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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Alexandra hits Jaime’s hands away from hers..

”Don’t touch me you a-----e!!!”
”I repeat, what the actual hell Jaime Lockswire!! I am standing right here, me, Christine Barlow, hurting, crying and you are concerned about her? I don’t get it, explain it to me!!!”

”Christine-” He calls her over his shoulders.
”You should listen to your girlfriend Lockswire!!!” Alexander points over his shoulders.
”Yes you should Lockswire!!” Christine enjoined her saying behind Jaime.
”She is not my girlfriend!!!” Jaime retorts to Alexander pointing back at Christine who is aghast.

”Jaime… you and I-”
”Oh it didn’t look that way with the way she held on to you and smooching her female assets over your hard exterior!!” Alexander flips pointing and cutting Christine off.
”He is my man and I can do what the hell I what, that’s right you aren’t blind!!” Christine replies with a smile.
”Don’t worry Missy, I have nothing against that… just get him away from me!” Alexander grabs her bag again. No need to change, she would go like this, get a cab and head home, tomorrow she would have it out with her boss Rick.

”You aren’t going anywhere unless permitted to, did you forget rule, number Ten?”
”What, why can’t she leave? She wants to leave, let her go. Jaime, my mother slapped me… it hurts, I need you to-” she is touching her face but Jaime isn’t listening to her.
”I can go anywhere I d--n please and as of this moment, I un-sign whatever I did” Alexander points out.

”It doesn’t work that way, and you can’t un-sing- what sort of English is that anyways?”
”I am talking here Jaime Lockswire and-” Christine calls out but she is cut off again.
”Oh pretty boy it does, I speak how I want to, don’t ask me stupid questions pretty boy”
”Don’t call me that!!” Jaime says angrily.
”I can call you that and whatever I like. ”
”I have a name, it’s Alexander!!”
”Oh yes I forgot; fxxking moron, forceful kisser, arrogant d--k, Mayor’s son who don’t want the president seat… eh.. Jimmy’s dog!!!” She counts.

Jaime’s eye flashes as he grabs her hands, digging his nails into her ”Alexander I swear to God if you don’t shut up-!!”
She winces ”What would you do, hit me? That is the next thing right?” She hisses in renewed anger trying to remove her hand from his grasps, he holds on tight.

Her father flashes in front of her eyes.
He used to beat her when she refuses to let him have her. He would force his way into her no matter how she struggled towards the last few weeks before she ran away. Yes, men, they would take from you whether you like it or not, regardless even if you are hurting. They didn’t care about your feelings, they didn’t. They wanted your body they got it, they wanted your peace of mind they would rip it out of your chest… she was a child and her father didn’t care, those men who constantly had her didn’t care… Jaime forced his lips on her despite she refusing it and he didn’t care. The lot of them meant pain.. all men were pain, and she hates them.
If not that she had to survive on the streets even with her body, they would never have had to touch her and hurt her again.
”I hate you, the lot of you! all you all know how to do is inflict pain, force us, just to get all that you want. Fxxk you Jaime! You can threaten me, you can force me… but you won’t break my spirit, not like him again. I may give in but know that I would be wishing you death every single moment I lay there in helplessness… Iswear to God.” Her eyes glistens..

Jaime stares into her eyes and was taken aback.

Why did it feel, why did it feel that this didn’t have anything to do with just him. All she said, it looks and felt like it was from a place of pain, deeper even more before this night. Or..
Her eyes, are those lingering tears threatening to fall?

What is he doing? He had never deliberately made a girl cry, to hurt her. He had never have to ever force a woman, No!
He was just trying to spite her and…

She was just so annoying and that mouth of hers where like razor blades cutting him up he just reacted. No woman have riled him up in anger as quickly as she has done it..and no one have had to hit the nail on the head as quickly too.

Alexander was annoying, disrespectful and… something else.

Was she going through something? Her words were heavy, it cannot only be because he forcefully kissed her… or was it because he spanked her too?.

Yes!! She had cried too, she had and he felt bad about it.

Now… this, she was fighting those tears to stay in place but he swears to God he can see them about to drop.

God!! since when has he become this kind of man to hurt a woman? Regardless of who she is or what she does, Call Girl or not… since when has he become this man who didn’t care and did what he wants as it affects others?

Yes, he was going through so many stuffs and this lifestyle he assumed was a defense mechanism to all that..

And having women at his beck and call was also part of his defense mechanism, aside the public image he is trying to distort about himself to stop his father from seeing him as a potential poster boy for the Presidency and others..

This women was his distractions too, and besides he was a man.. a lonely man too… they were distractions enough for his bed as well… but yet..

He had never had to be this man… hurting a woman and making her cry; twice.!
This has to stop.

He never had hurt Christine, never had to. She did all the hurting and breaking of his heart, but that was a long time ago. Since then, he had never entrusted his heart to any one again. Women to him now where just a conquest… tame them if they went out of line, had them when he needs and then… pay them depending on their contract and at the same time, they killed stones for him… his public image, and then his bed and past time.
Piss off the Wellington.

Because Jimmy..
Because jimmy..

He mentally rubs his temple, his chest hurting.
And yet, his father refuses to see the damage… his father his hell bent on making him the heir.

He didn’t want that, he didn’t want any of it. He wanted to do whatever he wants… away from that, away from Jimmy and so that everyone is happy, away from the wellingtons. But, his father wouldn’t hear of it, his mother too, only Jimmy…

He loves his family, he does but… It can’t be because of him his family is crumbling, he rather give it up, all of it and them than be the cause of their problems.
He shakes his head.

Alexander can be annoying, and darn right pissy and annoying more than any woman he knows but she doesn’t deserve to be hurt, not by him anyways, regardless of his messed up life and damaged self. She was human and maybe had her own issues and yet, he hurt her. Regardless whether she was a s--t, Call Girl and what not, she deserves respect .

But yet, he made her cry, twice and he should apologize. He should. He..

Damnit, what has he turned into?
And… why did her eyes have so much deep waters under the layers and her words feel like it was buried within cement. This wasn’t entirely him, he refuses to believe that..

He stares deep into her eyes, wondering, curious.

What happened to you Alexander?
He lets go off her hands…

”I am sorry..I ..didn’t mean to. It won’t happen again,” He says dropping his hand.
Alexander rubs her wrists. ”I want to go home.”

”Said you get out!! That is done. Now leave!!”

Alexander throws her a look… She grabs her bag again.

”I”ll take you home!!” He didn’t refuse. He felt bad, guilty.
”I can manage”
”I won’t let a girl leave my house by this time of the night into the streets in the dark alone. I will take you home”
”Jaime, I am talking to you” Christine stomps her feet. Jaime ignores her entirely.
”I am a street girl did you forget that. I can take care off myself” She moves towards the door, opens it and disappears.
”Finally!! now can you pay attention to me, I do not understand how I can be here and she… gets to have my attention from you? I don’t get it Jaime. Okay look, I forgive you okay. See, mother was so- ” Christine comes to him and hugs him from behind ”Come baby, let’s go to bed and maybe you can rock me to sleep the way you always do then”
He stiffens, pulling her hands away from him and turning to face her, his face unreadable ”Go home Christine.”
”I said go home!!”
”But why… my mother–”
”She is your mother, deal with it, talk to her. We aren’t dating Christine, haven’t for years now. You can’t start running to me every time again, not anymore. You are my friend, and I will always love you but you are overstepping boundaries right now and right now… I am not in the best of moods. I want to be alone.”
”Because of her?”
”What’s your deal with her?”
”I don’t like her and I don’t like you with her, good thing she has gone, I don’t want you hanging out with other girls now that I am here, I am enough for you baby”
”Don’t call me baby Christine, it is Jaime, I am not your lover and stop acting like a jealous girlfriend!!”
She gasps ”You used to love me calling your baby!”‘

”Used to”, operative word but Jaime is a lot different now and I won’t be indulging people that much no more. We are friends Christine, let that be clear and what I choose to do with my life and with whom ever isn’t your business. I will have Adam take you home”
”I …” she thins her lips.

His phone is ringing, it’s the security, he knows why they are calling.

”Yes, No don’t. Okay. Thanks!” he nods cutting the line.
She eyes him ”’It’s her right? Who is she to you… this Alexander?”
”I said it Christine, my handler”
”Yet you are running off to her”
”D--n it Christine, I am not running off to no one, but what kind of a man would I be to let a girl go out in the night on her own, I never did that to you!!”
”We were dating!”
”I never paid less attention to my friends either” he clarified.

”Operative words ‘Your friends’ she is neither of those too”
”Adam will come get you” He says turning away.

”I am not leaving here Jaime. Maybe you forgot what I said, ”I came back for you.”
He looks at her ”Then good luck with that”
He grabs a shirt, puts on his shoes and leaves her staring after him with her mouth agape.
”Jaime!! Damnit! Jaime Lockswire!!!” She screams his name.

He pauses, heading to his warddrop, pulls out a long coat, then he was gone.
”Arghh!!!!” she exclaims .

Adam knocks on the door a few minutes later and then enters ”Mr Jaime asks that I-” He backs away quickly as her shoes come flying and hitting the door .
”Get out!!!” She yells.


”That is fine Leonard. I’ll take it from here, thank you” Jaime nods to the security as he gets to him.

Alexander is folding her hand, anger in her eyes, she is standing there, waiting.
”You tell him not to let me pass, is that it?” She throws at him.

”He was just doing his job..”
A red convertible pulls up beside him, a driver opts out and hands him the keys, he nods thanking him, the man walks away back towards the house.

Jaime opens the door wide ”Please Alexander, let me take you home”
Two men appear behind him ”I can handle a night out gentlemen, you are relieved for the night” he says without looking at them.
”But Sir,” they began
”It wasn’t a request, if you follow me I will make sure you don’t have a job to come back to”
”Yes Sir” They backed away.

Alexander is looking at them, she could swear when she entered this mansion it looked as though it was just Jaime that stayed here and his driver Adam, she had no idea it was lurking with securities and bodyguards… and extra drivers.

Well, he was the Mayor ‘s son, of course he is liable to protection just in case”
”I really can find my way” She tells him, He just needs to stay away from her and her night would be fine and void of anger.

”Please… take it as my apology..” He pleads genuinely.

Sighing she steps away from the gate and comes to him.

”And, you can’t go out looking like that” He points to her.

”You didn’t mind me showing my butt to the entire world!!” she spat. ”And I am a s--t remember, a Call Girl. This doesn’t bother me some. ”
D--n her sharp mouth!! Jaime frowns.
But, never again Jaime.
He sighs, ”I am sorry about that too” He opens the coat he carried…” At least cover yourself from the cold. ”

She stares at him funny, reluctantly she slips into it as he held it open for her, turning her he pulls her close so than he can button it up to her neck and ties the coat rope for her, then he steps away. she slips into the car, he goes round and then starts the car, Leonard opens the gate and they are gone.
”Where to?”
”The Brookes”
He frowns ”That’s a dangerous neighborhood Alexander”
”It’s the streets pretty boy, we all don’t have a rich daddy like yours”
His hands holds the steer-wheel tighter ”You like to just… Argh!! Help me Alexander…” he rubs the frown away from his brows.

”With what?” She spat.
”Your mouth.!!
”Does it disturb you?”

”Good, that’s how it feels when you forced your lips on mine” She points out.
”I… am sorry” Shame washes over him ”I won’t do that again”

”Whatever” She looks away.
”Okay” He nods.

They drive in silence.

”You should stop here, going further might be dangerous for you”
He doesn’t . ”Give me the directions Alexander”. When she saw that he had no intention of stopping, she does.

He drives into her streets and then parks. From his side mirror he could see shadows lurking, he turns away as she opens the door.
”Thank you”
He nods ”Alexander?”
She pauses ”What?”
”I still need a Call Girl, and maybe we can come to a common ground, Betty isn’t back and..”

”Rick can find you someone else..”
”We can adjust the rules a little; I will obey yours ad you mine. I give you my word”
”Why are you hell bent on all this?” She is curious.

”I can’t tell you that”
”Right” she turns away.
He runs a hand through his hair , he began ”I – it… it’s important to keep up an appearance Alexander, for me, for…everything and I can’t tell you all that… plus I also need the distraction too. I will triple your pay… and when Betty gets back you are free. It’s just a few weeks or days…who knows.’

”It’s three months”
”Well, it would pass away quickly”. He throws in.
she thinks about it.
”If Bekky comes back I am done!”
She thinks again.
”I don’t like you Jiame ”
”Well, the feeling is mutual, but we can at least tolerate each other”
”I hate your arrogance” She states.
”I hate your mouth” He also adds.

”You won’t ever kiss me, ever”
”Ever!! And you will also obey my rules?”
”The few”
”The important ones?”
”Fine! And you mine”
”Fine” He agrees.

She turns away heading into her house, the light comes on and someone peeps from the window.
”What?” She stops.
”Rule 17.”
”I don’t have to live with you Jaime” She turns.

”Technically you do, I can’t come here to pick you up every time I need you.”
She sighs ”If that’s the case I would go to work from there and do whatever the hell I want, have a friend over, throw a party etc”
He rubs his temple, little price he has to pay ”fine!! get your things”’
”Oh no Mr, not when you have your girlfriend waiting on you” She shakes her head ”I don’t want no trouble”
”She isn’t my girlfriend”
”Oh she sure looks it, all smothering”
”Christine and I…” he pauses, it wasn’t her business ”Are you getting your things or not?”
”I will do that in my own time, Go home Jaime, Tomorrow is another day. You can send your driver.”
She disappears into the house, he pauses staring at the closed door and turns away.
Pulling out of the streets he sees them, five off them waiting for him with knives.. he stops, they gather the car, staring down at him.

”Hey pretty boy, sweet ride, how about you hand us the keys?” One of them licks his knife, the others laughs.

He doesn’t move ”Hello fellas, nice night not to do anything stupid, how about I give you a lot of free bills to take your family out for a good weekend, yes?”
”Yes, we would take your wallet, the bills and also the car keys too”
”The watch and the cloths..” they say laughing.

Jaime nods ”okay, really have had a long day gentlemen, so I am tired. Okay I can top it up, the bills I mean so I can go home, we would be happy”
”No, step away from the car pretty boy… or we would be messy”
”Sorry, can’t,I kinda love this baby” Jaime stares at the car.
”Wrong answer!!”

They grab him, four off them, forcing him out of the car and slam him on the ground.
He groans, rolling and then standing up painfully, One of them is already in his car, the others are going through his compartment.
He dusts himself and then stares at them…
”So who wants to go first? ” Jaime asks pulling up his sleeves, he c---s his head to the side. They were big boys, all five of them. He can take them.
”You wanna die pretty boy?” one of them heads for him with his knife.
”Wrong move” Adam says behind them coming out from the shadows.


Few minutes later Jaime is driving away in his red convertible, Adam is driving behind him, the five assailants are groaning in pain and a few broken ribs on the ground.
”I told you lot to stay home Adam” Jaime says over the phone as he dials him watching him from his mirror.
”Erm, I am stubborn like that and by the way Sir, your fight classes came in handy but… I could have handled all five, leaving three for me wasn’t necessary, five is a good number”

Jaime laughs ”Needed to practice, but..heh!! I left the class for you eventually. Hope you didn’t kill anyone?”
”Well, let’s just say they wouldn’t be attacking anyone in a red convertible ever again, they see red they see danger and run for their lives”
They laugh.
”Christine?” Jaime asks
”She is waiting for you”
He sighs .. ” Heading to the country house then. In the morning, get her home”
”Okay Sir”
Jaime cuts at the intersection and heads south, Adam heads east. The other security vehicle follows Adam as Jaime signals them to.

”Stubborn Adam” Jaime sees them behind him, he smile shaking his head . ”What do I do with that driver..”


Jaime enters the country house, parks and heads to the house, he lets himself in, goes to his room and then turns in for the night.
The smell of home cooked meal wakes him up, following it he finds the person responsible for it.
He goes to her, wraps his hands around her and places a kiss to her cheeks. She smiles
”Hey baby”

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