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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 14
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”What are your final thoughts on this Sir, we believe this project can be able to channel the educational sector to the right direction, plus since you have interests in that, we can use this for the community” The man seated across from him tells him.

The meeting had been going on for the past two hours as they deliberated.
”I second what Mr. Phillip says, and besides, you would be doing something great for the community”. He was wearing a black suit with a yellow lapel. Jaime noticed he likes to twitch his nose a he talks, a force of habit maybe.
Jaime rubs his jaw as he looks over the files ”this is for the less privilege and the reason why I am a part of this project is because I believe that everyone should have an equal chance to education. We have the private schools for the elite, we have the state school as well for the middle class, but we do not have any for the have-nots. This community school would do them a lot more good than it would do for others. My take on this is that we go ahead with the project, free education for all and –”
”But how do we pay the teachers and stuff. We are the one building the schools and making it a state of art educational centre, giving them a library, in fact, this school wouldn’t be anything short of what the state school would be having. The little they can do is pay fees” the second man states, the first man who has a rimmed glasses placed on his nose nods.
”I hear you Mr Egerel, but how do you expect them to pay when they have little or nothing to go by when it comes to feeding themselves?. There is a reason they are called the have-nots and there is a reason why everyone in that community lacks basic amenities. We want to do something to help them, we do something right. ”

”I understand you Sir Jaime Lockswire but-”
Jaime leans back on his chair, crossing his legs and clasping his fingers together as he looks at them ”Let me ask you both a question, if I may… what was your aim in accepting the proposal for this project?”
”What do you mean Sir?” Egerel frowns.
”I’ll tell you what my own aim is. I visited the Brookes recently and-”
”You visited the… Sir, that isn’t safe, if your father were to-”

”Can I keep talking or you want to run to my father and tell him of my recent exploits Mr Egerel?”
”Go ahead Sir, my apologies”
Jaime nods ”Okay, so I visited the Brookes, it’s a dangerous neighborhood. But why is it one? There are youths lurking around in the dark to take what they don’t own from people who have the luxury to get them. Yes they may be wrong and may get burnt from it especially when they meet the wrong person but then again… they don’t have that thing which they seek so they go out there and they take it from whomever, regardless of the violence involved. Now see this, if those youths have where to go to on a daily, be it school or some skills they are been set up in, or a job, something reasonable and legal. You think they would be lurking in the dark, getting weapons and causing a bit of havoc?”
”No… but… how is it our fault?” They wanted to know.
”It is ours when we do not try to reach out to this people and make things right. It also isn’t their fault that they were born into a family of the impoverished. It also isn’t their fault they are being thrown into a life of the survival of the fittest and violence and social vices is the order of the day. Yes it is their fault if they cause harm to other people in the bid to satisfy their want. But it is also our fault if we have a means of lessening their sufferings and we don’t.”

”But I don’t see the connection between the Brooks and the community out of Charcoal city”

”The connection is their similarity. Worse things goes on in there and who suffers for it? The children. You won’t employ anyone without a sound education right?”

”And now that they don’t have one because they can’t afford it that means they cannot be able to work and feed and survive?”

”Well..” Jones shrugs as he adjusts his glasses on his nose.

Jaime nods his head ”Now, if we can help them out of one state of their suffering haven’t we done so much for them? Give them that education, the skills needed. Let them learn, let them equip themselves and push them into the market or infuse them into the community development plan for the community. Look at it this way, we aren’t helping just a community but a generation, they would thank us for it in the future”
”Thank you’ don’t put money in the bank Sir”

”No, but it can make you feel good seeing that a whole community would be better equipped because you went an extra mile to help them and then trust me, once you develop them… they would be the ones you would need to help develop others and trust me… eventually, it would pay off”

They sigh ..”So what are you saying Mr Jaime”

”I am saying I am staking my money on this and the proposal states that those with like minds are what are needed to make this happened. If we don’t share the same thoughts and dreams for this, then I would advise that we end this meeting. I already have two companies who are in, One from China and the other from the Uk. it’s a community state school, and we are already getting donations from people who wants to see this community elevated from poverty…”

”So you are either in or out. We are already being delayed, I want this to kick off within the week,”

”But Sir, I want to find out. You had to buy the land yourself.. I mean, instead of a school we can build a company there, that would be profitable for us, you as the owner and we buy shares into it. I mean… it’s a win-win”‘

”My land you said right, my school, there are a few hundred places I can go and set up any company for oil exploration.. I have five already..s. cattered in a few places, this is for the community ”
”So no profits?”

”Not the priority. Eventually it would come in… that is after they have been well equipped, then they can train but the profits comes when we expand to have influx of other things. We need to make their community to be what it ought to be. Profits would always come, but that is to the priority so are we doing this?”

They turn to each other and talk for a few minutes ”Fine, we would go with our original denotation ”
Jaime smiles ”Great”
He watches them sign, then three of them stand up ”Thank you. For what is worth… you would make a fine Mayor one day Sir Jaime”.

A stiff smile appears on his face ”My father is doing a fine job and when he needs to step down, there would be better hands for that. Thank you, I would forward the necessary things to you, once this is approved by the bank. Everything is in place to commence work. And let this be between us for now. ”

”Thank you… we would be expecting that. That is no problem, we understand” They shake hands.

Suddenly his door is swung open and Jimmy walks in..

”You sent your girlfriend to fight your battles Pretty boy?” he thunders.

Jaime’s jaw flexes ”Thank you Gentlemen” He nods to them. They shake his hands, leaving him.

He unbuttons his suit and then takes a seat, reaching for the tea mug ”Coffee Jimmy?”
”Fxxk that. You send women to fight your battles for you?” Jimmy comes to stand in front of the table; he leans in with both hands resting on the table and staring into Jaime’s face.

”I assume you are talking about Christine, and she isn’t my girlfriend Jimmy, you know that. Is there anything specific you are breathing down my neck for?” Jaime takes the mug to his lips, Jimmy hits it away, Jaime gets up immediately as some contents pour on him, he grabs a paper towel and quickly daps It away ”Tushei Jimmy Tushie! Woke up from the wrong side of the bed this morning?”

”Look, just in case I wasn’t clear. Disappear, hit a trailer, get run down by a truck, I don’t care. But you better find a way to step down from the Presidential position. Then ask him to cut you out, and then… I need you to sign all that you own to me. Simple”

Jaime looks up at him ”I already told him that I am not interested, I didn’t nominate myself and secondly… I already told him that and thirdly.. I also worked my a-s off to get to where I am so even if I sign all this to you… you are just getting the name of the company but assets, funds, profits… mine. Because when I got in here,this was nothing but just a building with two staffs. I made it what it is, I got on my knees and grew this for ten years… so you won’t come and just want to eat where you didn’t sow but for the others that concern you directly… I already told you. I don’t need it and he knows that”

”Oh really, like you are high and mighty now huh?”

”Nope!!! I just like not to be involved in melo-dramas, I have had them all my life Jimmy… I am done. All this… material! my peace of mind is paramount”
”Then get out and get your peace of mind and allow me the pleasure of having it all. It is my right and I do not appreciate the fact that your girlfriend-”
”She isn’t my girlfriend damnit!!”
”Your girlfriend” Jimmy states ”Comes to spew trash about she standing by you and making sure I get put in my place. You know me and you know what I am capable off. Tell her to stay away from me, get you out of my face and allow the Mayor do the needful”
”I already told you, she isn’t my girlfriend and if you have a problem with the Mayor, speak to him yourself. Please leave my office if you have nothing else to threaten me with Jimmy..”

Jimmy laughs rubbing his jaw ”You really think I won’t go far with this do you? You think I won’t do what I say?”
”I really don’t care”
”All you have done since you came is to take all that is mine, the Mayor, the fame, the love, the attention, the presidential seat…

everything that is mine, you have done nothing but keep taking s--t that belong to me, enough!!!! You either go away willingly or I will make you. Do me a favour and hasten this nonsense. Let the Mayor sign you off, and then get off my turf. I won’t be asking you again” Then with that he turns and heads to the door ” I hope you won’t be showing up for that foundation thingie ”

”He didn’t leave me a choice but I rather not be in the same room with you Jimmy, so yes I would be there”

Jimmy laughs ”You are playing with fire pretty boy, you will get burned”
”Jimmy, let’s just get something straight, the only reason I am choosing to back down and not go head over head with you is because I choose to… but… do not push me to the wall. I already told you I don’t need any of it and it isn’t my fault the Mayor has my name on his lips more than yours”
Jimmy turns back to him heading for him ”You know nothing” he grabs his suit, Jaime pulls his hands away and adjusts it.
”Oh I know plenty. But that is between you and him, I don’ care, I don’t. But I am sick and tired of you getting all up in my face… the hell is wrong with you. I would appreciate that you do not come to my office unannounced, you stay clear away from me as I do you and even if we must be in the same room… act as though I am not there and I would do the same. As much as you want me out, I want out too, I need the sanctity of peace. Leave me alone Jimmy, I already told the Mayor to do it. it is not my fault he doesn’t want to. But…just leave”
”Make him”
”Get out Jimmy” He stares him straight in the eyes.

Jimmy turns and walks out ” You may lord over all things, but it is just for a bit. Don’t make me come here again and oh…that your new girl Alexander is it? Tell her she should watch her pretty a-s. That stunt she pulled would be the first and the last time and she wouldn’t be liking our second meeting” He says and disappearing behind the door.

Jaime says nothing, his jaw flexes angrily. He dips his hand into his pocket for his phone ”Adam, I need you to get to Brookes”

A few hours later…

”Someone is looking for you Alexa” The tech guy pushes his head through the curtain .
”Who?” she doesn’t turn as she balances the tray expertly on her hands and fishes inside her pocket for her jotting pad. She had come to use the restroom, she was going back out to serve customers.
This was her daily routine everyday for the past couple of years. She waits tables during the day and then at night, she was queen of the strip stage. And they loved her up there.
‘Some dude, he came asking for Alexander”
She frowns ”He called my name, Alexandra?”
”Yep, Alexander Bekington!!” He says walking away ”He is in the VIP section”
Most people called her by her stage name ”Alexa” and those who knew her from the club aside Tinny-B and Bekky who makes it a habit to scream out her name, other than that..when people wanted to see was Alexa, unless…

”Hey Tony, let me guess” The man pauses waiting for her to speak.
”Tall, handsome, got some cockiness around him..looks too tush to be in a place like this?”
”You got it. Don’t forget you would be up in another hour or so”
”Okay. Thanks”
”He is waiting in the VIP Lounge” He disappears just as she enters.
”Who is waiting ”Tinny-B takes off her waitress uniform coming to her.
”Jaime the annoying Lockswire, Bekky’s client I am standing in for” Alexander says adjusting the tray.
”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh the sexy hot stuff. Uhh uhh can I go say hello?”
”Knock yourself out”
”Can I kiss him, touch his rack… give him a twirl, cow-girl style?” She winks at her friend”
Alexander laughs ”Knock yourself out”
”Wheeeeeeeee!!!!” she claps and then disappears after putting on a dress too short even for her average height.
Alexander goes back to the restaurant to finish serving her customers.
He can wait!!! Tinny-B is a hell of a company.
Poor him .

She smiles.


”Hello, I am Tinny-B, Alexander’s bestfriend and you must be Jaime the handsome..hmmm hm hmm” She bites her lips admiring him.

Jaime looks up from the magazine he is flipping, his brow knots into a slight frown ”Where is Alexander?”
”Tinny-B here…d on’t leave a girl’s hand hanging” she has her hands stretched before her.

Jaime looks at it and then takes it, she smiles.
”So pretty boy-” she released his hand and then sinks into the chair opposite him.
He leans backwards shaking his head.

”I am curious though, why is that the first thing someone refer to me as?. It is upsetting and I would please ask that you don’t refer to me as that”

She smiles ”Have you looked into the mirror lately? You are all shades of Mr sexy 2018 but hey, it’s fine, I can call you Jaime yes?”

”So how come you guys haven’t done the do yet? Something wrong with the little guy?” she nods towards that direction.
Jaime raises an eyebrow.
She smiles sheepishly.
“I am sorry, I am Alexander’s crazy friend with the un-filtered mouth. Nice to meet you… again! ” she stretches her hand to him, laughter in her eyes.


He was ushered in, he nods to his securities to stay behind as he enters.
”Sure why not. come in, call your securities to come have a seat too, you want my chair, it isn’t as fine as the one he is seated on but it’s fine, please seat. I would get you water but …” he trails off as he dusts his chair stepping away from it.
”I assume you know why I am here?” Jacob Wellington enquires
“Let me guess, Jaime”
”Have you being talking to him?”
”Such questions, don’t you talk to your wife.. Mayor?”

”Don’t be smart Jimmy!!”
”Ha!! A compliment, I would take that. I actually thought you came all the way to actually check up on me ..but as usual, you care only about your poster boy for President ”

”Have you been threatening him Jimmy?” he repeats.

Jimmy laughs ”Right. So I have a few ideas I think you would love. I am thinking of building a casino , two actually. Then, you know the Brookes? That place has been nothing but an eye-sore with the rate of crime going on in there so I think we should floor it, get everyone out. It is government property anyways. They all should go look for somewhere else to stay. We need to build a mini foot-ball pitch and..oh, once I assume position, I am thinking of also building a statute at the entrance of the Heritage group… one of you and of course me and then we need to stop the free Medicare because it has been misused by the less privileged and-”

”Are you listening to yourself?” Jacob touches his temple shaking his head.
”I don’t get!!” Jimmy frowns and perches on his table.

Jacob shakes his head ”Casino, statute, stop the Medicare?”

”Yes!! Why not?”

”And you think the board would sign on it?”
”They love it! Yes they will. I have already been speaking to a few and they are in tune with it. Once I become president-“

“I am still the president of the Heritage group and I wouldn’t sign off on cutting the underprivileged off their basic Medicare amenities. Are you high? With the situation of the country and their state we need to do more not cut them off. Already plans are in motion to set up skills acquisition centers and other things they might need and you are thinking of casinos, statues and God knows what else ?””
“So I can’t have a vision for something I want in my city?” Jimmy thunders.
“Your city. You are not the Mayor either. I am!!” Jacob thunders
“Only for a while..,”

“Yes, maybe but as a Mayor I can vet who I think is more appropriate and my vetting takes a good amount of votes. “

“Let me guess, your vetting already has a name and a face? ” Jimmy sneers bitterly “You give him everything!! Every goddamned thing as though he belongs. You have no right to place him above me! “

“I do and you gave up that right when you… because this…this..person I can never count on. So I ask you again, have you been threatening him? “

“Cut him off! He doesn’t want it anyways “

“You didn’t answer my question ” Jacob stares at him

“I don’t need to threaten him Mayor. He who seats in a hot room would eventually need to step out for air. Have you thought just maybe he doesn’t like you as much? You see the news.. He is tarnishing your image with that lifestyle of his and yet you don’t care… yet you roar when it was me”

Jacob turns away “I have nothing to say to you-you haven’t heard before. But for your sake…you better not be behind his behavior” Jacob heads for the door.
“Unless what? “”

His question bounces off Jacob’s shoulders unanswered.

Jimmy’s face turns to granite.


“Are you always this forward? “
” Are you always this dodgy avoiding all my questions?
Jaime stared hard at Tinny-B. It’s been over thirty minutes and yet no Alexander.
“Oh! Don’t worry, she wouldn’t be coming now” Tinny-B senses
“Why? “
The music comes on and suddenly the crowd is cheering. They both turn to look at the see-through glass.
“Because” she smiles “baby girl is about to work her magic. Have you seen my girl on stage? You are going to get a hard -on..!!” she laughs.
Jaime says nothing as he watches her get on stage..and then she began to dance and strip, her face in a mask covering her eyes.
There was something familiar about her…
He had seen her perform before .
Tinny-B watches him as he leans forward watching Alexander, a smile plays at the corner of her lips.
Oh wait till she tells Alexander just how intently he watched her on stage.
Maybe there might be some mushy tonight.
She laughs sheepishly.
Until hell freezes over Huh? We’ll see.


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