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Tears Apart  - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Ngozi paced about as she dialled Esther’s number. She put the phone in her ear and impatiently waited for Rather to pick up her call.

She looked back at the baby who has slept off as she dropped her hastily on the sofa after what she saw.

But the red mark was there no more …it disappeared immediately it came.
Esther could not believe she actually saw it. She thought maybe she was just imagining things.

“Hello!” Ngozi said into the phone as Esther came on line.

“An an… Ngozi this one you are calling me by this time .. hope everything is alright?” Esther asked careful.

“I hope o. I hope so,Esther. You need to see what I saw right now! Please..I’m scared…I can’t even control myself any longer.

Hurry up and come here!” Ngozi shouted,and looked back at the baby closing her own mouth so she would not wake her up.

She wouldn’t be able to carry again.

Not this night!

She cut the call and threw her phone on the chair, moving backwards.

Esther dropped her phone inside her bag and hurriedly stood up from bed.

Uzo turned to look at her, suspiciously. They were just getting ready to sleep.
“Who called you?” Uzo asked as Esther quickly thought of a good lie.
“Hmm…I have to rush to the hospital right now. I will back first thing tomorrow morning if I’m unable to make it back tonight.”
“What are you going to the hospital to do by this time of the night?

Are you on night shift?” Uzo asked and Esther immediately smiled, looking as if she forgot something.
“Oh my God I’m sorry I did not tell you. Yes,I’m having a night shift. So no more question. I have to run along. I will see Ikenna first thing tommorow when u return.”

Esther said and quickly left the room before her husband could throw another question.


Esther laughed out loud again as she looked incredibly at Ngozi who looked at her, annoyed at her laughter.

“Wait. Can you just repeat yourself again so you can here how incredible your words are! What baby?

Which blue eyes? What red Cross with blood a
or what did you just
call it?”

Esther asked her friend as she checked the baby she was carrying. She was sleeping soundly and everything looked as normal as ever.

“Are you saying that I imagined those things?” Ngozi asked, confused.
“Come on,Ngozi! How could you say this about a baby that’s not even up to a week! Maybe you were dreaming or something. Or better still,you were thinking about horrific things.

Please..there is nothing wrong with this baby. You are my only hope, please.” Esther begged.

Ngozi breathed in and looked at the baby again.

“An an” Ngozi said, confused. She was sure of what she saw but right now..the baby was as normal ever.
“Take her please…” Esther said as she stretched the baby to Ngozi who slowly carried her.
“I think you should stay over tonight. It’s late already.” Ngozi said as she glanced at the wall clock.

“Yes. I was planning to. I even lied to my husband before coming.
He must not know I’m still keeping this baby. Is your fiance not back yet?” Esther said as she took her seat.

“Well…he will be back by weekend from the village,then we are going to make our wedding plans.
And I’m worried. I haven’t even told him about this baby yet. I’m not sure what to expect oh. Honestly,I’m confused.” Ngozi said and Esther breathed in.
“Don’t worry,Ngozi. I’m sure God will touch his heart.

Don’t worry. Let’s just pray he accepts.” Esther said again and Ngozi shrugged, sitting beside her with the baby.


Three days later, Kenny, Ngozi’s fiance arrived from the village in his car.

He drove into the compound and stopped the engine, noticing immediately that a baby was crying inside the house. He stopped to listen again.

A baby?

How come?

Just as he came down from the car,Ngozi came out of the house to meet him, smiling happily.
She jumped at him and they embraced.
“Hope you had a wonderful journey?” Ngozi asked as she collected his bag from the booth.

“Yyess…” Kenny drawled still confused.” Where is that cry coming from?”
“Oh….inside the house.” Ngozi drawled,her heart beat increasing.
“A what? From where?” Kenny asked.
“Let’s go inside first now. You must be very tired from your long journey….”
“Answer my question. Is the baby yours or what?” Kenny asked as Ngozi scratched her head, searching for the right words to start with.

“Actually…. the baby isn’t mine. How do you expect me to have a baby? Did you got me pregnant or is it up to nine months already?
Esther gave the baby to me. I…will tell you everything when we go inside.

I have to go and carry her…her cries are becoming too much.” Ngozi said, turning to go.

“Hmm. If you dare walk out on me without answering my questions properly and how that baby got here, believe me when I say I will leave this house and never return.”
Kenny threatened as Ngozi turned to look at him, perplexed at the height of his annoyance.
“Calm down,honey!” Ngozi exclaimed.
“What is a baby doing in the house? Or have you become a nanny?” Kenny queried.
Ngozi breathed in and narrated all that happened and just as she feared,Kenny was furious,mad and agitated all together.
“So, because Uzo rejected her,so I should be the one to accommodate a stranger,okwaya?(Is that so?).

Okay,let me come and warn you, Carolina (Ngozi’s English name).

I’m going out again right now and by the time I come back…if I should hear this cries again from this house,you won’t like what I’m going to do.

I swear!” Kenny said and turning around to get back into his car.
“Aahhhh…. Kennedy!!” Ngozi exclaimed. She couldn’t believe he could be this callous.
” This baby has no home! No family!!” Ngozi screamed after Kenny who drove speedily out of the compound.

Ngozi put her hands on her head as she moved back and ran inside the house. She picked up the baby who had began sU-Cking her hand.

She was filled with emotion as tears tickled down her face.

Well,she has tried her best and she really wanted to keep this baby but her husband to be just rejected her.

With trembling hands,she picked up her phone and dialled Esther’s number.


Esther carried the baby in her nurse uniform as she stood with Ngozi at the middle of the living room. She was in tears.
“Please,Ngozi. Try and persuade Kennedy. Where do you want me to take her to now? You were my last hope!”
“Well,I’m sorry. Kenny says he doesn’t want her and I can’t decide for him or make any decisions. I’m sorry.” Ngozi said as Esther looked at her.

“You could have pleaded with him….you could have…”

“Esther please! Give me a break! Just ….give me a break! Take her to the orphanage home … there…she will have a home. My fiance doesn’t want her or do you want me to choose the baby over him and lose him?” Ngozi asked, losing her temper.

“Please, leave before he comes back. Her things are beside the chair outside” Ngozi said and left the living room for her room,where she cried silently.

Esther had the biggest cry as she stepped out of the house with no destination at all. She picked up the baby’s bag and went straight to work.

She had nobody who needed a child and as night approached, Esther’s heart beat louder and louder against her chest.

She was grateful she was on night shift and she found time to think of what to do.
Her co nurses left the hospital while the nurses on night duty took over.

A crazy idea ran into Esther’s head as she sat thinking about the next step to take.
It was a dangerous one but she had to do it. She really needed to fur there was no other option for her.

“Amarachi…my little one. I’m sorry I have to let you go like this but I wish I had other options.

I’m sorry. May we meet later in the future….my baby.”

Quietly,she left the hospital unnoticed and walked into the darkness outside.
She made sure Amarachi was asleep as she walked her way to her destination.
She wept as she walked, regretting already what she was about to do.

She got to a junction and took the left part,into a street. She continued walking,her heart beating fast.

Esther turned around sharply,when she thought she heard a movement behind her.
Her breath increased. She looked frantically about. The street was dark and already lonely at eight. Esther looked down at the baby, cuddling her more tighter to herself.
“Stop right there!” A voice told her as she made to continue her journey.
Oh no…who was that?? Who? Who?
Esther couldn’t bear to look back. She shut her eyes closed,so tightly it hurts.

“Stop right there and turn around. Turn around and show me what you are carrying into this dangerous street at this time of the night!” The voice said again and Esther froze, turning slowly…ever slowly….to see the intruder.
God!… please save me…save this little innocent baby….Esther was saying as she turned.

Her mouth opened wide…her hands trembled..but she held the baby tight.

As she turned…the first thing she saw was a gun….a gun!!

Slowly..she lifted up her eyes to see the intruder but a thick dark mask stared back at her…..Kidnapper!!!………

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