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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 7 - Episode 16
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I hurt my arm when I fell but that cannot stop me from handling a gun, I took my two gun out
and we started shooting each other, she hide beside another jeep too and we continue shooting each other until our bullet finish, I started running away from the scene when I heard the siren and to my surprise the person run after me, I run enter one street and then I saw an underground railway track and enter the track, the place was quiet and dark as I stroll along the underground railway track, I heard footstep from my back meaning the person is still following me, I continue
running till I got to one wall like that where it’s impossible for the person coming to see me, I hide there waiting for the person that don’t want to give up.

I heard his footstep, he was running like he really want to end me as if he was paid by someone to kill me, as he get closer I hold my gun tight and the moment he pass me I came out as use the gun to hit him on his head, he fell down and as I wanted to pounce on top him he used his other leg to hit my right leg, I fell down and he elbow my head, I roll on the track and got up again while he did the same, as we face each other that’s when we saw ourselves.

“Ozila?” She said.

“Tina, I know it’s you” I said and remove my shirt.

I run to her and we started real fight, she do know how to fight but am a guy and when I mean something stabbing me with knife won’t stop me, you denied me my first child now you wanna kill my incoming child? No impossible.

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