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Story: Diary of A Single Mom - Season 1 Episode 30
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Episode 30 (Part A)

God promised to heal all diseases, He didn’t put restrictions. He is not called Jehovah Rapha (The Healer) for nothing. sometimes we tend to undermine the power and glory of God. we should understand that doctors only treat but God heals. have you ever wondered why some people get sick from a certain illness and get well at prescribed medicine while some people die from the same illnesses and the medicine fail to make them better?
for a whole week I was with Laurent at the hospital I realized how short life is. more young lives succumbed to death and I was so grateful to God for healing my baby. finally he got discharged and we went home. in moments like those I got so angry with Ben. he was out there enjoying life to the fullest while I shouldered the responsibility. God forbid if at all he had to come one day and take them away from me. Single mothers I salute you, its not easy to raise a child with one hand, its a life rendering sacrifice.
Laurent was his usual self playing and giggling. this kid was happy naturally,I watched with a sigh of relief as he lifted his arms to Amanda to carry him.

my mother’s phone kept ringing and each time she dissapeared to her room to answer it. I was so puzzled by her behavior but I didn’t ask who it was.
later that night after eating supper, I went to prepare the kids ready for bed. we had two beds in the room. one was a double bed which I shared with Laurent and Amanda while Beatrice slept on the other single bed next to us. my sister had a sense of humor and we chatted like old friends. I couldn’t deny the fact that she was growing fast . at sixteen she looked bigger than her age. I knew boys were beginning to eye her but I encouraged her to save herself for a better man. the world will never run out of men,she didn’t have to be in a hurry in giving herself up.I promised her that if we managed to sell well in that year’s farm produce she could enrol at a teacher’s college. she couldn’t hide her happiness. I didn’t want her to end up like me with two children and without a man to show for it.she understood what I was passing through but it irritated me so much because she always said I would get back with Peter.

we talked in whispers when the kids were asleep until we called it a night and drifted off to sleep. it felt good to be back to the comfort of my place. hospitals were never my favorite place in the world. I slept on the floor while Laurent shared a baby cot with two more babies. my mother was sleeping on the floor at a make shift guardian’s shelter. it was an open space with concrete slabs to sit on.during the day it saved as a waiting room. I felt sorry for a certain woman who lost her baby in the middle of the night,she had to endure the pain of watching her baby drift into oblivion while her mother was at the guardian’s shelter. third world countries are at a pain to improve public services.

in the middle of the night I heard the door opening. I was startled because I thought it was a thief. i heard whispering voice.I woke up,tip toed my way to the door and opened a crack. I saw two figures, my mother and a Man they disappeared to her room. I didn’t recognize the man since I only saw his back. some courage though. I respected my mother and expected better from her. barely six months had elapsed since my father’s demise yet she was already having another man in his bed. the poor man must have been turning in his grave. it was disrespect of the highest order and there was no way I was watching that happening without a fight. I went to her bedroom door and knocked furiously. I was sure no action had started yet. there was a few seconds of silence before my mother came out with only a wrapper around her armpits. she gave me the what -the-hell-is-wrong look.
“I want to see the man in your room.” I spoke while looking directly in her eyes. it twisted her nerves.
“don’t be dramatic. am sure one of the kids is in need of you ”
“mama am not playing games here. bring him out, you can’t lie because I have seen him. “I was getting impatient.
“please my dear I will explain in the morning for now go back to bed”.it was evident she didn’t want to sort it out my way. I was adamant to end this once and for all. she had to understand that I was no longer a baby.
“no way .am not going anywhere.” the man heard us and came out to see what was happening. he was Mr kamanga my dad’s best friend since I was a kid.

he was shocked to see me as I was equally shocked to see him.
“go back inside and put on your shirt , leave before I go and call your wife.”
“I…I am sorry. “he stammered. I wasn’t in the mood for apologies. my mum clapped her hands twice in disbelief. Mr Kamanga hurried back in the bedroom and came out still in the process of getting dressed. I stifled back a laugh. my mother held his hand stopping him from going.
“don’t even think about it” I warned her.
he left and I locked the door, took the keys with me back to my room,leaving my mother mouth agape and filled with shame…

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