is today, but we didn’t decide where you would be picking me up from Mr Jaime Lockswire . Get your facts right” They are outside now, she is going under the chains and stepping onto the pavement, looking right and left as the cars pass by, she made to cross the road, he quickly reaches for her and then grabs her.
”Where the hell do you think you are going?”

She frowns at his hand ”Eat. I am starving ”
”Okay so why didn’t you just say so instead of walking away as I was talking to you”
”Right! I have to seek permission for that?”

”Please” She moves his hand away ”I am hungry and I am going to eat at the corner of smiths. So you are welcome to join me, but pretty boy’s like you with daddy being the lord of the city wouldn’t be cut dead in a place like that. So, why don’t you go back to your pretty limousine I see parked over there, and I go eat. Or better still go home and send the driver, I should be out in a few. I don’t want the place soiling your fine looks Mr Wellington”

”It is Lockswire Alexander” His eyes dims.
”Oh-kay, whatever! if you say so.” She turns and continue to walk away. He doesn’t follow her.
Adam steps up beside him ”Sir? I can come back for her, let me drive you home”
”She is just a stubborn wrench”!! He exclaims .

Adam says nothing. J aime was right about that one, but still… it was good he wasn’t getting his way for once. Adam hides a smile.

Next thing he knew, Jaime is taking off his suit and tie, and dumping them on Adam’s shoulders. he rolls up his sleeves, taking his wallet, he is walking away, Adam stops him.

”Oh no you are not Sir, that place isn’t safe”

”Go back to the house Adam. I will take it from here”

”You do realize that they are people who would want to take advantage of the fact that you are on your own and with no security?”
”I told him you didn’t need one”

”The threat on your life a few months ago warrants you to be guarded twenty-four seven Sir, please, let me escort you to the car”

”Get back home Adam, and that is an order!!” Jaime tells him and walks away, disappearing round the corner.

Adam curses ”Stubborn!!!”

He takes his phone and places a call.

”Yeah, bring His car around, yes. ”


”Oh my God this is heaven” She throws in a large chunk of chicken into her mouth, licking her hands she takes ketchup, pressing a good amount on top of her fries, She takes a finger, twirls it around on the smeared ketchup, and takes it to her mouth ”Yummy”. She grabs her cup of coke and then drinks. She was enjoying her meal and scrolling through her phone when a someone slips into the chair opposite hers.
”Hey…the-” she trails off when she sees who. ”I was enjoying my meal until a second ago. Shouldn’t you be in your mansion eating from a large table of delicacies ?”
He doesn’t answer her ”I have a question, do you always have to be stubborn wanting your way all the time?”

”Maybe, do you always have to be stiff and set in your ways?”

”Yes. the world doesn’t work without some form of order. I am a well organised man and I plan my day as it goes. Nothing has to happen unless pre-planned but you seem to be messing that all up for me by just being you. You should have remained home and I come pick you up, but no. I show up at the club to come get you and you still find a way to get us here”

”I didn’t ask you to follow me Mr Lockwire. A girl has to eat”

”You could have eaten in your club”
”I could if I could afford the meal. Here it is cheaper, I save a few bucks. We aren’t all rich kids born with a silver spoon and daddy gets to give you everything you want” She says chewing .

”I worked for everything I have now Alexander”
”Right!! Find that hard to believe. The limo, the house, the money and affluence, all daddy. Don’t be shy, it’s fine. If I had a daddy like that, shouldn’t I be the happiest on earth”

He eyes her ”What my father owns is his, a father desires to make a child be as great as he. It is only normal to want to give his child all that he owns. But as soon as I could walk and think and work… I have fought for, achieved everything I own… and my father played little to no role in it because I wanted it that way. And maybe if you were such a respectful little girl, maybe your father would have given you the world, but no, all you know how to do is run your mouth without thinking Alexander. Not everything is black and white as you think it is. There is a colour which everyone don’t see, and that is grey and I have been in the grey all my life so you don’t know nothing, and you do not have the right to insinuate my wealth is from my father just because he is the Mayor. I wonder, what does your father do, run a s--t house to have you parading almost naked giving men wild ideas. Did he inspire you to do this?”

Alexander had stopped eating, her eyes suddenly pools ”You know nothing Lockswire.” She gets up leaving her food and walking away.

He swears.

Jaime look at what you have done again. She just gets under his skin with her rotten mouth now she can’t take the piss.

He gets up following her and stops her right before she stops a cab.

”Alexander wait!!” He grabs her arm to stop her. ”Wait..!”

She turns to him ”You do not talk about my father, you do not mention him and that was such a horrible thing to say” She points at him.

He is taken aback” Whoa you didn’t think it unfair to talk about mine and make me feel like a rich spoilt kid who doesn’t have a mind of his own but you almost want to cry when I give you t-t for that. You are selfish and inconsiderate”

”And you are an a-----e!!!”

”Great. At least we have that out of the way!!”
”Yes!!” She turns flagging a cab. He curses, he really needs a call girl and Bekky isn’t back and God knows he can’t go back to Rick and ask for another before he gives him Tinny-B or whatever her name was. He would go crazy.

”Hey Alexander..okay, I apologize if what I said offended you but you need to rein in your tongue. ”

”It did okay. And there is nothing wrong with my tongue, it is just fine”

”Oh it is sharp alright, for a woman it isn’t appropriate”

”For a man, you should have a little dignity”
He scoffs . She really was a stubborn woman. Turning things around was her specialty. Fine. They would go nowhere with the bickering and it didn’t look as if she would step down.

He sighs.”I am sorry, okay. Can we just go back inside and you finish your meal”
”I don’t want to. Lost my appetite” She frowns.

He sighs ”How about I treat you to a decent meal. I can have the chef prepare something”

She sniffs, blinking the tears away ”Nope. how about you take me to a five star restaurant for your sins”
She smiles .
Oh, she did it again, play him with those tears. Stupid him. Oh well, he might as well make good on his word.
He stops a cab and they enter.
”Echelon Heights”
Adam follows behind them.


”Sir, we can’t let her in dressed like that. We have prestigious guests here and they would feel uncomfortable” The manager approaches them.

Jaime opens his wallet and then brings out his gold card ”I am sure they wouldn’t mind.”
The manager looks at the card and back up at him, he nods ”Of course Sir, right this way”
Alexander smiles ”Oh Jaime Lockswire getting a pass with his slutty Call Girl just because he is the Mayo-”

Jaime looks at her, she thins her lips, then takes her hands to it ”Bad mouth, bad mouth !!” She hits her mouth walking ahead of him and to the table arranged for them.
Jaime shakes his head and takes a seat opposite her.

”Order for what you want.” He gives her the menu. She does so excitedly.


An hour later he is paying the bills.
“I have a charity this weekend and you are coming with”
She wipes her hands “Would I be meeting that disgusting person in this charity? ”
“Do me a favour, ignore him”
“Why? If he as much as-”
“Alexander! if you wouldn’t listen to anything I say.. Listen to this. Stay away from him. If he disturbs you come to me but do not lock horns with him ”
“You sound as though you are scared off him” She frowns. “What’s your deal with him? ”

He gets up “I am not. It’s not your business”
“Right! Jaime Lockswire the typical a-----e is back!” She gets up.
He thins his lips not wanting to indulge her with a reply as they exit the restaurant.
Adam is parked at the entrance. A frown on his face.

“Just so you know Sir, the paparazzis are here. Got some cameras smashed but.. Looks like you would be in the news again”
Jaime says nothing, Adam steps out opening the door for them to slip in.
“News for what? ” Alexander is curious.
“Speaking about right timing ” Jaime turns his phone sideways and stares at it.
“ And for the exclusive, the play boy is at it again with a different damsel. This time they are seen coming out of the Escapades with her wearing some scandalous outfit and it looks at though they are having a bit of a lover’s quarrel as they are seen in the corner of Smith’s not befitting a prince. And there again.. A bit of an argument there. Guess Lover boy isn’t such a gentle fox. The lady identified by an anonymous source is called Alexander, the handler. . (Which is what he refers to her as), Is he into drugs now or some fetish craving this days?. Who knows.
Our inner source noted that he had taken her to the banquet for royals but a little squabble within with the famous Mr J. had Alexander being whisked away like a sack of rice over Prince Junior’s shoulders. Talk about rich and scandalous!!
But now… As you can see! The lovers are sharing a meal in the Echelon Heights five star Restaurant and it looks as though the guest aren’t too pleased about her looks because that isn’t a delivery five-star-restaurant worthy. You can take the girl out of the gutter but you can’t take the gutter out of the girl. You can see she isn’t a prim and proper lady by any standard going by the way she munches those chicken wings in a jiffy. It’s beginning to feel that he has such a poor taste in women. It went from the beauty Christine Barlow,(Though years ago affair gone sour) to… various class of women to even the lower class and many other things Prince Junior has been involved in lately.
But hey, he is a grown man, but we wonder… has he no idea how bad this looks on paper? Oh well, that is none of our business.

Would he stick to this one or would our playboy be off with some random chick with so much drama before the month runs out? Who knows!

In the meantime, who is this mysterious ”Alexander ” girl? The only info we have off her is that she is his ”Handler”, any juicy details would be appreciated. Anyhow, the female acquaintance have been politely loving but she obviously has him sweating more than usual. What a sight!. It looks as though he got his hand full on this one.

This is Gossip entertainment and we bring you all the real-time scoops never been seen. ”
Alexander turns to him and then to Adam and then she looks out the window wondering. “You mean to tell me that.. We have been photographed and videoed all this while? ”

“Drive Adam” He doesn’t answer her.
She looks at Jaime “And this doesn’t bother you or make you furious? ”
“It is to be expected Alexander. Don’t worry you would get used to it. ”
“Look I don’t want my business shown all over the news just because. It wasn’t in the agreement ”

*Too late. Drive Adam”
“Great!” she leans in folding her hands.


Jacob mutes the TV. A frown on his face. He dials a number. “Correct me if I am wrong Adam! Aren’t you supposed to make sure he stops appearing in the news for the wrong things “”
“I did Sir. But they must have saved it elsewhere or uploaded it already so me collecting their cameras and smashing the card changes nothing”
“Fix it Adam!! ”
“It is life Sir, there is nothing much that can be done”
”Make sure this doesn’t happen again”
”Yes Sir ”

The line cuts.

Gemmylyn reaches for his hand and then sq££zes it.

He seats down. “I hope the board wouldn’t bring this up in the meeting in the morning ”
“Let’s hope they didn’t see it. ”
He sighs turning away. “I hope so too. He is ruining his chances of being a worthy clean slate candidate Gem. Why? ”

She says nothing. “I wish I knew. I wish I knew. ”

Jacob shakes his head. ”Maybe I should call him”

”Don’t!! not tonight anyways.”
”Okay. ”

”Come to bed, everything would work out soon enough”

”I hope so”.


Christine stones the remote to her tv screen.
“Christine?” Her mother exclaims “You could have broken it”

“Like I care. What’s with him and this Alexander huh? Now they are all over the news. Lovers? It should be me and him not her. Look at the way they mentioned me like a fleeting fly thwarted away. It should be me Mother, not that..girl. And besides she looks bad on his image. Just see mother. Does he know the damage this is doing to him politically if and when he runs for Mayor. Everywhere is his name and escapades and he doesn’t see how wrong this is. What happened to my Jamie? He never would allow this be who he is. Being in the news for all the wrong reasons. It’s over-weighing his good achievements. He can’t win the President seat in the heritage group like this much less the be the Mayor. Argh!!!”

”Christine you have to let him-”
”Save it Mother!!” She gets up walking away.


Jimmy is smiling, his legs crossed and a naked woman asleep on his bed. He has a huge smile on his face

”How you like your poster boy now Mayor, making you proud right?” he laughs with himself.

His phone rings, he picks ”Yep! Nice work. I see it, the whole city too.” He laughs ”See you at the charity event. ”

The line cuts.

He continues to smile watching the screen.


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