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Story: Brouhaha In The House Of God (16 +) - Season 7 - Episode 15
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Ozila POV

This one I don’t understand London much its better I move slowly make I no go gbafuka person pikin oh, I can’t fit go to jail in London nobody will remember me here, if I was neglected in Nigeria that means in London I go turn to chief executive officer in prison.
I followed the power bike very slowly and as they corner to London bridge I followed them too but I lost sight of them, so I increase the speed and when I saw them again I saw the person coming down from his bike with gun on his hand, I don’t mind people moving about I quickly take my gun and started shooting at the person, the person saw me coming and he quickly return to his bike in front of him and run away, I got to where Ed is and climb down, I run to open the door, as I open the gun she point her gun at me.
“Who are you?” She ask.

“Someone that care about you, police are coming do you really want to answer for that gun?”

“Ozila?” She asked, of course I know she will recognize my voice.

“Give me the gun I will come find you later and then we can talk” I said.

“How come?” She ask again.
“If you don’t give me the gun now am leaving you here and police will surely arrest you” I said.

“Give him the gun” her friend said.

She think for some seconds and then release the gun to me, I left her there since the police are getting closer, I enter my bike and run away from sight.

As I was driving I took my phone and dial taiye number.

“Make sure you follow Edna I want to know where she is going” I said.

“Okay boss, we are on it” she replied.

As I wanted to pocket my phone from nowhere a bike came out from a busy street and hit my bike, I fell down from the bike with my body hurt, the person fell too but he got up easily and took out his gun, I quickly roll on the ground and hide beside one taxi car, the person started shooting the car and then people started running, one thing you will know about London is that there is people everywhere and all streets are always busy,.

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