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Tears Apart  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Three men were coming her way and they weren’t looking so nice at all.

Infact,they had cigarettes in their mouth.
Quickly, Joanna stood up with her bag and fled the area, cornering to the other part of the road which was a desserted area.
When she turned to breath in a sigh of relieve,she immediately knew she had done a very big mistake.

Two men sitting on a wood stared back at her, cigarettes in their mouth too. A huge sum of money was on the floor in front of them.

Joanna froze as they looked at her, perplexed and furious.
“Who be this one? How you take enter here?” One of them said, getting up and looking behind Joanna.

“I’m…so sorry..I never knew someone was here…it was a mistake.” Joanna said, quietly moving backwards.
“Abi were’n she eleyi nii?Wettin you dey talk? Na only mistake I grab for this your wrapping now!

You say na mistake carry you come here? Wettin you still dey do here na?” The other one asked.

Joanna turned around abruptly and fled. She could have used her powers to do something but Joana was still scared about her powers.
She was yet to know what her powers were capable of doing.

“Guy wettin dey do you na? We for don chop that girl na! You no see as she fresh?” The first guy said as they watched Joanna disappear into the darkness.

“Man see eh,no be every time you go dey enjoy.

We get better business to do than to dey totori one small girl wey no even get better packing. Mtcheeeeww.” The second man said, going back to sit down.

She stood panting when she was sure she was a good distance away from the thieves.

She was about turning to go when she noticed a plate in front of the little bush beside her.
Joanna looked again, going closer and her stomach gave a loud growl at what she saw inside the plate.

Spiced concoction garnished with fresh tomatoes and garden egg. With a large fish on top.

“God…who could have kept such a delicious looking food here? ” Joanna asked herself not knowing it was a sacrifice layed for a god in a village.

She came closer to the food and bent.
She sat on the floor, dropping her bag as she carried the plate.

She looked around the dark area and when she was sure no one was coming,she dipped her hand into the good and brought out a handful of the rice.

Immediately she put it inside her mouth, Joanna stopped breathing,her eyes growing wide.

Everywhere became darker..more darker and darker till it seems she had become blind….

The plate of food dropped from her hand as she tried to stand up.

Immediately she stood up….she disappeared…….

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