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Tears Apart  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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“Joanna! Stop it! Please stop!!” Justina cried, falling on her knees.

How could she have forgotten never to make Joanna cry..not inside the house!
She knew what would happen next.

The rain was becoming too much. She stood up hastily and rushed over to Joanna pulling her close and drying her face.
“Please,stop!, I’m sorry I made you cry!” Justina added and Joanna stopped, looking at her.

“Does that mean you won’t allow her turn me into a prostitute? My teacher in school told me about education … being the best legacy…I just want to go to school.” Joanna said as Justina breathed in.

“But.. Joanna…that’s not possible….you are nothing but an the mercy of madam Kofta!” Justina said softly.
“Aunty have to help me! I can’t become a prostitute.” Joanna said.
“I’ve tried denying this but….Joanna…you are a great…have powers I don’t know where it comes from.

In order to survive for now…you have to stay with madam Kofta first… Please..try to understand.”

Joanna shook her head and moved away from Justina, standing beside the window.

“I won’t do it.”
“Joanna!” Justina called and Joanna turned immediately to look at her.
“You’ve taken care of me from my childhood.

Even if you do not have a child of your own… would you have allowed your own child to come a prostitute?

I bet you wouldn’t. Aunty Justina…..look at me and tell me what you see.” Joanna said, coming closer to Justina.

“I see a princess…a beautiful girl worthy of an influential parent…but…”

“Aunty Justina.” Joanna said, cutting her short.” Help me escape.”
“What??” Justina exclaimed, perplexed. How could she do something so tragic against madam Kofta?

“I need to get put of here….before it happens. I can’t become a prostitute.” Joanna said as they glared at each other.

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