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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 7 - Episode 19
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Ozila POV

All my body was weak and I feel very hot inside and cold outside my body, oh well who will fight with Tina and won’t fall sick? Its impossible.

I opened my eyes slowly, I saw myself in a white soft bed surrounded by curtains, there is a cup of tea on my right side place ontop a stool, the room look looks old but everywhere is covered with curtains, I manage to sit up and then I took the tea and drink it, I feel pains all over my body and my body where I was injured was plastered too, I appreciate who ever did it but I need to know where I am and whose is this, I tried to stand up but I can’t because am too weak, I feel pains all over my body no thanks to Tina, oh well she too will be the in the hospital because I injured her too, it seems like am on a story building because I can hear noise downstair and also the ground was constructed with plank, I couldn’t move around so I just decided to sleep back again after consuming the hot tea, I was lying down when someone walk in, the person has a big stomach, she came to me and sit beside ms where they kept the tea.

“Hello, long time ozila” Edna said.

I was afraid to talk I just turn my face to the other side in shame because am too ashame of myself, she place her hand on me and said.

“I know it wasn’t your fault, Taiye told me all that happened” she said and I turn my face back.

“she did?” I ask.

“yes, she told me about your baby with Annabel, you did the right thing” she said.

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