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The Bad Bae Stole My Bra - Season 1 - Episode 143
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I stiffen in surprise the moment that Alec’s soft lips meet mine.

Alec Ryder is kissing me. Alec, the jerk from next door with the crappy pick-up lines, and the innuendos hidden behind every sentence, is kissing me. His lips are on mine with a soft but passionate urgency, his hands dropping
from the kitchen counter to rest on my flour-coated hips.

I can’t think properly, my head is swirling with confusion.

Does this mean that he likes me back? Or is he just flexing his charm muscle- proving that he can get any girl in the world at his beck and call? I sq££ze my eyelids shut and
unconsciously step towards him, my lips finally bursting into action and moving in synchronisation with his.

I know it’s weak of me, but I don’t care whatever way.

All I care about right now is the fact that Alec Ryder is kissing me and it feels amazing- I can deal with the aftermath later.

My arms automatically loop around his neck to draw us closer, and the feel of his soft milk-dampened hair is enough to accelerate my heart to an almost deafening

This is actually happening. I’m kissing Alec freaking Ryder.

Our lips are alive with mutual enthusiasm, and
every single one of my hairs is standing on end despite the humidity.

I feel faint and lightheaded, and he’s the
only thing keeping me upright- my source of gravity as our lips mould tightly together.

Shots of euphoria pump down my bloodstream and all I can hear is my machine gun pulse and the whisper of his warm velvet lips as they move with mine.

Butterflies explode in my stomach and attack the lining with their breathy wings, and my skin is on fire wherever our skin brushes.

I guess this is what everyone is on
about when they talk about sparks, or fireworks igniting in your belly, but that’s not the way I’d describe it.

Sparks and fireworks don’t seem to cover the disbelief and unbelievable joy I’m feeling right now.

In fact, it’s more like Alec has centred the sun into my chest- my insides are alight with warmth, and I can feel myself glowing exteriorly with radiant happiness.

Of course, the time comes when we have to break away for oxygen, and my eyes fly open as our lips lose their delicious contact- leaving us panting.

The kiss wasn’t even that long, but it’s left me breathless in the same way
that a full on make-out would, because it was somehow the strongest kiss I’ve ever had.

I curiously glance up to see Alec, and he’s staring down at me with wide eyes-
I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or not. I’m praying in my mind that this isn’t an evil dream: that life can actually be this good and my subconscious wouldn’t play such
tricks on me. It has to be real though.

With my tingling red lips, I crack a smile.

It doesn’t take Alec long to return

Alec releases a short breath, and his scent fans over my face.

Slowly, eyes evaluating for my reaction, he closes his eyes and rests his forehead on mine. “Is this real?” He

I let out a short breathy laugh. “Apparently.”

“Then that means that I just kissed you,”
His eyes furrow with realisation and his eyes shoot open to stare into my own. “And you kissed me back?”

Unable to restrain myself, I blush, and who can really blame me? He asked it so directly.

I smack him lightly on the shoulder, ruining the moment like the typical social freak I am, with a smile playing on my lips. “Smart one,”
I tease sarcastically.

“You know you love it when I play dumb,”
He smirks, “It makes you look smarter.”


It’s so hard to concentrate when a drool-worthy boy has his forehead pressed to yours and is looking into your eyes, let me tell you. Did that kiss mean anything to him?

My smile drops for a second as I realise that the moment is over completely now- and it’s time to face the aftermath.

From his smile I’d say that it did mean
something, but I can’t help but fear that there’s a million girls out there who are smarter, prettier and funnier than

Why would he choose me to kiss? What makes me special? Let’s be honest, I pale in comparison to him and he has to know that.

So why did he kiss me? I frown a little, my gaze
dropping from his.

Am I over-analysing things already?
Maybe I need to stop obsessing over this- this kiss probably meant more to me than to him anyway.

With a short sigh, I pull away, leaning back into the counter.

When did Alec manage to press me up against it? I didn’t even notice- I guess I was a little into the moment.

I blush again at this, and my gaze drops to my feet.

A finger hooks under my chin, bringing my face up to look at Alec. “What’s wrong?” Alec demands.

His eyes flash with worry and he takes a quick step backwards.

“Was it the kiss? Did I upset you?”

I shake my head to reassure him, “It’s not that, don’t worry.

Let’s just get this mopping done, yeah?
Your mom will be back soon.”
I give him a smile- a real one- and lean to the side to grasp the mop, which had fallen to the floor when Alec kissed me.

I also grab one of my crutches- it’s pretty much unnecessary now because my foot is almost healed, but it’s something to clutch
onto all the same.

I’m trying not to worry about the
what-ifs and the future, satisfied with just enjoying the present facts- that Alec Ryder kissed me.

However, as a self-conscious girl, I’m incredibly aware of the fact that
right now I am very delicate and easily breakable.

My heart lies in the hands of a notorious player and heartbreaker and there’s no going back. I grasp the handle of the mop and begin to clean the very last segment of flooring.

Alec kissed me.

But was it something different to me than it was to him?

I’m probably obsessing over this way too much.

I can feel Alec’s presence behind me, and I turn around to look at him again, surprised at the minute glance I get of him before his lips are pressed down on mine again.

The kiss is short and sweet, but still it sets my lips on fire with a burning passion and reassures me that maybe things
won’t turn out as badly as I originally thought.

Surely if he didn’t like me, he wouldn’t have kissed me again?

Unconsciously, my lips turn up into a smile (I’m not going to lie- it’s probably a dazzled, love struck one) and Alec smirks at the sight of it.

Marie picks that exact moment to walk in.

“Hey guys,”
She greets us, smiling and placing her work diary on the kitchen counter. Her eyes scan the kitchen and she nods in approval. “Good job with the floor.

You two can go and get cleaned up now if you want- Millie and I will deal with the washing up.”

“Are you sure mom?”
Alec asks her, awkwardly taking a step away from me in an attempt for nonchalance. “I feel

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