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Tears Apart  - Season 1 - Episode 5
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Esther was shoocked when she heard the intruder speak. A lady!

“Give me the baby and go your own way. I heard she isn’t yours.” The lady said and Esther’s mouth opened wide.
Who’s this?

“Who are you and what do you want?” Esther barked at the lady who removed her mask and smiled.

She was fair and beautiful and looked seriously familiar.

“Okay….you want an introduction? Fine..I’m I.J and I’m on a mission. Give me the baby and go your own way.”
“You…! I…I have seen you before…” Before Esther could finish her statement,the lady ran forward with a great speed and gave her a blow….right through her spinal cord.
Esther gasped in sharply and knelt on the floor.

The baby was collected from her as she hit the floor and passed out.

The lady looked down disgustedly at the baby and felt like killing her.

She looked around in the dark and felt a strange presence.

She wore her mask and rant off… through the bush.

In the darkness there, Ifeoma’s ghost stood,her mouth wide open with shock .

She tried to reach out to her…tried to use her ghostly powers but failed…..who was that?


“I.J..are you sure about this one?” a thick voice belonging to a dark lady who sat beside the window…with a cigarette said.

The baby’s cries could be heard as she was placed on a chair.

I.J laughed.

“An an. Tessy… don’t you trust me? Can’t you hear her healthy cries?

You should know Kenny now. Yes,he was the one who hired me for this job. He founded out that his fiancee was keeping a baby…so I was up to the task.

I found out that the baby was no longer with her but i got the whereabout of the baby and found out a nurse was the one keeping her…
And so have no idea how what I’ve been up to.” I.J said, laughing.

She stopped and looked around.

“Do you feel any presence around?” I.J asked and Tessy nodded.
“But don’t worry.

You know no spirit can penetrate through our wall or overpower us.”

Tessy said, putting out the fire in her smoke as she took another one.
“This started right from the time I took the baby.

Do you think I’ve killed her instead of making her pass out?”I.J asked.
“Then who cares? Sheshould have known it was dangerous to have been walking on the road by this time of the night with an infant!
So back to the real matter….who are we selling the baby to cos I need money…real quick.” Tessy asked and I.J laughed.
“Trust me,Mr woman. I have a buyer already.”I.J said as Tessy looked at her, surprised.

“Tell me you are joking. Gosh!” Tessy laughed.” So… who’s it? Hope it’s a good pay?”.

“Yes. A million naira.” I.J replied.
“Wow!! What are we still waiting for? Quick…there is no time and please,carry that baby.
The cries can wake the dead!”Tessy Said and I.J laughed. She took Amarachi up and scooped her up.
“Shut your mouth!” She groaned.

Tessy laughed.” Why are you complaining? Sebi you get pikin??” Tessy said.
“I hope my husband isn’t even around yet for I don’t have any lies to tell him this time. I’m even fed up of marriage and family.
I think I want to be on y own…just like you.” I.J said and Tessy smiled.

“You know what I’m into,right? You think you can do that?” Tessy said.
“I’m not talking about that and besides what’s great about that?”I.J asked.
“Become my lover then you will know how it feels.

l£sb!anism is the best…it’s so sweet.”Tessy said licking her lips.
“Oh please,spare me that. What’s sweet? Please talk better thing. Happy l£sb!anism.” I.J said and Tessy laughed out loud.
“Na you sabi. Abeg,when are we contacting the buyer. I really need some cash.” Tessy added as I.J smiled.

“Tommorow…till tommorow”.


Ifeoma’s ghost stood beside a kiosk in tears. She was restless.

“Somebody help…my baby’s in trouble. She’s going to be sold out into slavery.. prostitution…. somebody should please hear me out! Why can’t someone hear me?”
Ifeoma cried out pure tears this time.. instead of blood.

She stared at the people going and coming and tried to touch them…she tried blocking their way but they walked right through her.
“My baby can’t die like this! She’s a great child…she’s destined for great things! Somebody… anybody.. please call the police!!”

Ifeoma cried against the air her tears flooding her face.

“I can see you. I can hear you…what help are you talking about?”

Ifeoma’s head jerked up,her eyes widening as she saw a young lady standing in front of her.

“You….can…can…ca…can hear me!! You can see me?” Ifeoma stammered as she moved forward.

The lady smiled.” Of course. You are dead. Aren’t you supposed to be in the land of the dead?” The lady asked.

“Oh my God! She can see me!! She really can see me! Are you dead too??”

“No. I’m human but I can see people like you. Return to the land of the dead and rest.” The lady said.

“No!!!! I need your help…my baby! Please she is in danger. I need to save her…make sure she’s in save hands before I can rest.

I need to inform my mother-in-law..that she has a granddaughter! Please!” Ifeoma said,her voice echoing.

The lady looked at her.” Me? To help you? How do you want me to do that?” The lady asked and Ifeoma looked straight into her eyes.

“Can…I…be able to touch you?” Ifeoma asked.

“Try….I… don’t Know. You only have to calm down” The lady says, becoming scared with the look on Ifeoma’s eyes.

She had come in contact with spirit being not none had ever asked her for help.

Ifeoma slowly stretched her hand forward,and closed her eyes, thinking she would penetrate through the lady.

Her eyes opened in shock as her hand met with the lady’s arm.

“I made it! I can touch you!” Ifeoma said, unable to believe it.

“Now what? Still,I can’t help you.” The lady said.

“You can. And there is only one way ……. borrow me your body”…………..

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