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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 144
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I stare in pure surprise at the bra I haven’t seen in four months.

This bra is the reason that Alec and I met, and the cursed thing has been hidden from me ever since.

Alec Ryder stole my bra on a dare, and he broke into my room in the middle of the night to do so.

He woke me up from my beauty sleep, and so began the everlasting rivalry
between us.

At some point along the way, despite my self-warnings, I fell for his cocky charisma and devilish good looks…now, after all that persistence to get it back in the beginning- he’s just chucking it back to me? Is this
some kind of joke? I fought d--n hard to get that bra back: I searched for hours, and even broke into his freaking house in my quest!

Albeit, I’d forgotten all about it recently, but still…there’s just something slightly
disappointing about the fact that he gave it back so easily, because it’s like I lost the battle to find it.

A small part of me kind of wishes he’d keep it.

After so long without it, it feels wrong to have it in my hands again.

Alec and I…well we boil down to this key symbol.

The Mickey Mouse bra- the reason why we met,
conflicted and eventually why I began to fall for him.

It’s frigging sacred!

Slowly, I manage to de-freeze the shocked expression on my face and my mouth closes. “Where did you hide it?” I ask him bluntly, incredibly curious as to the place I looked so hard for.

It can’t be in his room, because I tore that

place apart when I was looking for it.

Maybe Millie’s room? Or does he have some kind of little safe reserved especially for his underwear fetish?

Alec grins. “I can’t be telling you that, Riley- its top secret information.

You expect me just to give away the location
of the rest of your bras?”

Hold on a second…the rest of my bras?!

I shriek, and Alec cracks up laughing.

The rest of my bras? He’s stolen all of them? I hobble over to my underwear draw and pull it open so fast that it slams
against my thigh painfully, but I pay no attention to the bruise as I groan.

True to his word, the draw is void of
anything except for my knickers and an irritated blush scribbles over my cheeks.

This boy had too many
bonding sessions with my underwear! “You’re kidding
me right,”
I turn to Alec with a pleading expression,

“What do you expect me to wear until you give them back?”

“Your mickey mouse bra,”
He winks, his laughter light and filling the air with contagious melodies. “Nice C cups by the way- I especially like the blue one- blue looks good
on you. See you at my bike in five minutes!”
Without waiting for a reply to his taunting, Alec dashes out of his
room and consequently out of sight, leaving me stood gormlessly as I stare at my half emptied underwear draw.

I should have expected this- it’s almost too easy to get my bra back after four months. Of course he’d steal the rest of them.

Maybe I should invest in a padlock for
that draw- he’s had his forbidden fingers in there two times too many.

Another part of me can’t help but smile
at the trick though- his mischievous and cheeky attitude is one of the things I like about him, believe it or not.

Although some people like the perfect boys with the perfect grades and the sweet personality- I can’t help but prefer boys who keep me on my toes.

Like Alec Ryder, who’s waiting outside for me as he revs his motorbike engine.

I grin at the sound- oh yeah, I’m definitely a bad boy kind of girl.

Without waiting a second longer, I chuck my bra on the bed and hobble downstairs. I can do without my crutches now- I barely need them anyway.

Mom looks up as I pass the living room doorway, and her eyes
narrow at the excited gleam in my eye and the converse I’ve pulled on quickly- their laces trailing. “I’m going to speak with Alec,” I smile and her eyes light up with
understanding. “I’ll be back soon. Wish me luck.”

In reply, mom blows me a kiss, before turning back to her Gossip Girl episode.

It’s times like this when I love my
mom more than ever. Most parents would hate to see their daughter sneaking out at 8:00pm in the evening, but my mom seems to just understand and trust me

It saves us from a lot of arguments: and is one
of the reasons we get along so well I guess.

I step out into the night and slam the front door behind me as I make my way over to Alec’s bike.

His eyes linger on me as I make my way over, lips pulled into that infuriatingly smug smirk. “I’m beginning to think you
have a bit of a fetish for my underwear,”
I comment as I slide onto the back of his bike.

My arms tighten around his torso as I remember how fast this thing actually goes.

“Maybe we should send you to rehab- cure you before you turn into some kind of global bra thief.”

“It’s only your bras I’m interested in, Greene, don’t you worry.”

I chuckle as Alec revs the engine, and clamp the helmet into place. It’s hot and stuffy, but I’d prefer to wear it and look like an idiot, rather than crash and die. I may be
feeling happy and a little crazy tonight, but I’m not stupid.

“You’re such a cliché,”
I tease, “The bad boy image?

The motorcycle? You’re practically a book character, Ryder.”

“An incredibly hot book character,”
Alec tilts his head to wink at me, before finally he releases the clutch.

With a roar of diesel, the bike sets off into the dusky streets of Lindale.

The wind whips my hair and I clutch tightly onto
him so as to avoid falling off as the vehicle curves up the familiar tight curves of the roads. We blast past the small collection of shops and the road leading to the high school as we make our way out of Lindale and into its’
forest surrounding. A slight drizzle of rain hits our faces as we pass by the small beach, but it’s gone by the time we reach the forest.

The roads turn long and winding,
until eventually we park up in the familiar spot next to the forest- the place where I once thought Alec was bringing me to in order to commit murder. Little did I know, he
was actually planning to get all the juicy details on Toby.

I slide off the bike and hang the helmet from the handle bars as I stare warily at Alec. Suddenly, all of my nerves from earlier are present again as I realise that this is the
moment it could all get very awkward.

I admit, it’s likely that he likes me back- why else would he kiss me? Yet,
being the self-conscious freak I am, it’s physically impossible for me to believe that 100%.

My mind is still tricking me into thinking of the alternatives, the less nonsensical explanations. It was a dare.

He was doing it to prove that he could get any girl he wanted.

It was a spur of the moment thing.

He regrets it.

I gulp, and look up to see Alec watching me warily.

He c---s an eyebrow at my apprehensive features.

“Did you want to go to the clearing anytime soon?”
His voice is lightly teasing, and I roll my eyes as I take a deep breath.

“Sure, let’s go.”

Perhaps if I was a stranger to Alec, I would think that he was as at ease as any other day- he certainly plays the calm, resolved boy very well. He chatters and jokes his
way all the way to the clearing, non-stop talking and laughing to fill the silence that the forest provides us with.

However, I’m not a stranger and I know Alec fairly well- enough to know that the whole thing is a façade.

Behind his jokes, his eyebrows are furrowed and his fists are clenched until the knuckles turn chalky white.

He bites his lip. He fidgets.

Alec Ryder is as nervous as I am, and I
have absolutely no idea why.

Could it be a good nervous? Or a bad ‘I don’t want to hurt her feelings’

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