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Tears Apart  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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“Joanna! What are you doing?”
Joanna flinched and dropped her hand,powers locking back into hwr body.
God! She was just about unlocking….
“Answer me,what do you think you are doing!”

Joanna slowly turned to look back, coming face to face with Justina who stood akimbo, glaring at her.

” I…. I…was only having fun ….”
“Fun? Hun,well it doesn’t look as if you are having fun! Don’t do that again, Joanna.

Tell me where you can possibly go to should you leave this compound. Think about it!” Justina said softly, coming closer to Joanna who sustained the urge to cry.

She was right. Where could she probably go to in this lonely world?

But then,she wasn’t going g to allow madam Kofta put her into prostitution.
“But…” Joanna stammered but Justina cut her short, putting a arm around her.

“It’s okay, Joanna. I thought we talked about this yesterday. When you are old enough…I will help you escape.”
Just then, Bright emerged and Joanna sadly entered into the car.

Bright drove out of the big compound and drove her to school.


“Will you please stop following me..even if it’s just for a minute!

I won’t go anywhere! I’m not running away!”Joanna snapped at Bright as he followed her to the cafeteria to buy drink.
“I’m sorry, Joanna but madam never instructed me to do so.” Bright replied and Joanna walked sadly away. Bright followed.
Just then,she bumped into Ikenna at the cafeteria counter.

“Oh. Joanna. Thank goodness you came by today.

And why is your face like that?” Ikenna asked and Joanna looked back towards Bright who stood solidly behind her.

“He’s embarrassing me by following me around like this.

I want him gone.” Joanna said as they walked to one of the empty tables.
They sat down and Ikenna looked over at Bright who stood close to the door,his eyes on them.

“Look …. you can think of a way to deceive him and escape to have some privacy.” Ikenna said quietly, leaning over to Joanna.
Joanna glanced at Bright and glanced back at Ikenna.”How?”

“Is he going to follow you into the girl’s loo?” Ikenna asked,his brows furrowed.
“Yes! It’s annoying.” Joanna said.
“But….is there something you are not telling me? Why does a body guard follow you about?” Ikenna asked.

Joanna opened her mouth to say something but she only stammered.
“Come on, Joanna….tell me. What’s wrong?” Ikenna asked.

Joanna tried holding back the tears but couldn’t.

The tears started forming and the clouds started changing.

The whether changes too and students wondered the cause of the sudden change as they started running back to class.
No! I must not cry!

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