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Tears Apart  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Joanna blinked back the tears immediately and the whether started to clear away. Ikenna stared at her.

What was happening?” Joanna….you…”
Joanna gave up. There was no need trying to hide it again.

She told Ikenna the strange things that happens when she yells and when she cries.
She expected Ikenna to stand up and run away … become scared but Ikenna sat on, looking at Joanna with new recovery.
“Amazing!” Ikenna suddenly voiced out.
“What? You think it’s amazing!” Joanna asked and Ikenna nodded his head vigorously.
“No…I don’t think so. Look….the only thing I need right now is to escape from madam Kofta… she’s going to make me a prostitute…!”
Joanna stopped, realizing she had let the cat out if the bag. There…she has said it. Now what?
“What the hell!” Ikenna exclaimed.
“Shhhh. Please…lower your voice. I…. shouldn’t have told you but….you see the reason why I must escape?”
Joanna said and Ikenna looked at her,an idea spreading in his head.


After school in the afternoon, Joanna carried her bag with books in her hand and stood up. She looked at Bright.
“Wait for me here. I want to submit this books to my teacher.” Joanna said and made to leave but Bright followed her.
She stopped and whirled around.” I said you should wait for me inside here!” She yelled at him.

Some students laughed.
“I’m sorry I can’t. I will have to follow you.” Bright said and Joanna turned again, going out of the class as Bright followed her.
She hoped their plan would work.
She got to the staff room corridor and turned to look at Bright.” Don’t tell me you want to go in there with me?

This time around…you will have to stand outside for you can’t come into the staff room.” Joanna said.
“Okay. I’m waiting here. Be fast and drop the book so we can go home.” Bright said.
Joanna smiled secretly as she pushed the staff room door and entered the large room.
She looked around,some students were with the teachers.

Some walked about getting things done. The staff room was very busy and no one paid attention to her.
A good start.

Quickly,she dropped her bag and packed the books in her hand inside. She ran to the passage leading to the bathroom and looked around.

There she saw the little door Ikenna told her about. It led to the fence….. behind the staff room.

Quickly,Joanna unlocked the door booth and forced it opened.

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