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Straight And Retound - Season 1 - Episode 17
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“What happened?”
“You know we are family.”
“And? Go on.”

“I can’t ask you to allow me stay here.” Wow! This is good.

“Why is that?”
“On wednesday that I was here, I was just passing by and wanted to say hi, but seeing Beverly, I thought —— you know——?” He made some eye movement to fill up the beats in his statement. “Then after you left and went back to your room. I tried to, you know —–? Eye movement again. “Then Tiana caught me. She warned me not to ever step foot here.”
“Really, what were you doing in her room?”
“Something less than you have done with her.” I sat upright that was not expected.
“What are you implying?” I whispered.
“Bros, let’s not go there.” I digested what I just heard. Stanley was telling me he would tell on me of I don’t get him money.
“You, find another place and I will add to what you have.” I said.

“Thanks bro, it has to be a reasonable sum, say something above 10,000, I don’t want to stay in a self-contained again.

He stood and began leaving, when he got to the door he turned and asked.
“When do I come and get the money?”
“Come by my office on Tuesday.”
I was angry for more reasons than one. This motherfu-Cka just threatened me and most likely would carry it through. I wished he had died on top of that woman. Ana was Stanley’s neighbor’s wife she had a great shape was blessed with too massive a behind for a skinny mother of two. Until yesterday, I never met her husband, a business man of some sort who travels alot. Never could I have guessed that Stanley was digging her, they were always formal in their conversations. Obviously, those where smoke screens.

“Where’s Stan?” Beverly appeared several minutes after.
“He has gone”
She was looking radiant in an white top and jeans trousers, she sat next to me at the dinning while I had cereals and silently watched me eat then cleared her throat.
“Stan, can you keep a secret?” She asked.
“Of course.” I hope it’s what I am thinking. It’s best we erased that it ever happened.
“Last night was my first sex since I broke up with my ex. But really, men are scums.” I swallowed hard and shifted my gaze to her face. Can you imagine the nonsense? Men are scum I might agree what about you particularly.
“How convenient is it that my cousin travelled all of a sudden and you could not wait to get in between her cousins thighs?”

I knocked down the cereals pack on the table and for some reasons she laughed. I was not amused.

“When I say men are scum and the most stupid of God’s creation. I say it with a living proof.” I just sat there gawking at her.
“Tay, Tiana trusted you so much that she left you to me. She swore you would prove me wrong and guess what?”

“Why are you telling me all this?”I was beginning to get infuriated. This bitch better stop.

“I am telling all this because I don’t want to give Tiana a reason to end her marriage. All I want you to do is to change become a better husband and my German machine.”
“What?” I bellowed. She stood, put her hands in the table and gwaped into my eyes unwaveringly.

“I believe you understand. I’ll keep the secret intact but you would fxvk me whenever I want.” And just like that she was out of the house, slamming the door after her. Stanley, Beverly and Uma is now a crowd. How long before it leaks.

I was still at the dinning brooding over everything when Beverly and Tiana entered. I stood up on instinct. Tiana ran and hugged me tightly and with kisses when she released me from her embrace.
“I love you. Tay.”

I was surprised at her excitement she must have thought I passed the test.
“What’s all this excitement?”
“Come honey.” She pulled and led me to our room.

“I have good news, I did the test and it confirmed why I hadn’t been feeling normal for a while. I am pregnant.”
I looked taken aback.
“We are having us a baby.”

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