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The Call Girl - Season 1 - Episode 1
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She could smell him from a mile away, drunk with alcohol and the way his voice slurred when he sang one of Don William’s country song ..”I will like to see you again”, it always made her cringe. It felt like nails being pulled at the hard surface of her mind walls, as every words came with it the thought of what is about to happen.
She la!d on her bed, counting his footsteps ”One, Two,-Ten, Fifteen” knowing that when it got to thirty, he would be at her door, and another ten steps he would be at the foot of her bed, calling her name as he sings ”Alexandra… my sweet beautiful girl, I would like to see you again” adding it to the words of the song.

She could hear him stagger and laugh at his own silliness. She could hear the bottle he held always in his left hand hitting the wall as he climbs the staircase, every step making a sound due to the cricking sound of the almost broken steps.
”Twenty” she counts

His breathing is hard, heavy. He is a weighty man for his age, but it doesn’t matter, neither does it stop him.

”Twenty-five” She continues.
His faint footstep is getting closer to her door. She looks away from it, knowing at any time now he would push the unlocked door open.
He is the reason her door is never locked, he is the reason there are no ”hide and seeks” games done in the house with a clear mind, the only time ” hide and seek” is done is when he wants it to… and she was always the hider and he the seeker.

”Run my sweet Alexandra, run and I will come find you. Go to the darkness and the loneliest, go run and I promise to come find you.” He says to her.

But, she learnt too early too soon what his little games were, and it wasn’t for someone her age, especially when he tells her to seat and be quiet, and never to scream even if it hurts and it did. It hurt for days.

”Twenty-nine” she whispers
She could tell what he is doing now; uncorking the gin he has in his hand, throwing his head to the back as he tips the entire contents into his mouth. Then he would choke as some spring out of his mouth, trekking to his jaw and mingling with the dirty beards that had spread with an unkempt bush evenly across his face.
Despite him choking he wouldn’t stop drinking until all is down his large throat, coughing again he would belch, so loud the cat which always sleeps at her balcony window would turn its head in anger, wondering why higher animals wouldn’t let lesser animals like them have a good nap, having no idea how many lives they had had to live for one night.

”Thirty!!” She whispers
He kicks the door open and staggers in ”Alexandra, my sweet beautiful Alexandra… I would like to see you again” he hiccups, and then belches again as he laughs.
She lays still, as one who is asleep. But they both know she isn’t. He had told her once, that he likes the ”Pretend game, and that pretend games makes daddy happy; it makes daddy and his little boy happy ”

She had asked him once who his little boy was, she wished she hadn’t asked, because had made her close her eyes with a cloth, then he had taken her hands and he had asked her to touch it. He told her to touch whatever she felt and then whisper to it. She did, she felt it move and in fear she had screamed ”Snake Snake!!!” backing away from it and screaming out her lungs ”Daddy snake!!!!!!” she wailed even with her blind fold on.
Mother had come, and asked her why she was screaming after removing the blinds from her eyes, she hadn’t seen him nor the snake. She felt daddy had hidden the snake or the snake got scared and disappeared, and carried daddy too.
She had told her mother ”’Snake took daddy!” she cried ”Snake took daddy!!!”
Her mother had laughed ”Have you started seeing things Alexa?”
”But mummy, daddy isn’t here, snake took him. Took him away, I swear it. I touched it and it moved and… oh daddy we have to find daddy”
Her mother had taken her by the hand and led her to the living room, there he was, legs crossed, with a newspaper reading..”See daddy, he didn’t move, he has been here all along. Don’t be scared, there is no snake in the house, daddy will protect you okay?” she had left her with him and went to the clinic.

”But daddy, I swear it…” she cried
”Did you now?” he asks her, she had wondered about the chuckle to his voice and the way his eyes sparkled and the sly smile to his lips
”’I mean, I felt it. It was a snake, you told me to touch a snake and and—” She wailed, he hushes her up, lifts her and places her on his lap, cooing her to quiet.

She heard his faint laughter, he told her it wasn’t a snake, he said ”You were just having a bad dream Alexandra. ”
But she wasn’t asleep.
She was ten years old but she knew what being awake was and what being asleep was..
That was a snake, and she could swear it.
But she should have known better, because a few weeks later, she realized what the snake was, and she hated it.
But how could she anyways, she was nothing but a child.
”Always pretend as if you are asleep. When I come in, close your eyes and stay still, and remember don’t scream, else I would make it more painful and I would make sure you get the belt and the hot water bottle” he had pulled at her cheeks many weeks later.

And like a good little girl she lays still, eyes closed… waiting for daddy to come through her room door.

”Five steps” she whispers
Praying at the beginning never helped her. She had hoped that someone, anyone … who could hear her will come to her rescue. But no one did. No one ever did. So she gave up praying, gave up fighting, gave in to acceptance.
”Ten final steps” she tightens her eyes as she feels him climb the bed, his voice slurring the more as the song he is singing becomes unintelligent words.

He flings the covers away from her small fragile body, holding her legs he spreads them apart as he climbs on top of her.

She could feel his cold thighs, cold hairy thighs and the thing dangling between his legs as it brushes her skin. That thing that brings her nothing but pain and makes her sore for days.
That same thing she felt him grab, and like usual she felt it take on a more solid sharp as he moves his hands up and down in a slow motion over it, as he lays on top of her raising himself up to get access to himself, he sings drunkenly
”Oh Alexandra, my sweet sweet Alexandra….” He sings, breathing into her face bad breathe mixed with rotten eggs and cat poo.

She turns her face again, bile threatening to rise up from her throat, she presses it down, sU-Cking in her breathe, both eyes shut tighter than ever, she holds on to the bed sheets, waiting for that moment he brings her nothing but hell, pain and misery for the entire two minutes and thirty seconds.
” Oh my sweet Alexandra” He says.

She had wondered at first if he was completely unaware of what he did to her. She had hoped that the first time was a mistake, a drunken mistake she hoped he regretted.

She had hoped that the tears he had shed that night so many years ago was a cry of a broken sad man.

And she had forgiven him, she had when he went on his knees and pleaded for mercy. She had agreed not to tell anyone, not even her mother, not even her shadow.

She had bleed, she had been swollen and yet, she forgave him.

But how do you forgive a man when night after night and night after night, that same thing he asked for mercy for was the same thing he seeked, and this time… and the times after that and the times after that..

He wasn’t sorry.

No! in fact, she couldn’t tell anyone even if she wanted to. He beat her, he made her quiet… he made sure that no one would ever take her words against his.

And night, after night, he would come home drunk, he would climb up those stairs, he would sing that same song with his most horrible voice slurring as he walks, he would laugh and stagger, he would stop at her door and he would empty the contents of his gin, then with a deep breath and desire in his eyes he would come for her, ten steps to her bed he would climb it, singing with her name and adding it to the words of the song, he would part her legs… and with a quick painful t----t he would enter her..
Just like now, just like now.

If someone had asked her what she knew as pain, she would have defined pain as ”When the man you call father comes to your room every night, while mother is asleep or at the hospital and rapes you.” She would say ”Pain is what she feels between her legs, inside of her when he enters her with what’s better his own legs”

”Pain, is the soreness she feels that never goes away”. She would say, ”Pain is man, and all they stand for”

Yes. This was pain.

Now, like always for the past few years, She holds tight to the bed sheet as he breathes heavily on her, groaning like an animal, grabbing the little folds of her small b----t, grunting his desire while she lays there, biting her lips to stop herself from screaming out, letting the tears leave her eyes without making a sound.
Counting the seconds till he eventually intensifies his movements and jerks until he stops suddenly, rolling off her small fragile body and letting out a satisfied sigh with his protruded body facing the ceiling, his beards sweat shining, his thighs wet and his member back to a deflated balloon in the shell of the rubber clothe it wore, a thickish creamy liquid la!d at the bottom of the rubber still clinging to his member.
Yet, she lays there.
Her core in burning flames, her insides in turmoil and her heart in pains.

Night, after night, he would come, and when it is over, two minutes thirty seconds of pain and more pain, when it is over he would roll off and within seconds he would snore, so loud that the cat who had been watching the whole show would hiss and trot away, climbing up to her safe haven where family would protect and love you not use you.
Yes, not use you.

She gets up, her legs shaking , her thighs dripping from blood she walks slowly to the bathroom, there she puts on the shower and lets it on over her as she slips to the ground.
Just like tonight, just like every night like tonight, while shower is on, she would sit under it, like rain, it washes away her tears, but never the pain within her legs nor heals the wounds her core has become conversant with.

And when she is done crying, she would go back to bed, not beside him, but underneath it..there only where she finds peace. And in the morning, he could wake up, gather himself and leave.

Mother would come and like lovebirds you would hear them laugh and talk and be happy.

And she? She… goes about her day like a normal fifteen year old girl.

That’s what everyone thinks. That she is perfect, her life is, her family dotes and loves her.
But no one does, not her family, especially not him. He just loves what’s between her legs.
And if he is like that, that meant, all Men where the same.

Is this not what they want? This same thing her father takes from her every night.. is that not what they want?

Oh, Men…are pain. And all they know how to do is to give..Pain.


She came to realize that growing up in this environment, with a father like this… with a life like this would only result in a few things; It can either make you, mar you or break you.
And for her, it shaped her as it broke her too.
By the time she turned fifteen, she had had enough.

Her mother never believed her when she told her one airy night about her father, instead she had locked her outside for three days and forced her to sleep on the streets for daring to accuse her father, the one who loved her the most in the world. And that was the problem, he loved her too much and with the most wrongest kind of love a man should have for his daughter.
So for three days, she was left to the dew of the mornings and the hands of the dark and cold nights. No food, no water, nothing but her cold skin and one dress to keep her warm.
It was on the third night, that third night, she knew she had to do anything to survive; So when he approached her with a few offers; a roof over her head for the night, something to fill her starving tummy and a decent shower.

She had asked what he wanted in return for his generosity since she had no money.
Her body, he had said.

She had a choice, stay here and die of starvation and cold. Be a prey for the lingering eyes and wondering hands, who are eager to rip her clothes off and take her body by force or…
Accept the offer.

Live to die another day right?
So she took it. All she had to do is pretend as if she was sleeping, lie still and don’t make a sound while he grunts like ab animal like her father right?.

There was surely nothing more worse in life than this pain,and sadly, She already had enough practice.

And so she did accept his offer.

Her mother and father gets her back home a day later, infact, he came looking for her to bring her back home.

He had found her sleeping under the hood of a trunk, where other homeless had suddenly made themselves a makeshift home in the cold.

He missed her; He said when her mother wasn’t listening after he got her into the car and gave her a pie and water to drink.

”I hope you had learnt your lesson, never to lie about the ones who care for you. I hope you will learn to appreciate the love we have for you?” Her mother had asked.

She didn’t answer; she remained quiet during the ride home. He had whispered to her ears when they arrived home, while her mother went up the steps telling them to come wash up for dinner.

”I really did miss you my sweet Alexandra” he had whispered again and grabbed her small tush and flicked her n----e with his other hand in a quick fashion.

She pauses and stares hard at him.

A night with a strange man from the streets was a lighter hell than returning to the life with the drunkard and a rapist who her father was.
She had had enough.

So when he began to walk ahead of her, singing his song ..”I would like to see you again.”
She doesn’t follow him up, she doesn’t dare. Instead, she turns around and began walking away, not caring where.

When she heard her name ”ALEXANDRA BEKINGTON, COME BACK HERE RIGHT THIS MINUTE ELSE YOU WILL GET THE BELT!!! ALEXANDRA! ALEXANDRA!!!!!!” his voice like hands clawing at her skin even from where he stood.
She covers her ears with both hands, increased her steps and soon she is running, and running and running.

And when she saw him running after her, screaming her name.

She knew he wasn’t worried about his daughter running away from home, she just knew the only reason he would never let her go was because he was going to be depressed about his sex slave who would never be there at night to ”play pretend” and accept his ”Pain” he pushes through her legs every night.
She knew… that was the reason he was chasing after her.

Men were Pain, and she wanted none of it.
So she ran, crossing the road and jumping into a bus as it stopped to pick up passengers heading down town.

She never looked back, No, and she never had any regrets.

She backed the door, going to seat at the back. She could hear him calling her name and hitting the bus’s windowpanes..

The tears that flowed out of her eyes wasn’t tears of sadness, of never seeing the man who raised her and the mother who cared for her in her limitation. No, it was tears of relief, of peace, of freedom… never to ever see them again.
Yes, they raised her, but they damaged her.
And maybe, she wouldn’t blame them, she should blame death who had stolen her real parents from her who had died too early too soon and left her in the care of social services, and then the Andersons had come to adopt her.. or rather she should say, the drunk rapist and the negligent mother came to make her their daughter because they couldn’t have kids. Maybe God knew why he didn’t want to bless them with one; maybe he couldn’t bare to see the child being molested by her father on a daily.
And thus She, became the sacrificial lamb.
They had come for her, seen her, wanted her and had her.

And she wished they hadn’t, but now, she was glad she was running away.
Her life here on out may not be smooth, may even be worse off. But it was way better than the life she was living right now.


Years later, She came to realize, that in reality, nothing was better …. as long as there were men and as long as they all wanted something.. which all revolved around Sex?
They were all the same.
Men were Pain and pain was sex and they went hand in hand and the saddest reality was…
On the streets, you had only one option; that was to survive, and that meant, doing all it takes to survive, or die doing nothing.
So she made a choice, after all, she had practice from her foster father.
When push comes to shove, she took them on their offers… just to survive.
After years of being on the streets, it was easy to play pretend, lie still and act like they own you. She became a pro.
She felt nothing, she was like an empty shell.. men treated her the way they wanted. And she allowed them.
She was just trying to survive.
Yes, exactly ten years down the line, she had moved from being a girl who hawked on the streets, a bartender and waitress in the morning, to a sexy stripper at night.
She owned the pole, and she was goddess of that table, swinging it and catching their eyes in place.
Yes, she didn’t end up being a good girl.
Life was hard on the streets, harder if you didn’t learn how to survive, and she did. She did.
She was a damaged girl. Fxxked up by her childhood and the saddest reality was that… sometimes it changes you from something bad to something worse… and rarely to something good.

She wouldn’t say she was bad, but she did all she had to do to survive, and on the streets, you either survive or you don’t.

And she did, she survived.

She was a woman now, running a day job in the bar and at night, she graced the tables and made the men’s mouth water.. and when more duty calls, she takes it.
She came to a conclusion, that there was something miserable about life; it fxxks you up real good, from the a-s, and she had been [email protected] up pretty bad.

And she hated it.

When she thinks about how messed up she had become, she thinks about where she was coming from and curses it. She hopes her foster father finds his waterloo one day, if he hadn’t already.
And if she ever gets to see him again, maybe life would be kind to allow her delve him a blow to his death.

Until then, she waits.

But for today, she has to survive.

”Boss needs you in his office after your show Alexa” Tinny-B whispers into her ears as she helps her with her bra strap.

”What for?” Alexandra wants to know. She is dressed in skimpy red matching lingerie, high bootleg heels and her curves were to die for.
”Bekky didn’t show up”
”So… he wants you to cover for her for a client ”
”I have a show, as you can see a lot of h---y a-s men are waiting to see what moves I got swinging on that pole”
”Show off!!” Tinny-B says rolling her eyes
Alexandra laughs ”Don’t hate the player, hate the game”
”Oh I do hate the game, the competition is stiff!!”
”Not for me it isn’t. When I go up there, the roof is literally on fire” Alexandra smiles pushing her b----t up. She stares at herself in the mirror; she knew she was looking hella-hot.
”With a body like yours, every other person pales in comparison. I am not jealous but d--n girl, how the hell do you look this good? Hmm, if I were a guy I would definitely hit that” she spanks her bottom, Alexa hits her hands away.
”Hey!! Don’t even look at me like that Tinny-B. I ain’t gay”
”And you aren’t straight either”
”I am straight!!”
”Really, define how straight you are” Tinny-B perches on the table
”Well, I like guys” she rolls her eyes
”See that face you make when you say it tells me and you both that you are lying”
”I am not lying”
”You are too”
”Are not”
”Are too”
”Are not” Alexandra defends
”Okay, if you believe that, so tell me, is there an actual boyfriend?” Tinny-B folds her hands and raises an eyebrow
”You know the job doesn’t give room for that” Alexandra defends again
”The job doesn’t give room for nothing but we do shits anyways. You didn’t answer”
”I don’t have time for those, but I like guys” she bites her lips
”No darling, known you for a few years now. You do things in a passive state, no emotion, no joy, I mean we do the pretend stuff all the time with clients but you… you are just-”
”Like a robot” Alexandra interrupts,
”Like a robot!!” Tinny-B completes, she smiles ”Exactly!”
”You said this a million times, I am not I just don’t… see men other than the kind of thing they are… sex starved animals and nothing else.”
”You don’t like girls, you don’t like guys even if you do stuffs with them, what are you into…animal love?”
Alexandra laughs ”Eww”
”Well, what did you want me to think?” Tinny-B stares at her ”You will tell me if there is anything wrong with you right? I can help. I am your friend and I love and care for you. You will tell me right?”
”Yes I will. And I love you too. No homo” Alexandra adds turning to her and pulling her nose ”Tell Boss I will be there and it had better be good.”
”Oh, you know Boss lets you have the good ones”
”You are up in 60 seconds Alexa” a man enters the room ”The house is lit AF already chanting your name, go hoe that a-s up there and give them a hard-on” the tech manager says
”Yessir!!” she blows Tinny-B a kiss, grabs a robe and wears it, walks outside the room..
Tinny-B could hear her being introduced and the crowd of men cheering for her. When the music comes on and their voices increased, Tinny-b knew Alexandra had begun working her magic.
She was the goddess of that stage; the stripper goddess and everyone knew it.
”You wanted to see me Boss?” Alexandra is seated opposite him after her show, dressed in bum shorts and a shirt.

”Yes, I need you to stand in for Bekky, she is sick and wouldn’t be back till next week. Her client already booked for tomorrow night and we can’t cancel. I need you to stand in for her.”
”When you say stand in… what exactly am I standing in for”
He looks at her ”What else!”
”Call Girl?”
He smiles as he relaxes back on his chair, pen in his hand he plays with it, looking her over appreciatively, she is one of his pretty girls. ”Wear something pretty, shave your legs if you have to and look sexy and maybe get a lubricant, the pay is worth it.” He smiles
”I see. So, name of client?”
”Jaime Lockswire, he would be here by 9pm tomorrow, don’t be late”
”I don’t have a choice do I?” she sighs
”Nope. Clients want girls, we supply, we love money Alexandra, and so do you.”
”Right,” she gets up to leave
”And Alexandra, Jaime Lockswire is peculiar”
”How do you mean..Peculiar?” she turns to him
”Nothing you cannot handle. Be at the club entrance, by 9 tomorrow, you will receive a call from him by then when he calls the bar service department, he would be waiting outside.” he dismisses her.


The next evening, she is dressed in a red show back dress, waiting by the reception in the club when the waitress passes her the service phone..
”For you!” she tells her and leaves.
Alexandra is wondering how she was being identified, but the girl is far off for her to ask any questions of such.
”Hello?” she places the phone to her ears
”Alexandra Bekington?”
”Yes please, who is this?” She speaks into the phone
”Step outside please” the line dies
She drops the phone and makes her way outside, there is a black limousine stretched at the entrance of the building, someone who she figures is the driver opens the back door, and a man steps out of the car dressed in a black tux with a red lapel attached to his b----t pocket, he adjusts his cufflinks at his wrists.
”Alexandra Bekington?” He asks unbuttoning his tux at the navel
Her heart catches in her chest as she stares at him.
”Dear lord!!” She gasps.

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