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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 11
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** Earlier **

She kept honking till the security stepped out of his booth.
“Open the gate!” she screams at him in anger. Her face still stings from her mother’s slap.

“Sorry Ma’am, I did ask for your ID and if Mr Jaime is aware you are coming to visit or you have an appointment but you refuse to answer me. Honking nonstop wouldn’t let me open the gate for you without that information Ma’am” he says to her.
“I said open the gate. Your boss will have your head if he realizes that you kept me outside waiting. Do you know who I am to him? Open the gate dammit ”
“Ma’am if you don’t leave I might have to call the security agency and inform them of a trespasser” the security at the gate answers her touching his security phone on his shoulders.
“Oh you…” she grabs her phone and dials. The number kept ringing nonstop and no answer. “You wait and…” Dammit !!” She exclaims.
“If you don’t open this gate I would run it through and you know you are done for.” She makes to reverse.
“Ma’am, I won’t do that. Kindly provide me with the information I need and I would confirm and get back to you”
“I do not need to introduce myself to get into my man’s house you fool!!”
“Yes Man.. now open the bloody gate!!”
He shakes his head. To the best of his knowledge, his boss had no girlfriend. The occasional women who came never lasted. The last one did a bit; but now she was gone and he had another one already.

But yet, he had never introduced them as his girlfriend or his woman.
No! He doesn’t know her and there was no way he was letting her in.
So he told her, she flares up screaming at him.
Maybe he should just call the security agency first.


Adam had taken a stroll to the gate, when he heard the noise. Frowning he opens and steps out when he sees her.
Christine turns at that moment.
“Adam? Tell him to open the gate before I run him through it” she screams from her car. She was pissed already. She didn’t need some security to annoy her further.

Adam steps closer, he is scratching his head.
“Tell him to open the gate or are you going to pretend as though you don’t know me.?”
“No of course Ma’am, he is new. I apologize on his behalf and-”
“The gate Adam!!” She cuts him.
He scratches his head and stares at the security.

“I don’t know her and Boss wouldn’t like someone to just barge in. You know how he gets about things.” The security offers.

Adam nods.
Yet, Jaime is in there with the new girl.
And Christine… Christine was … Christine.

She wouldn’t go until she gets what she wants and most often than not, she leaves the core shaken to its roots.
Yes, he knows Christine. Jaime’s first love. Maybe even his last.
But she left him, years back and now she was back. Only God knows what for.
They have remained friends over the years… close friends. Far away friends and a breeze-in-and-out-hang-out kinda friends.
But from the conversation he overhead while he was in the car while she was standing with Jaime outside, she said she had come back for him.

But Jaime was already damaged.

He didn’t need someone who came for the dance. He needed someone who would play the music with him.

Yes, he was Jaime’s driver and a bodyguard, but he sees. He knows things and he has been the longest with Jaime.
And he can say this, Christine was no good for Jaime.
And this recent lifestyle he had on was no good for him either.

The mess with Jimmy was twice as no good for him.

In fact… what Jaime needs isn’t any of these.
But what can he say? He was a mere driver and occasional bodyguard. He can’t say Nothing.

But what is he supposed to do now? Don’t let her in and she raises hell. Let her in and she what?

Well.. Jaime was an adult he can deal with the situation. Not like he is doing anything bad.
Well.. his bedroom business isn’t his business.

And he wasn’t dating Christine. not for years now. But.. a woman who says she came back for a man wouldn’t care that they aren’t dating, she would make an issue out of it… or maybe not.

He takes his phone and begins to dial. No answer. He dials again.

Maybe the bed-matics have begun or whatever they are both doing in there.

Christine’s voice pierces through his thoughts again.

“I don’t get it, did he tell you to stop me? Is that it?” She yells at them.

“No, he is actually indisposed at the moment Ma’am” Adam mutters.

“Open the d--n gate or order him to or I would ram you both in so help me God”
Knowing Christine. She would.

And his boss wasn’t picking. He sighs.
“Open the gate ”
“But you-”
“Just do it. It’s better to sit on top of a roof than remain in the same place with a nagging woman.” he says it to his ears only.

Sighing the security let’s her in. She drives past and parks, heading towards the huge building.

Adam follows behind her.

She gets down and begins to head into the mansion.

“I think you should try calling him again, and-”
“Save it Adam.”
He sighs following behind her..
She stops and turns… ”I know the way Adam, you don’t need to show me around ”
“I -”
She stares him down, he backs away..
“After you Ma’am” he places a hand before him directing her
“Only Me. You can go back to doing your – your duties” She turns away, touching the wall as it moves open for her. She disappeared inside and out of sight.
Adam sighs.
Maybe he should just stick around incase Christine decides to be Christine. The one he’ll pity is the new girl, The Call Girl, what’s her name again..
Alexander !
Then he frowns.
Earlier, while Jaime brought her downstairs over his shoulders and dropped her, they had laughed, Jaime had laughed wholeheartedly. That was a surprise, a very big one, a good surprise in fact.
Adam is pensive.
Whatever had happened in there, that dinner that got Jaime laughing carefree like that had to be something worth it.
Adam touches his jaw.

This issue with Jimmy is going from bad to worse and if things aren’t tackled in time, who knows how it would explode and who would get hurt in the process.
Maybe Jaime should just do what his father wants, after all. He was his son. Screw Jimmy, he lost it all when he went south.
Adam shakes his head looking at the door. wondering if he should go in or let Jaime handle it.
Jaime would call him if he needs him.
He turns away and goes back outside.
“Your Girlfriend is here” Alexander hisses. Jaime looks at her briefly but says nothing. Later he would answer her.
“Jaime?” Christine repeats.
She knew her way up and headed straight to his bedroom.

She could walk around the house without tripping even if she was blind.
They had good memories here. And the not-so-good. But every-time she was sad, happy, or h---y… she always ended up here, that was before Prince happened and whisked her away out of states.
They, Prince and her had good years until his affair and he eventually leaving her.
She shakes the thoughts away from her head.
Her mother had hit her. All because she mentioned the truth. If she were not such a freckle thing she would have made sure to put her husband in his place when he began cheating on her.
Christine bites her lips.
Her and her father are alike in those traits. Of all things she gets his cheating trait, how very corny big guy.
She looks up to the heavens, sighs shaking her head and looks back to Jaime.

She had never told Jaime that prior before she dumped him, she had two other lovers she was sleeping with. And then Prince a year later under his nose. For two years.
Okay, it wasn’t that she didn’t love Jaime.. in her own twisted way she did. But… Jaime then was a good boy, too good.
Girls like her like the dark bad boys. Boys who aren’t afraid to be daring. Jaime was… Jaime. Sweet, caring , loving, gentle.. love making with him was amazing…
But.. she was a wild girl and wild girls need a tiger.. and Jaime was a quiet little cub then. A rich one but…

Jaime was still a boy then, young, didn’t do much, never rebellious and she was the opposite of him. He loved her, she knew but.. hell!, she wanted to be wild, free and slutty. It was stupid but it was fun and she loved it, every-bit of it. And she really wouldn’t have thought of Jaime again if Prince didn’t dumped her, and well…she was bored with those men, because they didn’t want to commit. she was getting old and then she thought… if she came back, there was Jaime, the man who loved her more than he did himself then, he would love her still. He would commit. He was that kind of man who went all out when his heart was there, and soon… wedding bells baby!!!
She knew he wasn’t married and even if there was a girl, she would confidently kick her off the curb , easy-peasy.
When it came to her there was no competition. She would always be Jaime’s first and no one really forgets their first. And on the plus side, She heard his father wants him to be the President of the company and she knows Mayor-ship follows, Screw what Jimmy thinks and wants. ”Jaime for President” and who better to be by his side than her, the love of his life then, and now.. she just has to rekindle that fire.
Yes, that was why she returned and Christine always gets what she wants.

But her… what is her role in all this. Why did Jaime have her to the wall… where they–?
Her eyes turns to slits.
”Jaime, what are you doing… with her?” Her voice is icy
Jaime spares Alexander a look, he returns his gaze to Christine ”What are you doing here Christine?”
She frowns ”I asked you a question, why do you have her pinned to the wall and what-”
”Christine, this is my house, and I can do whatever, why are you here?”‘
Okay, that wouldn’t work. first thing first. Get on his soft side, she can deal with that chick later.
She crumbles her lips, get her crying face game on and then runs to him crying…
”Jaime, Mama hit me, she slapped me, oh God it hurts just because I said… oh Jaime, hold me, hold me please I feel so broken” she throws herself at him hugging him to herself and burst into tears, shaking, wailing, clinging and pushing her body into him.
Jaime’s heart constricts. He had always hated to see her cry, women especially.
His hands walk up to her back on their own accord, holding her, cooing her to quiet ”I am sorry Christine” he rubs her back and touches her hair.
”I can’t go home, can I stay here tonight. please?”
”Please Jaime, please I can’t face her I just can’t” She wails.
He sighs.

Alexander who had been filled with anger with Jaime’s actions is suddenly disgusted. Wiping her mouth again she leaves the wall, tying the robe around her.
”I better leave while you smooch the freaking hell out of your girlfriend”
”Yes Do, don’t return here ever again!!!” Christine says against Jaime’s neck, loud enough for her to hear, then she goes back to crying and holding Jaime, turning his face towards her.
Maybe if she cries more and then leans in for a kiss, he would kiss her back. It worked every time then.
She moves his face to face hers, tip-toeing so she can place a kiss on his lips as she kisses his jaws first and reaches for his lips.
”Oh baby, I have no intention of that.!!” Alexander says angrily.
She was going to pick her bag and leave, screw Jaime and her Boss, if he doesn’t respect her rules she was not working as his Call Girl or giving him his service. He can stick his dxxk down a tool box and pick a doll for his Call Girl, she was going to tell her Boss he had better find her someone else who would be respectful enough to treat Call Girls right, she may have to skip her pay for a month. But He had better not fire her.
But she was going to tell him whether he likes it or not that she can not, will not, and refuse to be this Jaime Lockswire’s Call Girl, and if he forces his lips on her again, one of them is going to get hit by a bus and she would be the one driving, so help her God.
Jaime moves his lips away from Christine’s reach, she gasps..
”Alexander where the hell do you think you are going to?” His jaws set. He moves Christine away from his body and goes to Alexander.
A shocked Christine gasps again turning to face them.
”What the actual HELL JAIME LOCKSWIRE!!!”

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