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Tears Apart  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Joanna could feel her herself running through a dark and endless tunnel.

A bottomless pit.

Then she felt herself being lifted up and thrown on the ground,with a gentle thud.
She opened her eyes and gasped.

Even in the darkness,she knew where she was.

Inside a shrine.

Joanna tried to stand up but her legs were in pains and she couldn’t do so.
She looked around and saw the alter with different idles.

A basin of blood layed beside the alter.
Joanna searched frantically about for a way out but found none.

If there was a way out of the shrine, Joanna was yet to see it.

Forcing herself to her feet,she looked about yet again.

She would never give up. She had always been courageous.
“No. I have to do something.” Joanna said and closed her eyes, gathering her powers.
Immediately,the shrine started to shake but Joanna didn’t bulge.

She closed her eyes tightly, gathering her powers then suddenly…a voice.
“Help…help me!!” The voice cried and Joanna forced her eyes open, burning fiercely with blue light.

Joanna was trying hard, trying so hard to control the blue fire.

She was losing it…she was losing the battle. Then she glanced at the alter and…

Boom! The shrine caught fire,over taking the voice calling out to her for help.

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