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Straight And Retound - Season 1 - Episode 16
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How do I face my wife knowing that I had fvxked her cousin? I know I must be a great actor and be as normal as possible and make sure I had all loop holes covered.

I trotted to the sitting room. It was still as disorganized as we had left it yesternight. I helped myself to two tablets of aspirin. I don’t know when Tiana would be back but most likely in the evening. Unwilling to take any chances. I cleared the clothes littered in the sitting room. Beverly was still asleep when I dropped her’s in her room. Without wasting more time, I started rearranging, dusting, cleaning and sweeping non and all evidence.

Beverly came out while I stooped and scrubbed murky white patches on the rug.
“Goodmorning Tay.” And I couldn’t respond to her greetings, I only gawked at the gorgeous, sexy goddess before me.

She was in the corridor Unclad as the day she was born. Her rotund boobs hanging proudly over her flatten abdomen.

“Beverly,……?” She began squeezing her boobs tantalisingly.
This lady would definitely land me in trouble. My d!ck was already beginning to swell. My eyes involuntarily began to enlarge.

Bell chimed and like smoke, Beverly vanished. I rushed to the kitchen, dumped the cleaning agent, rag, washed my hands, double checked that I looked no tell signs and collided with Beverly who was now dressed in her grey t-shirt at the doorway as she rushed in and carrying the plastic bucket of water I had forgotten.

“Oh, my God.” She screamed as the bucket flew out her hand and tilted over.
The floor was flooded. The doorbell chimed the umpteenth time.
“Tay, go and see who is there.” Beverly screamed. I didn’t expect to see Tiana back so soon. What do I tell her? Can I face her?

“Go, or given her reasons to think…”
Beverly picked the piece of rag on the floor, got on her knees and began mopping.

“What took you so long where is Beverly?” Where the questions that bombarded me as soon as I opened the door.
Beverly peeped from the with the rag in hand.
“Hello, Stan?” He responded and she disappeared.

He walked in with his legs spreading like he had a boil or something in-between his thighs. I never expected to see Stan so soon. If I had known it was him I won’t have been so distraught.

“Stan, what’s going on? Why you they waka like person way him blockus fat?
“That one na new style of bounce.” He sat cautiously and wincing painfully. I almost laughed but I reserved it for later.
“Wetin make you come my house this early? You no sleep for night? Stanley would look like he had a rough night to you. But, I know better.
“Sleep na distant land for me now.” He whimpered.

“What’s up?” I sat opposite him and watched him with askance.
My landlord gave me quit notice. And vowed to have me arrested if by on Monday am still at the house. He even gave me the renewed rent I gave him two days ago.
“What did you do?” I tried to look suspicious and alarmed.

“Nothing really. He wants to increase the rent or something. The man is senile and stupid jare”

“Okay, you can use the money he refunded to get another place.” You may not put up here till you get your own apartment I almost added but I am patient when we get to that bridge we’ll cross it.

“You didn’t even ask of Tiana?”
“Oh, with this pains, It escaped my mind. How is Tiana?”

“She hasn’t been home since.” I almost asked which pain but Beverly walked out of the kitchen through the sitting room then to her bedroom.

“There is something I want to beg you for.” I had made up my mind a long time ago to refuse him staying here not after catching him red-handed with Ana. I want an assistance from you so that I rent another place. I can’t ask that you allow me stay here not after what happened.” He smirked mischievously.

“What happened?”
“You know we are family.”
“And? Go on.”
“I can’t ask you to allow me stay here.” Wow! This is good.

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