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Story: True Life Story Of An Addict
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I sent Deola a text on Tuesday evening.

“Hello Deola. Hope you are alright. I am just checking on you.”

I waited for her reply which never came back. I called her number, switched off. I never even bothered to check if there was a delivery report on my phone. I kept on calling the number for minutes and hours and I keep on getting the same response: switched off. This went on for days with the same result until I decided to go see her in her office, just to check if everything is fine with her. I made up my mind to go see her on Friday after I close from work. Meanwhile, I had planned a date with Osas for that same Friday in the after work. We are to go see a movie at the Silverbird Galleria, V/I. My plan therefore was to visit Deola as early as possible so that I can have time to go home, shower, change before Osas and I hook up later.

I closed 1pm and rushed to Deola’s office. I asked the receptionist to help me check if Deola is in her office. She asked me if she had appointment with me and I said yes. She asked for my name and I gave him John. She asked me to hold on while she talked to Deola.

Receptionist: There is someone here, name John. He said he has an appointment with you… Yes ma… Ok ma. (She turned to me) You may go in now sir. Do you know your way in?

Me: (Na today?) Yes I do. Thanks a lot.

I knocked when I got to her office. Her ever sweet, calm and sonorous voice welcomed me,

Deola: Please come inside.

When she saw me, her jaw dropped. She looked stunned and still.

Me: Good afternoon Deola.

She didn’t reply. She dropped the pen with which she was writing, removed her glasses and rose to her feet. With a stern look on her face, that kind of look that can make a thief confessed the sins he didn’t commit.

Deola: Femi what are you doing here?

Me: I came to say hello.

Deola: I don’t need you hello right now Femi.

Me: Calm down Deola. I have been calling your number for the past 5 days. It kept telling me switched off.

Deola: Sorry I changed my number. Can you leave now?

Me: Come on. Let’s act maturely. You can’t send me out like that. I just arrived.

Deola: I hope you know the gravity of what you’re doing? You lied to receptionist that you’re John, whereas your name is Femi. You barged into my office uninvited. If you don’t want me to scream right now you will leave at once!

She left her seat, walked to the door and opened it for me.

Me: I am Femi Deola.

Deola: And so what?

Me: It’s alright. I will leave. I just wanna check on you to see how you’re fairing. Bye.

Deola: Thank you.

I walked out of her office and she slammed the door behind me. Though I felt embarrassed by her action, I think I deserved it. Her action was expected. I mean, I just splitted with her. She begged me but I didn’t listen. So her action was fully justified. At least I tried to show maturity that even if we’re no longer dating, we should still relate as ‘friends’ or so I thought. Anyway, I walked out of the premises, called Osas that I am on my way home from work. She replied me that she’s wrapping up already. She asked me where we’re gonna rendezvous.

Me: Are you going home from work?

Osas: No way. If I make home now, I won’t leave that house again.

Me: Ok. I will come pick you at work then.

Osas: You mean I should wait still here? Arrgghhhhhh!

Me: Hahahahaha. What then do you wanna do?

Osas: I’d rather I go wait for you at the galleria instead.

Me: Will that be alright with you?

Osas: I will be fine. The movie does not start until 7:05pm. So, yea, I’ll hang around.

Me: It’s ok then. I will be with you soon.

On my way home, I reflected on what just happened between me and Deola earlier. It was a complete contrast, a reflection of cat and dog. It’s a shame it turned that way. I wasn’t sorry for it then but later, I realized I did wrong; and we’ve sin settled. We are good friends now. I call her once in a while and she does the same. But that day, it was a total war. I remember today a poem I wrote many years ago, titled, ‘The Trial of Patience.’ If only men will listen,

Cheers turned jeers,
Love turned hate;
Peace turned fears,
The love between us is late!

Peace gave way to sorrow,
Tranquility was absorbed by chaos;
Eden turned hell,
No more could we gel.

I have had dreams so blue,
Yet, it seems I’ve got no clue;
Oh God, my glory is long due,
Cos many You called yet, You chose few!

I believe only in You.
My hope is built on nothing else;
Capture me with glory brand-new,
Lift me out of every mess!

So many short-cuts,
But I’ll go for none;
I look unto You Lord,
As I await my blissful dawn!

Prayer seemed uninspiring,
Joy seemed a stranger;
Efforts became boring,
So many questions with no answer!

In this condition many waver,
A period birds lose feathers;
Peace seemed way further,
As for me, it’s time to come nearer!

Ego filled my head,
I thought I was the smartest, the best;
All I wanted was a life of fun-fare,
I forgot life is never fair.

Ini died, Deola left,
Cynthia discarded, Mary forgotten;
I now need to tighten my belt,
It’s time to bring down the curtain.

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Feb 02, 2016
This is getting more interesting**ah like it
Feb 02, 2016
Ok continue
Feb 03, 2016
Femi, must all d girls u meet b very pretty with white set of teeth? always wear some thing wit a touch of red? and always na vegetable soup and egusi u dey talk say u cook. nice story sha
sadiq adnan
Feb 15, 2016
hey femi.. U no dey fear HiV ni.. U bleep mary without CD, u bleep grace without CD, u bleep anita without CD, u bleep cyntia without CD, u bleep Ini without CD, u bleep deola without CD.. #CharlieUGetMind oo... By d bush i learn many leasons from dis write up.. Keep it up ooo.. But no for to go test ur sef for deola place ooo.. Bcx AIDS is real
Mar 12, 2016
Clap! Clap! Clap! E pa tewo fun femi bahd guy
Jun 30, 2016
It's really an interesting story with mind-blowing poems. Thumbs up for the prolific writer.
Yemi Wallington
Jul 07, 2016
Wow wow wow, dat d most touching story I HV ever heard my whole life, big ups to the write, well it deola I love d most, I wish she was d one u married
Aug 25, 2016
wow nice story nd rip to ini cus it made me remember a frnd dat it lost,it is a lesson to everybody
keep it up
Ekwe Ernest kelechi
Sep 20, 2016
I so much got eluded with ur story. I love everything about it. Thanks bro.
Jan 13, 2017
nice write up,love every part of the story.i almost cried when ini died
Nov 01, 2017
and i just got to read this ????
Nov 27, 2017
Nice story bro,u just saved a broda
Jul 07, 2018
nice story but is that the end???
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