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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 7 - Episode 5
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The sound of the door woke me up from my thought, as my cell door open somebody in dark cloth walk in, I couldn’t see the person face because of the dark room, the person walk up to me and bend down.

“Hello ozila, longest time”

I couldn’t even talk nor reply I just remain there gazing at the unknown figure in front of me,

even when I tried to open my mouth I couldn’t utter all the words I wanted to.
“Who ar…. ar… ar… u?” I stammered.
“You will know when we go outside, am here to rescue you” the person replied..
I didn’t say anything again as the person took my up and walk me out of the cell, I staggered on the persons shoulder till we came out from the mountain, I saw bushes and tall trees everywhere,

of course I said that am in a place with no human life, because when I was in there there was no sound of car or anything at all, like an island.

The person took me inside a van and lock it, I lied on the van and then the person walk to the front sit and said “let’s go” the van start and they drove away, I guess they are two of them, I couldn’t raise my head, I just lay low on the van and allow the spirit decide for me.

Few hours later I started hearing the sound of cars and noises too, that signify that we are in town.

The van stop and then the person came down, he opened the van and then I saw her well “Taiye” and I guess the other person must be “Kehinde”.

This house is beautiful, we must be in a rich man house, I thought.

They took me in and then left me alone in the bathroom, I let the warm water flow through me like a flowing stream, it took me hours for me to finish my bath and when I finish I tied the robe I saw on the hangar and came out, I saw foods and fruits on the table, I saw a guy standing beside the table.

“All yours sir” the person said pointing to the table.

I didn’t utter any word as I went over the table and make myself comfortable, I eat gently without thinking twice, I ate the fresh vegetables and drink the orange juice too, I eat to my satisfaction.

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