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Tears Apart  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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“Somebody please,help me! What’s wrong with my daughter? Help me!!” Ijeoma was crying as she watched her daughter,rolling on the floor and screaming like a lunatic, endlessly.

The entire villagers had gathered, watching watching what was happening.
No body even went Closer to both mother and daughter.

They gave them a good distance.
Uganga laughed, rounding Vera who was going crazy.

“I said it! I said it!, That this people preaching false god are going to bring disaster to this kingdom!
If you ever doubt…I mean if anyone of you ever doubt our Okaka Ani..this is what is going to happen to such person!”

“Tufiakwa!!” The villagers said in unison, snapping their fingers to the ground.
Just then, Joanna arrived with Amos.
The villagers looked disdainfully at them.
There was uproar among the villagers as they pointed accusing fingers on Joanna and Amos who looked amazed, wondering what the evil priest told them.

“If you know that your God…that that your God is truly alive up in the sky like you claimed,prove it now! Prove it now and cast this demon out of this girl!” Uganga said confidently, believing it was him and him alone that would be capable of doing such thing.

“YES!! YES!! PROVE IT!!”The villagers chanted.
Joanna and Amos looked at each other and looked at Vera who was almost naked.
“Don’t be afraid… Joanna. We can do this. Just… bring down the glory of God and together…we are going to win the villagers to Christ.”

Amos said and took Joanna’s hand. Together,they looked up to heaven.
Her blue eyes penetrated through the sky as tears welled up in her eyes.
The clouds began to roam… changing colours till everywhere became dark.

As soon as Amos began to speak in tongue….thunder began to sound…sound do loudly all over the sky………

But the more Joanna tried to close her eyes to bring down the glory of God…the more she saw this same woman… snatching her away and taking her away to a different world entirely.

“No! No!!” Joanna shouted, forcing her eyes open. She looked straight at Ijeoma who hide her face away,so scared of the blue light that burnt in Joanna’s eyes.
“Before I do this… before I do must tell me why you kidnapped me… fifteen years ago…you must tell me who you are and why your twin….stood as a ghost trying to take me back. Who was your twin….was she my mother???………..

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