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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Jimmy steps out of his car and makes his way upstairs. His butler seeing his countenance moves out of his way.

”Good evening Sir” he greets him opening his door wide for him to pass.

Jimmy doesn’t answer as he brushes past him taking off his suit flinging it to the corner of the chair as he makes his way to his mini bar, pulling out a wine from the crate, taking a glass and pouring a huge amount in it.

He gulps it down quickly. He tips the bottle again and fills his glass. He finishes it in two gulps, he pours a third round.
”Easy Sir” The butler says.
”Mind your business, or you want to be tossed out on the streets?” Jimmy hisses right before he empties the glass. He takes the bottle and his glass and sinks into the chair. His eyes cold, his jaw set.
He was angry.
No, angry was an understatement. He was livid.
”No Sir, my apologies” He replies. His eyes goes to Jimmy’s shirt. His white shirt was ruined and patched red in some places. That wasn’t blood because Jimmy didn’t look as if he was bleeding. Must be wine or some red liquid.
Yet! His boss didn’t look this messed up when he stepped out of his house this evening for the party tonight. In fact he was all smiles, even ecstatic about his speech and how he was confident that the ideas he was going to pitch to the board of directors would remove any atom of doubt in their minds.
The butler stares at him, watching Jimmy’s features harden even more, wondering what he is even thinking about.

Knowing asking him if anything was the matter would do more harm than good. He keeps quiet and went about his duties.


Jimmy hisses, his eyes staring into space as he is seated in his chair.
He was the best candidate for the President job, which is only a stepping stone to what he desires to achieve.
Yes!! So many things he wants to achieve. it was not just his right, it was also because that he knew he would do better at it.
What was the point being in a place of position and not able to enjoy the wealth that comes with it. Look at the Mayor.. President of the Heritage group for over a decade, Mayor for 5 years… he was a rich mudafxxer already with everything he wants he gets and everyone at his beck and call.
So why can’t he also be able to enjoy all these and more? It was his right. it was. No matter what was said or what he did. He still deserves everything.
But Jaime?
But Jamie fxxking Lockswire. Who came and ruined everything for him.
He hated him, he did.
He forgets the glass and tips some more liquid down his throat. He coughs.
Ever since Jaime happened, everything had gone to shits for him .
Okay, not to give the pretty boy all the credit but it wasn’t his own fault that what happened happened.
Humans weren’t perfect, they made mistakes and he did. And to make it worse, ever since then the Mayor has held it over his head like an overbearing torch every frigging time he set out to do something.
But yet, ”Jaime is good at this, Jaime is great at that”
”Fxxk Jaime !!” he flings the empty bottle to the wall and watches it scatter, the Butler winces.
He wipes his nose.

What else can he do to make that boy simply disappear into oblivion? His threats just keep backfiring. If only the Mayor would allow the boy pull out in peace, no one would be able to contend with him. But No!! pushing him into everyone’s face like he was some king.
D--n you!!
”I am King Jacob Wellington. Me, not Jaime, never Jaime and I deserve all that you give to him and more. It is my right goddammit. Mine!!! ” he angrily stands up and paces the length of the room.
He pauses when his eyes catches his reflection by the side mirror from the table bar. His anger toppling.
”Oh wait till I lay my eyes on you, you will wish you never had to raise your pretty hands on me. You would wish to never had being in the company of Jaime. I don’t know what game he is playing at but be rest assured I pay t-t for tat. Ask Bekky, there is a reason she fears me” He stares down at his shirt.
”Stupid b---h!!!” he strips away from the shirt and tosses it to a corner.
”Get rid of that shirt and the suit, infact get rid of everything and ask the fitter to get me another complete suit. The b---h ruined that. ” He takes off his trousers and flings it too. Padding upstairs with his boxers and disappearing out of sight.
The butler takes his cloths, puts it in a bag and sends it out to the bin. He was thankful that his Boss’s bad mood had nothing to do with him. It was better to be in the devil’s bad side than Jimmy’s.


”Mother, do you think Jaime would like this colour?” Christine asks her mother.
They are seated across from each other as Christine coats her nails. She shows her, her coated nails. It is bright red.
”I am sure he would.” Her mother says absentmindedly.
”You aren’t looking at them Mother” Christine takes her fingers to her mother’s face, Her mother grabs her hands, stares at them and then nods.
”Yes he would. Is there anything else you want me to take a look at too”
”What is that supposed to mean mother?” Christine raises an eyebrow.
”Oh like since you got back it is Jaime this, Jaime that. Not forgetting that for over how many years you simply kicked him to the side walk”
”You don’t need to remind me about that and besides-” She began but was cut off.
”Besides… here you are going all Jaime. Is that why you were hell bent on coming back?”
”I wonder whose side you are on” Christine frowns at her mother. ”You wanted me to come back”
”Your side and I have always wanted you to be around because I believe being here is better for you. But you have always refused until now…” She points out.
Christine thins her lips answering.
”Because I wanted to obey you Mother!” She shrugs.
”No! Because you have Ulterior motives of coming back and it has nothing to do with me.”
”And here I thought we were going to have some girl’s time!” Christine rolls her eyes. ”Such a joy killer!”
Her mother sighs turning to her. ”I love you Christine, I do. But you need to be sure about what you want!”
”I want Jaime!!”
”For the now or for -”
”Oh come off it mother, you have always wanted me and Jaime together”
”True, but still I wanted you to be happy. And you both of you were back then… before you… before you–” She trails off.

”Ran away with his bestfriend who eventually dumps me for his second aunt. Yes mother, I know. I was in the script remember? I know who the villain is in this story”
”Correct me if I’m wrong; it is not you right?” Her mother leans back folding her hands and stares at her.
”Of course it is not me mother. It is is that jerk Prince. He promised me the world and I had no idea he was promising his second aunt too.”
Her mother shakes her head ”Jaime loved you and we all thought you felt the same way and then about you both ending up together as a family was our wish as much as yours we thought. But when you left, all that did too. It’s been years Christine. You don’t wound a man and expect him to remain the same for you”
Christine drops her legs from the table where she had placed it on earlier ”Time heals, it healed him and besides, we were young and I was stupid. There! Are you happy?”
”No. I just want to make sure that you aren’t about to do the same thing. Jaime is a good man, albeit not exactly in the best of his days now but I would pick him over Jimmy any day”
”Jaime is the best and Jimmy is the bitter frog, And no mother, I intend to keep him this time. He… loves me still, I saw the look in his eyes when he hugged me’
”Maybe he was just happy to see you” Her mother offers.
Christine frowns ”I refuse to think it that way. But this time I intend to keep him mother, and I only accepted to be nominated because I wanted to be closer to him and let him know that I intend to accept responsibilities. He has to know that I have changed Mother, other than that why bother.?” She blows her nails.
”Also, imagine him being the president and me, his wife mother? And if and when he eventually becomes Mayor, I would be the next most important person next to him mother, you see why I need to make this work? Our stars have been aligned ever since. I was just too stupid to realize it”.

”So you don’t love the man but what he is love?” Her mother taps her jaw.
”Mother don’t be ridiculous!! What is there not to love about Jaime? He is every girl’s dreams”
”Not just yours!!!”
”Whose side are you really on mother because it looks as though you are hell bent to piss on my parade” Christine frowns and eyes her mother.
”Again… yours Christine. I am just trying to understand you. And again, Jaime has also changed, especially with this fiasco with Jimmy. He doesn’t need more on his plate”
”Jimmy will always be Jimmy but Jaime needs someone like me to harden his skin against him. He isn’t someone he can ignore considering the situation but I can help make sure that Jimmy knows his place. I am back now mother, I would make him better, he needs me in his life”
”Maybe he needs someone else other than you” Her mother gets up walking away. She follows her.
”Like who, that girl? You did saw her a-s all over the place!!” She rolls her finger.
”That a-s set Jimmy straight!!” Her mother points back at her.
Christine scoffs ”So what now, she is some special person to Jaime, is that what you are saying and some manual reset to Jimmy because she slapped him and poured him wine? ”
”No, because …” She trails off placing one hand on her waist and the other to her temple ”Oh I don’t know Christine. Maybe because she is a nobody with history with him and maybe because he needs that sort of distraction..”

”I am distraction enough mother. I am beginning to wonder if you are my mother, instead supporting me you are saying something else” She folds her hands.
”I have always supported you… you know that I won’t ever stop, but what kind of a mother do you think I am if I don’t make sure you are doing the right thing?”

”Just be my mother, support me the way you have always done. Allow me do the hell I want and stay out of my business. I am doing the right thing; I came back for my man, and you are going to be my mother and let it be. Besides you were pushing for a marriage and grandchildren and here I am working it and you suddenly have a thought?”
”Oh Christine-”
”No Mother.!!” She raises her hand to cut her off.

”You have always been stubborn ”
”Yes!! And you have been nothing but a push over, no wonder dad left you for his secretary!”

Christine held her face. It burned.

Her mother gasps closing her mouth almost at the same time ”I am so sorry… baby I am-” She moves to touch her,

”Save it!!” Christine turns and walks away. The next minute the door bangs, her mother follows calling after her to see her entering her car and zooming away.
She turns away.

She didn’t mean to hit her.

She knew where she was going to, where she always goes to. She would be fine, when she gets back she would make her favorite food and apologize to her.


Alexander’s reflex was fast.

One minute she has a shocked expression on her face and the next her palm had made contact with his cheeks.

”Damnit!!” he curses touching his face and staring hard at her.

”I said no kissing you bloody moron!!!” she wipes her mouth with a frown on her face as she nudges him away from her ”That’s it! You make rules and expect me to keep it. Yet I give you one tiny rule and you break it! How dare you kiss me you… argh!!!” she exclaims moving further away from him pointing at him with her eyes spitting fire.


She had never been kissed , like actually really kissed by a man. In fact, She found it disgusting.
The only thing she had had close to kissing was when her father covered his mouth over hers and s----d on them till she couldn’t breath. She was still a child; or when those men stuck their tongues down her throat when she worked at a walk in restaurant.

She hated it. She hated their lips on hers, their stinking breaths even more and the wetness and disgusting bile it causes to rise from her throat. Most times she puked; deliberately when they force her. They stopped asking for it, she never offered to.

If this was what kissing was? She wanted no part of it.

She had always wondered the joy people derived from kissing… she skipped movie scenes with it, she turns her face away when she meets people on the streets making out, she hated it. And she made it a rule .

She never kisses her clients/customers and they never demand for it. Her body was enough. If they obeyed that tiny rule… just one… then they were a go.

She didn’t care about it… neither does she want it nor will she ever enjoy something as sticking tongue down each other’s throats and exchanging saliva and making stupid sounds.

All she knew was that she hated it, as much as she hated sex, just like she hated men… most especially her father. She couldn’t avoid sex because she lived and earned from it, She had to survive on the streets right? And good thing she was far away from her father.. she would be glad if he was dead and rotten … but at least she could keep them away from her mouth.

Especially their stinking breaths and disgusting thick saliva …

“Disgusting !!” She spat again wiping her mouth the second time. “I swear to God Jaime Lockswire… you put your mouth again on mine and I will bite off your lips and spit it down your throat” she fumes.
Jaime drops his hand “You sure like to use your hands without a care don’t you?” He frowns. It stings.

“When it’s needed”

He touches his face again. He wanted to spite her. He didn’t like that he gave her rules and she was stating hers.
Okay, it was a stupid thought.
He never likes to kiss girls he is with. Ever since Christine. He has been detached from women emotionally. Everything was just physical, to satisfy a need if needs be. Other times… it was just just a passing moment.

He didn’t even know why he did it. Kiss her that is.

Stupid thought.

But who the hell does she think she is to slap him?
His frown deepens. Now he was really upset. He takes two steps towards her.

“Apologize!!” He hisses when he got close to her.

“Hell no!! You apologise, you broke my rule. You placed your disgusting mouth on mine. I will do no such thing.”

“Alexander apologize dammnit! And my mouth isn’t disgusting, in fact it is cleaner than yours !!”

“I won’t. I don’t want you kissing me I don’t want you kissing me.!!” She bellows “You want to have sex since you are paying for my services. Fine. I can lay on the bed and you can go. But you don’t touch my lips. You don’t cuddle me and you frigging don’t ambush me while I sleep. Just three rules and you already break one. Just so you know I am not obligated to obey any of your stupid rules. Disgusting !!” She wipes her lips again.

He steps closer, she was making him angrier “Apologize Alexander and you will do no such thing!!’ He hisses
“You won’t make me.!!”

“You wouldn’t apologise ?” He goes closer, she steps away.

“Never !!” She matches his anger. She was close to the wall and he in front of her.

“Then you are so going to get it !!” He closes the distance again, this time he nudges her to the wall, pins her to it, with one quick move he has both of her hands over her head pining them there, his body pressing into her to pin her to the wall, he grabs her face and smashes his lips to hers again.

She struggles but he was stronger, she was barely moving.

Jaime kisses her out of anger and to punish her for refusing to apologise.

And he doesn’t stop even as she struggles.

She hates kisses right? She was going to get it until she learns some manners.

Alexander seeing there was no use struggling suddenly stops.

He felt her stop. But he doesn’t let go off her..

The force he had used in kissing her suddenly wanes down. Without moving away from her lips. .

“Would you apologise?” He says against her lips.

“If you think by doing this you would make me apologise to you? You are out of your mind” she chokes

He wants to forcefully kiss her right? He should go ahead. Men, just like her father. They were all the same.

She can pretend. Fighting never stopped them.
“Then maybe you wouldn’t mind my smelling lips to linger even more. Apologize! ” he says.
He had every intention of making her as angry as she made him.

This time his lips touches hers… slowly.
Only for a tiny breath second before the voice behind him causes him to pause and turn sharply…


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