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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 146
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“Do you, Matthew Lee Hughes, take thee Marie Ryder to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

Matthew smiles. His green eyes are bright and sparkling even from where I’m standing, his hands clasped romantically in Marie’s.

“I do,” He replies easily, and I can see the shake of Marie’s shoulders as more joyous tears escape from her eyes.

She looks absolutely stunning, her white dress is modest yet so pretty- long sleeved with lace detailing.

Her wild curls are tamed back into a gorgeous studded bun, with tendrils escaping and she looks more beautiful than I’ve
ever seen her.

Matt, the broad-shouldered, playful and
joking knight stood opposite her is tearing up just looking at her, and to be honest- I think everyone else is too.

Gah, this emotion is too much for me to handle.

“And do you Marie Ryder,”
The elder Vicar turns to Marie with a smile that crinkles the corner of his eyes, “take thee
Matthew Lee Hughes to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do,”
Marie whispers. I can’t see her face at the moment, I’m stood angled behind her, along with Natasha and Millie. We make up the bridal party, alongside Rosa- the maid of honour.

All of us are clutching small bunches of orchids, and our dresses are a gorgeous silken grey, each in a unique style.

I share a small smile with Natasha as Marie says the words, tears pricking the edges of my eyes no matter how hard I fight to restrain them. Since Matt came back, Marie has been

the happiest I’ve seen her in the short months I’ve known her.

Matt is by far the friendliest and funniest guy I think I’ve ever known, and it’s safe to say that Alec was under exaggerating when he described him as ‘nice’.

It’s clear that the whole family worships him, and from what I can see of his face right now as he gazes into Marie’s with
complete and utter love- the feeling is mutual. How can I stop myself from crying when everything is so perfect?

“Then I now pronounce you husband and wife,”
The vicar announces, his face breaking out into a smile so large that I’m afraid it will break out of his delicate, thin-
skinned face. “You may now kiss the bride.”

And Matt does. He uses their intertwined fingers to pull her closer until their lips meet. I can see only the back of Marie’s head from where I’m stood in the bridal party,
but by the cheering and applause coming from the crowd- I can tell that everything is pretty spectacular.

I catch eyes with Alec, who is stood beside Matt and grinning as he claps with everyone else, his eyes trained solely back on me.

I blush. You’d have thought I’d have gotten used to him looking at me by now wouldn’t you? I mean, we have been dating for five months. Still, none of the effect that
Alec used to have on me has faded, and I have to say…I’m kind of glad about that.

I grin widely at him, ignoring my bunch of flowers as my own hands collide in congratulations for the newlyweds.

Marie and Matt turn to face the crowd, and for the first time in half an hour- I
see more than the back of Marie’s head.

Her face is tear- stained, but her eyes are shining and she looks absolutely

With linked hands, the pair begin to walk back
down the aisle and the audience stand up.

The wedding is over. The vows have been said.

“Oh my lord, that was so beautiful,”
cries Natasha beside me.

Her mascara is halfway down her face, and her thin black hair has been twisted and pulled back in an intricate design.

I never pictured her as a hopeless romantic, but apparently she is. I guess I should’ve expected it- Joe’s turned into a right romantic recently under her watch, and the pair have been dating for little under a month
now. She was the one to man up and tell him first, believe it or not, and he obviously accepted.

I really admire her courage, and sometimes I wish that I could’ve been the one to ask Alec out first- it might have saved a lot of my confusion and his anger if I did.

Ah well, I guess everything’s worked out well in the end.

“I know,” I smile to Natasha, wiping the salt trails away from below my eyes. “Marie….she looked stunning.”

Natasha nods, before pulling me into a hug and resting her chin on my shoulder.

“It’s been nice seeing you fellow bridesmaid,”
She grins through the tears, “I’ll miss you. Alec doesn’t bring you
to visit often enough.

The wedding preparation’s been
fun though.”

I smile nostalgically at this.

The last month in particular has been hectic with rehearsals, bridesmaid training,
dress fittings etc. Rosa, the maid of honour, has been coping astonishingly well, and she’s been the rock that Marie’s needed to get through all this.

More often than not, my mom is invited to help them as well, so life has been pretty busy in both households.

I glance to the side and see my mom, sat happily in the second row and
talking to Jack.

She and Marie have been closer than ever
recently, and I think Marie’s regretting not asking mom to be part of her bridal team, but it’s a little too late for that now.

The whole wedding has gone according to plan,
and it would take a fool not to see how happy Marie and Matt are with everything.

I glance around the church as people begin to climb out of their seats.

It’s time for the after party of the wedding,
which is being hosted next door to the tiny church of Lindale- in the country club where Alec and I came for Mom’s founder meeting. I’m not going to lie, I’m looking
forward to going back: that place was so glamorous.

With the way I’m dressed up now, I feel particularly excited.

I glance down at my bridesmaid dress.

It’s the same silken grey as Millie and Natasha but whereas mine has a gorgeous studded halter neck, Natasha’s is strapless and Millie’s has spaghetti straps. Millie turned five recently and she’s the cutest little five year old in the world.

Her hair is longer now, curly and darker like
Marie’s- and it’s twisted into a fancy updo which closely resembles mine.

“You look very grown up,” I tell her, squeezing her hand.

She looks up at me with a grateful toothy smile. “Are you happy that your mommy and Matt are married now?”

She nods excitedly for a second, but then her expression turns crestfallen. “They won’t let me go on holiday with them though. I want to go to Paris!” She pouts, her
eyebrows furrowing cutely. On her fifth birthday, I couldn’t resist but buy her a new tea set. It’s the biggest set the store had, and it’s pink- her favourite colour.

I bought it to commemorate the time when I first met her, when we played with the tea set which is now chipped and old.

I thought she deserved a new one, and I was
right- she absolutely adored it.

“Aww,” I frown, “Yeah I want to go to Paris too, but you know what? You get to spend the next two weeks with your Auntie Rosa, Natasha, me and Alec.

That’s a pretty good holiday isn’t it?”
I kneel down and offer her a smile,
poking her gently in the ribs to make her giggle.

She nods shyly. I dread the day when this little angel grows up, I honestly do.

I stand back up and release Millie’s hand, only to have arms wrap themselves around my waist from behind and lips pressed to my collarbone. Alec. I spin around in
his arms with a smile on my face, staring up at the gorgeous boy in front of me.

His lips are cracked into a cheeky smirk, his eyes brighter than usual and staring down at my face.

His role at his mother’s wedding? Well he gave her away; walked down the aisle with the bride.

Unlike me as I walked, he was resolved and calm and did all the right things.

I looked like a bit of a shamble when I
did it- it was a tremendous struggle not to trip over my dress in the heels, despite the amount I’ve practiced in the past month.

I didn’t fall over though, which is an
achievement for me.

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