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Tears of a pearl - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Its no other than janelle. ‘‘ah janelle? Did i
said janelle? I want to say daniella you know
its a slip of tongue’’ Arie laughed.

‘’ hmm but why did you mention my sister
Adriana? You said you want to see her too’’
Janelle asked and this time Arie know she
can’t cover her own lies again.

‘’ Alright janelle let me tell you a story’’ Arie
said and janelle seems interested.
“ go on”,
“ twenty years ago a human baby was born
in the water realm and a mermaid was born
in the human world, both were sistets from
heaven but were switched spiritually so they
were born in different worlds and this gace
them the strength over every other
mermaids or human beings. They were later
switched to their various habitat, the human
lives on land and the mermaid lives in
water” Arie narrated.

“ so you mean daniella and I were switched
right from birth? I belong to you while
Daniella belong to the sea? And we are
sisters?” Janelle asked.

“yes, im your mother while Daniella is the
real princess of the sea but since you are
sisters you both are princess and you are
sent here on a mission. Daniella is getting
more powerful than I can imagine she can
produce pearls now and very soon she will
be controlling them, the thing is I want you
to be queen of the sea. A monster will reveal
itself among the princess and you need to
become stronger” Arie said and Janelle
notice something about Arie. She look as if
she was a mermaid before.

“ you are not joking are you? My tears don’t
turn to pearls ” Janelle try to explain but all
she got was a slap. The slap was so painful
that a tear drop from her eyes.

“ when the sisters meet they will unlock
their powers” Arie said and surprisigly the
tear turn to pearl and janelle was so happy.

Now immediately her pearl is obeying her,
she can control her pearl? Her own pearl?
She cried more and more and the pearls are
now many.

“ hey stop controlling them your power is
limited on land you will soon get exhausted
” Arie said.

“ok thank you arie thank you so much”

_______Daniella’s school.______

Soon enough coach ken, head coach’s
classmate arrive with the pretty Chinese girl
Lin Xiao jie. She is tall with long legs maybe
that’s her secret charm.

” Ella please do something you can’t defeat
her” Suzy whisper to Daniella.

“ since when did we became friends? ”
daniella asked.

“ please Ella back out she will” Suzy try to say
when Daniella snatch the sentence from her.

“ I’m not a coward like you” Daniella

“ hi I’m Lin Xiao jie but you can call me
jie’er” Lin Xiao jie stretch her hand for
handshake which Daniella accept

Daniella and Jie’er both ready for the contest
stood beside the pool, while Daniella is
exchanging sincere smiles with jie’er she
return it with a jealous one.

‘‘on your track’’ coach ken announced then
the girls stand in position. ‘‘get set’’ he said
then he blow the whistle. For the first 10m
Daniella is very slow as if she is joking with
the competition but suddenly she pick up
her pace which surprise jie’er and coach
ken. She is more faster than they thought or
even imagined. Ji’er also became faster but
not like Daniella because Daniella is already
leading with 25m already.

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