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Tears Apart  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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It made a creaking sound as she opened it wider.

Joanna looked out and saw it was high above the ground indeed but Ikenna said he would be waiting there to pull her out.

Where was he now? Joanna looked about,from the little door but Ikenna was not insight.
“God… Please…. Ikenna.. where are you!” Joanna said and almost immediately,she heard his feet, running from the left direction.
He came into view, panting. Joanna was relieved and impatient at the same time
” I’m sorry,I was late.

Come on,give me your hands!” Ikenna said and Joanna stretched out as Ikenna grabbed her arms, pulling her out with all his might.
Joanna bounced her feet on the ground as she swung her bag to her shoulder.

Ikenna got hold of her hand and together they fled the school compound.
“The plan worked. You are a genius Ikenna. Thanks so much for saving me.” Joanna said as they held hands.

Ikenna smiled at her. “What are friends for!” He said and she smiled back.
“But…don’t you have parents? Why are you living with someone who wants you to prostitute?

You won’t do it will you? You will go to college,right?” Ikenna asked.
“I wish…so…too, Ikenna but I don’t think I have a future… family… nothing.”
“And the strange things happening to you …where do you think it comes from?” Ikenna asked.

“I wish I knew. But I don’t know anything about it at all.” Joanna replied.
“Well….let’s hurry home so you can meet my mum and then,we are going to do something about this madam Kofta…maybe get her arrested or something.”

Ikenna said as he pulled Joanna along, pacifying her.


“Mum! I’m home!” Ikenna voiced out as he came into the house, holding Joanna who looked around the living room.
“Don’t be scared. My mum’s really nice to people.

She totally not harmful, okay? Just sit…I will go upstairs to call her” Ikenna assured her and left as Joanna nodded.
She sat on the sofa and an unseen wave hit her head.

“Aahhhh.” She sighed, touching her forehead as she closed her eyes.
Her head was forcing her to remember something but she could not.

The wave came again and she grabbed her hair in pain.

Her eyes turned blue as she groaned, closing her eyes as a blur vision appeared.

A crying baby…the cries of a baby filled her head….a woman… snatching a baby away….a woman falling to the ground as she passed out …..a ghost… pain,fury,rage….trying to take what belonged to her but couldn’t.

The cries of the baby became more louder as Joanna sat.

“No!” Joanna jerked her head,her hands going up to cover her ears tightly.” No,no!!” She screamed.

Then the ghost…..gave a loud wail from a long distance….an angry wail as thunder struck…..the thunder sharpened…. running through time and space….as it pierced the baby’s body…the baby’s eyes flew open… turning blue as the thunder circulated her system…her whole body ….

The baby’s face appeared in her blur vision…and even though it was blur….. Joanna could see it….she could see it clearly that the crying baby was her……..

She gasped as she heard footsteps on the stairs.

She forced her eyes open and pure blue set of eyes came alive… hot a blue that the curtain she stared at started to burn… ………..

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