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The bridegroom - Season 1 - Episode 42
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MADAM NKECHI: Kate, please take the kids
upstairs I want to have a word with Judy.

KATE: yes, ma’am. Tatiana, Shasha, let’s go

MADAM NKECHI: once again I want to say
a very big thank you to you for how you
treated my late daughter. Since her
death, I’ve always had this hope that
somehow, she would wake up and come
back to me. But yesterday, that hope was
buried together with Chioma. It has
become real to me that I will never see
my daughter again.

JUDITH : you will see her again on the
resurrection morning.

MADAM NKECHI: so help me God. Erm, I
called you Here for an important and
somewhat sensitive issue. I know I
probably shouldn’t be saying it. No
mo ther should have to do this. It feels
like betraying your own daughter and
believe me, it is the hardest thing in the
world. But fate has left me with no other

I’ll be leaving this evening.

JUDITH: oh really! Why so soon?

MADAM NKECHI: Yes, as soon as Ambrose
comes back, he’ll take me home. I think I
am finding it more difficult to mourn
Chioma here the way I want.

I wouldn’t want the kids seeing me
crying. I’m going to go back home and
take my time to mourn my daughter.

Now to the main reason why I called you.
I am aware of the letter my daughter left.
Ermmm, she wants you to marry her

Marriage is a thing of choice and nobody
should be coarced or unduly influenced
into it. But I want to tell you this, hoping
it helps you make the right choice.

I am sure you know what transpired
between Ambrose and Chioma before
her death.

It is easy to judge Ambrose by that single
act and being Chioma’s mum, people
would expect me to see Ambrose as the
devil’s advocate but he is not.

The situation that led to their separation
which I’m sure you are aware of, came
with very convincing evidence. Ninety
percent of men would have reacted the
same way Ambrose reacted or worse.

Before Chioma passed away, Ambrose
was already searching for her and I
made him go all the way to the United
kingdom. Which I do not regret anyway.
Long story short, Ambrose is not a bad
man. In fact, he is the best husband any
woman can be married to and a doting
fa ther.

Should you decide to marry him, please
do so without any fears. Of course he is
not perfect, but I tell you, you would have
gotten yourself a great man and future.
Please treat these kids as yours and
whatever you decide to do, it shall be
well with you in the morning, at noon
and at night. As you were kind to the
dead, In the same manner, may the Lord
be gracious to you from this day
onwards. Amen.

JUDITH: mama!!!?????? it’s hard. Very

MADAM NKECHI: I know…(hugs her) it’s
difficult. Wipe those tears okay? And
remember, I am always here for you
when you need me. I know you have no
mum, but you can count on me for any
mo therly advice.

I will also do my best to come see the
kids once in a while. I wouldn’t like to
come often to allow you space to build
your home. But you can always call me

MR AMBROSE walks in) what’s going
on here? So you people tell me not to cry
and when I leave the house, you get on
with It, right?

MADAM NKECHI: no, we are fine. I’m ready
to go now.

MR AMBROSE: Erm, Judy, I will be taking
my mo ther in law home now and I will
spend two days with her just so she is
not very lonely. Not sure if you will be
here before I come back. If not, thank
you so much for all you did for my family
and I.

We are so grateful and pray that the
good Lord grants all your heart desires.


MADAM NKECHI: no, she will be here until
you come back. Who will look after the

MR AMBROSE: no my dear, you don’t have
to, if you don’t want to. My mum will be
back tomorrow and Kate is here too. I
don’t want you to get into trouble at
your work place.

JUDITH: no, I won’t. They gave me one
week off so I’ll stay more.

MR AMBROSE: alright then, see you when
I come back. Mama, let’s go.


DERIC: Xandra, I just want to apologise
for the way I spoke to you the other day.
I am only a frustrated man. My beloved
wife is dying at home. All of you must
bear with me this time around. I’m really
sorry and my mum sends her love to you.

XANDRA: it’s okay. Say hi to your mum
when you get back to the hospital. So
why did you ask me to come here?

DERIC:like I told you, I must go home to
see my wife and i have been searching
for the cheapest flight possible. I didn’t
realise that Arik no longer flies. The
cheapest flight right now is KLM and it is
for seven hundred and fifty pounds.

I have four hundred and fifty pounds. So
I was wondering if you can lend me
ano ther five hundred pounds.

I promise to pay you back as soon as

XANDRA: Deric, I don’t have such amount
of money, sorry.

DERIC: Alexandra! Please don’t do this to
me! Please I know you have the money.
Remember you told me about your UK
savings account.

Please don’t let me be miserable or do
something silly. If I do not see Charlotte
by Friday, I’ll kill myself!

Please I have to. You have to do this for
me if my life means anything to you.

XANDRA: hmmmm! Well, as you know, I
cannot withdraw money from the cash
point from my savings account. I’ll bring
you the money tomorrow because banks
have closed now.

DERIC: oh! Thank you, Xandra! You are a
life saver! What would I have done
without you!!! God bless you!

XANDRA: it’s okay. I’ll be on my way now

DERIC: do you want me to see you off to
the station?

XANDRA: no. I’ll be alright. See you

DERIC: thanks a lot. Bye bye.

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