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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 13
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The consistent scrunchy sound close to her ears disrupts her sleep. She knew who it was and she only wished the bugger would go away.

But because she knew how persistent and hungry the little cat was for juicy details, it is safe to say that going back to sleep would be a far-fetched thing.

She sighs turning away and taking the pillow with her and covering her ears.
It was no use.

She felt the bed dent, the crunchy sound even closer as the person leans into her, crunching close to her ears that made her wince.
”Argh!! would you stop!!!” Alexander exclaims groaning.

The crunching became louder.

”Argh!!!” Alexander flings the pillow and then seats up, her eyes dimmed ”I hate you!!!”

Tiny-B’s face breaks out into a smile wide enough it swallows her small face ”Hate is a big word, how about we go for something smaller, yes?”

”I hate-hate you. Does that work?”
Tiny-B thinks to herself ”Yeah, two much hate in you. Come, I have just the perfect thing for you. You are so tense… so very tense. Come give us a hug”

She reaches for Alexander who pushes her away ”Nope, Thank you!!” She rolls off the bed and pads down to the bathroom wearing nothing but [email protected]

Tiny-B crosses her legs under her and admires her ”I hate that you have a rocking body like that without doing nothing. Me? I had to do a thousand squats and then some pumping.” She munches on her cereal.
Alexander dabbles water in her mouth. She is brushing her teeth ”Hmmm… Hate is a big word”

”Bleh!!” Tiny-B exclaims ”Want Cereal?”
Alexander dabbles her mouth again with water when she is done, drops her toothbrush, wiping her hands she comes back into the room ”Nah!! That s--t is for babies”.
”I am not a baby!!” Tiny-B pouts.
”And I wonder why you are called Tiny-B”
”I got tiny waist and boobs… and a small p---y hole” She snickers.
Alexander shakes her head walking into their small kitchen, she turns on the gas and puts a fry pan on it, grabbing eggs from the fridge she set about to whisk it.
Good thing there was still bread and milk. That would do.
”So… about last night?”
”Oh please, I knew that was why you didn’t let me sleep”
”Oh no, yours was this morning, me? I was wide awake after I got a glimpse at the fine a-s man that dropped you off last night, your new client Just hella hot. I literally masturbated thinking about that fine-ness all over my body” She bites her lips ”Dear lord I must have c-m like twelve times since then, and just to think you had all to yourself. I am jealous” She licks her lips.
”Ewww!!” Alexander exclaims pouring the egg into the pan and letting it simmer ”Okay first off, that is Bekky’s client, I am just standing in for her, secondly… I don’t get everything else you just said because I really don’t care about them, if they are fine or about their sexiness okay so… c-m all your want. ”

”Whoa!! Don’t tell me you were a Robot again with this one Alexa? Come on!! I know there are some clients you just want to scream during sex, want to kill them or you just become passive and stuff just because.
But there are some clients that if you could, you would pay them to do you. Like that hot stuff… that dude that dropped you off? I would do him for free and be the Call Girl he needs for as long as.”
”Well… that’s you. I don’t care. Besides the guy is an a-----e”
A raised eyebrow, Tiny-B folds her arms ”You had a fight with your client?”
”He started it” She turns off the gas and takes out a clean plate from the dish holder.
”What did he do?”
”Well..” She sets the bread and egg on the table in front of her and a glass of milk, she takes a seat ”First he takes me to this high class dinner and I met the most disgusting man on earth, some Jimmy a-----e, I set him right because he was disrespectful. Then this girl shows up, some Christine girl. I think she must be his lover or girlfriend or something. Anyhow, I didn’t tell you about how he stuffed me into a dress and have my a-s showing the world. So, we get home and then about to perform the service he hands me this file documents with stupid outrageous rules and have me sign them and I do after much arguments though. So, then again I give him my own rules… and he breaks it. Imagine that. I gave him my good right hand Whamp!!” She demonstrates the slap she gave him ”To his face but the fool, the fool still did it. God!!! so… while I am wishing a thousand deaths on him, she shows up… this Christine and goes ”My mummy hit me, Hold me please” She mocked “Boy! such a drama queen.” She rolls her eyes and then continues ”But I am upset yes? So I want to leave and he stops me, and then brings me home and then apologizes and stuff and asked that we work on common ground and stuff and-”

”Okay… I am as confused as a drunk bee. There is Jimmy who is your client and Christine his girlfriend and he broke your rule and she is a cry baby and… I am confused” She furrows her brow.
”No silly, Jaime, ” Alexandra corrects.
”I see.” She scratches her jaw ”See, you lost me there. All I wanted to know is if the sex was good, you are giving me a speech of all the years combined.”
Alexander shakes her head, typical Tiny-B. ”We didn’t get to that part yet before she interrupted”
”She who?”
”Christine silly!!”‘
”Oh!!” Tiny-B nods ”I see. So… what now?”

”What do you mean what now?”
”When are you guys going to do the do”
”You make it sound as though it’s something to look forward to”
”Sex… Yes. Especially if it’s a hot guy like your Jimmy”
”Jaime, and he isn’t mine. He is Bekky’s client” Alexandra clarifies.

”When is she coming back anyways? Spoken to her yet?” Alexander wanted to know. She had no intention of sticking on this Jaime business longer than this.

”Eh, number isn’t reachable and don’t change the subject. Do me a favour yes? This client, relish it, the sex I mean for both of us. I would die happy knowing you got it for both of us” She winks.

Alexander laughs ”Stupid”. She was done. She grabs her bag when she gets into the room and flings it on the bed, she zips it open.
”Where to?” Tiny-B is leaning at the door.
”Call Girl duties till Bekky returns”
”Ahhh!!! If I were you, I would find Bekky, push her off a cliff and let her be bed ridden until I have my fill of Mr Handsome Jimmy… I mean Jaime!” Tiny-B corrects.

Alexander laughs ”Ama tell Bekky”
”Bekky knows I love her from the heart and my funny-looking toe, so she wouldn’t believe..” She laughs
”But really though… for once, live a little yes. ”

”Nope!!!” Alexandra packs a bag and stands it at the corner ”He is a bloody annoying peculiar person”
”How so?”

“How can he not obey a simple rule as don’t kiss me”
Tiny-B frowns “Really. That’s it?”
“Well… one of them?” Alexander shrugs.

“Right. I will get to that later. So what else is so a-----e-ish about this guy or peculiar about him that gets you infuriated”
”Beats me. But hey, plus he is the Mayor’s S-” she thins her lips pausing.

”Mayor’s what?” Curious Tiny-B asks.
”Er… nothing. Come help me with this” She climbs a stool and then reaches for a bag. She needed to pick a shoe.

”Okay!” Tiny-B goes to her.


”Baby, I am so sorry for hitting you. I didn’t mean to I am sorry” Her mother knocks on the door.

She ignores her. She was upset.

She stayed there in his house all night hoping he comes back home but he didn’t return. Did he spend the night with his handler? Are they dating or she was a past time.? Whatever it was… she didn’t like it one bit.

She didn’t want to have to be in a competition with some chick. Who the hell does she think she is anyways?
To cause Jaime to leave her hanging to chase after her, not only that, but to be guarded against her tears? Jaime would never have walked away before. He would have done anything to make her feel better but Jaime had no interest in that.

Instead he went after that… Alexander.
She turns on her side.

Well, first things first. To win a battle you must first know who your enemy is.

And an enemy to her is someone who is a stumbling block to your progress and to her, Jimmy is one. He is at top of things. The apex.
But it looks like Alexander wants to be put at the top of the list. She is a distraction to Jaime.
Christine frowns.

She didn’t want that. She would never think any woman would be able to cause Jaime to walk away from her before… but..come on! so what if she broke his heart and ran away with his best friend?.

She is back. she is ready. She wants to be the President’s wife and eventually the Mayor’s wife.

Selfish? Greedy? So what!! Well… She deserves it doesn’t she?.
People like Alexandra shouldn’t be able to cause a pause in it. But… anyhow, Alexander needs to go.
How to get rid of an enemy?
Know them, know their weakness and their pain and use it against them.
Jimmy? He was easy-peasy. Just touch him where he hurts.
Second thing to do, s£duce the hell out of Jaime and make him eat grass from her tush. All he has to do is let himself fall back in love with her. That’s all.
That’s easy right?.
A man who could love as deeply as Jaime would never forget his first love and by God she was his. So, she just needs to be all up in his face, do all the things they used to like and watch him go mellow for her.
And then she gets rid of Jimmy once they make it. The Wellingtons have always loved her, she would rise to the position she wants in good time.
Yes, She needs to put plans in motion but first. Jimmy.
She gets up from her bed, goes to the bathroom for a quick shower. She leaves her house ignoring her mother again .
Jaime pushes the empty plate away, rubbing his tummy, a habit he has been used to since when he was younger. He loved her reaction.
The lady seated across from him smiles ”Enjoyed your meal I see?”
”Yes I did. You always make me miss you, with all this home cooked meal. Leaving home is hard since God invented you.” He picks up his plate and washes it off.
”If I don’t feed you, who will?” She touches his sleeves lovingly.
”MacDonalds! Plus I have a mean a-s chef back at home” He turns to her.
”Not the same thing” She points out smiling, He leans him and brushes a kiss on her forehead.

”Go kiss your own wife boy!!!” The voice startles them, they turn their heads to see him walking into the kitchen. He drops his rifle at the corner, takes off his hat.
He comes to them and the places a kiss to her lips, he smiles at Jaime, who returns the smile sadly.
”Father!!” He greets stepping away .
”Jaime, you still do that thing, sneak into the house and out like a thief? This is your house, come in whenever you want”
”I know but still… didn’t want to wake you both up” He smiles at his mother, She touches his face.
”You didn’t. You sticking around? Need to talk to you” His father pulls out a chair and then seats, Gemmylyn is setting food for him.
”I can’t ! Work!” He says.
”Sit Jaime!!”
Sighing he does.
”Talk to me, talk to us, we are your parents and we love you, what are you doing?”
”Nothing Father” he avoids his eyes.
”Why, why didn’t you give your speech?” Jacob studies his face, Jaime’s features changes.
”Didn’t want to. Why did you nominate me?”
”Because I see potential. I see me”
Jaime scoffs ”I don’t want it okay. Stop forcing it” He says firmly.
”I will not seat back and watch my son turn into something he is not. You go about gallivanting with different girls, getting on the tabloids, what are you trying to prove? You are not just soiling your image but mine, our legacy”
”Then let me be, right me off, take me out, ”
”Then I will do what the hell I want!’ Jaime snaps.
”So you admit it’s all staged, this you?” Jacob points at his son.
”No!! I just finally get to breathe and I like it so I am doing what I have always wanted. So butt off father!!”
”Stop it Jaime, this isn’t you. You are my son, I raised you and I know your temperaments and this isn’t one of it. You are doing this on purpose and you need to stop it. This is your life we are talking about, your future” Jacob Wellington cautions him.
”No Father, this is your life, your future and I am just me. I just want out, that is all. Cut me off, everyone is happy and peace would reign. That is all I ask” Jaime to him angrily.
”Is this about Jimmy?” his mother asks, He turns to her, stares at her briefly. He shakes his head.

”This is about me, You both have done enough and I am extremely grateful. But give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser father”’
”You forget your place Jaime!!” His Father gets up angrily.
”No father, you forget yours. Drop it, let me be. Please. Tend to yours. It’s the right thing to do. And I swear to God I would be fine by it. But you are barking up the wrong tree father. Stop it!” Jaime gets up walking to his mother, he places a kiss to her cheeks and then with one last sad look to his father he walks away.
Jacob opens his mouth and then closes it, his eyes pained.
”Will you be there for the Charity concert this weekend. It’s the Wellington annual foundation and a lot of people would be there, because of us?” His mother asks, Jaime pauses,
”I rather not” He says over his shoulders.
”You will be there Jaime, I am not asking. No one misses it and everyone would be there.” His father states.

He says nothing.

”Give it a twirl son, you don’t know just how great you are at something if you don’t try” He adds.
”I said leave it. Damnit father, you think the world revolves around you and all you want? What about what I want? Me? What about me Father? Christ!” he continues to walk away.
”Jaime!!!”Jacob turns calling after him.
”Let him go Jacob!” She touches his hand to stop him ”Let him go”
He sighs seating down ”What do I do Gemmylyn. What? My son is pulling away further away from us and we can do nothing but watch him.” He says , sad.
She places her forehead to his … ”It would be alright, soon. Let him be for a bit”
”No, I won’t!. I would leave this, all this soon. Soon I would be gone, retired or dead. Who would continue? This is for him, for my son and he doesn’t want it? I don’t get it”
Gemmlyne hugs him ”He is going through some things too. We both know that this isn’t our Jaime. He is… just blocking us out”
He shakes his head ”I will have a talk with Jimmy”
She nods ”Don’t fight with him Jacob”
”I need to know what is going on. ”
She sighs.
”Come, you have a meeting in a few”
She holds him and they go up stairs together.
The maids and cleaners enter to clear up, making sure everywhere is sparkling clean. Gemmylyn had always liked to do duties when she is home, Mayor’s wife or not.


Jaime passes the securities on his way out, reaching his car and answering to greetings. He sees the black jeep parked at the corner. He goes to it.
He knocks on the window, they wind down.
They have sandwiches and two cups of cuppa in their hands smiling sheepishly.
”Ma’am offered, we couldn’t refuse her” one of the two say.
”Right! Stop following me, tell Adam to back off too”
”Right Sir!”

He puts on his glasses and drives out. They wait for a few minutes and follow him.
He shakes his head. Looking at his time, he needs to get home, shower and head to the office to attend to some meetings, then he would send Adam to go get Alexander.


Alexander makes her way to the back-end of the stage and get’s dressed. Tiny-B is putting on her matching suit for a waiter.
”So technically, what would you be doing as his Call Girl aside sex and parties?”
”Er… bunch of other stuffs. Oh, perks? Dresses and all those shebang” She says clasping her bra and pulling over a white top.
”Oh nice”
”A tad-too-small-dresses and butt possibly-tearing-out.” She smirks
”What?” Tiny-B turns shocked.

”True story!!”‘ Alexander nods putting on heels and putting her hair up in a pony tail.
Tiny-B laughs ‘You just don’t like that guy. Poor him”

”I don’t like any guy.” She corrects.
”I tell you babe, one day…all this macho you keep acting like you can’t get all mushy over some dude, one day you are going to be a 1000 percent over one and bet me I will be the first to tease you silly”

Alexandra scoffs ”Till hell freezes over”
”Oh it will.! You just wait.!!

They laugh leaving the dressing home and heading out to serve in the cafeteria.


He turns as soon as he hears someone walk in, a twisted smile on his face.

”Christine Barlow, the girl who broke pretty boy’s heart strolls back into the city. Sorry I didn’t stop by for a chitty-chat after the speech, too busy–”

”Getting smacked by an handler? Oh don’t worry… I”ll try not to laugh at your face” She smiles taking a seat. She is in his office.
”Who let the monkey in?” He frowns folding his arms.

”I have my ways. Jimmy, this isn’t a social visit. First off, I am here to lay a stake on what’s mine and two… here to ask you to step away”

Jimmy smiles crossing his legs. ”He sent you? Didn’t figure him out to be a p---y”
”Didn’t have to. Trust me he is macho enough. ”

”Does he know ?”
”About what?” She raises an eyebrow.
”You and I, our little rendevous?” He asks throwing her off balance.

”Fxxk you Jimmy!” She hisses.
”Been there, done that… and I believe the phrases you used was ”Fxxk, that was so good. another round…yes yes yes Jimmy fxxk yes!!” He howls.
She gets up ”You are a disgusting pig!”
”As you are a s--t. Get out!!”
”Just so you know, Jaime is better than you in all dimension and he doesn’t have to be a disgusting annoying person to show it”
”Yea right, he is all shades of that. Oh, have you met the new improved Jaime? He is a sU-Cker for the girls. You taught him well” He laughs.

Christine frowns. ”Leave Jaime alone . You had your chance, you blew it, allow someone worthy enough to achieve it and leave him the hell alone”

”I will do what the hell I want. He is the one who needs to to get butted out but he is moving so slow. Need to accelerate that. Fxxk worthy. I am worthy, it’s my right”
Christine scoffs. ” keep dreaming. You sold your right for a tiny glory. Your fault. No one cares. Just leave my man alone and you need to watch your back.” She points at him.

”Man? Right, he doesn’t have male friends as much anymore, who are you going to be running away with this time ? Not me obviously…got bored off your a-s a while back. Maybe you should just go back. you aren’t needed. Now, get out and say hello to pretty boy for me”

She shakes her head ”No wonder you fell from glory. No remorse. It’s a Jaime’s time. And I will make sure he gets it.” With that she turns and leaves.

Jimmy stares at the door for a long time. Then he flings his mug against it hard. it shatters.

He grabs his coat and leaves his office.
“I would be indisposed till the end of the day.” he tells his secretary.
“Where to Sir?”
“To twart a gaddmaned fly.” He throws off his shoulders.

In a few minutes he is speeding across town.


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