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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 7 - Episode 20
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“Am so sorry Edna, I never knew you were pregnant for me too” I said.

“What? Who told you am pregnant for you?” She ask.

“Your father” I answered.

Edna laugh for some minutes and then said.

“Is not your baby ozila, I guess he lied to make you come here” she replied.

I was quiet and then I sit up facing her.

“Tell me you are joking, he said your husband couldn’t sleep with you because you are in love with me” I replied.

“Yeah he is right I was in love with you and he couldn’t do it doesn’t mean me wont do it, he is my husband after all” she said.

I was sadden and then my mood change immediately, I was lied to believing that she was carrying my baby, now who is gonna save Annabel in Nigeria especially now that Tina know that am protecting Edna here.

“Am sorry ozila, if you want to return to Nigeria I will understand” she said.

“Yes, come with me let’s go back to Nigeria” I said.

“No, am more safe here” she said.

“Safe? How? You would have be dead if I wasn’t around that bridge, in this place she can kill you anytime but in Nigeria your father can back you with many men, they won’t dare strike you in your fathers house and I will be there too protecting you” I said.

“You are right but my dad think its better here, you know the country is against my dad now no thanks to you, and there is no hope for him in the court” she said.

“What if I go and testify in the court will that free him?” I ask.

“Yes, but you are a wanted man how will you enter the court?” She ask.

“Let’s just get back to Nigeria first” I said.

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